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Account of the Examination of the Elgin Box at the Foreign Office, Downing Street, in a Letter to James Losh, Esq.; by R. Tweedale. 2s. The Practical Gardener; or Improved System of Modern Horticulture, adapted either to large or small Gardens; by John Abercrombie, author of “Every Man his own Gardener;” the second edition revised, with considerable Additions, by Mr James Mean, head gardener to Sir Abraham Hume, Bart. 12mo. 9s. Researches concerning the Laws, Theology, Learning, Commerce, &c. of Ancient and Modern India; by Q. Crawford, Esq. 2 vols 8vo. 18s. The Last Reign of the Emperor Napoleon; by J. Hobhouse of Trinity College, Cambridge, A.M and F.R.S. second edition, with a Prefatory Address to Lord Byron, and the Reviewer of this work in the Quarterly Review, with numerous other additions, 2 vols 8vo. £1,4s. Outlines of Geology ; being the substance of a Course of Lectures at the Royal Institution; by W. T. Brande, 8vo. 7s.6d. NATURAL HISTORY. An Introduction to Entomology, or Elements of the Natural History of Insects : by the Rev. Wm. Kirby, B.A.F.L.S., and Wm Spence, Esq. F.L.S. Vol. II. 8vo. with coloured engravings. NOVELS AND ROMANCES. Placide, a Spanish Tale; translated from Les Battuecas of Madame Genlis, by A. Jamieson, 2 vols. The Sons of St David, a Cambro-British Historical Tale of the Fourteenth Century, with explanatory Notes and References; by Griffiths-ap-Griffiths, Esq. 3 vols 12mo, 15s. The Absent Man, a Narrative ; edited by Sir Peter Plastic, knight of the order of the Tower and Sword, 12mo. 4s. Self-Deception, in a Series of Letters; by Emma Parker, 2 vols. 12s. Fortitude and Frailty; by Fanny Holcroft, 4 vols. Academic Errors, or Recollections of Youth, 1 vol. 12mo. 5s 6d. POETRY. Sacred Poems, selected from the best Writers: by P. le Breton. 2s. Select Pieces of early Popular Poetry, reprinted principally from early printed Copies in the Black Letter; edited by E. V. Utterson, Esq. 2 vols crown 8vo, #1, 15s. Edmeston's Poems, 12mo. 4s. . House of Mourning, a Poem, with some smaller Picces; by John Scott. 5s. 6d. Essays in Rhyme, on Morals and Manners; by Jane Taylor. 6s. Poems; by John Keats. 12mo. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. . The operation and Practice of the Sinking Fund briefly explained; with some Observations on the mode of Transacting that t of the Public Business. 6d. National Expenditure no Cause of National Calamity. 1s 6d.

Postscript to a Letter to the Right Hon. N. Vansittart, in which some popular Objections to the Repeal of the Salt Duties are considered; by Sir Tho. Bernard. Is. Observations on the Fffect of the Manufacturing System, with Hints for the Improvement of those Parts of it which are most injurious to Health and Morals; dedicated to the British Legislature. 1s. An Address delivered to the Inhabitants of New Lanark, on the first of January 1816, at the opening of the Institution for the Formation of Character, 8vo. 2s. 6d. The Englishman's Manual, or a Dialogue between a Tory and a Reformer; by Walter Fawkes, Esq. 2s. 6d. A Letter to P. Bastard, Esq. M.P. for the County of Devon, on the Expediency and Necessity of a Parliamentary Reform; by Anglicanus. A Relation of the Treatment experienced by Napolean in the Island of St Helena, with the Authentic Copy of an Official Memoir from Napolean to Sir Hudson Lowe; by M. Santini, huissier du cabinet to Napoleon. 2s. 6d. Manuscrit venu de St Helene d'une Manière inconnue. 7s.6d. The same Work, translated into English, 8vo. 7s. 6d. A Defence of the Constitution of Great Britain and Ireland; by Lord Somers, 8vo. 2s. 6d. . Plan of Reform in the Election of the o of Commons; by Sir P. Francis, . B. Substance of the Speech of the Right Hon. George Canning in the House of Commons, 25th February, on Sir M.W. Ridley's Motion for reducing the number of the Lord's of Admiralty, 8vo. 2s. Armata. A Fragment. (Attributed to Lord Erskine) second edition, 8vo. 8s. 6d. Cursory Hints on the Application of Pub

lic Subscriptions in providing Employment:

and Relief for the labouring Classes; in a Letter to the Editor of “The Times;" by a Member of the University of Óxford. li.

The Substance of a Speech, addressed to the House of Commons, on the subject of the Sinking Fund; by Pascoe Grenfell. 2:

Benjamin De Constant on the Political Doctrines calculated to unite France. 2s. 6d.

The Dangers with which Great Britain and Ireland are now menaced by the De: mands of Irish Roman Catholics, shown and approved from authentic documents, 8vo. 3s

An Essay on the state of the Labouting

Poor; with some Hints for its Improvement,

8vo and 12mo. THEOLOGY.

Discourses on the Apostles' Creed, intend. ed principally for the Instruction of the Young; by the Rev. Robert Stevens, 8vo. 7s.

Hymns, adapted to the Circumstances of Public Worship and Private Devotion; by John Fawcett, D.D.


Christian Unity, doctrinally and historically considered, in eight Sermons, preached before the University of Oxford in 1816, at the Lecture founded by the late Rev. John Bampton, M.A. 10s. 6d. Christian Essays; by the late Rev. Sam. Charles Wilkes, A. M. 2 vols. 14s. A Synopsis of Signs of the Times, Past, Present, and Future, humbly attempted to be traced from the Chronological Prophecies in the original Scriptures; by the Rev. William Hales, D. D. * A Reply to a Letter from a Rector to his Curate, on the subject of the Bible Society; by a Deacon of the Church of England, 8vo. 2s. 6d. The Doctrine of Regeneration, as identified with Baptism, and distinct from Renovation, Investigated ; by Hector Davies Morgan, M. A. 8vo. 3s. The Sources of the Evil; addressed to the United Parliament and the People of Great Britain, on the League formed be

tween the Irish Lay Separatists and the

Irish Roman Catholic Bishops, on the Measure of Emancipation; by Anglo-Hibernus. 3s.6d. Sermons extracted from the Lectures of Bishop Porteous, and intended for the use of the Younger Clergy, and for Families, 8vo. 9s. Thoughts on the Tendency of Bible Societies, as affecting the Established Church

and Christianity itself; by the Rev. A. O'Callaghan, A. M. 2s. Scripture Genealogy from Adam to Christ, exhibited in a series of thirty-six engraved tables, royal 4to. £2: 12: 6. Meditations and Prayers, selected from the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy, and Pious Tracts; recommended to the Wayfaring Man, the Invalid, the Soldier, and the Seaman, whensoever unavoidably precluded from the house of prayer; by the Rev. I. Watts, second edition. 3s.6d. A Survey of the Platform of the Christian Church, to which was adjudged, a premium of £50, by the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge and Church Union in the diocese of St David's ; by Hector Davies Morgan, M.A. 5s. , TRAVELS. A Description of the People of India, with particular Reference to their Separation into Casts, &c.; by the Abbé J. Dubois, missionary in the Mysore, 4to, £2, 2s. Two Sketches of France, Belgium, and Spa, during the Summers of 1771 and 1816, with a Portrait of Napoleon's Guide at Waterloo; by the author of Letters from Paris in 1802–3, 8vo. 7s. Journal of a Tour in Russia, Sweden, Prussia, Poland, &c. in 1813 and 1814; by J. T. James, Student of Christ's Church, Oxford, 2 vols 8vo, with 12 plates. £1, I0s.

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Tales of my Landlord, third edition, 4 vols 12mo. £1, 8s. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan; by David Irving, LL.D. the second edition, corrected and enlarged ; with an Appendix containing many original papers, and a reprint of Buchanan's Admoonisioun, and other Scottish Tracts, 8vo. 14s. The Works of Virgil in the Order of Construction ; to which is prefixed, in English, a Summary View of the subject of each of the Dialogues, and of the several works of the Georgics and Æneid, 12mo. 4s. 6d. The White Cottage; a Tale, 12mo. 7s. An Essay on the Variation of the Compass; by William Bain, master, royal navy, 8vo. 6s. The Craniad, or Spurzheim Illustrated; a Poem, in two parts, foolscap 8vo. 6s. Stenhouse's Reckoner, and Tables of Monies, Weights, Measures, and Exchanges of all Nations; third edition, greatly enlarged and improved; price, bound in sheep, 3s. ; or in roan, with a tuck, 4s. A Primer, or First Lessons; by G. Fulton. 3d.; or on fine thick royal paper, 6d. A Pronouncing Spelling-Book, with Reading Lessons in Prose and Verse; by Fulton & Knight, 12mo, 1s. 6d. bound; or on fine paper, 2s.

The Orthoepy of the English Language Simplified, unfolding that method of teaching it which has been so successfully practised in their school ; by Fulton and Knight, foolscap 8vo. 1s. 6d. boards. The English Learner; or, a Selection of Lessons in Prose and Verse, adapted to the capacity of the Younger Classes of Readers; by Thomas Ewing, 12mo. 2s. bound. Principles of Elocution; containing numerous Rules, Observations, and Exercises, on Pronunciation, Pauses, Inflections, Accents, and Emphasis; also Copious Extracts in Prose and Poetry, calculated to assist the Teacher, and to improve the Pupil, in Reading and Recitation; by Thomas Ewing, second edition, 12mo, 4s. 6d. bd. A System of Geography, for the use of Schools and private Students on a new and easy plan; in which the European Boundaries are stated, as settled by the Treaty of Paris and Congress of Vienna; with an account of the Solar System, and a variety of Problems to be solved by the Terrestrial and Celestial Globes; by Thomas Ewing, 12mo: without maps, 4s. 6d. bound; or with nine maps, drawn and engraved for the work, 6s. 6d. Ewing's New General Atlas; containing distinct Maps of all the principal States and Kingdoms throughout the World, in which the European Boundaries, as settled by the Treaty of Paris and Congress of Vienna, are accurately delineated, royal 4to; coloured outlines, 18s. half-bound; or full coloured, 21s. Harold the Dauntless ; a Poem, in six Cantos; by the Author of “the Bridal of Triermain,” foolscap 8vo. 7s.6d. The Round Table; a Collection of Essays, on Literature, Men, and Manners; by Wm Hazlitt, Esq. 2 vols foolsc. 8vo. 14s. The Bower of Spring, with other Poems; by the author of “the Paradise of Coquettes,” foolscap 8vo. 7s. Private Memoirs; forming, with the Works of Messrs Hue and Clery's Journal, a Complete History of the Captivity of the Royal Family of France in the Tower of the Temple; translated from the French, foolscap 8vo, with frontispiece. 5s. Journal of a Tower and Residence in Great Britain, in 1810, 1811; by Louis Simond, a new edition, corrected and enlarged; with an Appendix on France, and on the Protestants at Nismes; written in December 1815 and October 1816, with numerous engravings, 2 vols 8vo. £1 : 11 : 6, boards. Defence of Usury Laws, against the Arguments of Mr Bentham and the Edinburgh Reviewers; }. James Graham, Esq. advocate. 1s. 6d. The Scots Magazine and Edinburgh Literary Miscellany, for March. 1s. 6d. ; published monthly. Gerbaux on the teeth; translated from the French, by a Member of the Faculty. 6s. Elements of Geometry and Plain Trigonometry; with an Appendix, and copious Notes and Illustrations; by John Leslie, F. R. S. E. Professor of Mathematics in the University of Edinburgh; third edition, improved and enlarged. 10s. 6d. The Lessons of Sadek, Leolune, and Penaura, with other Poems; by James Crawford Whitehead. The Memoirs and Writings of Miss Fanny Woodbury, who died at Beverly, North America, 15th November 1814, aged 23 years; containing some interesting Correspondence between her and her late intimate friend and companion Mrs Newell, embellished with a beautiful frontispiece. 5s. Address to young people attending Sabbath Evening Schools, and other Benevolent Institutions, originally delivered in South Leith Church, 11th July 1815; by a Clergyman of the Church of Scotland. 6d. The Evidence and Authority of the Christian Revelation; by Thomas Chalmers, D.D. fourth edition, 8vo. 8s. A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, viewed in connexion with the Modern Astronomy; by T. Chalmers, D.D. fourth edition, 8vo. 8s. Fragments and fictions; translated from the French of Jean Pocurante De Peudemots, 12mo. 3s. 6d. Observations on Banks for savings; to which is prefixed a Letter to the Editor of


the Quarterly Review ; by J. H. Forbes, Esq. advocate, 8vo. 2s. 6d. Decisions of the First and Second Divisions of the Court of Session, from November 1815 to November 1816; collected by J. Campbell, J. Wilson, G. Tait, and R. Rollo, Esqs. advocates, folio. £1, 1s. Practical Discourses, intended to promote the Improvement and Happiness of the Young; #. Belfrage, minister of the gospel, Falkirk, 12mo, 4s. 6d. History of the University of Edinburgh; chiefly compiled from original Papers and Records never before published; by Alex. Bower, Author of the Life of Luther, 2 vols 8vo. £1,4s. Medical and Miscellaneous Observations relative to the West Indies, during a residence of nearly fourteen years; by John Williamson, M. D. 2 vols. 8vo. £I, 5s. The Stranger's Guide to Edinburgh, new edition, brought down to the present time, with 13 plates, 12mo. 5s. A Comparative view of the British and American Constitutions, with Observations on the present State of British Politics, &c. 8vo. 2s. Sketches of Human Nature; by William Innes, minister of the gospel, second edition, considerably enlarged, 12mo. 4s. 6d. A Popular Inquiry into the Scriptural Doctrine concerning the Person of Christ; with notes and illustrations, by the Rev. John Wilson, A. M. Hexam, Author of “Popular Reflections on the Progress of the Principles of Toleration.” 5s. 6d. in boards. The Power of Faith, exemplified in the Life and Writings of the late Mrs Isabella Graham of New York, 12mo. 5s. A Defence of Wesleyan Methodist Missions in the West Indies; including a Refutation of Mr Marriott's Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave Trade, &c.; by the Rev. R. Watson, one of the secretaries of the Wesleyan Mission. A Sermon, which was intended to be preached in the parish church of Dysart on Sabbath, the 20th Oct. 1816; by George Muirhead, D.D. minister of Cramond. Is. Speech of Henry Brougham, Esq. M.P. delivered on the 13th March, in the House of Commons, 8vo. 1s. Vindication of the Scottish Presbyterians and Covenanters against the aspersions of the Author of “Tales of my Landlord;” by a member of the Scottish Bar, 8vo. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Vol VIII. Part I. £1. Memoirs of the Caledonian Horticultural Society, No VII. 3s. Observations for the Use of Landed Gentlemen, on the present state and future Prospects of the British Farmer; by Rusticus, 8vo. 3s. 3,etters from Scotland, by an English Commercial Traveller, written during a Journey in Scotland in the Summer of 1815, 12mo. 6s.


Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire de la Guerre entre la France et la Russia ; par un Officier de l'état major de l'Armée Française. 1 vol. 4to. ; and Atlas, pp. 368. Mémoires sur les Lignes du Second Ordre ; par C. J. Brianchon. 8vo. pp. 68. Le Cabinet du Roi, ou les plus beaux Tableaux des Peintres de l'Ecole Française, avec un notice sur les Ouvrages de chaque Maitre. No I, containing 4 plates, 12mo. A number will appear monthly. Nouveaux Elémens de la Science et de l'Art des Accouchmens; par J. P. Maygrier. 2 vols 8vo. pp. 1140. Gastronomia, ou Recueil d'Anecdotes, Reflexions, Maximes, et Folies Gourmandes. 32mo. pp. 128. Euclide en Grec, Latin, et Français ; par F. Peyrard. Vol. 2d. 4to. pp. 564. Tables des Diviseurs pour tous les Nombres du premier million ; par H. Burckhardt. 4to. pp. 122. Mémoires et Dissertations sur les Antiquités Nationales et Estrangères; par la Société Royale des Antiquaires. Vol. I. 8vo. pp. 480. L. F. Lecarpentier Essia sur le Passage. 8vo. pp. 248. J. B. Say Traité d'Economie Politique. 2 vols 8vo. Trosième edition. pp. 1024. M. B. Constant, de la Doctrine Politique qui peut réunir les Partis en France. Second édition. J. A. Salguer, Hygiene des Vieillards, ou Conseils aux Personnes qui ont passé l'Age de Cinquante Ans. 12mo. pp. 284 Tablettes Chronologiques de l'Histoire Ancienne et Moderne jusqu'au ler Octobre 1816 ; par A. Serieys, professeur d'Histoire en l'université royale de France. 12mo. pp. 612. Biographie Universelle. Vols XVII. et XVIII. (Ge-Gua) pp. 1216. Seroux d'Agincourt, Histoira de l'Art, par les monumens. No 17, folio. pp. 20. avec 28 planches. Dictionnaire des Sciences Médicales. Vol. XVIII. (Gen-Gom) pp. 606. Sermons par J. F. M. Roux, pasteur de l'église réformée d'Uzès, Président du Consistoire. 8vo pp. 272. F. J. Double, Sémeiologie Générale. Vol. II. pp. 608. Archives des Découvertes et des Inventions Nouvelles, tant en France que dans les pays étrangers, pour l'an 1816. 8vo. pp. 448.—A volume of this work is published annually, and the present is the ninth of the collection. Nouvelles Récherches sur les Maladies de l'Esprit ; par André Mathey, D. M. P. de Geneve. 8vo. pp. 364. F. Roullier Petit, Campagnes Mémor

ables des Français, depuis l'époque de I'Ex† en Egypte, jusqu'à celle du Traité e Paix du 20 Novembre 1815. 2 vols folio. pp. 606. 45 plates, of which 5 contain the portraits of 100 French generals. Histoire Litéraire de la France ; par des Membres de l'Académie Royale des Inscriptions. Vol. XIV. 4to. pp. 680.—This volume, which concludes the History of the 12th century, is composed by Ginguené, Pastoret, Brieil, and Daunou. L'Hermite de la Guiane ; par l'auteur, du Franc-Parleur. Vol. I. fourth edition, 12mo. pp. 372 ; with plates. Lalande, Astronomie des Dames ; fourth edition, 18mo. pp. 232. Histoire et Mémoires de la Societé de Médecine Pratique de Montpellier, redigés par J. B. T. Baumes. 8vo. pp. 208. Précis des Evenemens Militaires, ou Essais Historiques sur les Campagnes de 1799 à 1814 ; par le Comte M. Dumas ; vols I. and II. 8vo. with an Atlas, folio oblong, containing 4 maps and 3 plans. pp. 1056. Dictionnairedes Sciences Naturelles. Vol. V. 8vo. (Boa-Byt) pp. 640. Histoire de la Politique des Puissances de l'Europe depuis le Commencement de la Révolution Francaise jusqu'au Congres de Vienne ; par M.Le Comte de Paoli-Chagny. 4 vols 8vo. pp. 1552. Nouveau Dictionnaire de l'Histoire Naturelle, appliqué aux Arts, à l'Agriculture, à l'Economie Rurale, &c. ; par un Société de Naturalistes et d'Agriculteurs. Vols VII. VIII. and IX. (Cho-Dzw) 8vo. pp. 1930, / Histoire de la Législation ; par le Comte Pastoret. , 4 vols 8vo. pp. 2336. Traité du Choix des Livres; par Gabriel Peignot. 8vo. pp. 320. Histoire Naturelle des Animauxsans Vertèbres. .. Tome IV. par M. Le Chevalier de Lamarck. pp. 608. Catalogue de la Collection Minéralogique particulière du Roi ; par M. Le Comte de Bournon. 8vo. pp. 580, with an Atlas. Annales Générales d'Administration Publique, des Sciences et Arts, Manufactures et Industrie Générale. No 1, 2, 3, 4. Annales de Chimie et de Physique redigées, par M. M. Gay-Lussac et Arago. Janvier 1817. Journal Universel des Sciences Médicales. Aôut et Septembre 1816. Voyage Historique et Pittoresque fait dans les cide-vant Pays-Bas, et dansquelques Departemens voisins, pendent les Années ; par M. Paquet-Lyphorien. 2 vols 8vo. Histoire Particulière des Provinces Belgiques sous le Gouvernement de Ducs et des Comtes; par M. Davez. 3 vols 8vo.





IN the Chamber of Deputies, on the 8th January, the Election Law, consisting of twenty Articles, was passed by a majority of 132 against 100. The main question for discussion was, Shall the Deputies be chosen by the electors directly, or shall the great body of electors name a certain number from among themselves, by whom the Deputies shall be chosen P By this law the Deputies are to be chosen directly by the electors in one single assembly, as in England. All Frenchmen who have attained the age of thirty, and pay 300 francs of taxes per annum, are to be allowed to vote. A royal ordinance, dated the 8th of January, contains the following article: “Every vessel, whether French or Foreign, which shall attempt to introduce into any of our colonies Blacks for sale, shall be confiscated; and if French, the captain shall be held incapable of holding a command.” The Houses of Lafitte of Paris, Barings of London, Parish of Hamburgh, and Hopes of Amsterdam, have taken upon themselves the advance of the loan wanted by France, which is 12,000,000 British, or 300,000,000 of francs. Report adds, that one half will be required in money, and the other half in provisions and clothing. The Gazette de France states, that this loan was finally signed on the 13th February. On the 9th of January, M. de Serre brought up the report of the Committee on the law relative to personal liberty. It is a modification of that of last year, and enables the crown to confine, under specific forms, persons suspected of conspiring or attempting the overthrow of the established constitution. After a debate of several days this law was carried in the Chamber of Deputies by 136 to 92. In the Chamber of Deputies the debate on the law respecting the public journals is terminated. It was voted by a majority of 128 against 89. All the journals of France are thus rendered dependent upon the king's authority, by which any of them may be immediately suppressed. By the first April 30,000 of the allied troops, being one fifth of the whole, will quit the French territory. The official note of the four plenipotentiaries of Austria, England, Prussia, and Russia, declares, That the high personal character of the king, and the principles and conduct of his present ministry, together with the sanc

tion of the opinion of the Duke of Welling. ton, are the sole causes of the relief thusaf. forded to France. In the Chamber of Deputies the ministers were left in a minority of 89 to 108, on the important question of what we would call the Navy Estimates. The minister of that department had calculated upon a grant of 50,000,000 of francs. He had already appropriated upwards of 48,000,000; but the commission appointed to report upon the loan recommended 44,000,000, and this sum was carried by the numbers above cited. The Chamber has at length finally agreed to the budget by a majority of 47. The total expenditure of that country is fixed at about £45,000,000 sterling. Jan. 15–The king has created a large number of knights of St Michael, for the purpose of distinguishing men who have rendered themselves celebrated in literature, science, and the arts, or by useful discoveries. This does great honour to the king. It is the only order of knighthood, we believe in Europe, that pays such a tribute of honour and respect to those who may well be called the benefactors of mankind. . . Application it is said has been made by the French government to our ministers, for issuing the usual orders to our settlements; for giving facility to an expedition under Mons. Freycinet, consistingof the Uranie frigate and a corvette, about to sail from France to finish their survey of New Holland. The price of provisions at Boulogne is thus given, in a letter from an officer to his friend at Christchurch, dated the 5th March. A leg of mutton from 7%d. to 8d. per lib.; beef and pork, 7d; inferior sorts, 5d.; poultry very dear; wildfowl cheap; a good widgeon or wild duck, from 6d. to 9d. ; a pair of very good soles, 10d. which is considered dear; a turbot, from 8 lb. to 10 lb. for 2s 6d. or 3s. ; 26 eggs for 10d; vegetables very cheap ; all articles of living are one-third dearer than in June 1816. T. In the Chamber of Deputies, March 5th, 4,000,000 francs were appropriated from the revenue arising from the sale of the national forests for the support of the church. On the law respecting the customs, ministers had a majority of 134. This act is intended to exclude, by heavy duties, the import of cottons, sugar, and iron. The Moniteur of the 22d March contains the new law relating to bills of exchange, as passed by the two Chambers, and sanctioned by the royal assent. It enacts, that the holder of a bill of exchange, drawn on the Continent or islands of Europe, and payable in the European territories of France,

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