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Simon and Schuster - 576 pages

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Vladimir and Alexander
Nadezhda Krupskaya
Financial Secrets
Master of the Order
Lenin and the Mensheviks
The Tragedy of Martov
Lenins Entourage
The Man with Unlimited Power
The Bolshevik Tandem
The Partys Favourite
The Leninist Politburo
6The OneDimensional Society
The Deceived Vanguard
The Tragedy of the Intelligentsia

Parvus Ganetsky and the German Key
Lenin and Kerensky
October and the Conspiracy of Equals
Commissars and the Constituent Assembly
Priests of Terror
White Raiments
Fanya Kaplans Shot
Lenin and the Church
The Prophet of Comintern
The Mausoleum of Leninism
The Mummy and the Embalming of Ideas
Lenin as History

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