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"Hark ye, gaffer,” said Lance, and take notice, that he is innocent of what he is charged with, and is my mates, all of you,” for a considerable number of going up to speak for himself before King and Counthese rude and subterranean people had now assem- cil

, and she goes up with him. And besides, they have bled to hear the discussion, Has Sir Geoffrey, think found out the postern, the roundhead rogues ; for two you, ever put a penny in his pouch out of this same of them saw me when I went out of door, and chased Bonadventure mine?"

me; but I showed them a fair pair of heels.". "I cannot say as I think he has," answered old As ever dashed dew from the cowslip," said Lance. Ditchley, the party, who maintained the controversy. "But what the foul fiend is to be done? for if they

Answer on your conscience, though it be but a have secured the postern, I know not how the dickens leaden one, Do not you know that he hath lost a good we can get in." penny ?"

"All is fastened with bolt and staple, and guarded "Why, I believe he may,” said Gaffer Ditchley. with gun and pistol, at the Castle," quoth Cisly; "What ihen?-lose to-day, win to-morrow—the miner "and so sharp are they, that they nigh caught me must eat in the mean time."

coming with my lady's message, as I told you. But "True ; but what will you eat when Master Bridge my lady says, if you could deliver her son, Master north gets the land, that will not hear of a mine being Julian, from Bridgenorth, that she would hold it good wrought on his own ground? Will he work on at service." dead loss, think ye?" demanded trusty Lance.

What said Lance, "is young master at the " Bridgenorth ?--he of Moultrassie-Hall, that stop- Castle? I taught him to shoot his first shaft. But ped the great Felicity Work, on which his father laid how to get in !? out, some say, ten thousand pounds, and never got in "He was at the Castle in the midst of the rule, a penny? Why, what has he to do with Sir Geoffrey's but old Bridgenorth has carried him down prisoner to property down here at Bonadventure? It was never the Hall," answered Cisly. "There was never faith his I trów.”

nor courtesy in an old Puritan, who never had pipe "Nay, what do I know?" answered Lance, who and tabor in his house since it was built.".. saw the impression he had made. "Law and debt “Or who stopped a promising inine,” said Ditchley, will give him half Derbyshire, I think, unless you to save a few thousand pounds, when he might have stand by old Sir Geoffrey."

made himself as rich as the Lord of Chatsworth and “But if Şir Geoffrey be dead,” said Ditchley, can. fed a hundred good fellows all the whilst." tiously," what good will our standing by do to him ?"! “Why, then," said Lance, "since you are all of a

"I did not say he was dead, but only as bad as mind, we will go draw the cover for the old badger; dead; in the hands of the Roundheads-a prisoner up and I promise you that the Hall is not like one of yonder, at his own castle," said Lance; and will your real houses of quality, where the walls are as have his head cut off, like the good Earl of Derby's, at ihick as whinstone-dikes, but foolish brick-work, Bolton-le-Moors.”

that your pick-axes will work through as if it were "Nay, then, comrades," said Gaffer Ditchley, "an cheese. Huzza once more for Peveril of the Peak! it be as Master Lance says, I think we should bear a down with Bridgenorth, and all upstart cuckoldy hand for stout old Sir Geoffrey, against a low-born Roundheads!" mean-spirited fellow like Bridgenorth, who shut up a Having indulged the throats of his followers with shaft had cost thousands, without getting a penny one buxom huzza, Lance commanded them to cease profit on't. So hurra for Sir Geoffrey, and down with their clamours, and proceeded to conduct them, by the Rump! But hold ye a blink-hold”—(and the such paths as seemed the least likely to be watched, waving of his hand stopped the commencing cheer) - | to the court-yard of Moultrassie-Hall. On the road “Hark ye, Master Lance, it must be all over, for the they were joined by several stout yeoman farmers, beacon is as black as night; and you know yourself either followers of the Peveril family, or friends that marks the Lord's death."

to the High Church and Cavalier party; most of "It will kindle again in an instant,” said Lance; whom, alarmed by the news which began to fly fast internally adding, "I pray to God it may !-It will through the neighbourhood, were armed with sword kindle in an instant-lack of fuel and the confusion of and pistol. the family."

Lance Outram halted his party, at the distance, * Ay, like enow, like enow,” said Ditchley; "but I as he himself described it, of a flight-shot from the winna budge till I see it blazing."..

house, and advanced alone, and in silence, to recon"Why then, there a goes!" said Lance. "Thank noitre; and having previously commanded Ditchley thee, Cis-thank thee, my good wench.---Believe your and his subterranean allies to come to his assistance own eyes, my lads, if you will not believe me; and whenever he should whistle, he crept cautiously fornow hurra for Peveril of the Peak--the King and his ward, and soon found that those whom he came to friends-and down with Rumps and Roundheads !". surprise, true to the discipline which had gained their

The sudden rekindling of the beacon had all the party such decided superiority during the Civil War, effect which Lance could have desired upon the minds had posted a sentinel, who paced through the courtof his ride and ignorant hearers, who, in their super- yard piously chanting a psalm tune, while his arms, stitious humour, had strongly associated the Polar- crossed on his bosom, supported a gun of formidable star of Peveril with the fortunes of the family. Once length. moved, according to the national character of their Now, a true soldier," said Lance Outram to himcountrymen, they soon became enthusiastic ; and self," would put a stop to thy snivelling ditly, by Lance found himself at the head of thirty stout fel- making a broad arrow quiver in your heart, and no lows and upwards, armed with their pick-axes and great alarm given. But dang it, I have not the right ready to execute whatever task he should impose on spirit for a soldier--I cannot fight a man till my blood's them.

up; and for shooting him from behind a wall, it is Trusting to enter the Castle by the postern, which cruelly like to stalking a deer. I'll e'en face him and had served to accommodate himself and other do try what to make of him.'' mestics upon an emergency, his only anxiety was to With this doughty resolution, and taking no farther keep his march silent; and he earnestly recommended care to conceal himself, he entered the court-yard to his followers to reserve their shouts for the moment boldly, and was making forward to the front door of of the attack. They had not advanced far on their the Hall, as a matter of course. But the old Cromroad to the Castle, when Cisly Sellok met them, so wellian, who was on guard, had not so learned his breathless with haste, that the poor girl was obliged duty. Who goes there?-Stand, friend-stand; or, to throw herself into Master Lance's arms.

verily, I will shoot thee to death!" were challenges "Stand up, my mettled wench," said he, giving her which followed each other quick, the last being ena sly kiss at the same time, and let us know what forced by the levelling and presenting the said longis going on up at the Castle.”

barrelled gun with which he was armed. My lady bids you, as you would serve God and "Why, what a murrain!' answered Lance. "Is it your master, not to come up to the Castle, which can your fashion to go a-shooting at this time o' night? but make bloodshed; for she says Sir Geoffrey is law- Why, this is but a time for bat-fowling" fully in hand, and that he must bide the issue; and "Nay, but hark thee, friend,” said the experienced

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sentinel, "I am none of those who do this work neg. "I would take the honest fellow's word, and let
ligently. Thou canst not snare me with thy crafty young Peveril go,” said one of the garrison, who,
speech, though thou wouldst make it to sound simple carelessly yawning, approached on the inside the post
in mine ear.of a verity I will shoot, unless thou tell at which Bridgenorth had stationed himself.
thy name and business."

"Are you mad ?" said Bridgenorth ; "or do you
"Name!” said Lance; "why, what a dickens think me poor enough in spirit to give up the advan-
should it be but Robin 'Round-honest Robin of tages I now possess over the family of Peveril, for the
Redbam; and for business, an you must needs know, awe of a parcel of boors, whom the first discharge
I come on a message from some Parliament man, up will scatter like chafi' before the whirlwind ?"
yonder at the Castle, with letters for worshipful Mas- "Nay," answered the speaker, who was the same
ier Bridgenorth of Moultrassie-Hall; and this be the individual that had struck Julian by his resemblance
place, as I think; though why ye be marching up and to the man who called himself Ganlesse, “I love a
down at his door, like the sign of the Red Man, with dire revenge, but we shall buy it somewhat too dear
your old firelock there, I cannot so well guess. if these rascals set the house on fire, as they are like

"Give me the letters, my friend," said the sentinel, to do, while you are parleying from the window. to whom this explanation seerned very natural and They have thrown torches or fire-brands into the probable, and I will cause them forthwith to be de- hall; and it is all our friends can do to keep the livered into his worship's own hand."

Aame from catching the wainscoting, which is old Rummaging in his pockets, as if to pull out the and dry." letters which never existed, Master Lance approached “Now, may Heaven judge thee for thy lightness within the sentinel's piece, and, before he was aware, of spirit," answered Bridgenorth; "one would think suddenly seized him by the collar, whistled sharp and mischief

was so properly thy element, that to thee it shrill, and exerting his skill as a wrestler, for which was indifferent whether friend or foe was the sufferer.' he had been distinguished in his youth, he stretched So saying he ran hastily down stairs towards the his antagonist on his back-the musket for which they hall, into which, through broken casements, and be struggled going off in the fall.

twixt the iron bars, which prevented human entrance, The miners rushed into the court-yard at Lance's the assailants had thrust lighted straw, sufficient to signal; and, hopeless any longer of prosecuting his excite much smoke and some fire, and to throw the design in silence, Lance commanded two of them to defenders of the house into great confusion ; insosecure the prisoner, and the rest to cheer loudly, and much, that of several shots fired hastily from the attack the door of the house. Instantly the court-windows, little or no damage followed to the besiegyard of the mansion rang with the cry of "Peveril ers, who, getting warm in the onset, answered the of the Peak for ever!" with all the abuse which the hostile charges with loud shouts of "Peveril for Royalists had invented to cast upon the Roundheads, ever!", and had already made a practicable breach during so many years of contention; and at the same through the brick-wall of the tenement, through time, while some assailed the door with their mining which Lance, Ditchley, and several of the most adimplements, others directed their attack against the venturous among their followers, made their way angle, where a kind of porch joined to the main into the hall. front of the building; and there, in some degree pro- The complete capture of the house remained, howtected by the projection of the wall, and of a balcony ever, as far off as ever. The defenders mixed with which overhung ihe porch, wrought in more security, much coolness and skill, that solemn and deep spirit as well as with more effect, than the others; for of enthusiasm which sets life at less than nothing, in the doors being of oak, thickly studded with nails, comparison to real or supposed duty: From the halfoffered a more effectual resistance to violence than the opened doors which led into the hall, they maintained brick-work.

a fire which began to grow fatal. One miner was The noise of this hubbub on the outside, soon ex-shot dead; three or four were wounded ; and Lance cited wild alarm and tumult within. Lights flew scarce knew whether he should draw bis forces from from window to window, and voices were heard the house, and leave it a prey to the flames, or, makdemanding the cause of the attack; to which the ing a desperate attack on the posts occupied by the party cries of those who were in the court-yard afford- defenders, try to obtain unmolested possession of the ed a sufhcient, or at least the only answer, which was place. At this moment his course of conduct was devouchsased. At length the window of a projecting termined by an unexpected occurrence, of which it is staircase opened, and the voice of Bridgenorth him- necessary to trace the cause. self demanded authoritatively what the tumult meanh, Julian Peveril had been, like other inhabitants of and commanded the rioters to desist, upon their own Moultrassie-Hall on that momentous night, awakenproper and immediate peril..

ed by the report of the sentinel's musket, followed by We want our young, master, you canting old the shouts of his father's vassals and followers ; of thief," was the reply; "and if we have him not in which he collected enough to guess that Bridgenorth's stantly, the topmost stone of your house shall lie as house was attacked with a view to his liberation. low as the foundation !"

Very doubtful of the issue of such an attempt, dizzy “We will try that presently,” said Bridgenorth; with the slumber from which he had been so suddenly “ for if there is another blow struck against the walls awakened, and confounded with the rapid succession of my peaceful house, I will fire my carabine among of events to which he had been lately a witness, he you, and your blood be upon your own head. I have speedily put on a part of his clothes, and hastened to a score of friends, well armed with musket and pis- the window of his apartment. From this he could tol, to defend my house; and we have both the means see nothing to relieve his anxiety, for it looked towards and heart, with Heaven's assistance, to repay any a quarter different from that on which the attack violence you can offer."

was made. He attempted his door; it was locked "Master Bridgenorth," replied Lance, who, though on the outside; and his perplexity and anxiety beno soldier, was sportsman enough to comprehend the came extreme, when suddenly the lock was turned, advantage which those under cover, and using fire and in an undress, hastily assumed in the moment of arms, must necessarily have over his party, exposed alarm, her hair streaming on her shoulders, her eyes to their aim, in a great measure, and without means gleaming betwixt fear and resolution, Alice Bridge of answering their fire,—"Master Bridgenorth, let us north rushed into his apartment, and seized his crave parley with you, and fair conditions. We de- hand with the fervent exclamation,'"Julian, save my sire to do you no evil, but will have back our young father!" master; it is enough that you have got our old one and The light which she bore in her hand served to his lady. It is foul chasing, to kill hart, hind, and show those features which could rarely have been fawn; and we will give you some light on the sub-viewed by any one without emotion, but which bore ject in an instant."

an expression irresistible to a lover. This speech was followed by a great crash amongst "Alice," he said, "what means this? What is the the lower windows of the house, according to a new danger?' Where is your father?" species of attack which had been suggested by some Do not stay to question,” she answered; "but if of the assailants.

you would save him, follow me!"

At the same time she led the way, with great speed, | unite in resisting an assault of the besiegers. But half way down the turret staircase which led to his when the last bucket of water had hissed on the few room, thence turning through a side door, along a embers that continued to glimmer-when the sense long gallery, to a larger and wider stair, at the bot- of mutual hostility, hitherto suspended by a feeling of tom of wbich stood her father, surrounded by four or common danger, was in its turn rekindled--the parties, five of his friends, scarce discernible through the mingled as they had hitherto been in one common smoke of the fire which began to take hold in the exertion, drew off from each other, and began to hall, as well as that which arose from the repeated arrange themselves at opposite sides of the hall, and discharge of their own fire-arms.

handle their weapons as if for a renewal of the Julian saw there was not a moment to be lost, if fight. ne meant to be a successful mediator. He rushed Bridgenorth interrupted any further progress of this through Bridgenorth's party ere they were aware of menaced hostility. Julian Peveril," he said, “thou his approach, and throwing himself amongst the as- art free to walk thine own path, since thou wilt not sailants who occupied the hall in considerable num- walk with me that road which is more safe, as well bers, he assured them of his personal safety, and con- as more honourable. But if you do by my counsel, jured them to depart.

you will get soon beyond the British seas. "Not without a few more slices at the Rump, mas- "Ralph Bridgenorth,” said one of his friends, " this ter," answered Lance. "I am principally glad to see is but evil and feeble conduct on thine own part. you safe and well; but here is Joe Rimegap shot as Wilt thou withhold thy hand from the battle, to dedead as a buck in season, and more of us are hurt; fend, from these sons of Belial, the captive of thy and we'll have revenge, and roast the Puritans like bow and of thy spear? Surely we are enow to deal apples for lambswool !

with them in the security of our good old cause; nor Then you shall roast me along with them,” said should we part with this spawn of the old serpent, Julian; “for I vow to God, I will not leave the hall, until we essay whether the Lord will not give us vicbeing bound by parole of honour to abide with Major tory therein. Bridgenorth till lawfully dismissed."

A hum of stern assent followed; and had not Gan"Now out on yon, an you were ten times a Peve- lesse now interfered, the combat would probably have fil !" said Ditchley; "to give so many honest fellows been renewed. He took the advocate for war apart loss and labour on your behalf, and to show them into one of the window recesses, and apparently satisno kinder countenance.-I say, beat up the fire, and fied his objections; for as he returned to his com: burn all together!"

panions, he said to them, “Our friend hath so well “Nay, nay; but peace, my masters, and hearken to argued this matter, that, verily, since he is of the reason," said Julian; we are all here in evil condi- same mind with the worthy Major Bridgenorth, I tion, and you will only make it worse by contention. think the youth may be set ai liberty.” Do you help to put out this same fire, which will else

As no further objection was offered, it only remained cost us all dear. Keep yourselves under arms. Let with Julian to thank and reward those who had been Master Bridgenorth and me settle some grounds of active in his assistance. Having first obtained from accommodation, and I trust all will be favourably Bridgenorth a promise of indemnity to them for the made up on both sides; and if not, you shall have my riot they had committed, a few kind words conveyed consent and countenance to fight it out; and come his sense of their services; and some broad pieces, on it what will, I will never forget this night's good thrust into the hand of Lance Outram, furnished the service.

means for affording them a holyday. They would He then drew Ditchley and Lance Outram aside, have remained to protect him, but, fearful of farther while the rest stood suspended at his appearance and disorder, and relying entirely on the good faith of words, and expressing the utmost thanks and grati- Major Bridgenorth, he dismissed them all excepting tude for what they had already done, urged them, as Lance, whom he detained to attend upon him for a the greatest favour which they could do towards him few minutes, till he should depart from Moultrassie. and his father's house, to permit bim to negotiate the But ere leaving the Hall he could not repress his determs of his emancipation from thraldom; at the sire to speak with Bridgenorth in secret; and advancsame time forcing on Ditchley five or six gold pieces, ing towards him, he expressed such a desire. that the brave lads of Bonadventure might drink his Tacitly granting what was asked of him, Bridgehealth; whilst to Lance he expressed the warmest north led the way to a small summer saloon adjoinsense of his active kindness, but protested he could ing to the Hall

, where, with his usual gravity and inonly, consider it as good service to his house, if he difference of manner, he seemed to await in silence was allowed to manage the matter after his own what Peveril had to communicate. fashion.

Julian found it difficult, where so little opening was "Why," answered Lance, "I am well out on it, afforded him, to find a tone in which to open the subMaster Julian ; for it is matter beyond my mastery: jects he had at heart, that should be at once dignified All that I stand to is, that I will see you safe out of and conciliating. Major Bridgenorth," he said at this same Moultrassie-Hall; for our old naunt Elles- length, "you have been a son, and an affectionate mere will else give me but cold comfort when I come one-You may conceive my present anxiety-My home. Truth is, I began unwillingly; but when I father !-What has been designed for him?". saw the poor fellow Joe shot beside me, why, I thought “What the law will," answered Bridgenorth, we should have some amends. But I put it all in "Had he walked by the counsels which I procured your honour's hands."

to be given to him, he might have dwelt safely in the During this colloquy both parties had been amica- house of his ancestors. His fate is now beyond my bly employed in extinguishing the fire, which might control-far beyond yours. It must be with him as otherwise have been fatal to all. It required a general his country shall decide.". effort to get it under; and both parties agreed on the And my mother ?'' said Peveril. necessary labour, with as much unanimity, as if the "Will consult, as she has ever done, her own duty; water they brought in leathern buckets from the well and create her own happiness by doing so," replied to throw upon the fire, had had some effect in slaking Bridgenorth. "Believe, my designs towards your their mutual hostility.

family are better than they may seem through the mist which adversity has spread around your house.

I may triumph as a 'man; but as a man I must also CHAPTER XXVI.

remember, in my hour, that mine enemies have had

theirs.--Have you aught else to say ?” he added, after Necessity-thou best of peacemakers,

a momentary pause.

You have rejected once, yea

and again, the hand I stretched out to you. Methinks Help us to composition. - Anonymous.

little more remains between us.'

These words, which seemed to cut short farther While the fire continued, the two parties laboured discussion, were calmly spoken; so that though they in active union, like the jarring factions of the Jews appeared to discourage farther question, they could during the siege of Jerusalem, when compelled to I not interrupt that which still trembled on Julian's

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As well as surest prompter of invention


tongue. He made a step or two towards the door; / ger of her nephew's hospitable intent, had every thing then suddenly returned. Your daughter ?" he said in the best readiness she could, for the son of her "Major Bridgenorth-I should ask-I do ask forgive ancient patron. Peveril betook himself to rest ; and, ness for mentioning her name--but may I not inquire notwithstanding so many subjects of anxiety, slepi after her ?–May I not express my wishes for her future soundly till the morning was far advanced. happiness?"

His slumbers were first broken by Lance, who had Your interest in her is but too flattering,” said been long up, and already active in his service. He Bridgenorth; "but you have already chosen your informed him, that his horse, arms, and small cloakpart; and you must be, in future, strangers to each bag, had been sent from the Castle by one of Major other. I may have wished it otherwise, but the hour Bridgenorth's servants, who brought a letter, disof grace is passed, during which your compliance charging from the Major's service the unfortunate with my advice might-I will speak it plainly-have Deborah Debbitch, and prohibiting her return to the led to your union. For her happiness-if such a word Hall. The officer of the House of Commons, escoried belongs to a mortal pilgrimage-1 shall care for it by a strong guard, had left Martindale Castle that sufficiently. She leaves this place to-day, under the morning early, travelling in Sir Geoffrey's carriage guardianship of a sure friend.

his lady being also permitted to attend on him. To “Not of

?!' exclaimed Peveril, and stopped this he had to add, that the property at the Castle short; for he felt he had no right to pronounce the was taken possession of by Master Win-the-fight, the name which came to his lips.

attorney, from Chesterfield, with other officers of law, "Why do you pause ?" said Bridgenorth; "a sud- in name of Major Bridgenorth, a large creditor of the den thought is often a wise, almost always an honest unfortunate knight.

With whom did you suppose I meant to intrust Having told these Job's tidings, Lance paused; and, my child, that the idea called forth so anxious an after a moment's hesitation, declared he was resolved expression ?"

to quit the country, and go up to London along with "Again I should ask your forgiveness,” said Julian, his young master. Julian argued the point with "for meddling where I have little right to interfere. him; and insisted he had better stay to take charge But I saw a face here that is known to me,the per- of his aunt, in case she should be disturbed by these son calls himself Ganlesse-Is it with him that you strangers. "Lance replied, "She would have one with mean to intrust your daughter ?"

her, who would protect her well enough; for there "Even to the person who calls himself Ganlesse," was wherewithal to buy protection amongst them. said Bridgenorth, without expressing either anger or But for himself, he was resolved to follow Master surprise.

Julian to the death." And do you know to whom you commit a charge Julian heartily thanked him for his love. so precious to all who know her, and so dear to your- "Nay it is not altogether out of love neither," said seli ?" said Julian.

Lance," though I am as loving as another; but it is, “Do you know, who ask me the question ?" an- as it were, parily out of fear, lest I be called over the swered Bridgenorth.

coals for last night's matter; for as for the miners, "lown I do not,” answered Julian ; " but I have they will never trouble them, as the creatures only seen him in a character so different from what he now act after their kind." wears, that I feel it my duty to warn you, how you "I will write in your behalf to Major Bridgenorth, intrust the charge of your child to one who can alter- who is bound to afford you protection, if you have pately play the profligate or the hypocrite, as it suits such fear,” said Julian. his own interest or humour.”

“Nay, for that matter, it is not altogether fear, Bridgenorth smiled contemptuously. "I might be more than altogether love," answered the enigmaangry," he said, "with the oflicious zeal which sup- rical keeper; "although it hath a tasting of boih in poses that its green conceptions can instruct my gray it. And, to speak plain truth, thus it is-Dame Debhairs; but, good Julian, I do but only ask from you bitch and Naunt Ellesmere have resolved to set up the liberal construction, that I who have had much their horses together, and have made up all their converse with mankind, know with whom I trust quarrels. And of all ghosts in the world, the worst what is dearest to me. He of whom thou spcakest, is, when an old true-love comes back to haunt a poor hath one visage to his friends, though he may have fellow like me. Mistress Deborah, though distressed others to the world, living amongst those before whom now for the loss of her place, has been already honest features should be concealed under a grotesque speaking of a broken sixpence, or some such token, vizard; even as in the sinful sports of the day, called as if a man could remember such things for so many maskings and mummeries, where the wise, if he show years, even if she had not gone over seas, like a himself at all, must be contented to play the apish and woodcock, in the mean while." fantastic fool."

Julian could scarce forbear laughing. “I thought I would only pray your wisdom to beware," said you too much of a man, Lance, to sear a woman Julian, "of one who, as he has a vizard for others, marrying you whether you would or no. may also have one which can disguise his real features “li has been many an honest man's luck, for all from yourself."

that,” said Lance; "and a woman in the very house This is being over careful, young man,” replied has so many deuced opportunities. And then there Bridgenorth, more shortly than he had hitherto would be two upon one; for Naunt, though high spoken; "if you would walk by my counsel, you will enough when any of your folks are concerned, haih attend to your own aflairs, which, credit me, deserve some look to the main chance; and it seems Misall your care, and leave others to the management of tress Deb is as rich as a Jew.". theirs."

'And you, Lance,” said Julian, "have no mind to This was too plain to be misunderstood; and Peveri marry for cake and pudding?" was compelled to take his leave of Bridgenorth, and "No, truly, master," answered Lance, "unless I of Moultrassie-Hall

, without farther parley or expla- knew of what dough they were baked. How the nation. The reader may imagine how oft he looked devil do I know how the jade came by so much? back, and tried to guess, amongst the lights which And then if she speaks of tokens and love-passages, continued 10 twinkle in various parts of the building, let her be the same tight lass I broke the sixpence which sparkle it was that gleamed from the bower of with, and I will be the same true lad to her. But I Alice. When the road turned into another direction, never heard of true love lasting ten years; and hers, he sunk into a deep reverie, from which he was at if it lives at all, must be nearer twenty:". length roused by the voice of Lance, who demanded "Well, then, Lance,” said Julian, "since you are where he intended to quarter for the night. He was resolved on the thing, we will go to London togeunprepared to answer the question, but the honest ther; where, if I cannot retain you in my service, and keeper himself prompted a solution of the problem, if my father recovers not these misfortunes, I will by requesting that he would occupy a spare bed in the endeavour to promote you elsewhere." Lodge; to which Julian willingly agreed. The rest "Nay, nay," said Lance, "I trust to be back to of the inhabitants had retired to rest when they bonny Martindale before it is long, and to keep the entered; but Dame Ellesmere, apprized by a messen- greenwood, as I have been wont to do; for, as to

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Dame Debbitch, when they have not me for their į How to avail himself of such a meeting, he knew not, common butt, Naunt and she will soon bend bows but chance favoured him more than he could have on each other. So here comes old Dame Ellesmere expected. with your breakfast. I will but give some directions I can scarce receive you, gentlefolks," said the about the deer to Rough Ralph, my helper, and sad- landlord, who at length appeared at the door; "here dle my forest pony, and your honour's horse, which be a sort of quality in my house to-night, whom less is no prime one, and we will be ready to trot. than all will not satisfy; nor all neither, for that

Julian was not sorry for this addition to his esta- matter." blishment; for Lance had shown himself, on the “We are but plain fellows, landlord," said Julian; preceding evening, a shrewd and bold fellow, and we are bound for Moseley-market, and can get no attached to his master. He therefore set himself to farther to-night. Any hole will serve us, no matter reconcile his aunt to parting with her nephew for what." some time. Her unlimited devotion for “the family," "Why," said the honest host," if that be the case, readily induced the old lady to acquiesce in his pro. I must e'en put one of you behind the bar, though the posal, though not without a gentle sigh over the ruins gentlemen have desired to be private; the other must of a castle in the air, which was founded on the well-take heart of grace, and help me at the rap." saved purse of Mistress Deborah Debbitch. “At any "The tap for me," said Lance, without waiting his rate," she thought it was as well that Lance should master's decision.'"It is an element which I could be out of the way of that bold, long-legged, beggarly live and die in." trollop, Cis Sellok.” But to poor Deb herself, the "The bar, then, for me," said Peveril; and stepexpatriation of Lance, whom she had looked to as a ping back, whispered to Lance to exchange cloaks sailor to a port under his lee, for which he can run, if with him, desirous, if possible, to avoid being recogweather becomes foul, was a second severe blow, nised. following close on her dismissal from the profitable The exchange was made in an instant; and preservice of Major Bridgenorth.

sently afterwards the landlord brought a light; and Julian visited the disconsolate damsel, in hopes of as he guided Julian into his hostelry, cautioned him gaining some light upon Bridgenorth's projects re- to sit quiet in the place where he should stow him; garding his daughter-the character of this Ganlesse and if he was discovered, to say that he was one of --and other matters, with which her residence in the the house, and leave him to make it good. “You family might have made her acquainted; but he will hear what the gallants say,” he added; "but I found her by far too much troubled in mind to afford think thou wilt carry away but little on it; for when him the least information. The name of Ganlesse it is not French, it is Court gibberish; and that is as she did not seem to recollect--that of Alice rendered hard to construe. her hysterical--that of Bridgenorth, furious, She The bar, into which our hero was inducted on these numbered up the various services she had rendered in conditions, seemed formed, with respect to the public the family-and denounced the plague of swartness room, upon the principle of a citadel, intended to obto the linen--of leanness to the poultry-of dearth serve and bridle a rebellious capital. Here sat the and dishonour to the housekeeping-and of lingering host on the Saturday evenings, screened from the sickness and early death to Alice ;-all which evils, observation of his guests, yet with the power of obshe averred, had only been kept off by her continued, serving both their wants and their behaviour, and also watchful, and incessant cares. - Then again turning that of overhearing their conversation-a practice to the subject of the fugitive Lance, she expressed which he was much addicted to, being one of that such a total contempt of that mean-spirited fellow, numerous class of philanthropists, to whom their in a tone between laughing and crying, as satisfied neighbour's business is of as much consequence, or Julian it was not a topic likely to act as a sedative; rather more, than their own. and that, therefore, unless he made a longer stay Here he planted his new guest, with a repeated than the urgent state of his affairs permitted, he was caution not to disturb the gentleman by speech, or not likely to find Mistress Deborah in such a state of motion; and a promise that he should be speedily composure as might enable him to obtain from her supplied with a cold buttock of beef, and a tankard any rational or useful information.

of home-brewed. And here he left him, with no Lance, who good-naturedly took upon himself the other light than that which glimmered from the whole burden of Dame Debbitch's mental alienation, well-illuminated apartment within, through a sort of or "taking on," as such fits of passio hysterica are shuttle which accommodated the landlord with a usually termed in the country, had too much feeling view into it. to present himself before the victim of her own sensi- This situation, inconvenient enough in itself, was, bility, and of his obduracy. He therefore intimated on the present occasion, precisely what Julian would to Julian, by his assistant Ralph, that the horses stood have selected. He wrapped himself in the weathersaddled behind the Lodge, and that all was ready for beaten cloak of Lance Outram, which had been their departure.

stained, by age and climate, into a thousand variaJulian took the hint, and they were soon mounted, tions of its original Lincoln green; and with as little and clearing the road, at a rapid trot, in the direction noise as he could, set himself to observe the two inof London; but not by the most usual route. Julian mates, who had engrossed to themselves the whole calculated that the carriage in which his father was of the apartment, which was usually open to the pubtransported would travel slowly; and it was his pur- lic. They sat by a table, well covered with such costly pose, if possible, to get to London before it should rarities, as could only have been procured by much arrive there, in order to have time to consult with the forecast, and prepared by the exquisite Mons. Chaufriends of his family, what measures should be taken bert; to which both seemed to do much justice. in his father's behalf.

Julian had little difficulty in ascertaining, that one In this manner, they advanced a day's journey to- of the travellers was, as he had anticipated, the maswards London; at the conclusion of which, Julian ter of the said Chaubert, or, as he was called by Ganfound his resting-place in a small inn upon the road. lesse, Smith; the other, who faced him, he had never No one came, at the first call, to attend upon the seen before. This last was dressed like a gallant of guests and their horses, although the house was well the first order. His periwig, indeed, as he travelled on lighted up; and there was a prodigious chattering in horseback, did not much exceed in size the bar wig the kitchen, such as can only be produced by a French of a modern lawyer, but then the essence which he cook, when his mystery is in the very moment of shook from it with every motion, impregnated a whole projection. It instantly occurred to Julian--so rare apartment, which was nisually only perfumed by that was the ministry of these Gallic artists at that time- vulgar herb, tobacco. His riding-coat was laced in the that the clamour he heard must necessarily be pro- newest and most courtly style; and Grammont himself duced by the Sieur Chaubert, on whose plats he had might have envied the embroidery of his waistcoat, lately feasted, along with Smith and Ganlesse. and the peculiar cut of his breeches, which buttoned

One or both of these, were therefore probably in above the knee, permitting the shape of a very handthe little inn; and if so, he might have some opportu- some leg to be completely seen. This, by ihe pronity to discover their real purpose and character. - prietor thereof, had been stretched out iipon a stool,

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