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Julian's embarrassment in passing Charing-Cross j troublesome pair of attendants endeavoured again to and Northumberland-House was so great as to excite pass them close to Hungerford Stairs, he said to the attention of the passengers; for he had to com- them, with constrained calmness, "Gentlemen, ! pose his steps so as to moderate the unequal and owe you something for the attention you have rapid pace of Fenella to the timid and faint progress bestowed on the affairs of a stranger. If you have of his left-hand companion; and while it would have any pretension to the name I have. could not himnot ' himbeen needless to address himself to the former, who tell me where you are to be found 5 Ven you, you will

"And with what purpose," said the taller of the self to Alice, for fear of awakening into frenzy the two, sneeringly, "does your most rustic gravity, oi jealousy, or at least the impatience, of Fenella.

your most grave rusticity, require of us such informaMany passengers looked at them with wonder, and iion ?" some with smiles; but Julian remarked that there So saying, they both faced about, in such a manwere two who never lost sight of them, and to whom ner as to make it impossible for Julian to advance any his situation, and the demeanour of his companions, farther. seemed to afford matter of undisguised merriment. Make for the stairs, Alice,” he said; "I will be These were young men, such as may be seen in the with you in an instant. Then freeing himself with saine precincts in the present day, allowing for the difficulty from the grasp of his companions, he cast difference in the fashion of their apparel. They his cloak hastily round his left arm, and said, sternly, abounded in periwig, and fluttered with many hun- to his opponents, “Will you give me your names, sirs; dred yards of riband, disposed in bow-knots upon their or will you be pleased to make way s'reves, their breeches, and their waistcoats, in the "Not till we know for whom we are to give place," very extremity of the existing mode.. A quantity of said one of them. lace and embroidery made their habits rather fine "For one who will else teach you what you want chan tasteful. In a word, they were dressed in that -Good manners,” said Peveril, and advanced, as it caricature of the fashion, which sometimes denotes a to push between them. hare-brained man of quality who has a mind to be They separated, but one of them stretched forth his distinguished as a fop of the first order, but is much foot before Peveril, as if he meant to urip him. The more frequently the disguise of those who desire to blood of his ancestors was already boiling within him, be esteemed men of rank on account of their dress, he struck the man in the face with the oaken rod having no other pretension to the distinction. which he had just sneered at, and throwing it from

These two gallants passed Peveril more than once, him, instantly unsheathed his sword. Both the linked arm in arm, then sauntered, so as to oblige others drew, and pushed at once; but he caught the him to pass them in turn, laughing and whispering point of the one rapier in his cloak, and parried the other during these manœuvres--staring broadly at Peveril thrust with his own weapon. He might have been and his female companions-and affording them, as less lucky in the second close, bui a cry arose they came into contact, none of those facilities of among the watermen, of "Shame, shame! iwo upon giving place, which are required on such occasions one!'" by the ordinary rules of the pavé.

"They are men of the Duke of Buckingham's" Peveril did not immediately observe their imperti- said one fellow-"there's no safe meddling with nence; but when it was too gross to escape his them." notice, his gall began to arise; and in addition to all “They may be the devil's men, if they will,” said the other embarrassments of his situation, he had to an ancient Triton, flourishing his stretcher;. "but I combat the longing desire which he felt to cudgel say fair play, and old England for ever ; and I say, handsomely the two coxcombs who seemed thus de- knock the gold-laced puppies down, unless they will termined on insulting him. Patience and sufferance fight turn-about with gray jerkin, like honest fellows, were indeed strongly imposed on him by circumstan- one down t'other come on. ces; but at length it became scarcely possible to ob- The lower orders of London have in all times been serve their dictates any longer.

remarkable for the delight which they have taken in When, for the third time, Julian found himself club-law, or fist-law; and for the equity and imparobliged, with his companions, to pass this trouble- tiality with which they see it administered. The noble some brace of fops, they kept walking close behind science of defence was then so generally known, him, speaking so loud as to be heard, and in a tone of that a bout at single rapier excited at that time as perfect indifference whether he listened to them or not. much interest and as little wonder as a boxing-match

“This is bumpkin's best luck," said the taller of in our own days. The bystanders, experienced in the two, (who was indeed a man of remarkable size) such affrays, presently formed a ring, within which alluding to the plainness of Peveril's dress, which Peveril and the taller and more forward of his antag. was scarce fit for the streets of London—"Two such onists were soon engaged in close combat with their fine wenches, and under guard of a gray frock and swords, whilst the other, overawed by the spectators, an oaken riding-rod !"

was prevented from interfering: “Nay. Puritan's luck rather, and more than enough "Well done the tall fellow";_"Well thrust, longof it," said his companion. “You may read Puritan legs!"-"Huzza for two ells and a quarter" were in his pace and in his patience."

the sounds with which the fray was at first cheered ; "Right as a pint bumper, Tom," said his friend- for Peverils opponent not only showed great activity "Issachar is an ass that stoopeth between two bur- and skill in fence, but had also a decided advantage, dens.” "I have a mind to ease long-eared Laurence of one Alice Bridgenorth; the care for whose safety diverted

from the anxiety with which Julian looked out for of

his encumbrances," said the shorter fellow. "That him in the beginning of the onset from that which black-eyed sparkler looks as if she had a mind to he ought to have exclusively bestowed on the defence run away from him."

of his life. A slight flesh-wound in the side at once Ay," answered the taller, "and the blue-eyed punished, and warned him of, his inadvertence; trembler looks as if she would fall behind into my when, turning his whole thoughts on the business in loving arms."

which he was engaged, and animated with anger At these words, Alice, holding still closer by Peve- against his impertinent intruder, the rencontre

speedily ril's arm than formerly, mended her pace almost to began to assume another face, amidst cries of "Well running, in order to escape from men whose language done, gray jerkin

!".-" Try, the metal of his gold was so alarming; and Fenella walked hastily forward doublet !""Finely thrust!"-"Curiously parried !", in the same manner, having perhaps caught from the "There went another eyelet-hole to his broidered men's gestures and demeanour, that apprehension jerkin !" –" Fairly pinked, by G-d!" In fact, the which Alice nad taken from their language.

last exclamation was uitered amid a general roar of Fearful of the consequences of a fray in the streets, applause accompanying a successful and conclusive which must necessarily separate him from these lounge by which Peveril ran his gigantic antagonist unprotected females, Peveril endeavoured to com- through the body. He looked at his prostrate foe for pound betwixt the prudence necessary for their pro- a moment; then, recovering himself, called loudly to iection and his own rising resentment; and as this I know what had become of the lady.

"Never mind the lady if you be wise," said one of charge of his duties as a Justice of the Peace, with the watermen; "the Constable

will be here in an the exercise of all its honorary privileges and awfus instant. I'll give your honour a cast across the water authority. But the murder of Sir Edmondsbury God. in a moment. li may be as much as your neck's frey had made a strong, nay, an indelible impression worth. Shall only charge a Jacobus.'

on his mind; and he walked the Courts of 'Themis "You be d-d!" said one of his rivals in profession, with fear and trembling after that memorable and as your father was before you; for a Jacobus, l'll melancholy event. set the gentleman into Alsatia, where neither bailiff Having a high idea of his official importance, and oor constable dare trespass.''

rather an exalted notion of his personal consequence, "The lady, you scoundrels, the lady!" exclaimed his honour saw nothing from that time but cords and Peveril — "Where is the lady ?''

daggers before his eyes, and never stepped out of his *Pll carry your honour where you shall have enough own house, which he fortified, and in some measure of ladies, if that be your want," said the old Triton; garrisoned, with half a dozen tall watchmen and and as he spoke, the clamour amongst the watermen constables, without seeing himself watched by a Pawas renewed, each hoping to cut his own profit out pist in disguise, with a drawn sword under his cloak. of the emergency of Julian's situation.

It was even whispered, that, in the agonies of his A sculler will be least suspected, your honour,” fears, the worshipful Master Maulstatute mistook the said one fellow.

kitchen-wench with a tinder-box, for a Jesuit with a A pair of oars will carry you through the water pistol; but if any one dared to laugh at such an error, like a wild duck," said another.

he would have done well to conceal his mirth, lesi " But you have got never a tilt, brother,” said a he fell under the heavy inculpation of being a banterer third. "Now I can put the gentleman as snug as if and stifler of the Plot-a crime almost as deep as that he were under hatches."

of being himself a plotter. In fact, the fears of the In the midst of the oaths and clamour attending honest Justice, however ridiculously exorbitant, were this aquatic controversy for his custom, Peveril at kept so much in countenance by the outcry of the length made them understand that he would bestow day, and the general nervous fever which aMicted a Jacobus, not on him whose boat was first oars, but every good Protestant, that Master Maulstatute was on whomsoever should inform him of the fate of the accounted the bolder man and the better magistrate, lady.

while, under the terror of the air-drawn dagger which "Of which lady?" said a sharp fellow; "for, to fancy placed continually before his eyes, he continued my thought, there was a pair on them.".

to dole forth justice in the recesses of his private cham"Of both, of both," answered Peveril; "but first, ber, nay, occasionally to attend Quarter-sessions, of the fair-haired lady?"

when the hall was guarded by a sufficient body of Ay, ay, that was she that shrieked so when gold- the militia. Such was the wight, at whose door, well jacket's companion handed her into No. 20." chained and doubly bolted, the constable who had

"Who-what-who dared to hand her?”' exclaimed Julian in custody now gave his important and wellPeveril.

known knock. “Nay, master, you have heard enough of my tale Notwithstanding this official signal, the party was without a fee," said the waterman.

not admitted until the clerk, who acted the part of “Sordid rascal !" said Peveril, giving him a gold high-warder, had reconnoitred them through a grated piece, “ speak out, or I'll run my sword through you !!! wicket; for who could say whether the Papists might

"For the matter of that, master," answered the not have made themselves master of Masier Constafellow, "not while I can handle this trunnion-but a ble's sign, and have prepared a pseudo watch to burst bargain's a bargain; and so I'll tell you, for your gold in and murder the Justice, under pretence of bringing piece, that the comrade of the fellow forced one of a criminal before him ?--Less hopeful projects had your wenches, her with

the fair hair, will she nill she, figured in the Narrative of the Popish Plot. into

Tickling Tom's wherry; and they are far enough All being found right, the key was turned, the bolts up Thames by this time, with wind and tide." were drawn, and the chain uphooked, so as to permit

"Sacred Heaven, and I stand here !" exclaimed entrance to the constable, the prisoner, and the asJulian.

sistants; and the door was then as suddenly shut "Why, that is because your honour will not take a against the witnesses, who, as less trustworthy perboat."

sons, were requested (through the wicket) to remain "You are right, my friend-a boat-a boat in- in the yard, until they should be called in their restantly!"

spective turns. "Follow me, then, squire.- Here, Tom, bear a Had Julian been inclined for mirth, as was far from hand-the gentleman is our fare."

being the case, he must have smiled at the inconA volley of water language was exchanged betwixt gruity of the clerk's apparel, who had belted over his the successful candidate for Peveril's custom and his black buckram suit a buff baldric, sustaining a broaddisappointed brethren, which concluded by the an- sword, and a pair of huge horse-pistols; and, instead cient Triton's bellowing out in a tone above them of the low flat hat, which, coming in place of the city all, " that the gentleman was in a fair way

to make a cap, completed the dress of a scrivener, had placed voyage to the isle of gulls, for that sly Jack was only on his greasy locks a rusted steel cap, which had seen bantering him-No. 20 had rowed for York-Build- Marston-moor; across which projected his well-used ings."

quill, in the guise of a plume the shape of the morion "To the isle of gallows," cried another; "for here not 'admitting of its being stuck, as usual, behind comes one who will mar his trip up Thames, and his ear. carry him down to Execution-Dock."

This whimsical figure conducted the constable, his In fact, as he spoke the word, a constable, with assistants, and the prisoner, into the low hall, where three or four of his assistants, armed with the old his principal dealt forth justice; who presented an fashioned brown-bills, which were still used for arm- appearance still more singular than that of his deing those guardians of the peace, cut off our hero's pendant. farther progress to the water's edge, by arresting him Sundry good Protestants, who thought so highly in the King's name. To attempt resistance would of themselves as to suppose they were worthy to be have been madness, as he was surrounded on all distinguished as objects of Catholic cruelty, had taken sides; so Peveril was disarmed, and carried before to defensive arms on the occasion. But it was quickly the nearest Justice of the Peace, for examination and found that a breast-plate and back-plate of proof, committal.

fastened together with iron clasps, was no convenient The legal sage before whom Julian was taken, was enclosure for a man who meant to eat venison and a man very honest in his intentions, very bounded in custard ; and that a buff-coat, or shirt of mail, was his talents, and rather timid in his disposition. Be- scarcely more accommodating to the exertions nefore the general alarm given to England, and to the cessary on such active occasions. Besides, there city of London in particular, by the notable discovery were other objections, as the alarming and menacing of the Popish Plot, Master Maulstatute had taken aspects which such warlike habiliments gave to the serene and undisturbed pride and pleasure in the dis- Exchange, and other places, where merchants most

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do congregate; and excoriations were bitterly com- I him, chose to hear the accusation of the witnesses plained of by many, who, not belonging to the artillery before calling on Peveril for his defence. The detail company, or trained bands, had no experience in of the affray was briefly given by the bystanders, and bearing defensive armour.

seemed deeply to touch the spirit of the examinator. To obviate these objections, and, at the same time, He shook his silken casque emphatically, when he to secure the persons of all true Protestant citizens understood that, after some language betwixt the against open force or privy assassinations on the part parties, which the witnesses did not quite understand, of the Papists, some ingenious artist, belonging, we the young man in custody struck the first blow, and may presume, to the worshipful Mercers' Company, drew his sword before the wounded party had un had contrived' a species of armour, of which neither sheathed his weapon. Again he shook his crested the horse-armory in the Tower, nor Gwynnap's head yet more solemnly, when the result of the conGothic Hall, no, nor Dr. Meyrick's invaluable col- fict was known; and yet again, when one of the lection of ancient arms, has preserved any specimen. witnesses declared, that, to the best of his knowledge, It was called silk armour, * being composed of a the sufferer in the fray was a gentleman belonging to doublet and breeches of quilted silk, so closely stitched, the household of his Grace the Duke of Buckingham. and of such thickness, as to be proof against either A worthy peer," quoth the armed magistrate bullet or steel ; while a thick bonnet of the same a true Protestant, and a friend to his country. materials, with ear-faps attached to it, and, on the Mercy on us, to what a height of audacity hath this whole, much resembling a night-cap, completed the age arisen !' We see well, and could, were we as equipment, and ascertained the security of the wearer blind as a mole, out of what quiver this shaft hath from the head to the knee.

been drawn !" Master Maulstatute, among other worthy citizens, He then put on his spectacles, and having desired had adopted this singular panoply, which had the Julian to be brought forward, he glared upon him advantage of being soft, and warm, and flexible, as awfully with those glazen eyes, from under the shade well as safe. And he now sat in his judicial elbow- of his quilted turban. chair-a short, rotund figure, hung round, as it were, So young,” he said, "and so hardened-lack-a. with cushions, for such was the appearance of the day!-and a Papist, I'll warrant.". quilted garments; and with a nose protruded from Peveril had uime enough to recollect the necessity under the silken casque, the size of which, together of his being at large, if he could possibly obtain his with the unwieldiness of the whole figure, gave his freedom, and interposed here a civil contradiction of worship no indifferent resemblance to the sign of the his worship’s gracious supposition. "He was no Hog in Armour, which was considerably improved Catholic," he said, “but an unworthy member of the by the defensive garment being of a dusky orange Church of England.”' colour, not altogether unlike the hue of those half- "Perhaps but a lukewarm Protestant, notwithwild swine which are to be found in the forests of standing," said the sage Justice; "there are those Hampshire.

amongst us who ride tantivy to Rome, and have alSecure in these invulnerable envelopements, his ready made out half the journey-ahem !" worship had rested content, although severed from Peveril disowned his being any such. his own death-doing weapons, of rapier, poniard, and And who art thou, then ?" said the Justice; "for, pistols, which were placed, nevertheless, at no great friend, to tell you plainly, I like not your visagedistance from his chair. One offensive implement, ahem!" indeed, he thought it prudent to keep on the table These short and emphatic coughs were accombeside his huge Çoke upon Lyttleton. This was a panied each by a succinct nod, intimating the perfect sort of pocket-fail, consisting of a piece of strong ash, conviction of the speaker that he had made the best, about eighteen inches long, to which was attached a the wisest, and the most acute observation, of which swinging club of lignum-ritæ, nearly twice as long the premises admitted. as the handle, but jointed so as to be easily folded up. Julian, irritated by the whole circumstances of his This instrument, which bore at that time the singular detention, answered the Justice's interrogation in name of the Protestant flail, might be concealed under rather a lofty tone. "My name is Julian Peveril !" the coat, until circumstances demanded its public “Now, Heaven be around us !" said the terrified appearance. A better precaution against surprise Justice the son of that black-hearted Papist and than his arms, whether offensive or defensive, was a traitor, Sir Geoffrey Peveril, now in hands, and on the strong iron grating, which crossing the room in front verge of trial!", of the Justice's table, and communicating by a grated "How, sir!" exclaimed Julian, forgetting his situadoor, which was usually kept locked, effectually sepa- tion, and, stepping forward to the grating, with a rated the accused party from his Judge.

violence which made the bars clatter, he so startled Justice Maulstatute, such as we have described the appalled Justice, that, snatching his Protestant

flail, Master Maulstatute aimed a blow at his prisoner, • Roger North gives us a ridiculous description of these war. to repel what he apprehended was a premeditated like habiliments, when talking of the Whig Club in Fuller's “ The conversation and ordinary discourse of the club

attack. But whether it was owing to the Justice's was chiefly on the subject of bravery in defending the cause of hurry of mind, or inexperience in managing the wealiberty and property, and what every Protestani Englishman pon, he not only missed his aim, but brought the and slavery. There was much recommendation of silk armour, with such a severe counter-buff, as completely to try were abundance of these

silken backs, breasts, and pots, (1. 1. its defence, to convey a stunning sensation, which he that Protestants were to be massacred ; and accordingly there the efficacy of his cushioned helmet, and, in spite of head pieces,) made and sold, which were pretended to be pistol rather hastily imputed to the consequence of a blow for it was impossible any one could go to strike him for laugh received from Peveril. ing, so ridiculous was the figure, as they say, of hogs in armour- His assistants did not indeed directly confirm the an image of derision insensible but to the view, as I have had it, opinion which the Justice had so unwarrantably (viz. that none can imagine without seeing it, as I have. This adopted; but all with one voice agreed, that, but for tame as to carry their provisions no farther; for truly they their own active and instantaneous interference, there intended to be assailants upon fair occasion, and had for that end recommended to them a certain pocket weapon, which, for done by a person so dangerous as the prisoner. The

was no knowing what mischief might have been flail. It was for street and crowd work, and the instrument general opinion that he meant to proceed in the lurking perdue in a coal.pocket, might readily sally out to exe- matter of his own rescue, par voie du fait, was indeed cution, and by clearing

a great hall, piazza, or so, carry an elec. so deeply impressed on all present, ihat Julian saw tion, by a choice way of polling, called 'knocking down. The it would be in vain to offer any defence, especially to the end by a strong nervous ligaturo, that in its swing fell being but too conscious that the alarming, and proshort of the hand, and was made of lignuza-vila, or rather, as bably the fatal consequences of his rencontre with This last weapon will remind the reader of the blood-stick so contented himself with asking into what prison he was

the bully, rendered his commitment inevitable. He some years ago, and for a participation in which two persoas to be thrown; and when the formidable word Newwere tried and acquitted at the assizes of autumn 1830. gate was returned as full answer, he had at least the


satisfaction to reflect, that, stern and dangerous as | saluted him on his descent with jubilee shouts of was the shelter of that roof, he should at least enjoy Whoop, Papist ! whoop, Papist! D

-n to the it in company with his father; and that, by some Pope, and all his adherents !" means or other, they might perhaps obtain the satis- Under such auspices, Peveril was ushered in besaction of a melancholy meeting, under the circum- neath that gloomy gateway, where so many bid adieu stances of mutual calamity, which seemed impending on their entrance at once to honour and to life. The over their house.

dark and dismal arch under which he soon found Assuming the virtue of more patience than he actu- himself, opened upon a large court-yard, where a ally possessed, Julian gave the magistrate, (to whom number of debtors were employed in playing at handall the mildness of his demeanour could not, however, ball, pitch-and-ross, hustle-cap, and other games; for reconcile him,) the direction to the house where he which relaxations the rigour of their creditors afforded lodged, together with a request that his servant, Lance them full leisure, while it debarred them the means of Outram, might be permitted to send him his money pursuing the honest labour by which they might have and wearing apparel; adding, that all which might be redeemed their affairs, and maintained their starving in his possession, either of arms or writings,-the and beggared families. former amounting to a pair of travelling pistols, and But with this careless and desperate group Julian the last to a few memoranda of little consequence, he was not to be numbered, being led, or rather forced willingly consented to place at the disposal of the by his conductors, into a low arched door, which, magistrate. It was in that moment that he enter-carefully secured by bolts and bars, opened for his tained, with sincere satisfaction, the comforting re- reception on one side of the archway, and closed, with flection, that the important papers of Lady Derby all its fastenings, the moment after his hasty entrance. were already in the possession of the Sovereign. He was then conducted along two or three gloomy

The Justice promised attention to his requests; passages, which, where they intersected each other, but reminded him, with great dignity, that his present were guarded by as many strong wickets, one of iron complacent and submissive behaviour ought, for his grates, and the others of stout oak, clenched with own sake, to have been adopted from the beginning, plates, and studded with nails of the same metal. He instead of disturbing the presence of magistracy with was not allowed to pause until he found himself hursuch atrocious marks of the malignant, rebellious, and ried into a little round vaulted room, which several of murderous spirit of Popery, as he had at first exhibited. these passages opened into, and which seemed, with "Yet," he said, " as he was a goodly young man, and respect to the labyrinth through part of which he had of honourable quality, he would not suffer him to be passed, to resemble the central point of a spider's dragged through the streets as a felon, but had ordered web, in which the main lines of that reptiles' curious a coach for his accommodation."

maze are always found to terminate. His honour, Master Maulstatute, uttered the word The resemblance did not end here; for in this small "coach" with the importance of one, who, as Dr. vaulted apartment, the walls of which were hung Johnson saith of later date, is conscious of the dig: round with musketoons, pistols, cutlasses, and other nity of putting horses to his chariot. The worshipful weapons, as well as with many sets of fetters

and irons Master Maulstatute did not, however, on this occa- of different construction, all disposed in great order, sion, do Julian the honour of yoking to his huge and ready for employment, a person sat, who might family caroche the two "frampal jades,” (to use the not unapěly be compared to a huge bloated and bottled term of that period,) which were wont to drag that spider, placed there to secure the prey which had ark to the meeting-house of pure and precious Master fallen into his toils. Howlaglass on a Thursday's evening for lecture, and This official had originally been a very strong and on a Sunday for a four-hours' sermon. He had re- square-built man, of large size, but was now so overcourse to a leathern convenience, then more rare, but grown, from over-feeding, perhaps, and want of exjust introduced, with every prospect of the great facility ercise, as to bear the same resemblance to his former which has since been afforded by hackney coaches, self which a stall-fed ox still retains to a wild bull. to all manner of communication, honest and dishonest, | The look of no man is so inauspicious as a fat man, legal and illegal. Our friend Julian, hitherto much upon whose features ill-nature has marked an habit more accustomed to the saddle than to any other con- ual stamp. He seems to have reversed the old proveyance, soon found himself in a hackney carriage, verb of "laugh and be fat," and to have thriven under with the constable and two assistants for his com- the influence of the worst affections of the mind. panions, armed up to the teeth-the port of destination Passionate we can allow a jolly mortal to be; but it being, as they had already intimated, the ancient for- seems unnatural to his goodly case to be sulky and tress of Newgate.

brutal. Now, this man's features, surly and tallowcoloured ; his limbs swelled and disproportioned; his huge paunch and unwieldy carcass, suggested the

idea, that, having once found his way into this cenCHAPTER XXXIII.

tral recess, he had there battened, like the weasel in

the fable, and fed large and foully, until he had be. Tis the black ban-dog of our jail-Pray look on him, come incapable of retreating through any of the But at a wary distance-rouse him notHe bays not till he worries.

narrow paths that terminated at his cell; and was The Black Dog of Newgate.

thus compelled to remain, like a toad under the cold

stone, fattening amid the squalid airs of the dungeons The coach stopped before those tremendous gates, by which he was surrounded, which would have which resemble those of Tartarus, save only that they proved pestiferous to any other than such a congenial rather more frequently permit safe and honourable inhabitant. Huge iron-clasped books lay before this egress; although at the price of the same anxiety ominous specimen of pinguitude-the records of the and labour with which Hercules, and one or two of realm of misery, in which office he officiated as prime the demi-gods, extricated themselves from the hell of minister; and had Peveril come thither as an unconthe ancient mythology, and sometimes, it is said, by cerned visiter, his heart would have sunk within him the assistance of the golden boughs,

at considering the mass of human wretchedness which Julian stepped out of the vehicle, carefully sup- must needs be registered in these fatal volumes. But ported on either side by his companions, and also by his own distresses sat too heavy on his mind to permit one or two turnkeys, whom the first sụmmons of the any general reflections of this nature. the deep bell at the gate had called to their assistance. The constable and this bulky official whispered That attention, it may be guessed, was not bestowed together, after the former had delivered to the latter lest he should make a false step, so much as for fear the warrant of Julian's commitment. The word of his attempting an escape, of which he had no in- whispered is not quite accurate, for their communitentions. A few prentices and straggling boys of the cation was carried on less by words than by looks neighbouring market, which derived considerable ad- and expressive signs; by which, in all such situavantage from increase of custom, in consequence of tions, men learn to supply the use of language, and the numerous committals on account of the Popish to add mystery to what is in itself sufficiently terriblo Plot, and who therefore were zealous Protestants, I to the captive. The only words which could be cage?'

heard were those of the Warden, or, as he was called “Derby!" interrupted Julian,-"Has the Earl of then, the Captain of the Jail, “Another bird to the Countess".

"Earl or Countess !-Ha, ha, ha!" again laughed, Who will whistle Pretty Pope of Rome,' with or rather growled, the warden. "What is your head any starling in your Knight's ward," answered the running on? You are a high fellow, belike; but all constable, with a facetious air, checked, however, by is one here. The darbies are the fetlocks—the fastthe due respect to the superior presence in which he keepers, my boy-the bail for good behaviour, my stood.

darling; and if you are not the more conforming, I The Grim Feature relaxed into something like a can add you a steel nightcap, and a curious bosomsmile as he heard the officer's observation, but in- friend to keep you warm of a winter night. But don't stantly composing himself into the stern solemnity be disheartened ; you have behaved genteel; and you which for an instant had been disturbed, he looked shall not be put upon. And as for this here maiter, fiercely at his new guest, and pronounced, with an ten to one it will turn out chance-medley, or manawful and emphatic, yet rather an under-voice, the slaughter, at the worst on't; and then it is but a single and impressive word " Garnish!"

singed thumb instead of a twisted neck-always if Julian Peveril replied with assumed composure; for there be no Papistry about it, for then I warrant he had heard of the customs of such places, and was nothing. - Take the gentleman's worship away, resolved to comply with them, so as if possible to ob- Clink." tain the favour of seeing his father, which he shrewdly. A turnkey, who was one of the party that had guessed must depend on his gratifying the avarice of ushered Peveril into the presence of this Cerberus, the keeper. "I am quite ready," he said, " to accede now conveyed him out in silence; and, under his to the customs of the place in which I unhappily find guidance, the prisoner was carried through a second myself. You have but to name your demands, and I labyrinth of passages with cells opening on each side, will satisfy them.”

to that which was destined for his reception. So saying, be drew out his purse, thinking himself On the road through this sad region, the turnkey at the same time fortunate that he had retained about more than once ejaculated, “Why, the gentleman him a considerable sum of gold. The Captain re- must be stark-mad! Could have had the best crown marked its width, depth, its extension and depression, cell to himself for less than half the garnish, and with an involuntary smile, which had scarce contorted must pay double to pig in with Sir Geoffrey! Ha, his hanging under-lip, and the wiry and greasy mus. ha!-Is Sir Geoffrey akin to you, if one may make tache which thatched the upper, when it was checked free to ask ?" by the recollection that there were regulations which "I am his son," answered Peveril, sternly, in hopes set bounds to his rapacity, and prevented him from to impose some curb on the fellow's impertinence; pouncing on his prey like a kite, and swooping it all but the man only laughed louder than before. off at once.

"His son !-Why, that's best of all-Why, you are This chilling reflection produced the following sul- a strapping youth-five feet ten, if you be an inchlen reply to Peveril :-" There were sundry rates and Sir Geoffrey's son !-Ha, ha, ha!", Gentlemen must choose for themselves. He asked “Truce with your impertinence," said Julian. "My nothing but his fees. But civility,” he muttered, situation gives you no title to insult me!" must be paid for."

"No more I do," said the turnkey, smothering his "And shall, if I can have it for payment," said Pe- mirth at the recollection, perhaps, that the prisoner's veril; "but the price, my good sir, the price ?" purse was not exhausted. “I only laughed because

"He spoke with some degree of scorn, which he you said you were Sir Geoffrey's son. But no matter was the less anxious to repress, that he saw, even in 'tis a wise child that knows his own father. And this jail

, his purse gave him an indirect but powerful here is Sir Geoffrey's cell; so you and he may settle influence over his jailer.

the fatherhood between you." The Captain seemed to feel the same; for, as he

Şo saying, he ushered his prisoner into a cell, or spoke, he plucked from his head, almost involun- rather a strong room of the better order, in which tarily, a sort of scalded fur-cap, which served it for there were four chairs, a truckle-bed, and one or two covering. But his fingers revolting from so unusual other articles of furniture. an act of complaisance, began to indemnify them- Julian looked eagerly around for his father; but to selves by scratching his grizzly shock-head, as he his surprise the room appeared totally empty; He muttered, in a tone resembling the softened growling turned with anger on the turnkey, and charged him of a mastiff when he has ceased to bay the intruder with misleading him; but the fellow answered, "No, who shows no fear of him,-“There are different no, master; I have kept faith with you. Your father, rates. There is the Little Ease, for common fees of if you call him so, is only tappiced in some corner. A the crown--rather dark, and the common-sewer runs small hole will hide hiņ; but I'll rouse him out prebelow it; and some gentlemen object to the com- sently for you.--Here, hoicks!-Turn out, Sir Geofpany, who are chiefly padders and michers. Then frey!-Here is-Ha, ha, ha!-your son--or your wife's the Master's side-the garnish came to one piece son-for I think you can have but little share in him and none lay stowed there but who were in för mur- -come to wait on you.' der at the least."

Peveril knew not how to resent the man's insoName your highest price, sir, and take it," was lence; and indeed his anxiety, and apprehension of Julian's concise reply. "Three pieces for the Knight's ward," answered degree neutralized, his anger. He looked again and

some strange mistake, mingled with, and in some the governor of this terrestrial Tartarus.

again, around and around the room; until at length "Take five and place me with Sir Geoffrey," was he became aware of something rolled up in a dark again Julian's answer, throwing down the money corner, which rather resembled a small bundle of upon the desk before him.

crimson cloth than any living creature. At the voci. "Sir Geoffrey ?-Hum!-ay, Sir Geoffrey,” said feration of the turnkey, however, the object seemed the jailer, as if meditating what he ought to do. to acquire life and motion-uncoiled itself in some "Well, many a man has paid money to see Sir degree, and, after an effort or two, gained an erect Geoffrey-Scarce so much as you have though. But posture; still covered from top to toe with the crimthen you are like to see the last on him.-Ha, ha, son drapery in which it was at first wrapped. Julian, ha!”

at the first glance, imagined from the size that he saw These broken muttered exclamations, which termi- a child of five years old; but a shrill and peculiar tone nated with a laugh somewhat like the joyous growl of voice soon assured him of his mistake. of a tiger over his meal, Julian could not comprehend; "Warder," said this unearthly sound, "what is the and only replied to by repeating his request to be meaning of this disturbance ? Have you more insults placed in the same cell with Sir Geoffrey.

to heap on the head of one who hath ever been the Ay, master," said the jailer, "never fear; I'll keep butt of fortune's malice? But I have a soul that can word with you, as you seem to know something of wrestle with all my misfortunes; it is as large as any what belongs to your station and mine. And hark of your bodies." ye, Jem Clink will fetch you the darbies.'

Nay, Sir Geoffrey, if this be the way you welcome

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