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your own son!'--said the turnkey; "but you quality The turnkey sneered, withdrew, and locked the door folks know your own ways best.'

behind him. “My son!" exclaimed the little figure. “Audacious" "Here is some strange mistake," said Peveril, in the

CHAPTER XXXIV. same breath. “I sought Sir Geoffrey''And you have him before you, young man," said

Degenerate youth, and not of Tydeus' kind, the pigmy tenant of the cell, with an air of dignity; at

Whose little body lodged a mighty mind ! -Iltad. the same time casting on the floor his crimson cloak, LEFT quiet at least, if not alone, for the first time and standing before them in his full dignity of three after the events of this troubled and varied day, Julian feet six inches of height. "I who was the favoured threw himself on an old oaken seat, beside the embers servant of three successive Sovereigns of the Crown of a sea-coal fire, and began to muse on the miserable of England, am now the tenant of this dungeon, and situation of anxiety and danger in which he was the sport of its brutal keepers. I am Sir Geoffrey placed ; where, whether he contemplated the interests Hudson."

of his love, his family affections, or his friendships, Julian, though he had never before seen this im- all seemed such a prospect as that of a sailor who portant personage, had no difficulty in recognising, looks upon breakers on every hand, from the deck of from description, the celebrated dwarf of Henrietta a vessel which no longer obeys the helm. Maria, who had survived the dangers of civil war and As Peveril sat sunk in despondency, his companion privatequarrel-the murder of his royal master, Charles in misfortune drew a chair io the opposite side of the I., and the exile of his widow-to fall upon evil tongues chimney-corner, and began to gaze at him with a sort and evil days, amidst the unsparing accusations con- of solemn earnestness, which al length compelled nected with the Popish Plot. He bowed to the un, him, though almost in spite of himself, to pay some happy old man, and hastened to explain to him, and attention to the singular figure who seemed so much to the turnkey, that it was Sir Geoffrey Peveril

, of engrossed with contemplating him. Martindale Castle in Derbyshire, whose prison he had Geoffrey Hudson, (we drop occasionally the title of desired to share.

knighthood, which the King had bestowed on him in "You should have said that before you parted with a frolic, but which might introduce some confusion the gold-dust, my master," answered the turnkey; into our history, ) although a dwarf of the least possi"for t'other Sir Geoffrey, that is the big, tall, gray: ble size, had nothing positively ugly in his countenance, haired man, was sent to the Tower last night; and or actually distorted in his limbs. His head, hands, the Captain will think he has kept his word well enow and feet, were indeed large, and disproportioned to with you, by lodging you with this here Sir Geoffrey the height of his body, and his body itself much thicker Hudson, who is the better show of the two."

than was consistent with symmetry, but in a degree "I pray you go to your master," said Peveril ; "ex- which was rather ludicrous than disagreeable to look plain the mistake; and say to him I beg to be sent to upon. His countenance, in particular, had he been a the Tower."

little taller, would have been accounted, in youth, "The Tower !-Ha, ha, ha!" exclaimed the fellow. handsome, and now, in age, striking and expressive; "The Tower is for lords and knights, and not for it was but the uncommon disproportion betwixt the squires of low degree-for high treason, and not for head and the trunk which made the features seem rulling on the streets with rapier and dagger; and whimsical and bizarre-an effect which was considerthere must go a secretary's warrant to send you ably increased by the dwarf's mustaches, which it there."

was his pleasure to wear so large, that they almost "At least, let me not be a burden on this gentle- twisted back amongst, and mingled with, his grizzled man,” said Julian. "There can be no use in quarter- hair. ing us together, since we are not even acquainted. Go The dress of this singular wight announced that tell your master of the mistake."

he was not entirely free from the unhappy taste "Why, so I should," said Clink, still grinning, “if which frequently induces those whom nature has I were not sure that he knew it already. You paid to marked by personal deformity, to distinguish, and be sent to Sir Geoffrey, and he sent you to Sir Geof- at the same time to render themselves ridiculous, frey. You are so put down in the register, and he will by the use of showy colours, and garments fantasblot it for no man. Come, come, be conformable, and tically and extraordinarily fashioned. you shall have light and easy irons--that's all I can Geoffrey Hudson's laces, embroideries, and the rest do for you."

of his finery, were sorely worn and tarnished by the Resistance and expostulation being out of the ques- time which he had spent in jail under the vague and tion, Peveril submitied to have a light pair of fetters malicious accusation that he was somehow or other secured on his ankles, which allowed him, neverther an accomplice in this all-involving, all-devouring less, the power of traversing the apartment.

whirlpool of a Popish conspiracy-an impeachment During this operation, he reflected that the jailer, which, if pronounced by a mouth the foulest and who had taken the advantage of the equivoque betwixt most malicious, was at that time sufficiently predomithe two Sir Geoffreys, must have acted as his assist- nant to sully the fairest reputation. It will presently ant had hinted, and cheated him from malice prepense, appear, that in the poor man's manner of thinking, since the warrant of committal described him as the and tone of conversation, there was something analoson of Sir Geoffrey Peveril. It was therefore in vain, gous to his absurd fashion of apparel; for, as in the as well as degrading, to make farther application to latter, good stuff and valuable decorations were rensuch a man on the subject. Julian determined to dered ludicrous by the fantastic fashion in which they subrnit to his fate, as what could not be averted by any were made up; so, such glimmerings of good sense effort of his own.

and honourable feeling as the little man often evinced, Even the turnkey was moved in some degree by his were made ridiculous by a restless desire to assume youth, good mien, and the patience with which, after certain airs of importance, and a great jealousy of the first effervescence of disappointment, the new pri- being despised, on account of the peculiarity of his soner resigned himself to his situation. "You seem outward form. a brave young gentleman,” he said: "and shall at After the fellow-prisoners had looked at each other least have a good dinner, and as good a pallet to sleep for some time in silence, the dwarf, conscious of his on, as is within the walls of Newgate.--And, Master dignity as first owner of their joint apartment, thought Sir Geoffrey, you ought to make much of him, since it necessary to do the honours of it to the new-comer, you do not like tall fellows; for I can tell you that "Sir," he said, modifying the alternate harsh and Master Peveril is in for pinking long Jack Jenkins, squeaking tones of his voice into accents as harthat was the Master of Defence-as tall a man as is monious as they could attain, “I understand you to in London, always excepting the King's Porter, Master be the son of my worthy namesake, and ancient Evans, that carried you about in his pocket, Sir Geof- acquaintance, the stout Sir Geoffrey Peveril of the frey, as all the world has heard tell.'

Peak. I promise you, I have seen your father where Begone, fellow!" answered the dwarf. “Fellow, blows have been going more plenty than gold pieces; I scorn vou !"

and for a tall heavy man, who lacked, as we martialVOL. IV.


But poor

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ists thought, some of the lightness and activity of he had been a very model of valour and gallantry, our more slightly made Cavaliers, he performed his though love and arms seemed to be pursuits totally duty as a man might desire. I am happy fo see you, irreconcilable to his shrivelled, weatherbeaten counhis son; and, though by a mistake, I am glad we are tenance, and wasted limbs. Julian was, however, so to share this comfortless cabin together.”

careful to avoid giving his companion pain, that he Julian bowed and thanked his courtesy; and endeavoured to humour him, by saying, that, unGeoffrey Hudson, having broken the ice, proceeded questionably, one bred up like Sir Geoffrey Hudson, in to question him without farther ceremony. "You courts and camps, knew exactly when io suffer perare no courtier, I presume, young gentleman ?" sonal freedoms, and when to control them.” Julian replied in the negative.

The liuile Knight, with great vivacity, though with "I thought so," continued the dwarf; "for although some difficulty, began to drag his seai from ihe side I have now no official duty at Court, the region in of the fire opposite to that where Julian was seated, which my early years were spent, and where I once and at lengil succeeded in bringing it near him, in held a considerable office, yet I still, when I had my token of increasing cordiality. liberty, visited the Presence from time to time, as in "You say well, Masier Peveril," said the dwarf; duty bound for former service; and am wont, from and I have given proofs both of bearing and forold habit, to take some note of the courtly gallants, bearing.-Yes, sir, there was not that thing, which those choice spirits of the age, among whom I was my most royal mistress, Henrietta Maria, could have once enrolled. You are, not to compliment you, a required of me, that I would not have complied with, marked figure, Master Peveril—though something of sir; I was her sworn servant, both in war and in ses the tallest, as was your father's case; I think, I could rival, in battle and pageart, sir. At her Majesty's scarce have seen you any where without remembering particular request, I once condescended to become

ladies, you know, have strange fancies to become Peveril thought he might, with great justice, have the tenant, for a time, of the interior of a pie." returned the compliment, but contented himself with "Oi a pie!" said Julian, somewhat amazed. saying, "he had scarce seen the British Court." “Yes, sir, of a pie.,, I hope you find nothing risible

"'Tis pity,'. said Hudson; " a gallant can hardly in my complaisance ?" replied his companion, somebe formed without frequenting it. But you have thing jealously; been perhaps in a rougher school; you have served, “Not I, sir,” said Peveril ; "I have other matters doubtless ?"

than laughter in my head at present. "My Maker, I hope,” said Julian.

So had I," said the dwarfish champion, "when Fie on it, you mistake. I meant,” said Hudson, I found myself imprisoned in a huge platter, of no "à la Franeoise, --you have served in the army?”. ordinary dimensions you may be assured, since I

No. I have not yet had that honour,” answered could lie at length in it, and when I was entomed, as Julian.

it were, in walls of standing crust, and a huge cover "What! neither courtier nor soldier, Master of pastry, the whole constituting a sort of sarcophaPeveril?" said the important little man: "Your gus, of size enough to have recorded the epitaph of a father is to blame. By cock and pie he is, Master general officer or an archbishop on the lid. Sir, polPeveril! How shall a man be known, or distin: witlistanding the conveniences which were made to guished, unless by his bearing in peace and war? I give me air, it was more like being buried alive than tell you, sir, that at Newberry, where I charged with aught else which I could think of ?"** my troop abreast with Prince Rupert, and when, as I conccive it,” said Julian. you may have heard, we were both beaten ofl by “Moreover, sir," continued the dwarf, "there were ihose cuckoldy hinds the Trained Bands of London, few in the secret, which was contrived for the Queen's -we did what men could; and I think it was a divertisement; for advancing of which I would have matter of three or four minutes after most of our gentlemen had been driven off, that his Highness or Charles I.'s time. His first appearance at court was his being

* Geoffrey or Jeffrey Hudson is often mentioned in anecdotes and I continued to cut at their long pikes with our presented, as inentioned in the text, in a pie, at an entertain swords; and I think might have broken in, but that ment given by the Duke vf Buckingham to Charles I. and Hen. I had a tall, long-legged brute of a horse, and my

rietta Maria. Upon the same occasion, the Duke presented the sword was somewhat short-in fine, at last we were

tenant of the pasty to the Queen, who retained him as her pare.

When about eight years of age, he was but eighteen or twenty obliged to make volte-face, and then, as I was going inches high : and remained stationary at that slature till he was to say, the fellows were so glad to get rid of us, that thirty years old, when he grew to the height of three feet nine Robin and Cock Robin!'- Ay, ay, every scoundrel of consequence. they set up a great jubilee cry of "There goes Prince inches, and there stopped.

This singular lusus nature was trusted in some negotiations

He went to France to fetch over a midwife to among them knew me well. But those days are his mistress, Henrietta Maria. On his return, he was taken by over. --And where were you educated, young gentle- Dunkirk privateers, when he lost many valuable presents sent

to the Queen from France, and about 25001, of his own. Sir Peveril named the household of the Countess of the dwars and a turkey-cock, the subject of a poom called Jef

William Davenant makes a real or supposed combat between Derby.

friedos. The scene is laid at Dunkirk, where, as the satire conA most honourable lady, upon my word as a

cludesgentleman,” said Hudson. -"I knew the noble "Jeffrey strait was thrown, when, faint and weak, Countess well, when I was about the person of my

The cruel fowl assaults him with his beak. royal mistress, Henrietta Maria. She was then the

A lady midwife now he there by chance

Espied, that came along with him from France. very niuster of all that was noble, loyal, and lovely.

"A heart brought up in war, that ne'er before She was, indeed, one of ihe fifteen fair ones of the This time could bow,' he said, 'doth now implore Court, whom I permitted to call me Piccoluomini; Thou, that delivered hast so many, be a foolish jest on my somewhat diminutive figure,

So kind of nature as deliver me." which always distinguished me from ordinary beings, We are not acquainted how far Jeffrey resented this lampoon. even when I was young-I have now lost much Put we are assured he was a consequential perronare, and enstature by stooping ; but, always the ladies had their dured with little temper the tearing of the domestics and court

iers, and had many squabbles with the King's gigantic porter jest at me.- Perhaps, young man, I had my own The fatal duel with Mr. Crofts actually took place, as men amends of some of them somewhere, and somehow tioned in the text. It happened in France. The poor dwari or other-I say nothing if I had or no; far less do I had also the misfortune to be taken prisoner by a Turkish pi. insinuate disrespect to the noble Countess. She was

rate. He was, however, probably soon set at liberty, for Hud.

son was a captain for the King during the civil war. In 1644, daughter of the Duc de la Tremouille, or, more cor- the dwarf attended his royal mistress to France. The Restore rectly, Des Thouars. But certainly to serve the ladies, tion recalled him, with other royalists, to England. But this and condescend to their humours, even when some- poor being, who received, it would seem, hard measure both what too free, or too fantastic, is the true decorum from nature and fortune, was not doomed to close his daye in

peace. Poor Jeffrey, upon some suspicion respecting the Popish of gentle blood.”

Plot, was taken up in 1682, and confined in the Gatehouse Depressed as his spirits were, Peveril could scarce prison, Westminster, where he ended his life in the sixty-third forbear

smiling when he looked at the pigmy creature, year of his age. who told these stories with infinite complacency, and dyke, and his clothes are said to be preserved as articles us

Jeffrey Hudson has been immortalized by the brush of Vanappeared disposed to proclaim, as his own herald, that I curiosity in Sir Hans Sloan's Museum.

man ?"


crept into a filbert nut, had it been possible; and few, man should live to regret not being young enough to as I said, being private in the scheme, there was a be still treated as baked meat, and served up in a pie!" risk of accidents. I doubted, while in my darksome His companion, whose tongue had for many days abode, whether some awkward attendant might not been as closely imprisoned as his person, seemed have let me fall, as I have seen happen to a venison resolved to indemnify his loquacity, by continuing to pasty; or whether some hungry guest might not an indulge it on the present occasion at his companion's ticipate the moment of my resurrection, by sticking expense. He proceeded, therefore, in a solemn tone, his knife into my upper crust. And though I had my to moralize on the adventure which he had narrated. weapons about me, young man, as has been my cus- "Young men will no doubt think one to be envied," tom in every case of peril, yet, if such a rash person he said, "who was thus enabled to be the darling and had plunged deep into the bowels of the supposed admiration of the Court"-(Julian internally stood pasty, my sword and dagger could barely have served self-exculpated from the suspicion)-"and yet it is me to avenge, assuredly

not to prevent, either of these better to possess fewer means of distinction, and catastrophes.

remain free from the back-biting, the slander, and the "Certainly I do so understand it,” said Julian, who odium, which are always the share of Court favour. began, however, to feel that the company of little Men, who had no other cause, cast reflections upon Hudson talkative as he showed himself, was likely me because my size varied somewhat from the comrather to aggravate than to alleviate the inconve- mon proportion; and jests were sometimes unthinkniences of a prison.

ingly passed upon me by those I was bound to, who "Nay," continued the little man, enlarging on his did not in that case, peradventure, sufficiently conformer topic, "I had other subjects of apprehension; sider that the wren is made by the same hand which for it pleased my Lord of Buckingham, his Grace's formed the bustard, and that the diamond, though father who now bears the title, in his plenitude of small in size, out-values ten thousand-fold the rude Court favour, to command the pasty to be carried granite. Nevertheless, they proceeded in the vein of down to the office, and committed anew to the oven, humour; and as I could not in duty or gratitude retort alleging preposterously that it was better to be eaten upon nobles and princes, I was compelled to cast warm than cold."

about in my mind how to vindicate my honour towards " And did this, sir, not disturb your equanimity ?" these, who, being in the same rank with myself as said Julian

servants and courtiers, nevertheless bore themselves "My young friend," said Geoffrey Hudson, "I can- towards me as if they were of a superior class in the not deny it.-Nature will claim her rights from the rank of honour, as well as in the accidental circumbest and boldest of us.-I thought of Nebuchad- stance of stature. And as a lesson to my own pride, nezzar and his fiery furnace; and I waxed warm with and that of others, it so happened, that the pageant apprehension. But, I thank Heaven, I also thought which I have but just narrated-which I justly reckon of my sworn duty to my royal mistress; and was the most honourable moment of my life, excepting thereby obliged and enabled to resist all temptations perhaps my distinguished share in the battle of to make myself prematurely known. Nevertheless, Round-way-down-became the cause of a most tragic the Duke-if of malice, may Heaven forgive him event, in which I acknowledge the greatest misforfollowed down into the office himself, and urged the tune of my existence." master-cook very hard that the pasty should be The dwarf

here paused, fetched a sigh, big at once heated, were it but for five minutes. But the master- with regret, and with the importance becoming the cook, being privy to the very different intentions of subject of a tragic history; then proceeded as folmy royal mistress, did most manfully resist the or- lows :der; and I was again reconveyed in safety to the royal "You would have thought in your simplicity, young table.”

gentleman, that the pretty pageant I have mentioned "And in due time liberated from your confinement, could only have been quoted to my advantage, as a I doubt not ?" said Peveril.

"Yes, sir; that happy, and I may say glorious mo- deftly executed; and yet the malice of the courtiers, ment, at length arrived," continued the dwarf. "The who maligned

and envied me, made them strain their upper crust was removed-I started up to the sound wit, and exhaust their ingenuity, in putting false and of trumpet and clarion, like the soul of a warrior when ridiculous constructions upon it. In short, my ears the last summons shall sound-or rather, (if that were so much offended with allusions to pies, puff simile be over audacious,) like a spell-bound cham- paste, ovens, and the like, that I was compelled to pion relieved from his enchanted state. It was then prohibit such subject of mirth, under penalty of my that

, with my buckler on my arm, and my trusty Bil- instant and severe displeasure. But it happ'd there boa in my hand, I executed a sort of warlike dance, was then a gallant about the

Court, a man of good in which my skill and agility then rendered me pre-quality, son to a knight baronet, and in high esteem eminent, displaying, at the same time, my postures, with the best in that

sphere, also a familiar friend of both of defence and' offence, in a manner so totally mine own, from whom, therefore, I had no reason to inimitable, that I was almost deafened with the ap- expect any of that species of gibing which I had intiplause of all around me, and half-drowned by the mated my purpose to treat as offensive. Howbeit

, it scented waters with which the ladies of the Court de- pleased the honourable Mr.

Crofts, so was this youth luged me from their casting-bottles. I had amends of called and designed, one night at the Groom Porter's, bis Grace of Buckingham also; for as I tripped a hasty being full of wine and waggery, to introduce this morris hither and thither upon the dining-table,

now threadbare subject, and to say something concerning offering my blade, now recovering it, I made a blow a goose-pie, which I could not but consider as levelled at his nose-a sort of estramacon--the dexterity of at me. Nevertheless, I did but calmly and solidly pray which consists in coming mighty near to the ob- him to choose a different subject; failing which, I let ject you seem to aim at, yet not attaining it. You him know I should be sudden in my resentment, may have seen a barber make such a flourish with Notwithstanding, he continued in the same tone, and his razor. I promise you his Grace sprung back a even aggravated the offence, by speaking of a tomtit, half yard at least. He was pleased to threaten to and other unnecessary and obnoxious comparisons; brain me with a chicken-bone, as he disdainfully ex- whereupon I was compelled to send him a cartel, and pressed it, but the King said, George, you have but we met accordingly. Now, as I really loved the a Rowland for an Oliver. And so I tripped on, show-youth, it was my intention only to correct him by a ing a bold heedlessness of his displeasure, which few flesh wound or two; and I would willingly that he dared to have done at that time, albeit countenanced had named the sword for his weapon. Nevertheless, to the utmost like me by the smiles of the brave and he made pistols his election and being on horseback, the fair. But, well-a-day! sir, youth, its fashions, its he produced, by way of his own weapon, a foolish follies, its frolics, and all its pomp and pride, are as engine which children are wont, in their roguery, to idle and transitory as the crackling of thorns under use for spouting water; a-a-in short I forget the a pot.

name.” "The flower that is cast into the oven were a "A squirt, doubtless," said Peveril, who began to better simile," thought Peveril. "Good God, that a recollect having heard something of this adventure.

“You are right,” said the dwarf; you have indeed | bloody hands, which dimly seen by twilight, seemed the name of the little engine, of which I have had ex- to beckon him forward like errant-knight on sad perience in passing the yards at Westminster. --Well, adventure bound. More than once he started from sir, this token of slight regard compelled me to give the his sleep, so lively was the influence of these visions gentleman such language, as soon rendered it neces- on his imagination; and he always awaked under sary for him to take more serious arms. We fought on the impression that some one stood by his bedside. horseback-breaking ground, and advancing by sig- The chillness of his ankles, the weight and clatter of nal; and, as I never miss aim, I had the misadventure the fetters, as he turned himself on his pallet, reto kill the Honourable Master Crofts at the first shot. minded him on these occasions where he was, and I would not wish my worst foe the pain which I felt, under what circumstances. The extremity to which when I saw him reel on his saddle, and so fall down he saw all that was dear to him at present reduced, to the earth!-and, when I perceived that the life- struck a deeper cold on his heart than the iron upon blood was pouring fast, I could not but wish to his limbs; nor could he compose himself again to Heaven that it had been my own instead of his. rest without a mental prayer to Heaven for protection. Thus fell youth, hopes, and bravery, a sacrifice to a But when he had been for a third time awakened silly and thoughtless jest ; yet, alas! wherein had I from repose by these thick-stirring fancies, his distress choice, seeing that honour is, as it were, the very of mind vented itself in speech, and he was unable to breath in our nostrils; and that in no sense can we suppress the almost despairing ejaculation, “God have be said to live, if we permit ourselves to be deprived mercy upon us!" of it ?"

"Amen!" answered a voice as sweet and "soft as The tone of feeling in which the dwarfish hero honey dew," which sounded as if the words were concluded his story, gave Julian a better opinion of spoken close by his bedside. his heart, and even of his understanding, than he The natural inference was, that Geoffrey Hudson, had been able to form of one who gloried in having his companion in calamity, had echoed the prayer upon a grand occasion, formed the contents of a pasty which was so proper to the situation of both. But He was indeed enabled to conjecture that the little the tone of voice was so different from the harsh and champion was seduced into such exhibitions, by the dissonant sounds of the dwarf's enunciation, that necessity attached to his condition, by his

own vanity, Peveril was impressed with the certainty it could and by the flattery bestowed on him by those who not proceed from Hudson. He was struck with insoughi pleasure in practical jokes. The fate of the voļuntary terror, for which he could give no sufficient unlucky Master Crofts, however, as well as various reason; and it was not without an effort that he exploits of this diminutive person during the Civil was able to utter the question, "Sir Geoffrey, did you Wars, in which he actually, and with great gallantry, speak ?!! commanded a troop of horse, rendered most men No answer was returned. He repeated the question cautious of openly rallying him;

which was

indeed louder; and the same silver-toned voice, which had the less necessary, as, when left alone, he seldom formerly said " Amen" to his prayers, answered to failed voluntarily to show himself on the ludicrous his interrogatory, “Your companion will not awake side.

while I am here." At one hour after noon, the turnkey, true to his "And who are you ?-What seek you ?-How came word, supplied the prisoners with a very tolerable din- you into this place ?" said Peveril, huddling, eagerly, ner and a flask of well-flavoured, though light claret; question upon question. which the old man who was something of a bon- "I am a wretched being, but one who loves you vivant, regretted to observe, was nearly as diminutive well.-I come for your good.-Concern yourself no as himself. The evening also passed away, but not farther.” without continued symptoms of garrulity on the part It now rushed on Julian's mind, that he had heard of Geoffrey Hudson.

of persons possessed of the wonderful talent of counIt is true these were of a graver character than he terfeiting sounds to such accuracy, that they could had hitherto exhibited, for

when the flask was empty, impose on their hearers the belief, that they proceeded he repeated a long Latin prayer. But the religious from a point of the apartment entirely opposite to that act in which he had been engaged, only gave his which the real speaker occupied. Persuaded that he discourse a more serious turn ihan belonged to his had now gained the depth of the mystery, he replied, former themes, of war, lady's love, and courtly splen- | "This trifling, Sir Geoffrey, is unseasonable. Say dour.

what you have to say in your own voice and manner. The little Knight harangued, at first on polemical These apish pleasantries do not become midnight in points of divinity, and diverged from this thorny path, a Newgate dungeon." into the neighbouring and twilight walk of mysticism. "But the being who speaks with you," answered He talked of secret warnings-of the predictions of the voice,"is fitted for the darkest hour, and the sad-eyed prophets of the visits of monitory spirits, most melancholy haunts." and the Rosicrucian secrets of the Cabala; all which Impatient of suspense, and determined to satisfy topics he treated of with such apparent conviction, his curiosity, Julian jumped at once from his pallet, nay, with so many appeals to personal experience, that hoping to secure the speaker, whose voice indicated one would have supposed him a member of the fra- he was so pear. But he altogether failed in his ternity, of gpomes, or fairies, whom he resembled so attempt, and grasped nothing save thin air, much in point of size.

For a turn or two, Peveril shuffled at random about In short, he persevered for a stricken hour in such the room, with his arms extended; and then at last a torrent of unnecessary tattle, as determined Peveril

, recollected, that with the impediment of his shackles, at all events, to endeavour to procure a separate lodg- and the noise which necessarily accompanied his moing. Having repeated his evening prayers in Latin, as tions, and announced where he was, it would be imformerly, (for the old gentleman was a Catholic, which possible for him to lay hands on any one who might was the sole cause of his falling under suspicion,) he be disposed to keep out of his reach. He therefore set off on a new score, as they were undressing; and endeavoured to return to his bed; but, in groping for continued to prattle, until he had fairly talked both his way, lighted first on that of his fellow-prisoner, himself and his companion to sleep.

The little captive slept deep and heavy, as was evinced
from his breathing; and upon listening a moment,

Julian became again certain, either that his compan-

ion was the most artful of vent-iloquists and of disOrairy tongues that syllable men's games.--Comus.

semblers, or that there was actually within the pre

cints of 'that guarded chamber, some third being, JULIAN had fallen asleep, with his brain rather filled whose very presence there seemed to intimate that it with his own sad reflectione, than with the mystical belonged not to the ordinary line of humanity. Iore of the little Knight; and yet it seem a as if in Julian was no ready believer in the supernatural; his visions the latter had been more present to his but that age was very far from being so incredulous mind than the former.

concerning ghostly occurrences as our own; and it He dreamed of gliding spirits, gibbering phantome, I was no way

derogatory to his good sense, that he

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shared the prejudices of his time. His hair began of the apartment, where, with his own hands, he had to bristle, and the moisture to stand on his brow, as arranged a morsel of fire, partly attending to the simhe called on his companion to awake, for Heaven's mering of a small pot, which he had placed on the sake.

flame, partly occupied with a huge folio volume which The dwarf answered-but he spoke without awak- lay on the table before him, and seemed well nigh as ing. -"The day may dawn and be d-d. Tell the tall and bulky as himself. He was wrapped up in the master of the horse I will not go to the hunting, un- dusky crimson cloak already mentioned, which served less I have the little black jennet.”.

him for a morning gown, as well as a mantle against "I tell you," said Julian," there is some one in the the cold, and which corresponded with a large monapartment. Have you not a tinder-box to strike atero cap, that enveloped his head. The singularity of light "

his features, and of the eyes, armed with spectacles, "I care not how slight my horse be," replied the which were now cast on the subject of his studies, slumberer, pursuing his own train of ideas, which, now directed towards his little caldron, would have doubtless, carried him back to the green woods of tempted Rembrandt to exhibit him on canvass, either Windsor, and the royal deer-hunts which he had wit- in the character of an alchymist, or of a necromannessed there. “I am not overweight. - I will not ride cer, engaged in some strange experiment, under the that great Holstein brute, that I must climb up to by direction of one of the huge manuals which treat of a ladder, and then sit on his back like a pin-cushion the theory of these mystic

arts, on an elephant."

The attention of the dwarf was bent, however, Julian at length put his hand to the sleeper's upon a more domestic object. He was only preshoulder, and shook him, so as to awake him from paring soup, of no unsayoury quality, for breakfast, his dream; when, after two or three snorts and which he invited Peveril to partake with him. "I groans, the dwarf asked, peevishly, what the devil am an old soldier," he said, "and, I must

add, an ailed him?

old prisoner; and understand how to shift for myself "The devil himself , for what I know,” said Pe- better

than you can do, young man. Confusion to veril; " is at this very moment in the room here be- the scoundrel Clink he has put the spice-box out of side us."

my reach _Will you hand it me from the mantelThe dwarf on this information started up, crossed piece !-I will teach you, as the French have it, faire himself, and began to hammer a flint and steel with le cuisine ; and then, if you please, we will divide, all despatch, until he had lighted a little piece of can- like brethren, the labours of our prisonhouse." dle, which he said was consecrated to Saint Bridget, Julian readily assented to the little man's friendly and as powerful as the herb called fuga dæmonun, proposal, without interposing any doubt as to his or the liver of the fish burnt by Tobit in the house of continuing an inmate of the same cell. Truth is, Raguel, for chasing all goblins, and evil or dubious that although, upon the whole, he was

inclined to respirits, from the place of its radiance; "if

, indeed,” gard the whispering voice of the preceding evening as the dwarf carefully guarded his proposition, they as the impression of his own excited fancy, he felt, existed any where, save in the imagination of his fel- nevertheless, curiosity

to see how a second night was low-prisoner."

to pass over in the same cell; and the tone of the inAceordingly, the apartment was no sooner enlight-visible intruder, which at midnight had been heard by ened by this holy candle's end, than Julian began to him with terror, now excited on recollection a gentle doubt the evidence of his own ears; for not only was and not unpleasing species of agitation-the comthere no one in the room save Sir Geoffrey Hudson bined effect of awe, and of awakened curiosity. and himself, but all the fastenings of the door were Days of captivity have little to mark them as they So secure, that it seemed impossible that they could glide away. That which followed the night which have been opened and again fixed, without a great we have described, afforded no circumstance of note. deal of noise, which, on the last occasion at least, The dwarf imparted to his youthful companion a could not possibly have escaped his ears, seeing that volume similar to that which formed his own studies, he must have been on his feet,

and employed in search- and which proved to be a tome of one of Scuderi's ing the chamber, when the unknown, if an earthly now forgotten romances, of which Geoffrey Hudson being, was in the act of retreating from it.

was a great admirer, and which were then very Julian gazed for a moment with great earnestness, fashionable both at the French and English Courts; and no little perplexity, first on the bolted door, then although they contrive to unite in their immense on the grated window; and began to accuse his own folios all the improbabilities and absurdities of the imagination of having played him an unpleasant old romances of chivalry, without that tone of imtrick. He answered little to the questions of Hudson, agination which pervades them, and all the metaand returning to his bed, heard, in silence, a long physical absurdities which Cowley and the poets of studied oration on the merits of Saint Bridget, which the age had heaped upon the passion of love, like so comprehended the greater part of her long-winded many load of small-coal upon a slender fire, which it legend, and concluded with the assurance, that, from smothers instead of aiding. all accounts preserved of her, that holy saint was But Julian had no alternative, saving only to muse the least of all possible women, except those of the over the sorrows of Artameans and Mandane, or on pigmy kind.

the complicated distress of his own situation; and in By the time the dwarf had ceased to speak, Julian's these disagreeable divertisements,

the morning crept desire of sleep had returned ; and after a few glances through as it could. around the apartment, which was still illuminated by Noon first, and thereafter nightfall, were successthe expiring beams of the holy taper, his eyes were lively marked by a brief visit from their stern turnkey, again closed in forgetfulness, and his repose was not who with noiseless step and sullen demeanour, did in again disturbed in the course of that night.

silence the necessary offices about the meals of the Morning dawns on Newgate, as well as on the prisoners, exchanging with them as few words as an freest mountain-turf which Welshman or wild goat official in the Spanish Inquisition might have perever trode; but in so different a fashion, that the very mitted himself upon a similar occasion. With the beams of heaven's precious sun, when they penetrate same taciturn gravity, very different from the laughinto the recesses of the prison-house, have the air of ing humour into which he had been surprised on a being committed to jail. Still, with the light of day former occasion, he struck their fetters with a small around him, Peveril easily persuaded himself of the hammer, to ascertain, by the sound thus produced, vanity of his preceding night's visions; and smiled whether they had been tampered with by file or otherwhen he reflected that fancies, similar to those to wise. He next mounted on a table to make the which his ear was often exposed in the Isle of Man, same experiment on the window-grating. had been able to arrange themselves in a manner so Julian's

heart throbbed; for might not one of those impressive, when he heard them from the mouth of grates have been so tampered with

as to give entrance so singular a character as Hudson, and in the soli- to the nocturnal visitant? But they returned to the tude of a prison.

experienced ear of Master Clink, when he struck Before Julian had awaked, the dwarf had already them in turn with the hammer, a clear and ringing quitted his bed, and was seated in the chimney-corner sound, which assured him of their security.

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