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“It would be difficult for any one to get in through sinew to men of every size, and inat nature spun the these defences,” said Julian, giving vent in words to stock out thinner or stronger, according to the extent his own feelings.

of surface which they were to cover. Hence, the “Few wish that," answered the surly groom, mis- least creatures are oftentimes the strongest. Place a construing what was passing in Peveril's mind; beetle under a tall candlestick, and the insect will and let me tell you, master, folks will find it quite as move it by its efforts to get out; which is, in point of difficult to get out. He retired, and night came on. comparative strength, as if one of us should shake

The dwarf, who took upon himself for the day the his Majesty's prison of Newgate by similar struggles. whole duties of the apartment, trundled about the Cats also, and weasels, are creatures of greater exerroom, making a most important clutter as he extin- tion and endurance than dogs or sheep. And in guished their fire, and put aside various matters general, you may remark, that little men dance betwhich had been in use in the course of the day, ter, and are more unwearied under exertion of every talking to himself all the while in a tone of no little kind, than those to whom their own weight must consequence, occasionally grounded on the dexterity necessarily be burdensome. I respect you, Master with which an old soldier could turn his hand to Peveril, because I am told you have killed one of every thing; and at other times, on the wonder that those gigantic fellows, who go about swaggering a courtier of the first rank should condescend to as if their souls were taller than ours, because their turn his hand to any thing. Then came the repetition noses are nearer to the clouds by a cubit or two. But of his accustomed prayers; but his disposition to do not value yourself on this, as any thing very un. converse did not, as on the former occasion, revive after usual. I would have you to know it hath been always his devotions. On the contrary, long before Julian thus; and that, in the history of all ages, the clean, had closed an eye, the heavy breathing from Sir ight, dapper, little fellow, hath proved an overmatch Geoffrey Hudson's pallet declared that the dwarf for his bulky antagonist. I need only instance, out was already in the arms of Morpheus.

of holy writ, the celebrated downfall of Goliath, and Amid the total darkness of the apartment, and with of another lubbard, who had more fingers to his hand, a longing desire, and at the same time no small fear, and more inches to his stature, than ought to belong for the recurrence of the mysterious address of the io an honest man, and who was slain by a nephew preceding evening, Julian lay long awake without of good King David; and of many others whom I do his thoughts receiving any interruption, save when not remember; nevertheless, they were all Philistines the clock told the passing hour from the neigh- of gigantic stature. In the classics, also, you have bouring steeple of St. Sepulchre. At length he sunk Tydeus, and other tight, compact heroes, whose di into slumber ; but had not slept, to his judgmenų minutive bodies were the abode of large minds. And above an hour, when he was roused by ihe sound indeed you may observe, in sacred as well as profane which his waking ear had so long expected in history, that your giants are ever heretics and blasvain.

phemers, robbers and oppressors, outragers of the "Can you sleep ?-Will you sleep ?-Dare you female sex, and scoffers at regular authority. Such sleep?" were the questions impressed on his ear, in wer: Gog and Magog, whom our authentic chronithe same clear, soft, and melodious voice, which had cles vouch to have been slain near to Plymouth, by addressed him on the preceding night.

the good little Knight Corineus, who gave name to . Who is it asks me the question ?" answered Cornwall. Ascaparte also was subdued by Beviş, and Julian. But be the questioner good or evil, I reply Cölbrand by Guy, as Southampton and Warwick can that I am a guiltless prisoner ; and that innocence testify. Like unto these was the giant Hoel, slain in may wish and dare to sleep soundly."

Bretagne by King Arthur. And if Ryence, King of * Ask no questions of me," said the voice; “neither North Wales, who was done to death by the same attempt to discover who speaks to you; and be assured worthy champion of Christendom, be not actually that folly alone can sleep, with fraud and danger be termed a giant, it is plain he was little better, since fore him."

he required twenty-four kings' beards, which were “Can you, who tell me of dangers, counsel me how then worn full and long, to fur his gown; whereby, to combat or how to avoid them ?" said Julian. computing each beard at eighteen inches, (and you

"My power is limited," said the voice; "yet some cannot al.ow less for a beard-royal,) and supposing thing I can do, as a glow-worm can show a precipice. only the front of the gown trimmed therewith, as we But you must confide in me."

use ermine; and that the back was mounted and "Confidence must beget confidence," answered lined, instead of cat-skins and squirrels' fur, with the Julian. "I cannot repose trust in I know not what beards of earls and dukes, and other inferior dignitaor whom."

ries-may amount to- -But I will work the question Speak not so loud," replied the voice, sinking tv-morrow. almost into a whisper.

Nothing is more soporific to any (save a philoso"Last night you said my companion would not pher or moneyed man) than the operation of figures; awake,” said Julian.

and when in bed, the effect is irresistible. Sir Geof" To-night I warrant not that he shall sleep,” said frey fell asleep in the act of calculating King Ryence's the voice. And as it spoke, the hoarse, snatching, height from the supposed length of his mantle

. discordant tones of the dwart were heard, demanding Indeed, had he not stumbled on this abstruse subject of Julian why he talked in his sleep-wherefore he of calculation, there is no guessing how long he might did not rest himself, and let other people rest-and, have held forth upon the superiority of men of liide finally, whether his visions of last night were returned stature, which was so great a favourite with him, that upon him again?

numerous as such narratives are, the dwarf had colSay yes, said the voice, in a whisper, so low, yet lected almost all the instances of their victories over so distinct

, that Julian almost doubted whether it was giants, which history or romance afforded. not an echo of his own thought,-"Say but yes-and I part to return no more !"

No sooner had unequivocal signs of the dwarf's

sound slumbers reached Julian's ears, than he began In desperate circumstances men look to strange again to listen eagerly for the renewal of that mysteand unusual remedies; and although unable to cal- rious communication which was at once interesting culate the chances of advantage which this singular and awful. Even whilst Hudson was speaking, he communication opened to him, Julian did not feel had, instead of bestowing his attention upon his eulogy inclined to let them at once escape from him. He on persons of low stature, kept his ears on watchful answered the dwarf, that he had been troubled by an guard, to mark, if possible the lightest sounds of any alarming dream.

sort which might occur in the apartment; so that he "I could have sworn it, from the sound of your thought it scarce possible that even a fly should have voice,” said Hudson. “It is strange, now, that you left it without its motion being overheard. If, thereovergrown men never possess the extreme firmness fore, his invisible monitor was indeed a creature of of nerves proper to us who are cast in a more com- this world-an opinion which Julian's sound sense pact mould. My own voice retains its masculine rendered him unwilling to renounce

that being could sounds on all occasions. Dr. Cockerel was of opinion, not have left the apartment; and he waited impathat there was the same allowance of nerve and I tiently for a renewal of their communication. He was disappointed; not the slightest sound reached shield invulnerable to protect him. He is innohis ear; and the nocturnal visiter, if still in the room, cent." appeared determined on silence.

“Let him plead his innocence at the bar of HeaIt was in vain that Peveril coughed, hemmed, and ven," said the voice; "it will serve him little where gave other symptoms of being awake;, at length, Scroggs presides." such became his impatience, that he resolved, at any "Still I fear not,” said Julian, counterfeiting more risk, to speak first, in hopes of renewing the com- confidence than he really possessed; "my father's munication betwixt them., "Whoever thou art,” he canse will be pleaded before twelve Englishmen." said, in a voice loud enough to be heard by a wak- "Better before twelve wild beasts,” answered the ing person, but not so high as to disturb his sleep- Invisible, "than before Englishmen, influenced with ing companion-“Whoever, or whatever thou art, party prejudice, passion, and the epidemic terror of that hast shown some interest in the fate of such a an imaginary danger. They are bold in guilt in procastaway as Julian Peveril, speak once more, I con- portion to the number amongst whom the crime is jure thee; and be your communication for good or divided." evil, believe me, I am equally prepared to abide the "Ill-omened speaker," said Julian, “thine is indeed issue."

a voice fitted only to sound with the midnight bell, No answer of any kind was returned to this invo- and the screech-owl. Yet speak again. Tell me, if cation; nor did the least sound intimate the pre- thou canst"-(he would have said of Alice Bridgesence of the being to whom it was so solemnly ad- north, but the word would not leave his tongue) dressed.

"Tell me," he said, "if the noble house of Derby''"I speak in vain,” said Julian; "and perhaps I “Let them keep their rock like the sea-fowl in the am but invoking that which is insensible of human tempest; and it may so fall out," answered the voice, feeling, or which takes a malign pleasure in human "that their rock may be a safe refuge. But there is suffering.”

blood on their ermine; and revenge has dogged them There was a gentle and half-broken sigh from a for many a year, like a blood-hound that hath been corner of the apartment, which, answering to this distanced in the morning chase, but may yet grapple exclamation, seemed to contradict the imputation the quarry ere the sun shall set. At present, however, which it conveyed.

they are safe.-Am I now to speak farther on your Julian, naturally courageous, and familiarized by own affairs, which involve little short of your life and this time to his

situation, raised himself in bed, and honour? or are there yet any whose interests you stretched out his arm, to repeat his adjuration, when prefer to your own ?" the voice, as if alarmed at his action and energy, "There is,” said Julian, "one from whom I was whispered, in a tone more hurried than that which violently parted yesterday; if I knew, but of her it had hitherto used, "Be still-move not-or I am safety, I were little anxious for my own.". mute for ever!"

'One!" returned the voice, "only one from whom "It is then a mortal being who is present with me,” you were parted yesterday?" was the natural inference of Julian, and one who is “But in parting from whom,” said Julian, “I felt probably afraid of being detected; I have then some separated from all happiness which the world can power over my visiter, though I must be cautious how give me.' I use it.-If your intents are friendly," he proceeded, ou mean Alice Bridgenorth," said the invisible, "there was never a time in which I lacked friends with some bitterness of accent; “but her you will more, or would be more grateful for kindness. The never see more. Your own life and hers depend on fate of all who are dear to me is weighed in the ba- your forgetting each other.” lance, and with worlds would I buy the tidings of "I cannot purchase my own life at that price," their safety."

replied Julian. "I have said my power is limited,” replied the voice. Then die in your obstinacy,” returned the In" You I may be able to preserve-the fate of your visible; nor to all the entreaties which he used was friends is beyond my control.”

he able to obtain another word in the course of that 'Let me at least know it,” said Julian; "and, be remarkable night. it as it may, I will not shun to share it."

"For whom would you inquire ?" said the soft, sweet voice, not without a tremulousness of accent, as if the question was put with diffident reluctance.

CHAPTER XXXVI. My parents,” said Julian, after a moment's hesi

A short-hough'd man, but full of pride. tation; "how fare they?-What will be their fate?"

ALLAN RAMSAY. "They farc as the fort under which the enemy has The blood of Julian Peveril was so much fevered dug a deadly mine. The work may have cost the la- by the state in which his invisible visiter left him, that bour of years, such were the impediments to the engi: he was unable, for a length of time to find repose. neers; but Time brings opportunity upon its wings. He swore to himself, that he would discover and "And what will be the event?'' said Peveril. expose the nocturnal demon which stole on his hours

"Can I read the future," answered the voice, "save of rest, only to add gall to bitterness, and to pour by comparison with the past?-Who has been hunted poison into those wounds which already smarted so on these stern and unmitigable accusations, but has severely. There was nothing which his power exbeen at last brought to bay? Did high and noble tended to, that, in his rage, he did not threaten. He birth, honoured age, and approved benevolence, save proposed a closer and more rigorous survey of his the unfortunate Lord Stafford? Did learning, capa- cell, so that he might discover the mode by which his city of intrigue, or high Court favour, redeem Cole- tormenter entered, were it as unnoticeable as an man, although the confidential servant of the heir auger-hole. If his diligence should prove unavailing, presumptive of the Crown of England ?-Did subtilty he determined to inform the jailers, to whom it could and genius, and the exertions of a numerous sect, not be indifferent to know, that their prison was open save Fenwicke, or Whitbread, or any other of the to such intrusions. He proposed to himself, to disaccused priests ?--Were Groves, Pickering, or the cover from their looks, whether they were already other humble wretches who have suffered, safe in privy to these visits; and if so, to denounce them to their obscurity ?-There is no condition in life, no the magistrates, to the judges, io the House of Comdegree of talent, no form of principle, which affords mons, was the least that his resentment proposed. protection against an accusation, which levels condi- Sleep surprised his worn-out frame in the midst of his tions, confounds characters, renders men's virtues projects of discovery and vengeance, and, as fretheir sins, and rates them as dangerous in proportion quently happens, the light of the ensuing day proved as they have influence, though attained in the noblest favourable to calmer resolutions. manner, and used for the best purposes. Call such a He now reflected that he had no ground to consider one but an accessory to the Plot-let him be mouthed the motives of his visiter as positively malevolent, in the evidence of Oates or Dugdale--and the blind although he had afforded him little encouragement to est shall foresee the issue of their trial."

hope for assistance on the points he had most at "Prophet of Evil!” said Julian, "my father has a l heart. Towards himself, there had been expressed a decided feeling, both of sympathy and interest; if ring his observation, or awaking his curiosity, Julian through means of these he could acquire his liberty, had the opportunity to read as follows :he might when possessed of freedom, turn it to the benefit of those for whom he was more interested "Rash and infatuated as you are there is one who than for his own welfare. "I have bebaved like a would forfeit much to stand betwixt you and your fool,” he said; "I ought to have temporized with this fate. You are to-morrow to be removed to the Tower, singular being, learned the motives of its interference, where your life cannot be assured for a single day; and availed myself of its succour, provided I could do for, during the few hours you have been in London, so without any dishonourable conditions. It would you have provoked a resentment which is not easily have been always time enough to reject such when slaked. There is but one chance for you, --renounce they should have been proposed to me."

A. B.--think no more of her. If that be impossible, So saying, he was forming projects for regulating think of her but as one whom you can never see his intercourse with the stranger more prudently, in again. If your heart can resolve to give up an atcase their communication should be renewed, when tachment which it should never have entertained, and his meditations were interrupted by the peremptory which it would be madness to cherish longer, make summons of Sir Geoffrey

Hudson, that he would, in your acquiesence in this condition known by putting his turn, be pleased to perform those domestic duties on your hat a white band, or white feather, or knot of their common habitation, which the dwarf had of riband of the same colour, whichever you may yesterday taken upon himself.

most easily come by: A boat will

, in that case, run, There was no resisting a request so reasonable, and as if by accident, on board of that which is to convey Peveril accordingly rose and betook himself to the you to the Tower. Do you in the confusion jump arrangement of their prison, while Sir Hudson, overboard, and swim to the Southwark side of the perched upon a stool from which his legs did not by Thames. 'Friends will attend there to secure your half way reach the ground, sat in a posture of elegant escape, and you will find yourself with one who will languor, twạngling upon an old broken-winded rather lose character and life, than that a hair of guitar, and singing songs in Spanish, Moorish, and your head should fall to the ground; but who, if you Lingua Franca, most detestably out of tune. He reject the warning, can only think of you as of the failed not, at the conclusion of each ditty, to favour fool who perishes in his folly. May Heaven guide Julian with some account of what he had sung, either you to a sound judgment of your condition ! So prays in the way of translation, or historical anecdote, or one who would be your friend, if you pleased, as the lay was connected with some peculiar part of

UNKNOWN." his own eventful history, in the course of which the poor little man had chanced to have been taken by a The Tower !-it was a word of terror, even more so Sallee rover, and carried captive into Morocco. than a civil prison; for how many passages to death

This part of his life Hudson used to make the era did that dark struc:ure present!' The severe execuof many strange adventures; and, if he could him- tions which it had witnessed in preceding reigns, self be believed, he had made wild work among the were not perhaps more numerous than the secret mur. affections of the Emperor's seraglio. But, although ders which had taken place within its walls; yet Pefew were in a situation to cross-examine him on gal- veril did not a moment hesitate on the part which he lantries and intrigues of which the scene was so had to perform. "I will share my father's fate," he remote, the officers of the garrison of Tangier had a said ; "I thought but of him when they brought me report current amongst them, that the only use to hither; I will think of nothing else when they convey which the tyrannical Moors could convert a slave of me to yonder sull more dreadful place of confinement; such slender corporeal strength, was to employ bim it is his, and it is but meet that it should be his son's. to lie a-bed all day, and hatch turkey's eggs.' The --And thou, Alice Bridgenorth, the day that I renounce least allusion to this rumour used to drive him well. thee, may I be held alike a traitor and a dastard ! nigh frantic, and the fatal termination of his duel Go, false adviser, and share the fate of seducers and with young Crofts, which began in wanton mirth, heretical teachers !". and ended in bloodshed, made men more coy than He could not help uttering this last expression they had formerly been, of making the fiery little aloud, as he threw the billet into the fire, with a vehehero the subject of their raillery.

mence which made the dwarf start with surprise. While Peveril did the drudgery of the apartment, "What say you of burning heretics, young man ?" he the dwarf remained much at his ease, carolling in exclaimed by my faith, your zeal must be warmer the manner we have described; but when he beheld than mine, if you talk on such a subject when the here Julian attempting the task of the cook, Sir Geoffrey tics are the prevailing number. May I measure six feet Hudson sprung from the stool on which he sat en without my shoes, but the heretics would have the best Signor, ai the risk of breaking both his guitar and of it if we came to that work. Beware of such words." his neck, exclaiming, "That he would rather prepare "Too late to beware of words spoken and heard," breakfast every morning betwixt this and the day of said the turnkey, who, opening the door with unusual judgment, than commit a task of such consequence precautions to avoid noise, had stolen unperceived into to an inexperienced bungler like his companion." the room; "however, Master Peveril has behaved

The young man gladly resigned his task to the like a gentleman, and I am no talebearer, on condition splenetic little Knight and only smiled at his re- he will consider I have had trouble in his matters." sentment when he added, that, to be but a mortal Julian had no alternative but to take the fellow's of middle stature, Julian was as stupid as a giant. hint and administer a bribe, with which Master Clink Leaving the dwarf to prepare the meal after his own was so well satisfied, that he exclaimed, “It went to pleasure, Peveril employed himself in measuring the his heart to take leave of such a kind-natured gentleroom with his eyes on every side, and in endeavour-man, and that he could have turned the key on him ing to discover some private entrance, such as might for twenty years with pleasure. But the best friends admit his midnight visitant, and perhaps could be must part." employed in case of need for effecting his own escape. "I am to be removed, then ?" said Julian. The floor next engaged a scrutiny equally minute, "Ay, truly, master, the warrant is come from the but more successful.

Council.” Close by his own pallet, and dropped in such a "To convey me to the Tower ?" manner that he must have seen it sooner but for the "Whew!" exclaimed the officer of the law_"who hurry with which he obeyed the summons of the im: the devil told you that? But since you do know it, patient dwarf, lay a slip of paper, sealed, and directed there is no harm to say ay: So make yourself ready with the initial letters J, P., which seemed to ascer- to move immediately, and first, hold out your dewtain that it was addressed to himself. He took the beaters till I take off the darbies." opportunity of opening it while the soup was in the "Is that usual ?" said Peveril, stretching out his very moment of projection, and the full attention of feet as the fellow directed, while his fetters were unhis companion was occupied

by what he, in common locked. with wiser and taller men, considered as one of the "Why, ay, master, these fetters belong to the keeper; principal occupations of life ; so that, without incur. I they are not a-going to send them to the Lieutenant,



I trow. No, no, the warders must bring their own over-tenderness of my own heart. There is a cirgear with them, they get none here, I promise them. cumstance, good Master Julian Peveril, which should Nevertheless, if your honour hath a fancy to go in have been yours, had Providence permitted our farther fetters, as thinking it may move compassion of your intimacy, but it fits not the present hour. Go, then,

my friend, and bear witness in life and death, that “I have no intention to make my case seem worse Geoffrey Hudson scorns the insults and persecutions than it is,” said Julian, whilst at the same time it of fortune, as he would despise, and has often decrossed his mind that his anonymous correspondent spised, the mischievous pranks of an overgrown must be well acquainted both with his own personal schoolboy." habits, since the letter proposed a plan of escape which So saying, he turned away, and hid his face with could only be executed by a bold swimmer, and with his little handkerchief, while Julian felt towards him the fashions of the prison, since it was foreseen that that tragi-comic sensation which makes us pity the he would not be ironed on his passage to the Tower. object which excites it, not the less that we are someThe turnkey's next speech made him carry conjecture what inclined to laugh amid our sympathy: The still farther.

jailer made him a signal, which Peveril obeyed, leav"There is nothing in life I would not do for so brave ling the dwarf to disconsolate solitude. a guest,” said Clink ; "I could nab one of my wife's As Julian followed the keeper through the various mbands for you, if your honour had the fancy to mount windings of this penal labyrinth, the man observed, the white flag in your beaver."

that he was a rum fellow, that little Sir Geoffreyi "To what good purpose ?” said Julian, shortly, and, for gallantry, a perfect Cock of Bantam, for as old connecting as was natural, the man's proposed civility as he was. There was a certain gay wench," he said, with the advice given and the signal prescribed in the that had hooked him; but what she could make of letter.

him, save she carried' him to Smithfield, and took "Nay, to no good purpose I know of,” said the turn- money for him, as for a motion of puppets, it was," key; "only it is the fashion to seem white and harm- he said, "hard to gather." less-a sort of token of not guiltiness, as I may say, Encouraged by this opening, Julian asked if his which folks desire to show the world whether they be attendant knew why his prison was changed. "TO truly guilty or not; but I cannot say that guiltiness or teach you to become a King's post without commisnot guiltiness argufies much, saving they be words in sion," answered the fellow. the vardict."

He stopped in his țattle as they approached that “Strange,” thought Peveril, although the man formidable central point, in which lay couched on seemed to speak quite naturally, and without any dou- his leathern elbow-chair the fat commander of the ble meaning, "strange that all should apparently com- fortress, stationed apparently for ever in the midst bine to realize the plan of escape, could í but give my of his citadel, as the huge Boa is sometimes said consent to it! And had I not better consent? Who- to lie stretched as a guard upon the subterranean ever does so much for me must wish me well, and a treasures of Eastern Rajahs. This overgrown man well-wisher would never enforce the unjust condi- of authority eyed Julian wistfully and sullenly, as tions on which I am required to consent to my libera- the miser the guinea which he must part with, or

the hungry mastiff the food which is carried to anBut this misgiving of his resolution was but for a other kennel. He growled to himself as he turned moment. He speedily recollected, that whoever aided the leaves of his ominous register, in order to make him in escaping, must be necessarily exposed to great the necessary entry respecting the removal of his risk, and had a right to name the stipulation on which prisoner. "To the Tower-to the Tower-ay, ay, all he was willing to incur it. He also recollected that must to the Tower-that's the fashion of it-free falsehood is equally base, whether expressed in words Britons to a military prison, as if we had neither bolts or in dumb show; and that he should lie as flatly by nor chains here!-1 hope Parliament will have it up, using the signal agreed upon in evidence of his re- this Towering work, that's all.-Well, the youngnouncing Alice Bridgenorth, as he would in direct ster will take no good by the change, and that is one terms if he made such renunciation without the pur- comfort." pose of abiding by it.

Having finished at once his official act of regis"If you would oblige me," he said to the turnkey, tration, and his soliloquy, he made a signal to his "let

me have a piece of black silk crape for the pur" assistants to remove Julian, who was led along the pose you mention."

same stern passages which he had traversed upon his "Of crape," said the fellow; "what should that entrance, to the gate of the prison, whence a coach, signify? Why, the bien morts, who bing out to tour escorted by two officers of justice, conveyed him to at you, * will think you a chimney-sweeper on May- the waterside.

A boat here waited him, with four warders of the It will show my settled sorrow," said Julian, "as Tower, to whose custody he was formally resigned well as my determined resolution."

by his late attendants. Clink, however, the turnkey, As you will, sir," answered the fellow; "I'll pro- with whom he was more especially acquainted, did vide you with a black rag of some kind or other. So, not take leave of him without

furnishing him

with now, let us be moving.'

the piece of black crape which he requested. Peveril Julian intimated his readiness to attend him, and fixed it on his hat amid the whispers of his new proceeded to bid farewell to his late companion, the guardians... "The gentleman is in a hurry to go into stout Geoffrey Hudson. The parting was not without mourning,” said one; "mayhap he had better wait emotion on both sides, more particularly on that of till he has cause.' the poor little man, who had taken a particular liking "Perhaps others may wear mourning for him, ere to the companion of whom he was now about to be he can mourn for any one," answered another of these deprived. Fare ye well," he said, my young functionaries. friend,”. taking Julian's hand in both his own uplifted Yet, notwithstanding the tenor of these whispers, paling, in which he somewhat resembled the their behaviour to their prisoner was more respectful attitude of a sailor pulling a rope overhead, — "Many than he had experienced from his former keepers, in my situation would think himself wronged, as a and might be termed a sullen civility; The ordinary soldier and servant of the King's chamber, in seeing officers of the law were in general rude, as having to you removed to a more honourable prison than that do with felons of every description; whereas these which I am limited unto. But, I thank

God, I grudge men were only employed with persons accused of you not the Tower, nor the Rocks of Scilly, nor even state crimes--men who were from birth and circumCarisbrooke Castle, though the latter was graced with stances usually entitled to expect, and able to reward, the captivity of my blessed and martyred master. Go decent usage. where you will, I wish you all the distinction of an The change of keepers passed unnoticed by Julian, honourable prison-house, and a safe and speedy de- as did the gay and busy scene presented by the

broad liverance in God's own time. For myself

, my race is and beautiful river on which he was now launched. near a close, and that because I fall á martyr to the A hundred boats shot past them, bearing parties intent • The smart girls, who tam out to look at you.

on business, or on pleasure. Julian only viewed them VOL. IV


2 J


“Give it me,

with the stern hope, that whoever had endeavoured to asking questions will do you no service. In this place bribe him from his fidelity by the hope of freedom, we know nothing of fathers anu sons. might see, from the colour of the badge which he had Yet chance seemed, in a few minutes afterwards, assumed, how determined he was to resist the temp- to offer Peveril that satisfaction which the rigour of tation presented to him.

his keepers was disposed to deny to him. As he was It was about high water, and a stout wherry came conveyed up the steep passage which leads under up the river, with sail and oar, so directly upon that what is called the Wakefield Tower, a female voice, in which Julian was embarked, that it seemed as if in a tone wherein grief and joy were indescribably likely to run her aboard. “Get your carabines ready," mixed, exclaimed, "My son !--My dear son!" cried the principal warder to his assistants.

Even those who guarded Julian seemed softened by the devil can these scoundrels mean?"

a tone of such acute feeling. They slackened their But the crew in the other boat seemed to have pace. They almost paused to permit him to look up perceived their error, for they suddenly altered their iowards the casement from which the sounds of macourse, and struck off into the middle stream, while ternal agony proceeded; but the aperture was so nara torrent of mutual abuse was exchanged betwixt row, and so closely grated, that nothing was visible them and the boat whose course they had threatened save a white female hand, which grasped one of those to impede.

rusty barricadoes, as if for supporting the person "The Unknown has kept his faith,” said Julian to within, while another streamed a white handkerchief, himself; "I too have kept mine."

and then let it fall. The casement was instantly deIt even seemed to him, as the boats neared each serted. other, that he heard from the other wherry, something

," said Julian to the officer who lifted like a stifled scream or groan; and when the mo- the handkerchief; "it is perhaps a mother's last gift." mentary bustle was over, he asked the warder who The old warder lifted the napkin, and looked at it sat next him, what boat that was.

with the jealous minuteness of one who is accustomed "Men-of-war's men on a frolic, I suppose," an- to detect secret correspondence in the most trifting swered the warder. "I know no one else would be acts of intercourse. so impudent as run foul of the King's boat; for I am "There may be writing on it with invisible ink," sure the fellow put the helm up on purpose. But said one of his comrades. mayhap you, sir, know more of the matter than "It is wetted, but I think it is only with tears," I do."

answered the senior. “I cannot keep it from the This insinuation effectually prevented Julian from poor young gentleman.". putting farther questions, and he remained silent until "Ah, Master Coleby," said his comrade, in a gentle the boat came under the dusky bastions of the Tower. tone of reproach, "you would have been wearing a The tide carried them up under a dark and lowering better coat than a yeoman's to-day, had it not been for arch, closed at the upper end by the well-known your tender heart. Traitor's gate, * formed like a wicket of huge inter- * It signifies little,” said old Coleby, “while my secting bars of wood, through which might be seen a heart is true to my King, what I feel in discharging dim and imperfect view of soldiers and warders upon my duty, or what coat keeps my old bosom from the duty, and of the steep ascending causeway which cold weather." leads up from the river into the interior of the fortress. Peveril, mean while, folded in his breast the token By this gate,-and it is the well-known circumstance of his mother's affection which chance had favoured which assigned its name,-those accused of state him with ; and when placed in the small and solitary crimes were usually committed to the Tower. The chamber which he was told to consider as his own Thames afforded a secret and silent mode of convey- during his residence in the Tower, he was soothed ance for transporting thither such whose fallen for- even to weeping, by this trifling circumstance, which tunes might move the commiseration, or whose he could not help corsidering as an omen, that his popular qualities might excite the sympathy, of the unfortunate house was not entirely deserted by Propublic; and even where no cause for especial secrecy vidence. existed, the peace of the city was undisturbed by the But the thoughts and occurrences of a prison are tumult attending the passage of the prisoner and his too uniform for a narrative, and we must now convey guards through the most frequented streets.

our readers into a more bustling scene. Yet this custom, however recommended by state policy, must have often struck chill upon the heart of the criminal, who thus, stolen, as it were, out of society, reached the place of his confinement, without

CHAPTER XXXVII encountering even one glance of compassion on the road; and as, from under the dusky arch, he landed

Henceforth 'tis done-Fortune and I are friends; on those flinty steps, worn by many a footstep anxious

And I must live, for Buckingham commends.-- Pops as his own, against which the tide lapped fitfully with THE spacious mansion of the Duke of Buckingsmail successive waves, and thence looked forward to ham, with the demesne belonging to it, originally the steep ascent into a Gothic state-prison, and back. bore the name of York House, and occupied a large ward to such part of the river as the low-brow'd portion of the ground adjacent to the Savoy. vault suffered to become visible, he must often have This had been laid out by the munificence of his felt that he was leaving daylight, hope, and life itself, father, the favourite of Charles the First, in a most behind him.

splendid manner, so as almost to rival Whitehall While the warder's challenge was made and an- itself. But during the increasing rage for building swered, Peveril endeavoured to obtain information new streets, and the creating of almost an additional from his conductors where he was likely to be con- town, in order to connect London and Westminster, fined; but the answer was brief and general-“Where this ground had become of very great value ; and the the Lieutenant should direct."

second of Buckingham, who was at once fond "Could he not be permitted to share the imprison- of scheming, and needy of money, bad agreed to a ment of his father, Sir Geoffrey Peveril ?” He for- plan laid before him by some adventurous architect, got not, on this occasion, to add the surname of his for converting the extensive grounds round his palace house.

into those streets, lanes, and courts, which still perThe warder, an old man of respectable appearance, petuate his name and titles; though those who live stared, as if at the extravagance of the demand, and in Buckingham Street, Duke Street, Villiers' Street, said bluntly, “It is impossible.”

or in Of-alley, (for even that connecting particle is * At least," said Peveril, "show me where my father locally commemorated,) probably think seldom of the is confined, that I may look upon the walls which memory of the witty, eccentric, and licentious George separate us.

Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, whose titles are preYoung gentleman,” said the senior warder, served in the names of their residence and its neighshaking his gray head, “I am sorry for you ; but bourhood. * See Fortunes of Nigel, vol. v., Note to Chapter XIL.

This building-plan the Duke had entered upon with all the eagerness which he usually attached to novelty.

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