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evidence had at no time received the full credence into her in his Castle against a process of law, and rescued which the impudence of Oats had cajoled the public, her, by force of arms, from this very Justice Bridgeso they now began to fall into discredit rather more north, not without actual violence. Moreover, I could hastily than their prototype, as the superadded turrets have proved against young Peveril the whole affray, of an ill-constructed building are naturally the first to charged upon him by the saine worshipful evidence. give way.

Here the Judge stuck his thumbs into his girdle, It was in vain that Everett, with the precision of which was a favourite attitude of his on such occaa hypocrite, and Dangerfield, with the audacity of a sions, and exclaimed, "Pshaw, pshaw, Master Albully, narrated with added circumstances of suspicion torney !--Tell me not that you could have proved and criminality, their meeting with Julian Peveril this, and you could have proved that, or that, or in Liverpool, and again at Martindale Castle. It this-Prove what you will, but let it be through the was in vain they described the arms and accoutre-mouths of your evidence. Men are not to be licked ments which they pretended to have discovered in out of their lives by the rough side of a lawyer's old Sir Geoffrey's possession; and that they gave a tongue." most dreadful account of the escape of the younger "Nor is a foul Plot to be smothered," said the Peveril from Moultrassie-Hall, by means of an armed Attorney, "for all the haste your lordship is in. I force.

cannot call Master Chiffinch neither, as he is emThe Jury listened coldly, and it was visible that ployed on the King's especial affairs, as I am this they were but little moved by the accusation; espe- instant certiorated from the Court at Whitehall." cially as the Judge, always professing his beliet in "Produce the papers, then, Master Attorney, of the Plot, and his zeal for the Protestant religion, was which this young man is said to be the bearer," said ever and anon reminding them that presumptions the Judge. were no proofs--that hearsay was no evidence--that They are before the Privy Council, my Lord." those who made a ade of discovery were likely to "Then why do you found them here?" said aid their researches by invention-and that without the Judge—“This is something like trifling with the doubting the guilt of the unfortunate persons at the Court. bar, he would gladly hear some evidence brought "Since your Lordship gives it that name," said the against them of a different nature. “Here we are Attorney, sitting down in a huff, "you may manage told of a riot, and an escape achieved by the younger the cause as you will." Peveril, at the house of a grave and worthy magistrate, "If you do not bring more evidence, I pray you to known, I think, to most of us. Why, Master Attorney, charge the Jury," said the Judge. bring ye not Master Bridgenorth himself to prove the "I shall not take the trouble to do so," said the fact, or all his household, if it be necessary ?-A Crown Counsel. “I see plainly how the matter is rising in arms is an affair over public to be left on the to go. hearsay tale of these two men-though Heaven for- Nay, but be better advised," said Scroggs. "Conbid that I should suppose they speak one word more sider, your case is but half proved respecting the two than they believe. They are the witnesses for the Peverils, and doth not pinch on the little man at all, King-and, what is equally dear to us, the Protestant saving that Doctor Oates said that he was in a certain religion-and witnesses against a most foul and case to prove a giant, which seems no very probable heathenish Plot. On the other hand, here is a wor- Popish miracle.' shipful old knight, for such I must suppose him to be This sally occasioned a laugh in the Court, which since he has bled often in battle for the King, -such, the Attorney-General seemed to take in great I must say, I suppose him to be, until he is proved dudgeon. Otherwise. And here is his son, a hopeful young gen- "Master Attorney,” said Oates, who always intertleman--we must see that they have right, Master fered in the management of these lawsuits, Attorney."

a plain and absolute giving away of the cause I “Unquestionably, my lord,” answered the Attorney. must needs say it, a mere stoifling of the Plaat.". God forbid else! But we will make out these matters Then the Devil who bred it may blow wind into against these unhappy gentlemen in a manner more it again, if he lists," answered the Attorney-General; close, if your lordship will permit us to bring in our and, finging down his brief, he left the Court, as in a evidence.

huff with all who were concerned in the affair. 'Go on, Master Attorney," said the Judge, throw- The Judge having obtained silence,--for a murmur ing himself back in his seat. Heaven forbid I hinder arose in the Court when the Counsel for the prosecuproving the King's accusation! I only say, what you tion threw up his brief,-began to charge the Jury, know as well as 1, that de non apparentibus et non balancing, as he had done throughout the whole day, existentibus eadem est ratio."

the different opinions by which he seemed alternately "We shall then call Master Bridgenorth, as your swayed. He protested on his salvation that he had no lordship advises, who I think is in waiting."

more doubt of the existence of the horridand damnable “No!" answered a voice from the crowd, appar- conspiracy called the Popish Plot, than he had of the ently that of a female; "he is too wise and too honest treachery of Judas Iscariot; and that he considered to be here."

Oates as the instrument under Providence of preservThe voice was distinct as that of Lady Fairfax, ing the nation from all the miseries of his Majesty's when she expressed herself to a similar effect on the assassination, and of a second Saint Bartholomew, trial of Charles the First; but the researches which acted in the streets of London. But then he stated were made on the present occasion to discover the it was the candid construction of the law of England, speaker were unsuccessful.

that the worse the crime, the more strong should be After the slight confusion occasioned by this cir- the evidence. Here was the case of accessories tried, cumstance was abated, the Attorney, who bad been whilst their principal-for such he should call the talking aside with the conductors of the prosecution, Countess of Derby-was unconvicted and at large; said, "Whoever favoured us with that information, and for Dr. Oates, he had but spoke of ters which my lord, had good reason

for what they sad. Master personally applied to that noble lady, whose words, if Bridgenorth has become, I am told, suddenly invisible she used such in passion, touching aid which she since this morning."

expected in some treasonable matters from these "Look you there now, Master Attorney,” said the Peverils, and from her kinsmen, or her son's kinsmen. Judge-" This comes of not keeping the crown wit of the House of Stanley, may have been but a burst pesses together and in seadiness—I am sure I cannot of female resentment-dulcis Amaryllidis ira, as the help the consequences.

poet hath it. Who knoweth but Doctor Oates did Nor I either, my lord,” said the Attorney pet. mistake-he being a gentleman of a comely countetishly. "I could have proved by this worshipful nance and easy demeanour-this same rap with the gentleman, Master Justice Bridgenorth, the ancient fan as a chastisement for lack of courage in the friendship betwixt this party, Sir Geoffrey Peveril, Catholic cause, when, peradventure, it was otherwise and the Countess of Derby, of whose doings and meant, as Popish ladies will put, it is said, such neointentions Doctor Oates has given such a deliberate phytes and youthful candidates for orders, to many evidence. I could have proved his having sheltered l severe trials. "I speak thesc things jocularly," said

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the Judge, "having no wish to stain the reputation “He should be tried," said a fourth, "for conspiring either of the Honourable Countess or the Reverend his own death, and hanged in terrorem.' Doctor; only I think the bearing between them may In the mean while, Sir Geoffrey, his son, and their have related to something short of high treason. little companion, left the hall, intending to go to Lady As for what the Attorney-General hath set forth of Peveril's lodgings, which had been removed to Fleet rescues and force, and I wot not whal, sure I am, Street. She had been relieved from considerable that in a civil country, when such things happen, inconvenience, as Sir Geoffrey gave Julian hastily such things may be proved; and that you and I, gen. to understand, by an angel, in the shape of a young tlemen, are not to take them for granted gratuitously. friend, and she now expected them doubtless with Touching this other prisoner, this Galfridus miniimpatience. Humanity, and some indistinct idea of mus, he must needs say," he continued, "he could having unintentionally hurt the feelings of the poor not discover even a shadow of suspicion against dwarf, induced the honest Cavalier to ask this unhim. Was it to be thought so abortive a creature protected being to go with them. "He knew Lady would thrust himself into depths of policy, far less Deveril's lodgings were but small,” he said ; " but it into stratagems of war? They had but to look at would be strange, if there was not some cupboard him to conclude the contrary--the creature was, from large enough to accommodate the little gentleman." his age, fitter for the grave than a conspiracy-and The dwarf registered this well-meant remark in by his size and appearance, for the inside of a raree his mind, to be the subject of a proper explanation, show, than the inysteries of a plot."

along with the unhappy reminiscence of the trencherThe dwarf here broke in upon the Judge by force hornpipe, whenever time should permit an argument of screaming, to assure him that he had been, simple of such nicety. as he sat there, engaged in seven plots in Cromwell's And thus ihey sallied from the hall, attracting time; and, as he proudly added, with some of the general observation, both from the circumstances in tallest men of England. The matchless look and air which they had stood so lately, and from their resemwith which Sir Geoffrey Hudson made this vaunt, set blance, as a wag of the Inner Temple expressed it, all a-laughing, and increased the ridicule with which to the three degrees of comparison, Large, Lesser, the whole trial began to be received; so that it was Least. But they had not passed far along the street, amidst shaking sides and watery eyes that a general when Julian perceived, that more malevolent passions verdict of Not Guilty was pronounced, and the prison than mere curiosity began to actuate the crowd, which ers dismissed from ihe bar.

followed, and, as it were, dogged their motions. But a warmer sentiment awakened among those "There go the Papist cut-throats, tantivy for who saw the father and son throw themselves into Rome !" said one fellow. each other's arms, and, after a hearty embrace, extend "Tantivy to Whitehall, you mean !" said another. their hands to their poor little companion in peril, who, “Ah! the blood-thirsty villains !". cried a woman; like a dog, when present at a similar scene, had at Shame one of them should be suffered to live, after last succeeded, by stretching himself up to them and poor Sir Edmondsbury's cruel murder!" whimpering at the same time, to secure to himself a 'Out upon the mealy-mouthed jury, that turned portion of their sympathy and gratulation.

out the bloodhounds on an innocent town!" cried a Such was the singular termination of this trial. fourth. Charles himself was desirous to have taken consider- In short, the tumult thickened, and the word began able credit with the Duke of Ormond for the evasion to pass among the more desperate, "Lambe them, of the law, which had been thus effected by his private lads; Lambe them !"-a cant phrase of the time, deconnivance; and was both surprised and mortified at rived from the fate of Dr. Lambe, an astrologer and the coldness with which his Grace replied, that he quack, who was knocked on the head by the rabble in was rejoiced at the poor gentlemen's safety, but would Charles the First's time. rather have had the King redeem them like a prince, Julian began to be much alarmed at these symptoms by his royal prerogative of mercy, than that his Judge of violence, and regretted that they had not gone down should convey them out of the power of the law, like to the city by water. It was now too late to think of a juggler with his cups and balls.

that mode of retreating, and he therefore requested his father in a whisper to walk steadily forward to

wards Charing Cross, taking no notice of the insults CHAPTER XLII.

which might be cast upon them, while the steadiness -On fair ground

of their pace and appearance might prevent the rabble I could beat forty of them !-Coriolanus.

from resorting to actual violence. The execution of It doubtless occurred to many that were present this prudent resolution was prevented after they had at the trial we have described, that it was managed passed the palace, by the hasty disposition of the elder in a singular manner, and that the quarrel, which had Sir Geoffrey, and the no less choleric temper of Galthe appearance of having taken place between the fridus Minimus, who had a soul which spurned all Court and the Crown Counsel, might proceed from odds, as well of numbers as of size. some private understanding betwixt them, the object "Now a murrain take the knaves, with their holof which was the miscarriage of the accusation. lowing and whooping," said the larger knight; " by Yet though such underhand dealing was

much sus: this day, if I could but light on a weapon, I would pected, the greater part of the audience, being well cudgel reason and loyalty into some of their careducated and intelligent, had already suspected the casses !" bubble of the Popish Plot, and were glad to see that “And I also," said the dwarf, who was toiling to accusations, founded on what had already cost so keep up with ihe longer strides of his companions, much blood, could be evaded in any way. But the and therefore spoke in a very phthisical tone, -"I also crowd, who waited in the Court of Requests, and in will cudgel the plebeian knaves beyond measure-he! the hall, and without doors, viewed in a very different-hem !! light the combination, as they interpreted ii, between Among the crowd who thronged around them, imthe Judge and the Attorney-General, for the escape of peded, and did all but assault them, was a mischievthe prisoners.

ous shoemaker's apprentice, who, hearing this unlucky Oates, whom less provocation than he had that vaunt of the valorous dwarf, repaid it by flapping him day received often induced to behave

like one frantic on the head with a boot which he was carrying home with passion, threw himself amongst the crowd, and to the owner, so as to knock the little gentleman's repeated till he was hoarse, "Theay are stoifling the hat over his eyes. The dwarf, thus rendered unable Plaat!-theay are straangling the Plaat !-My Laard to discover the urchin that had given him the offence Justice and Maaster Attarney are in league to secure few with instinctive ambition against the biggest felthe escape of the plaaters and Paapists!"

low in the crowd, who received the onset with a kick " It is the device of the Papist whore of Ports-on the stomach,

which made the poor little champion mouth," said one.

reel back to his companions. They were now as" or old Rowley himself," said another.

saulted on all

sides; but fortune, complying with the “If he could be murdered by himself

, why, hang wish of Sir Geoffrey the larger, ordained that the those that would hinder it!" exclaimed a third. scuffle should happen near the booth of a cutler, from

amongst whose wares, as they stood exposed to the!, "My mother," said Julian, "will die with fright, public, Sir Geoffrey Peveril snatched a broadsword, if the rumour of this scuffle reaches her ere we see which he brandished with the formidable address of her.” one who had for many a day been in the familiar Ay, ay," said the Knight," the King's Majesty, practice of using such a weapon. Julian, while at the and my, good dame--well, their pleasure be done, same time he called loudly for a peace-officer, and re- that's all I can say-Kings and ladies must be obeyed. minded the assailants that they were attacking in- But which way to retreat, since retreat we needs offensive passengers, saw nothing better for it than to must?" imitate his father's example, and seized also one of the Julian would have been at some loss to advise what weapons thus opportunely offered.

course to take, for every body in the vicinity had shut When they displayed these demonstrations of de- up their shops, and

chained their doors

, upon observfence, the rush which the rabble at first made towards ing the confusion become so formidable. The poor them was so great as to throw down the unfortunate cutler, however, with whose goods they made so free, dwarf, who would have been trampled to death in the offered them an asylum on ihe part of his landlord, scutie, had not his stout old namesake cleared the whose house served as a rest for his shop, and only rascal crowd from about him with a few flourishes of intimated gently, he hoped the gentlemen would conhis weapon, and seizing on the fallen champion, pụt sider him for the use of his weapons. him out of danger, (except from missiles,) by suddenly Julian was hastily revolving whether they ought, placing him

on the bulkhead, that is to say, the flat in prudence, to accept this man's invitation, aware, by wooden roof of the cutler's projecting booth. From experience, how many trepans, as they were then the rusty

iron-ware which was displayed there, the terined, were used betwixt two contending factions, dwarf instantly snatched an old rapier and target, and each too inveterate to be very scrupulous of the cha. covering himself with the one, stood making passes racter of fair play to an enemy, when the dwarf, with the other, at the faces and eyes of the people in exerting his cracked voice to the uttermost, and the street; so much delighted with his post of vantage, shrieking, like an exhausted herald, from the exalted that he called loudly to his friends who were skirmish- station which he still occupied on the bulk-bead, exing with the rioters on more equal terms as to position, horted them to accept the offer of the worthy man of to lose no time in putting themselves under his pro- the mansion. "He himself," he said, as he reposed tection. But far from being in a situation to need his himself after the glorious conquest in which he had assistance, the father and son might easily have ex- some share," had been favoured with a beatific vision, i ricated themselves from the rabble by their own ex- too splendid to be described to common and mere ertions, could they have thought of leaving the man- mortal ears, but which had commanded him, in a Tukin in the forlorn situation, in which, to every eye voice to which his

heart had bounded as to a trumpet but his own, he stood like a diminutive puppet, trick- sound, to take refuge with the worthy person of ihe ed out with 'sword and target as a fencing master's house, and cause his friends to do so. sign.

“Vision !" said the Knight of the Peak,-"sound Stones and sticks began now to fly very thick, and of a trumpet !-the little

man is stark mad." the crowd, notwithstanding the exertions of the Peve- But the cutler, in great haste, intimated to them that rils to disperse them with as little harm as possible, their little friend had received an intimation from a semed determined on mischief, when some gentlemen gentlewoman of his acquaintance, who spoke to him wno had been at the trial, understanding that the pri- from the window, while he stood on the bulk-head, soners who had been just acquitted were in danger of that they would find a safe retreat in his landlord's; being murdered by the populace, drew their swords, and desiring them to attend to two or three deep and made forward to effect their rescue, which was though distant huzzas, made them aware that the completed by a small party of the King's Life-Guards, rabble were up still, and would soon be upon them who had been despatched from their ordinary post of with renewed violence, and increased numbers. alarm, upon intelligence of what was passing. When The father and son, therefore, hastily thanked the this unexpected reinforcement arrived, the old jolly officer and his party, as well as the other gentlemen knight at once recognised, amidst the cries of those who had volunteered in their assistance, lifted little who then entered upon action, some of the sounds Sir Geoffrey Hudson from the conspicuous post which which had animated his more active years.

he had so creditably occupied during the skirmish, "Where be these cuckoldy Roundheads ?" cried and followed the footsteps of the tenant of the booth, soine.-"Down with the sneaking knaves!", cried who conducted them down a blind alley, and through others.-" The King and his friends, and the devil a one or two courts, in case, as he said, any one might one else!" exclaimed a third set, with more oaths and have watched where they burrowed, and so into a dan me's, than, in the present more correct age, it is back-door. This entrance admitted them 10 a stairnecessary to commit to paper,

case carefully hung with straw mats to exclude damp, The old soldier, pricking up his ears like an ancient from the upper siep, of which they entered upon a hu ter at the cry of the hounds, would gladly have tolerably large withdrawing-room, hung with coarse scoured the Strand, with the charitable purpose, now green serge edged with gilded leather, which the he saw himself so well supported, of knocking the poorer or more economical citizens at that time used London knaves, who had insulted 'him, into twiggen instead of tapestry or wainscoting. bottles; but he was withheld by the prudence of Julian, Here the poor cutler received from Julian such a who, though himself extremely irritated by the unpro- gȚatuity for the loan of the swords, that he generously voked ill usage which they had received, saw himself abandoned the property to the gentlemen who had in a situation in which it was necessary to exercise used them so well; "the rather," he said, " that he more caution than vengeance. He prayed and pressed saw, by the way they handled

their weapons, that his father to seek some temporary place of retreat from they were men of mettle, and tall fellows. the fury of the populace, while that prudent measure Here the dwarf smiled on him courteously, and was yet in their power. The subaltern officer who bowed, thrusting, at the same time, his hand into commanded the party of the Life-Guards, exhorted the his pocket, which, however, he withdrew carelessly, old Cavalier eagerly to the same sage counsel, using, probably because he found he had not the means as a spice of compulsion,

the name of the King, while of making the small donation which he had mediJulian strongly urged that of his mother. The old tated. Knight looked at his blade, crimsoned with cross- The cutler proceeded to say, as he bowed and was cuts and slashes which he had given to the most about to withdraw, that he saw there would be merry forward of the assailants, with the eye of one not half days yet in Old England, and that Bilboa blades would sufficed.

fetch as good a price as ever. "I remember," he said, "I would I had pinked one of the knaves at least--" gentlemen, though I was then but a prentice, the but I know not how it was, when I looked on their demand for weapons in the years forty-one and fortybroad round English faces. I shunned to use my point, two; sword blades were more in request than toothand only sliced the rogues a little.".

picks, and Old Ironsides, my master, took more for "But the King's pleasure," said the officer, "is, that rascally Provant rapiers, than I dare ask now-a-days no tumult be prosecuted."

for a Toledo. But, to be sure, a man's life then rested on the blade he carried ; the Cavaliers and Round-1"until you are pardoned yourself. By Saint George, beads fought every day at the gates of Whitehall, as it I have sworn, if ever I got my heels out of yon rasis like, gentlemen, by your good example, they may do cally prison, whither I was sent much through your again, when I shall be enabled to leave my pitiful means, Master Bridgenorth,--that you should pay booth, and open a shop of better quality. I hope you the reckoning for my bad lodging. -I will strike will recommend me gentlemen, to your friends. Iam no man in his own house ; but if you will cause the always provided with ware which a gentleman may fellow to bring back my weapon, and take a turn in risk his life on.”

that blind court there below, along with me, you shall " Thank you, good friend,” said Julian, “I prithee soon see what chance a traitor hath with a true man, begone. I trust we shall need thy ware no more for and a kennel-blooded Puritan with Peveril of the some time at least."

Peak." The cutler retired, while the dwarf hollowed after Bridgenorth smiled with much composure. "When him down stairs, that he would call on him soon, I was younger and more warm-blooded," he replied, and equip himself with a longer blade, and one more I refused your challenge, Sir Geotfrey; it is not likely proper for action; although, he said, the little weapon I sliould now accept it, when each is within a stride of he had did well enough, for a walking-sword, or in a the grave. I have not spared, and will not spare, my skirmish with such canaille as they had been engaged blood, when my country wants it." with.

"That is, when there is any chance of treason The cutler returned at this summons, and agreed against the King," said Sir Geoffrey. to p!On the little man with a weapon more suit- Nay, my father," said Julian, "let us hear Master able to his magnanimity; then, as if the thought Bridgenorth! We have been sheltered in his house : had suddenly occurred to him, he said, “Bu, gen- and although we now see him in London, we should tlemen, it will be but wild work to walk with your remember that he did not appear against us this day, naked swords through the Strand, and it can scarce when perhaps his evidence might have given a fatal fail to raise the rabble again. If you please, while turn to our situation.” you repose yourselves here, I can fit the blades with "You are right young man,” said Bridgenorth; sheaths."

"and it should be some pledge of my sincere good The proposal seemed so reasonable, that Julian and will, that I was this day absent from Westminster, his father gave up their weapons to the friendly cutler, when a few words from my mouth had ended the an example which the dwarf followed, after a mo- long line of Peveril of the Peak; It needed but ten ment's hesitation, not caring, as he magnificently ex- minutes to walk to Westoninster Hall, to have ensured pressed it, to part so soon with the trusty friend which your condemnation. But could I have done this, fortune had but the moment before restored to his knowing, as I now know, that to thee, Julian Peveril, hand. The man retired with the weapons under his I owe the extrication of my daughter-of my dearesi arm; and, in shutting the door behind him, they Alice-the memory of her departed mother-from heard him turn the key.

the snares which heil and profligacy had opened “ Did you hear that?" said Sir Geoffrey to his son around her ?'' -"and we are disarmed !"

“She is, I trust, safe," said Peveril, eagerly, and Julian, without reply, examined the door, which was almost forgetting his father's presence; she is, I fast secured ; and then looked at the casements, which trust, safe, and in your own wardship?'' were at a story's height from the ground, and grated "Not in mine," said the dejected father ; "but in besides with iron. I cannot think,” he said, after that of one in whose protection, next to that of a moment's pause, " that the fellow means to trepan Heaven, I can most fully confide. us; and, in any event, I trust we should have no diff. Are you sure-are you very sure of that ?" repeated culty in forcing the door, or otherwise making an Julian, eagerly. "I found her under the charge of escape. But, before resorting to such violent mea- one to whom she had been trusted, and who yet": sures, I think it is better to give the rabble leisure to "And who yet was the basest of women," answered disperse, by waiting

this man's return with our wea- Bridgenorth ; but he who selected her for the charge pons within a reasonable time, when, if he does not was deceived in her character." appear, I trust we shall find little difficulty in extri- Say rather you were deceived in his; remember cating ourselves." As he spoke thus, the hangings that when we parted at Moultrassie I warned you of were pulled aside, and, from a small door which was that Ganlesse-that''concealed behind them, Major Bridgenorth entered "I know your meaning," said Bridgenorth ; "nor the room.

did you err in describing him as a worldly-wise man, But he has atoned for his error by recovering Alice

from the dangers into which she was plunged when CHAPTER XLIII.

separated from you, and besides, I have not thought He came amongst them like a new raised spirit, meet again to intrust him with the charge that is To speak of dreadful judgments that impend,

dearest to me.' And of the wrath to come. - The Reformer,

"I thank God your eyes are thus far opened !" said The astonishment of Julian at the unexpected Julian.. apparition of Bridgenorth, was instantly succeeded "This day will open them wide, or close them for by apprehension of his father's violence, which he ever," answered Bridgenorth. had every reason to believe would break forth against During this dialogue, which the speakers hurried on; whom he himself could not but reverence on through without attending to the others who were account of his own merits, as well as because he was present, Sir Geoffrey listened with surprise and the father of Alice. The appearance of Bridgenorth eagerness, endeavouring to catch something which was not, however, such as to awaken resentment. should render their conversation intelligible; but His countenance was calm, his step slow and com- as he totally failed in gaining any such key to their posed, his eye not without the indication of some meaning, he broke in with, - Sblood and thunder, deep-seated anxiety, but without any expression Julian, what unprofitable gossip is this? What hast either of anger or of triumph. "You are welcome, , thou to do with this fellow, more than to bastinado he said, “Sir Geoffrey Peveril, to the shelter anul him, if you should think it worth while to beat so hospitality of this house; as welcome as you would old a rogue ?" have been in other days when we called each other "My dearest father," said Julian, you know not neighbours and friends."

this gentleman-I am certain you do him injustice. Odzooks," said the old Cavalier, "and had I My own obligations to him are many; and I am sure known it was thy house, man, I would sooner had my when you come to know them”heart's blood run down the kennel, than my foot "I hope I shall die ere that moment come,” said should have crossed your threshold-in the way of Sir Geoffrey; and continued with increasing violence, seeking safety, that is.'

"I hope in the mercy of Heaven, that I shall be in "I forgive your inveteracy," said Major Bridgenorth, the grave of my ancestors, ere I learn that my son'on account of your prejudices."

my only son-the last hope of my ancient house--the * Keep your forgiveness," answered the Cavalier, I last remnant of the name of Peveril-hath consented

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to receive obligations from the man on earth I am most Bridgenorth now motioned to Peveril to follow him, bound to hate were I not still more bound to contemn and they passed through the small door by which he him !-Degenerate dogwhelp !" he repeated with had entered. great vehemence, you colour without replying! The passage led to a vestibule or anteroom, in Speak and disown such disgrace; or, by the God of which several other doors and passages seemed to my fathers"

centre. Through one of these Julian was conducted The dwarf suddenly stepped forward, and called by Bridgenorth, walking with silence and precaution, out, “Forbear!" with a voice at once so discordant in obedience to a signal made by his guide to that and commanding, that it sounded supernatural effect. As they advanced, he heard sounds like "Man of sin and pride," he said, "forbear; and call those of the human voice, engaged in urgent and emnot the name of a holy God, to witness thine unhal- phatic declamation. With slow and light steps Bridge lowed resentments."

north conducted him through a door which terminated The rebuke so boldly and decidedly given, and the this passage; and as he entered a little gallery, haymoral enthusiasm with which he spoke, gave the de-ing a curtain in front, the sound of the preacher's spised dwarf an ascendency for the moment over the voice-for such it now seemed-became distinct and fiery spirit of his gigantic namesake. Sir Geoffrey audible. Peveril eyed him for an instant askance and shyly, as Julian now doubted not that he was in one of those he mighi have done a supernatural apparition, and conventicles, which, though contrary to the existing then muttered, "What knowest thou of my cause of laws, still continued to be regularly held in different wrath ?"

parts of London and the suburbs. Many of these, "Nothing,” said the dwarf;—"nothing but this as frequented by persons of moderate political princi-that no cause can warrant the oath thou wert about ples, though dissenters from the church for conto swear. Ungrateful man! thou wer: to-day

rescued science' sake, were connived at by the prudence or from the devouring wrath of the wicked, by a marvel- timidity of the government. But some of them, in lous conjunction of circumstances-Is this a day, which assembled the fiercer and more exalted sects thinkest thou, on which to indulge thinc own hasty of Independents, Anabaptists, Fifth Monarchy men, resentments ?"

and other sectaries whose stern enthusiasm had con"I stand rebuked,” said Şir Geoffrey, "and by a tributed so greatly to effect the overthrow of the late singular monitor-the grasshopper, as the prayer- King's throne, were sought after, suppressed, and disbook saith, hath become a burden to me.-Julian, Ipersed, wherever they could be discovered. will speak to thee of these matters hereafter ;--and for Julian was soon satisfied that the meeting into you, Master Bridgenorth, I desire to have no farther which he was thus secretly introduced, was one of communication with you, either in peace or in anger. the latter class; and, to judge by the violence of the Our time passes fast, and I would fain return to my preacher, of the most desperate character. He was family. Cause our weapons to be restored ; unbar still more effectually convinced of this, when, at a the doors, and let us part without farther altercation, sign from Bridgenorth, he cautiously unclosed a part which can but disturb and aggravate our spirits.”. of the curtain which hung before the gallery, and thus,

"Sir Geoffrey Peveril,” said Bridgenorth, "I have unseen himself, looked down on the audience, and no desire to vex your spirit or my own; but, for thus obtained a view of the preacher. soon dismissing you, that may hardly be, it being a About two hundred persons were assembled becourse, inconsistent with the work which I have on neath, in an area filled up with benches

, as if for the hand."

exercise of worship; and they were all of the inale "How, şir! Do you mean that we should abide sex, and well armed with pikes and muskets, as well here, whether with or against our inclinations ?" as swords and pistols. Most of them had the appearsaid'the dwarf. "Were it not that I am laid under ance of veteran soldiers, now past the middle of life, charge to remain here, by one who hath the best

right yet retaining such an appearance of strength as might to command this poor microcosm, I would show thee well supply the loss of youthful agility. They stood, that bolts and bars are unavailing restraints on such or sat, in various attitudes of stern attention; and, as I am."

resting on their spears and muskets, kept their eyes "Truly,” said Sir Geoffrey,, "I think, upon an firmly fixed on the preacher, who ended the violence emergency, the little man might make his escape of his declamation by displaying from the pulpit a through the keyhole."

banner, on which was represented a lion, with the Bridgenorth's face was moved into something like motto, " Vicit Leo ex tribu Juda." a smile at the swaggering speech of the pigmy hero, The torrent of mystical yet animating eloquence and the contemptuous commentary of Sir Geoffrey of the preacher-an old gray-haired man, whom zeal Peveril; but such an expression never dwelt on his seemed to supply with the powers of voice and ac, features for two seconds together, and he replied in tion, of which years had deprived him-was suited these words :-"Gentlemen, each and all of you must to the taste of his audience, but could not be transbe fain to content yourselves. Believe me, no hurt is ferred to these pages without scandal and improintended towards you ; on the contrary, your remain- priety. He menaced the rulers of England with ing. here will be a means of securing your safety, all the judgments denounced on those of Moab and which would be otherwise deeply endangered. It will Assyria-he called upon the saints to be strong, to be your own fault if a hair of your head is hurt. But be up and doing; and promised those miracles which, the stronger force is on my side; and, whatever harm in the campaigns of Joshua, and his successors the you may meet with should you attempt to break forth valiant Judges of Israel, supplied all odds against by violence, the blame must rest with yourselves. If the Amorites, Midianites, and Philistines. He soundyou will not believe me, I will permit Master Julian ed trumpets, opened vials, broke seals, and denounced Peveril to accompany me, where he shall see that I approaching judgments under all the mystical signs am provided fully with the means of repressing vio- of the Apocalypse. The end of the world was anlence."

nounced, accompanied with all its preliminary ter"Treason !--treason !" exclaimed the old Knight, rors. "Treason against God and King Charles !-O for one Julian, with deep, anxiety, soon heard enough to half hour of the broadsword which I parted with like make him aware that the meeting was likely to teran ass !"

minate in open insurrection, like that of the Fifth"Hold, my father, I conjure you!" said Julian. Monarchy, men under Venner, at an earlier period "I will go with Master Bridgenorth, since he requests of Charles's reign; and he was not a little concerned it. I will satisfy myself whether there be danger, and at the probability of Bridgenorth's being implicated of whạt nature. It is possible I may prevail on him in so criminal and desperate an undertaking. If to desist from some desperate measure, if such be in he had retained any doubts of the issue of the meetdeed in agi-ation. Should it be necessary, fear not ing, they must

have been removed when the preacher that your son will behave as he ought to do." called on his hearers to renounce all expectation which

Do you: pleasure, Julian,” said his father ; "I will had hitherto been entertained of safety to the nation, confide in thee. But if you betray my confidence, a from the execution of the ordinary laws of the land father's curse shall cleave to you."

This, he said, was at best but a carnal seeking after

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