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"I see,

no ?-I would have sworn that Allan Durward was monk of Aberbrothick, who chanced to be our guest no man to live without a wife. He loved to have at the fatal time, and narrowly escaped being killed his house in order-he loved to look on a pretty wo- in the fray, was permitted to bind my wounds, and man too; and was somewhat strict in life withal- finally to remove me to a place of safety, it was only matrimony did all this for him. Now, I care little on promise, given both by my mother and him, that about these comforts; and I can look on a pretty wo- I should become a monk." man without thinking on the sacrament of wedlock "A monk!" exclaimed the uncle="Holy Saint An--I am scarce holy enough for that."

drew! that is what never befell me. No one, from Alas ! dear uncle, my mother was left a widow a my childhood upwards, ever so much as dreamed of year since, when Glen-houlakin was harried by the making me a monk-And yet I wonder when I think Ogilvies. My father, and my two uncles, and my of it; for you will allow that, bating the reading and two elder brothers, and seven of my kinsmen, and writing, which I could never learn, and the psalmody, the harper, and the tasker, and some six more of our which I could never endure, and the dress, which is people, were killed in defending the castle; and there that of a mad beggar-Our Lady forgive me!--[here is not a burning hearth or a standing stone in all he crossed himself |--and their fasts, which do not suit Glen-houlakin.

my appetite, I would have made every whit as good a “ Cross of Saint Andrew!" said Le Balafré ; " that monk as my little gossip at Saint Martin's yonder. is what I call an onslaught! Ay, these Ogilvies were But I know not why, none ever proposed the station ever but sorry neighbours to Glen-houlakin-an evil to me.- so, fair nephew, you were to be a monk, chance it was; but fate of war-fate of war.- When then--and wherefore, I pray you ?"! did this mishap befall, fair nephew ?". With that he “That my father's house might be ended, either in took a deep draught of wine, and shook his head with the cloister or in the tomb," answered Quentin, with much solemnity, when his kinsman replied, that his deep feeling. family had been destroyed upon the festival of Saint

answered his uncle"I comprehend. Jude last by-past.

Cunning rogues--very cunning !—They might have "Look ye there," said the soldier; "I said it was been cheated, though; for, look ye, fair nephew, I all chance on that very day, I and twenty of my myself remember the canon Robersart who had taken comrades carried the Castle of Roche-noir by storm, the vows, and afterwards broke out of cloister, and from Amaury Bras-de-fer, a captain of free lances, became a captain of Free Companions. He had a whom you must have heard of. I killed him on his mistress, the prettiest wench I ever saw, and three as own threshold, and gained as much gold as made beautiful children-There is no trusting monks, fair this fair chain, which was once twice as long as it nephew, no trusting them-they may become solnow is-and that minds me to send part of it on a diers and fathers when you least expect il--but on holy errand. -Here, Andrew-Andrew!"

with your tale." Andrew, his yeomen, entered, dressed like the "I have little more to tell,” said Durward, "except Archer himself in the general equipment, but without that considering my poor mother to be in some dethe armour for the limbs—that of the body more gree a pledge for me, I was induced to take upon me coarsely manufactured-his cap without a plume, the dress of a novice, and conformed to the cloister and his cassock made of serge, or ordinary cloth, in- rules, and even learned to read and write." stead of rich velvet. Untwining his gold chain from "To read and write !” exclaimed Le Balafre, who his neck, Balafré twisted off

, with his firm and strong was one of that sort of people who think all knowset teeth, about four inches from the one end of it, ledge is miraculous which chances to exceed their and said to his attendant, “Here, Andrew, carry this own-"To write, say'st thou, and to read ! I cannot to my gossip, jolly Father Boniface, the monk of believe it-never Durward could write his name that Saint Martin's-greet him well from me, by the same ever I heard of, nor Lesly either. I can answer for token that he could not say God save ye when we one of them-I can no more write than I can fly. last parted at midnight-Tell my gossip, that my bro- Now, in Saint Louis's name, how did they teach it ther and sister, and some others of my house, are all you?": dead and gone, and I pray him to say masses for their " It was troublesome at first,” said Durward,," but souls as far as the value of these links will carry him, became more easy by use; and I was weak with my and to do on trust what else may be necessary to free wounds and loss of blood, and desirous to gratify my them from Purgatory. And hark ye, as they were preserver, Father Peter, and so I was the more easily just-living people, and free from all heresy, it may be kept to my task. But after several months' lanthat they are well-nigh out of limbo already, so that a guishing, my good kind mother died, and as my little matter may have them free of the fetlocks; and health was now fully restored, I communicated to in that case, look ye, ye will say I desire to take out my benefactor, who was also Sub-Prior of the Conthe balance of the gold in curses upon a generation vent, my reluctance to take the vows; and it was called the Ogilvies of Angus-shire, in what way soever agreed between us, since my vocation lay not to the the church may best come at them. You understand cloister, that I should be sent out into the world to all this, Andrew ?"

seek my fortune, and that, to save the Sub-Prior from The coutelier nodded.

the anger of the Ogilvies, my departure should have "Then look that none of the links find their way to the appearance of flight; and to colour it, I brought the wine-house ere the Monk touches them; for if it off the Abbot's hawk with me. But I was regularly so chance, thou shalt taste of saddle-girth and stirrup- dismissed, as will appear from the hand and seal of leather, till thou art as raw as Saint Bartholomew.- the Abbot himself." Yet hold, I see thy eye has fixed on the wine mea- "That is right-that is well," said his uncle. "Our sure, and thou shalt not go without tasting." King cares little what other theft thou mayst have

So saying, he filled him a brimful cup, which the made, but hath a horror at any thing like a breach of coutelier drank off, and retired to do his patron's the cloister. And, I warrant thee, thou hadst no great commission.

treasure to bear thy charges ?"! And now, fair nephew, let us hear what was your "Only a few pieces of silver," said the youth; own fortune in this unhappy matter."

to you, fair uncle, I must make a free confession." "I fought it out among those who were older and Alas!" replied Le Balafre, " that is hard. Now, stouter than I was, till we were all brought down," though I am never a hoarder of my pay, because it said

Durward, "and I received a cruel wound.” doth ill to bear a charge about one in these perilous “Not a worse slash than I received ten years since times, yet I always have (and I would advise you to myself," said Le Balafre.

"Look at this now, my fair follow my example) some odd gold chain, or bracelet, nephew,, tracing the dark crimson gash which was or carcanet, that serves for the ornament of my perimprinted on his face—“An Ogilvie's sword never son, and can at need spare a superfluous link or two, ploughed so deep a furrow."

or it may be a superfluous stone for sale, that can anThey ploughed deep enough," answered Quentin, swer any immediate purpose. But you may ask, fair sadly; but they were tired at last, and my mother's kinsman, how you are to come by such toys as this ?" entreaties procured mercy for me, when I was found -he shook his chain with complacent triumph)to retain some spark of life; but although a learned "They hang not on every bush-they grow not in the

"for fields like the daffodils, with whose stalks children, won where there is no risk. Sure, this is--I pray you make knights' collars. What then ?-you may get pardon me an easy and almost slothful life, to such where I got this, in the service of the good King (mount guard round an elderly man whom no one of France, where there is always wealth to be found, thinks of harming, to spend summer-day and winterif a man has but the heart to seek it, at the risk of a night up in yonder battlements, and shut

up all the little life or so."

while in iron cages, for fear you should desert your "I understood," said Quentin, evading a decision posts-uncle, uncle, it is but the hawk upon his perch, to which he felt himself as yet scarcely competent, who is never carried out to the fields !" " that the Duke of Burgundy keeps a more noble "Now, by Saint Martin of Tours, the boy has state than the King of France, and that there is more some spirit! a right touch of the Lesly in him; much honour to be won under his banners-that good blows like myself, though always with a little more folly in are struck there, and deeds of arms done; while the it. Hark ye, youth-Long live the King of France ! Most Christian

King, they

say, gains his victories by-scarce a day but there is some commission in hand, his ambassadors' tongues."

by which some of his followers may win both coin "You speak like a foolish boy, fair nephew," an- and credit. Think not that the bravest and most swered he with the Scar; "and yet, I bethink me, dangerous deeds are done by day-light. I could tell when I came hither I was nearly as simple: Iyou of some, as scaling castles, making prisoners, could never think of a King, but what I supposed him and the like, where one who shall be nameless hath either sitting under the high dais, and feasting amid run higher risk, and gained greater favour, than any his high vassals and Paladins, eating blanc-manger, desperado in the train of desperate Charles of Burwith a great gold

crown upon his head, or else charg- gundy. And if it please his Majesty to remain being at the head of his troops like Charlemagne in hind, and in the background, while such things are the romaunts, or like Robert Bruce or William Wal, doing, he hath the more leisure of spirit to admire, lace in our own true histories, such as Barbour and and the more

liberality of hand to reward the adthe Minstrel. Hark in thine ear, man-it is all venturers, whose dangers, perhaps, and whose feats moonshine in the water. Policy-policy does it all. of arms, he can better judge of, than if he had perBut what is policy, you will say? It is an art this sonally shared them. , 'tis a sagacious and most French King of ours has found out, to fight with other politic monarch !" men's

swords and to wage his soldiers out of other His nephew paused, and then said, in a low but men spurses. Ah! it is the wisest Prince that ever impressive tone of voice, "The good Father Peter put purple on his back-and yet he weareth not much used often to teach me there might be much danger of that neither-I see him often go plainer than I would in deeds by which little glory was acquired. I need think befitted me to do.”

not say to you, fair uncle, that I do in course suppose But you meet not my exception, fair uncle," an- that these secret commissions must needs be honourswered young Durward;. “I would serve, since able." serve I must in a foreign land, somewhere where a For whom or for what take you me, fair nephew ?” brave deed, were it my hap to do one, might work said Balafré, somewhat sternly; "I have not been me a name."

trained, indeed, in the cloister, neither can I write "I understand you, my fair nephew," said the por read. But I am your mother's brother; I am a royal man-at-arms, I understand you passing loyal Lesly. Think you that I am like to recomwell; but you are unripe in these matters. The mend to you any thing unworthy? The best knight Duke of Burgundy is a hot-brained, impetuous, pud-in France, De Guesclin himself

, if he were alive ding-headed, iron-ribbed dare-all. He charges at again, might be proud to number my deeds among the head of his nobles and native knights, his liege- his achievements. men of Artois and Hainault; think you, if you were "I cannot doubt your warranty, fair mucle," said there, or if I were there myself, that we could be the youth ; "you are the only adviser my mishap has much farther forward than the Duke and all his left me. But is it true, as fame says, that this King brave nobles of his own land ? If we were not up keeps a meagre Court here at his Castle of Plessis ? with them, we had a chance to be turned on the No repair of nobles or courtiers, none of his grand feuProvost Marshal's hands, for being slow in making datories in attendance, none of the high officers of the 10; if we were abreast of them, all would be called crown; half solitary, sports, shared only with the well, and we might be thought

to have deserved menials of his household ; secret councils, to which our pay; and grant that I was a spear's-length or so only low and obscure men are invited; rank and noin the front, which is both difficult and dangerous in bility depressed, and men raised from the lowest orisuch a melee where all do their best, why, my lord gin to the kingly favour-all this seems unregulated, duke says, in his Flemish tongue, when he sees a resembles not the manners of his father, the noble good blow struck, 'Ha! gut getroffen! a good lance Charles, who tore from the fangs of the English lion -a brave Scot-give him a florin to arink our health;' this more than half conquered kingdom of France." but neither rank, nor lands, nor treasures, come to "You speak like a giddy child," said Le Balafré; the stranger in such a service-all goes to the child and even as a child, you harp over the same notes ren of the soil.”

on a new string. Look you; if the King employs And where should it go, in Heaven's name, fair Oliver Dain, his barber, to do what Oliver can do uncle ?" demanded young Durward.

better than any peer of them all, is not the kingdom "To him that protects the children of the soil," the gainer? If he bids his stout Provost-Marshal, said Balafré, drawing up his gigantic height." Thus Tristan, arrest such or such a seditious burgher, take says King Louis :- My good French peasant-mineoff such or such a turbulent noble, the deed is done honest Jacques Bonhomme-get you to your tools, and no more of it; when, were the commission given your plough and your harrow, your pruning-knife to a duke or peer of France, he might perchance and your hoe-here is my gallant Scot that will send the King back a defiance in exchange. If, again, fight for you, and you shall only have the trouble to the King pleases to give to plain Ludovic le Balafré pay him-And you, my most serene duke, my illustri- a commission which he will execute, instead of emous count,and my most mighty marquis, e'en rein up ploying the High Constable, who would perhaps your fiery courage till it is wanted, for it is apt to betray it, doth it not show wisdom? Above all, doth start out of the course, and to hurt its master; here not

a monarch of such conditions best suit cavaliers are my companies of ordnance-here are my French of fortune, who must go where their services are Guards-here are, above all, my Scottish Archers, most highly prized, and most frequently in demand ? and mine honest Ludovie with the Scar, who will -No, no, child, I tell thee Louis knows how to fight as well or better than you, with all that undis- choose his confidants, and what to charge them with; ciplined valour, which, in your fathers' time, lost suiting, as they say, the burden to each man's back. Cressy and Azincour. Now, see you

not in which He is not like the King of Castile, who choked of of these states a cavalier of fortune holds the highest thirst, because the great butler

was not beside to rank, and must come to the highest honour ?" hand his cup.-But hark to the bell of Saint Martin's!

"I think I understand you, fair uncle," answered I must hasten back to the Castle.-Farewell-make the nephew ; " but, in my mind, honour cannot be much of yourself, and at eight to-morrow morning

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Better kind fremit, than fremit kindred.'* I will | Touraine were the most stupid, brutal, and inhospifind out that man, which, methinks, should be no table of the French peasants. The next incident difficult task, since he is so wealthy as mine host be which came under his observation did not tend to dispeaks him. He will give me good advice for my minish this opinion. governance, at least; and if he goes to strange coun- On a slight eminence, rising above the rapid and tries, as many such do, I know not but his may be as beautiful Cher, in the direct line of his path, two or adventurous a service as that of those Guards of three large chestnut trees were so happily placed as Louis."

to form a distinguished and remarkable group; and As Quentin framed this thought, a whisper from beside them stood three or four peasants

, motionless, those recesses of the heart in which lies much that with their eyes turned upwards, and fixed, apparently, the owner does not know of, or will not acknowledge upon some object amongst the branches of the tree willingly suggested, that, perchance, the lady of the next to them. The meditations of youth are seldom turret, she of the veil and lute, might share that ad- so profound as not to yield to the slightest impulse of venturous journey.

curiosity, as easily as the lightest pebble, dropped caAs the Scottish youth made these reflections, he sually from the hand, breaks the surface of a limpid met two grave-looking men, apparently citizens of pool. Quentin

hastened his pace, and ran lightly up Tours, whom, doffing his cap with the reverence due the rising ground, time enough to witness the ghastly from youth to age, he respectfully asked to direct him spectacle which attracted the notice of these gazers-to the house of Maitre Pierre.

which was nothing less than the body of a man, con"The house of whom, my fair son ?" said one of vulsed by the last agony, suspended on one of the the passengers.

branches. "Of Maitre Pierre, the great silk merchant, who "Why do you not cut him down ?" said the young planted all the mulberry trees in the park yonder," Scot, whose hand was as ready to assist affliction, as said Durward.

to maintain his own honour when he deemed it as"Young man," said one of them who was nearest sailed. to him, "you have taken up an idle trade a little too which fear had banished all expression but its own,

One of the peasants, turning on him an eye from early."

" And have chosen wrong subjects to practise and a face as pale as clay, pointed to a mark cut upon your fooleries upon," said the farther one, still more the bark of the tree, having the same rude resemgruffly. “The Syndic of Tours is not accustomed blance to a fleur-de-lys which certain talismanic to be thus talked to by strolling jesters from foreign scratches, well known to our revenue officers, bear parts."

to a broad arrow. Neither understanding nor heeding Quentin was so much surprised at the causeless the import of this symbol, young Durward sprung offence which these two decent-looking

persons had lightly as the ounce up into the tree, drew from his taken at a very simple and civil question, that he for- pouch that most necessary implement of a Highgot to be angry at the rudeness of their reply, and lander or woodsman, the trusty skene dhu, tand, callstood staring after them as they walked on with ing to those below to receive the body on their hands, amended pace, often looking back at him, as if they cut the

rope asunder in less than a minute

after he were desirous to get as soon as possible out of his had perceived the exigency. reach.

But his humanity was ill seconded by the by-standHe next met a party of vine-dressers, and ad-ers. So far from rendering Durward any assistance, dressed to them the same question; and, in reply, they seemed terrified at the audacity of his action, they demanded to know whether he wanted Maitre and took to flight with one consent, as if they

feared Pierre, the schoolmaster? or Maitre Pierre, the car their merely looking on might have been construed penter? or Maitre Pierre, the beadle? or half a dozen into accession to his daring deed. The body, unsupof Maitre Pierres besides. When none of these cor- ported from beneath, fell heavily to earth, in such a responded with the description of the person after manner, that Quentin, who presently afterwards whom he inquired, the peasants accused him of jest- jumped down, had the mortification to see that

the ing with them impertinently, and threatened to fall last sparks of life were extinguished. He gave not upon him and beat him, in querdon of his raillery efforts. He freed the wretched man's neck from the The oldest amongst them, who had some influence over the rest, prevailed on them to desist from vio- fatal noose, undid the doublet, threw water on the lence.

face, and practised the other ordinary remedies re“You see by his speech and his fool's cap,” said sorted to for recalling suspended animation. he," that he is one of the foreign mountebanks who While he was thus humanely engaged, a wild claare come into the country, and whom some call ma- mour of tongues, speaking a language which he knew gicians and soothsayers, and some jugglers, and the not, arose around him; and he had scarcely time to like, and there is no knowing what tricks they have observe that he was surrounded by several men and amongst them. I have heard of such a one

paying a women of a singular and foreign appearance, when liard to eat his bellyfull of grapes in a poor man's he found himself roughly seized by both arms, while vineyard ; and he ate as many as would have loaded a naked knife, at the same moment, was offered to a wain, and never undid a button of his jerkin-and his throat. so let him pass quietly, and keep his way, as we will

"Pale slave of Eblis !” said a man, in imperfect keep ours. And you, friend, if you would shun worse, French, "are you robbing him you have murdered ? walk quietly on, in the name of God, our Lady of But we have you--and you

shall aby it." Marmoutier, and Saint Martin of Tours, and trouble

There were knives drawn on every side of him as us no more about your Maitre Pierre, which may be these words were spoken, and the grim and distorted another name for the devil, for aught we know."

countenances which glared on him, were like those The Scot, finding himself much the weaker party, of wolves rushing on their prey. judged it his wisest course to walk on without reply;

Still the young Scot's courage and presence of mind but the peasants, who at first shrunk from him in

bore him out. What mean ye, my masters ?” he horror, at his supposed talents for sorcery and grape said ;.“if that be your friend's body, I have just now devouring, took heart of grace as he got to a distance, cut

him down, in pure charity, and you will do better and having uttered a few cries and curses, finally to try to recover his life, than to misuse an innocent though at such a distance as to do little or no harm the dead body, and continued the attempts to recover gave them emphasis with a shower of stones, al stranger to whom he owes his chance of escape. sued his walk, began to think, in his turn, either that animation which Durward had been making use of, he himself lay under a spell , or that the people of though with

the like bad success;

so that, desisting

from their fruitless efforts, they seemed to abandon. Better kind strangers than estranged kindred. The motto is themselves to all the Oriental expressions of grief; engraved on a dirk, belonging to a person who had but too much reason to choose such a device. It was left by him to my father, * Black knife ; a species of knife without clasp or hinge, for. and is connected with a strange course of adventures, which merly much used by the Highlanders, who seldom travelled may one day be told. The weapon is now in my possession. without such an ugly weapon, though it is now rarely used.

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the women making a piteous wailing, and tearing | when it has visited any of their accursed race. Dis. their long black hair, while the men seemed to rend mount, my children, and do your office briskly." their garments, and to sprinkle dust upon their heads. Trois-Eschelles and Petit-André were in an instant They gradually became so much engaged in their on foot, and Quentin observed that they had each, at mourning rites, that they bestowed no longer any at the crupper and pommel of his saddle, a coil or iwo tention on Durward, of whose innocence they were of ropes, which they hastily undid, and showed that, probably satisfied from circumstances. It would cer- in fact

, each coil formed a halter, with the fatal noose tainly have been his wisest plan to have left these adjusted, ready for execution. The blood ran cold in wild people to their own courses, but he had been Quentin's veins, when he saw three cords selected bred in almost reckless contempt of danger, and felt and perceived that it was proposed to put one around all the eagerness of youthful curiosity.

his own neck. He called on the officer loudly, reThe singular assemblage, both male and female, minded him of their meeting that morning, claimed wore turbans and caps, more similar, in general ap- the right of a free-born Scotsman, in a friendly and pearance, to his own bonnet, than to the hals com, allied country, and denied any knowledge of the permonly worn in France. Several of the men had sons along with whom he was seized, or of their curled black beards, and the complexion of all was misdeeds. nearly as dark as that of Africans. One or two, who The officer whom Durward thus addressed, scarce seemed their chiefs, had some tawdry ornaments of deigned to look at him while he was speaking, and silver about their necks and in their ears, and wore took no notice whatever of the claim he prefer. showy scarfs of yellow, or scarlet, or light green; red to prior acquaintance. He barely turned to one or but their legs and arms were bare, and the whole two of the peasants who were now come forward, troop seemed wretched and squalid in appearance. either to volunteer their cvidence against the prisonThere were no weapons among them that Durward ers, or out of curiosity, and said gruffly, "Was yon. saw, except the long knives with which they had der young fellow with the vagabonds? lately menaced him, and one short crooked sabre, or “That he was, sir, and it please your noble ProMoorish sword, which was worn by an active-looking vostship,” answered one of the clowns; he was young man, who often laid his hand upon the hilt, the very first blasphemously to cut down the rascal while he surpassed the rest of the party in his extra whom his Majesty's justice most deservedly hung up, vagant expressions of grief, and seemed to mingle as we told your worship." with them threats of vengeance.

"I'll swear by God, and Saint Martin of Tours, The disordered and yelling group were so different to have seen him with their gang," said another, in appearance from any beings whom Quentin had when they pillaged our métairie. yet seen, that he was on the point of concluding them Nay, but, father," said a boy, "yonder heathen to be a party of Saracens, of those "heathen hounds," was black, and this youth is fair; yonder one had who were the opponents of gentle knights and Chris- short curled hair, and this hath long fair locks." tian monarchs, in all the romances which he had Ay, child," said the peasant, “and perhaps you heard or read, and was about to withdraw himself will say yonder one had a green coat and this a gray from a neighbourhood so perilous, when a galloping jerken. But his worship, the Provost, knows that of horse was heard, and the supposed Saracens, who they can change their complexions as easily as had raised by this time the body of their comrade their jerkins, so that I am still minded he was the upon their shoulders, were at once charged by a party same. of French soldiers.

"It is enough that you have seen him intermeddle This sudden apparition changed the measured wail- with the course of the King's justice, by attempting to ing of the mourners into irregular shrieks of terror. recover an executed traitor," said the officer.— "TroisThe body was thrown to the ground in an instant, Eschelles and Petit André, despatch." and those who were around it, showed the utmost Stay, signior officer!" exclaimed the youth, in and most dexterous activity in escaping, under the mortal agony," hear me speak-let me not die bellies as it were of the horses, from the point of the guiltlessly-my blood will be required of you by my lances which were levelled at them, with exclama- countrymen in this world, and by Heaven's justice tions of “Down with the accursed heathen thieves in that which is to follow." take and kill-bind them like beasts-spear them like “I will answer for my actions in both," said the wolves!”

Provost, coldly; and made a sign with his left hand These cries were accompanied with corresponding to the executioners; then, with a smile of triumphacts of violence; but such was the alertness of the ant malice, touched with his forefinger his right arm, fugitives, the ground being rendered unfavourable to which hung suspended in a scarf, disabled probably the horsemen by thickets and bushes, that only two by the blow which Durward had dealt him that mornwere struck down and made prisoners, one of whom ing. was the young fellow with the sword, who had pre- "Miserable, vindictive wretch !" answered Quentin, viously offered some resistance. Quentin, whom for- persuaded by that action that private revenge was tune seemed at this period to have chosen for the butt the sole motive of this man's rigour, and that no of her shafts, was at the same time seized by the sol- mercy whatever was to be expected from him. diers, and his arms, in spite of his remonstrances, The poor youth raves," said the functionary; bound down with a cord; those who apprehended "speak a word of comfort to him ere he makes his him showing a readiness and despatch in the opera- transit, Trois-Eschelles; thou art a comfortable man tion, which proved them to be no novices in matters in such cases, when a confessor is not to be had. of police.

Give him one minute of ghostly advice, and despatch Looking anxiously to the leader of the horsemen, matters in the next. I must proceed on the rounds. from whom he hoped to obtain liberty, Quentin knew -Soldiers, follow me!" not exactly whether to be pleased or alarmed upon The Provost rode on, followed by his guard, exceptrecognising in him the down-looking and silent com- ing two or three who were left to assist in the expanion of Maitre Pierre. True, whatever crime these ccution. The unhappy youth cast after him an eye strangers might be accused of, this officer might almost darkened by despair, and thought he heard, know, from the history of the morning, that he, Dur- in every tramp of his horse's retreating hoofs, the ward,'had no connexion with them whatever ; but it last slight chance of his safety vanished. He looked was a more difficult question, whether this sullen around him in agony, and was surprised, even in man would be either a favourable judge or a willing that moment, to see the stoical indifference of his felwitness in his behalf, and he felt doubtful whether he low-prisoners. They had previously testified every would mend his condition by making any direct ap- sign of fear, and made every effort to escape; but now plication to him.

when secured, and destined apparently io inevitable But there was little leisure for hesitation. "Trois death, they awaited its arrival with the utmost comEschelles and Petit-André," said the down-looking posure. The scene of fate before them, gave, perhaps, officer to two of his band," these same trees stand a more yellow tinge to their swarthy cheeks; but it here quite convenient. I will teach these misbelieving, neither agitated their features, nor quenched the thieving sorcerers, to interfere with the King's justice, stubborn haughtiness of their eye. They seemed

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