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sions, as she was vain and weak in her understand

CHAPTER XXI. ing. Like many other persons, she went tolerably well through the ordinary duties of life; but in a crisis like the present, she was entirely incapable of doing

The gates of mercy shall be all shut up, aught, save pouring forth unavailing lamentations, And the flesh'd soldier, rough and hard of heart, and accusing Hayraddin of being a thief, a base slave, In liberty of bloody hand shall range, an impostor, a murderer.

With conscience wide as hell.-Ilenry v. “Call me Zingaro," returned he, composedly, "and The surprised and affrighted garrison of the Castle you have said all at once."

of Schonwaldt had, nevertheless, for some time, "Monster! you said the stars had decreed our made good the defence of the place against the usunion, and caused me to write 0 wretch that I sailants; but the immense crowds which, issuing was !" exclaimed the unhappy lady..

from the city of Liege, thronged to the assault like bees, And so they had decreed your union,” said Hay: distracted their attention, and abated their courage. raddin," had both parties been willing-but think There was also disaffection at least, if not treayou the blessed constellations can make any one chery, among the defenders; for some called out to wed against his will ?-I was led into error with surrender, and others, deserting their posts, tried to your accursed Christian gallantries, and fopperies escape from the castle. Many threw themselves of ribands and favours--and the youth prefers veal from the walls into the moat, and such as escaped to beef, I think-that's all.--Up and follow me; drowning, flung aside their distinguishing badges, and and take notice, I endure neither weeping nor saved themselves by mingling among the motley swooning."

crowd of assailants. Some few, indeed, from at"I will not stir a foot," said the Countess, obsti- tachment to the Bishop's person, drew around him, nately.

and continued to defend the great keep, to which he By the bright welkin, but you shall, though!" had Aed; and others, doubtful of receiving quarter, exclaimed Hayraddin. "I swear to you, by all that or from an impulse of desperate courage, held out ever fools believed in, that you have to do with one other detached hulwarks and towers of the extensive who would care little to strip you naked, bind you to building. But the assailants had got possession of a tree, and leave you to your fortune!"

the courts and lower parts of the edifice, and were “Nay," said Marthon, interfering, "by your fa- busy pursuing the vanquished, and searching for vour, she shall not be misused. I wear a knife as spoil, while one individual, as if he sought for that well as you, and can use it-She is a kind woman, death from which all others were flying, endeavoured though a fool.-And you, madam, rise up and follow to force his way into the scene of tumult and horror, us-Here has been a mistake; but it is something to under apprehensions still more horrible to his imahave saved life and limb. There are many in yonder gination, than the realities around were to his sight castle would give all the wealth in the world to stand and senses. Whoever had seen Quentin Durward where we do now."

that fatal night, not knowing the meaning of his As Marthon spoke, a clamour, in which the shouts conduct, had accounted him a rnging madman; of victory were mingled with screams of terror and whoever had appreciated his motives, had ranked despair, was wafted to them from the Castle of him nothing beneath a hero of romance. Schonwaldt.

Approaching, Schonwaldt on the same side from "Hear that, lady !", said Hayraddin, "and be which he had left it, the youth met several fugitives thankful you are not adding your treble pipe to yon-making for the wood, who naturally avoided liim as der concert. Believe me, I will care for you hon- an enemy, because he came in an opposite direction estly, and the stars shall keep their words, and find from that which they had adopted. When he came you a good husband."

nearer, he could hear, and parily see, men dropping Like some wild animal, exhausted and subdued by from the garden-wall'into the castle fosse, and others terror and fatigue, the Countess Hameline yielded who seemed precipitated from the battlements by herself up to the conduct of her guides, and suffered the assailants. His courage was not staggered, even herself to be passively led whichever way they for an instant. There was not time to look for tho would. Nay, such was the confusion of her spirits boat, even had it been practicable to use it, and it and the exhaustion of her strength, that the worthy was in vain to approach the postern of the garden, couple, who half bore, half led her, carried on their which was crowded with fugitives, who ever and discourse in her presence without her even under-anon, as they were thrust through it by the pressure standing it.

behind, fell into the moat which they had no means "I ever thought your plan was folly,” said Mar- of crossing. thon, "Could you have brought the young people Avoiding that point, Quentin threw himself into together, indeed, we might have had a hold on their the moat, near what was called the little gate of tho gratitude, and a footing in their castle. But what castle, and where there was a drawbridge, which chance of so handsome a youth wedding this old was still elevated. He avoided with difficulty the fool ?”

fatal grasp of more than one sinking wretch, and, "Rizpah," said Hayraddin, "you have borne the swimming to the drawbridge, caught hold of one of name of a Christian, and dwelt in the tents of those the chains which was hanging down, and, by a great besotted people, till thou hast become a partaker in exertion of strength and activity, swayed himself out their follies. How could I dream that he would have of the water, and attained the platform from which made scruples about a few years, youth or age, when the bridge was suspended. As with hands and knees the advantages of the match were so evident? And he struggled to make good his footing, a lanzknecht, thou knowest, there would have been no moving with his bloody sword in his hand, made towards yonder coy wench to be so frank as this coming him, and raised his weapon for a blow, which must Countess here, who hangs on our arms as dead a have been fatal. weight as a wool-pack. I loved the lad too, and "How now, fellow !" said Quentin, in a tone of would have done him a kindness: to wed him to authority="Is that the way in which you assist a this old woman, was to make his fortune: to unite comrade?-Give me your hand." him to Isabelle, were to have brought on him De la The soldier in silence, and not without hesitation, Marck, Burgundy, France, every one that challen- reached him his arm, and helped him upon the platges an interest in disposing of her hand. And this form, when without allowing him time for reflection, silly woman's wealth being chiefly in gold and jew- the Scot continued in the same tone of commandels, we should have had our share. But the bow- "To the western tower, if you would be rica-the string has burst, and the arrow failed. Away with Priest's treasury is in the western tower. her--we will bring her to William with the Beard. These words were echoed on every hand: "TO By the time he has gorged himself with wassail, as the western tower—the treasure is in the western is his wont, he will not know an old Countess from tower !" And the stragglers who were within heara young one., Away, Rizpah-bear a gallant heart. ing of the cry, took, like a herd of raging, wolves The bright Aldeboran still influences the destinies of the direction opposite to that which Quentin, come the Children of the Desert !"

life, come death, was determined to pursue.

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Bearing himself as if he were one, not of the con- | Lady Isabelle's name, at first gently, then more quered, but of the victors, he made a way into the loudly, and then with an accent of despairing emgarden, and pushed across it

, with less interruption phasis; but no answer was returned. He wrung than

he could have expected; for the cry of "To the his hands, tore his hair, and stamped on the earth western tower !" had carried off one body of the as- with desperation. At length, a feeble glimmer of light, sailants, and another was summoned together, by which shone through a crevice in the wainscoting of war-cry and trumpet sound, to assist in repelling a a dark nook in the bedroom, announced some recess desperate saily, attempted by the defenders of the or concealment behind the arras. Quentin hasted Keep, who had hoped to cut their way out of the to examine it. He found there was indeed a concealcastle, bearing the Bishop along with them. Quen- ed door, but it resisted his hurried efforts to open it. tin, therefore, crossed the garden with an eager step Heedless of the personal injury he might sustain, he and throbbing heart, commending himself to those rushed at the door with his whole force and weight heavenly powers which had protected him through of his body; and such was the impetus of an effort the numberless perils of his life, and bold in his de- made betwixt hope and despair, that it would have termination to succeed, or leave his life in this despe- burst much stronger fastenings. rate undertaking. Ere he reached the garden, three He thus forced his way, almost headlong, into a men rushed on him with levelled lances, crying, small oratory, where a female figure, which had "Liege, Liege !".

been kneeling in agonizing supplication before the Putting himself in defence, but without striking, he holy image, now sunk al length on the floor, under replied, " France, France, friend to Liege !". the new terrors implied in this approaching tumult.

Vivat France !" cried the burghers of Liege, and He hastily raised her from the ground, and, joy of passed on. The same signal proved a talisman to joys! it was she whom he sought to save--the Countavert the weapons of four or five of La Marck's fol- less Isabelle. He pressed her to his bosom-he conlowers, whom he found straggling in the garden, and jured her to awake--entreated her to be of good cheer who set upon him, crying, “Sanglier !!!

---for that she was now under the protection of one In a word, Quentin began to hope, that his cha- who had heart and hand enough to defend her against racter as an emissary of King Louis, the private in-armies. stigator of the insurgents of Liege, and the secret “Durward!" she said, as she at length collected supporter of William de la Marck, might possibly herself, "is it indeed you ?-then there is some hope bear him through the horrors of the night.

left. I thought all living and mortal friends had left On reaching the turret, he shuddered when he me to my faie-Do not again abandon me !" found the little side-door, through which Marthon "Never-never !” said Durward. "Whatever shall and the Countess Hameline had shortly before joined happen--whatever danger shall approach, may I him, was now blockaded with more than one dcad forfeit the benefits purchased by yonder blessed sign, body.

if I be not the sharer of your fate until it is again Two of them he dragged hastily aside, and was a happy one!" stepping over the third body, in order to enter the Very pathetic and touching, truly," said a rough, portal, when the supposed dead man laid hand on broken, asthmatic voice behind-“A love affair, I see; his cloak, and entreated him to stay and assist him and, from my soul, I pity the tender creature, as if to rise. Quentin was about to use rougher methods she were my own Trudchen." than struggling to rid himself of this untimely ob- You must do more than pity us,” said Quentin, struction, when the fallen man continued to exclaim, turning towards the speaker;,"you must assist in "I am stifled here, in mine own armour !- I am the protecting us, Meinheer Pavillon. Be assured this Syndic Pavillon of Liege! If you are for us, I will lady was put under my especial charge by your ally enrich you--if you are for the other side, I will pro- the King of France; and, if you and me not to tect you ; but do not-do not leave me to die the shelter her from every species of offence and violence, death of a smothered pig!"

your city will lose the favour of Louis of Valois. In the midst of this scene of blood and confusion, Above all, she must be guarded from the hands of the presence of mind of Quentin suggested to him, William de la Marck." that this dignitary might have the means of protect, "That will be difficult," said Pavillon, "for these ing their retreat. He raised him on his feet, and schelms of lanzknechts are very devils at rummaasked him if he was wounded.

ging out the wenches; but I'll do my best -- We will "Not wounded-at least I think not”-answered to the other apartment, and there I will consider-It the burgher; "but much out of wind."

is but a narrow stair, and you can keep the door "Sit down then on this stone, and recover your with a pike, while I look from the window, and get breath,” said Quentin ; "I will return instantly. logether some of my brisk boys of the currier's

"For whom are you ?" said the burgher, still de- guiidry of Liege, that are as true as the knives they taining him.

wear in their girdles.-But first undo me these clasps "For France-for France," answered Quentin, -for I have not worn this corslet since the battle of studying to get away.

Saint Tron;* and I am three stone heavier since that "What! my lively young Archer?" said the worthy time, if there be truth in Dutch beam and scale." Syndic. "Nay, if it has been my fate to find a friend The undoing of the iron enclosure gave great relief in this fearful night, I will not quit him, I promise to the honest man, who, in putting it on, had more conyou. Go where you will, I follow; and, could I get sidered his zeal to the cause of Liege, than his capacisome of the tight lads of our guildry together, I might ty of bearing arms. It afterwards turned out, that be able to help you in turn; but they are all squan- being, as it were, borne forward involuntarily, and dered abroad like so many pease. -Oh, it is a fearful hoisted over the walls by his company as they throng: night!"

to the assault, the magistraie had been carried During this time, he was dragging himself on after here and there, as the tide of attack and defence flowQuentin, who, aware of the importance of securing ed or ebbed, without the power, latierly, of even utterthe countenance of a person of such influence, slack-ing a word; until, as the sea casts a log of driftwood ened his pace to assist him, although cursing in his ashore in the first creek, he had been ultimately heart the encumbrance that retarded bim.

thrown down in the entrance to the ladies of Croye's At the top of the stair was an anteroom, with apartments, where the encumbrance of his own boxes and trunks, which bore marks of having been armour, with the superincumbent weight of two rifled, as some of the contents lay on the floor. A men slain in the entrance, and who fell above him, Jamp, dying in the chimney, shed a feeble beam on a might have fixed him down long enough, had he noi dead or senseless man, who lay across the hearth. been relieved by Durward.

Bounding from Pavillon, like a greyhound from The same warmth of temper which rendered Her. his keeper's leash, and with an effort which almost mann Pavillon a hotheaded and intemperate zealot overthrew him, Quentin sprung through a second in politics, had the more desirable consequence of and a third room, the last of which seemed to be the bedroom of the Ladies of Croye. No living mortal gundy, Charles the Bold, when Count of Charalois, in which

* Fought by the insurgents of Liego against the Duke of Burwas to be seen in either of them. He called upon the the people of Liege were defcated with great slaughter.

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making him, in private, a good-tempered, kind-heart- "But the bridges of this castle are up, master," ed man, who, if sometimes a little mişled by vanity, said Geislaer--"the gates locked, and guarded by was always well-meaning and benevolent. 'He told these lanzknechts: and, if we were to try to force Quentin to have an especial care of the poor pretty our way, these fellows, whose every day business is yung frau; and, after this unnecessary exhortation, war, might make wild work of us, that only fight of began to holla from the window, Liege, Liege, a holyday.” for the gallant skinners' guild of curriers !!!

But why has he secured the gates ?" said the One or two of his immediate followers collected alarmed burgher; "or what business hath he to at the summons, and at the peculiar whistle with make honest men prisoners ?"! which it was accompanied, (each of the crafts ha- I cannot tell-not I," said Peter. 'Some noise ving such a signal among themselves,) and, more there is about the Ladies of Croye, who have escajoining them, established a guard under the window ped during the storm of the Casile. That first put from which their leader was bawling, and beforeihe Man with the Beard beside himself with anger, the postern-door.

and now he's beside himself with drink also." Matters seemed now settling into some sort of tran- The Burgomaster cast a disconsolate look towards quillity. Ali opposition had ceased, and the leaders Quentin, and seemed at a loss what to resolve upon. of the different classes of assailants were taking Durward, who had not lost a word of the conversameasures to prevent indiscriminate plunder. The tion, which alarmed him very much, saw nevergreat bell was tolled, as summons to a military theless that their only safety depended on his precouncil, and its iron tongue communicating to Liege serving his own presence of mind, and sustaining the the triumphant possession of Schonwaldt by the in- courage of Pavillon. He struck boldly into the consurgents, was answered by all the bells in that city; versation, as one who had a right to have a voice in whose distant and clamorous voices seemed to cry, the deliberation.--"I am ashamed,” he said, "MeinHail to the victors! It would have been natural, that heer Pavillon, to observe you hesitate what to do on Meinheer Pavillon should now have sallied from his this occasion. Go boldly to William de la Marck, fastness; but, either in reverent care of those whom and demand free leave to quit the castle, you, your he had taken under his protection, or perhaps for the lieutenant, your squire, and your daughter. He can better assurance of his own safety, he contented him- have no pretence for keeping you prisoner.” self with despatching messenger on messenger, to For me and my lieutenant--that is myself and command his lieutenant, Peterkin Geislaer, to attend Peter ?-good-but who is my squire ?" him directly.

"I am, for the present,” replied the undaunted Peterkin came at length, to his great relief, as Scot. being the person upon whom, on all pressing occa- "You!" said the embarrassed burgess ; "but are sions, whether of war, politics, or commerce, Pavillon you not the envoy of King Louis of France ?" was most accustomed to repose confidence. He was " True, but my message is to the magistrates of a stout, squat figure, with a square face, and broad Liege-and only in Liege will I deliver it. - Were I to black eyebrows, that announced him to be opiniona- acknowledge my quality before William de la Marck, tive and disputatious,-an advice-giving countenance, must I not enter into negotiation with him ? ay, and, so to speak. He was endued with a buff jerkin, wore it is like, be detained by him. You must get me a broad belt and cutlass by his side, and carried a secretly out of the Castle in the capacity of your halberd in his hand.

squire. "Peterkin, my dear lieutenant,” said his com- "Good-my squire;-but you spoke of my daughmander, this has been a glorious day-night, Iter--my daughter is, į trust, safe in my house in should say-I trust thou art pleased for once ?". Liege--where I wish her father was, with all my

"I am well enough pleased that you are so," said heart and soul." the doughty lieutenant; "though I should not have "This lady," said Durward, "will call you father thought of your celebrating the victory, if you call it while we are in this place." one, up in this garret by yourself, when you are "And for my whole life afterwards," said the wanted in council."

Countess, throwing herself at the citizen's feet, and “But am I wanted there ?" said the Syndic. clasping his knees.--"Never shall the day pass in

Ay, marry are you, to stand up for the rights of which I will not honour you, love you, and pray for Liege, that are in more danger than ever," answered you as a daughter for a father, if you will but aid me the Lieutenant.

in this fearful strail-, be not hard-hearted! think *Pshaw, Peterkin," answered his principal, “thou your own daughter may kneel to a stranger, to ask art ever such a frampold grumbler"

him for life and honour-think of this, and give me Grumbler? not l,” said Peterkin ; " what pleases the protection you would wish her to receive !" other people, will always please me. Only I wish In troth,” said the good citizen, much moved we have not got King Stork, instead of King Log, with her pathetic appeal-"I think, Peter, that this like the fabliau that the Clerk of Saint Lamberts pretty maiden hath a touch of our Trudchen's sweet used to read us out of Meister's Æsop's book.” look, -I thought so from the first; and that this

"I cannot guess your meaning, Peterkin,” said brisk youth here, who is so ready with his advice, is the Syndic.

somewhat like 'Trudchen's bachelor-I wager a "Why then, I tell you, Master Pavillon, that this groat, Peter, that this is a true love matter, and it is Boar, or Bear, is like to make his own den of Schon- a sin not to further it.". waldt, and 'tis probable to urn out as bad a neigh. "It were a shame and sin both," said Peter, a goodbour to our town as ever was the old Bishop, and natured Fleming, notwithstanding all his self-conworse. Here has he taken the whole conquest in ceit; and as he spoke, he wiped his eyes with the his own hand, and is only doubting whether he sleeve of his jerkin. should be called Prince or Bishop ;-and it is a “She shall be my daughter, then," said Pavillon, shame to see how they have mishandled the old "well wrapped up in her black silk veil ; and if there man among them."

are not enough of true-hearted skinners to protect "I will not permit it, Peterkin:" said Pavillon, her, being the daughter of their Syndic, it were pity bustling up; "I disliked the mitre, but not the head they should ever iug leather more.-But hark ye, that wore it. We are ten to one in the field, Peter- questions must be answered-How if I am asked kin, and will not permit these courses.

what should my daughter make here at such an Ay, ten to one in the field, but only man to man onslaught ?" in the castle; besides that Nikkel Blok the butcher, "What shonld half the women in Liege make here and all the rabble of the suburbs, take part with when they followed us to the Castle ?'' said Peter ; William de la Marck, partly for saus and braus, (for "they had no other reason, sure, but that it was just he has broached all the ale-iubs and wine-casks,) and the place in the world that they should not have partly for old envy towards us, who are the crafts- come to.--Our yung frau Trudchen has come a men, and have privileges.").

little farther than the rest-that is all.” " Peter," said Pavillon, “we will go presently to "Admirably spoken," said Quentin : "only be bold, the city. 'I will stay no longer in Schonwald." and take this gentleman's good counsel, noble Mein


Dick. Here, sir.

"Forgive me,

heer Pavillon, and, at nọ troạble to yourself, you will tive demons, rejoicing after some accomplished do the most worthy action since the days of Charle- triumph over the human race, than of mortal beings, magne.--Here, sweet lady, wrap yourself close in who had succeeded in a bold design. An emphatic this veil,” (for many articles of female apparel lay tone of mind, which despair alone could have scattered about the apartment,)~" be but confident, inspired, supported the assumed courage of the and a few minutes will place you in freedom and Countess Isabelle; undaunted spirits, which rose safety.--Noble sir," he added, addressing Pavillon, with the extremity, maintained that of Durward; set forward."

while Pavillon and his Lieutenant made a virtue of "Hold-hold-hold a minute," said Pavillon, “my necessity, and faced their fate like bears bound to a mind misgives me!- This De la Marck is a fury; a stake, which must necessarily stand the dangers of perfect boar in his nature as in his name; what if the the course. young lady be one of those of Croye?-and what if he discover her, and be addicted to wrath ?" And if I were one those unfortunate women,"

CHAPTER XXII. said Isabelle, again attempting to throw herself at his feet, "could you for that reject me in this moment of despair ? Oh, that I had been indeed your daugh- Cade. Where's Dick, the butcher of Ashford } ter, or the daughter of the poorest burgher!"

Cade. They fell before thee like sheep and oxen ; and thoa "Not so poor--not so poor neither, young lady, behavedst thyself as if thou hadet been in thine own' slaughterwe pay as we go," said the citizen.

house. -Second Part of King Henry VI. noble sir,"-again began the unfor- THERE could hardly exist a more strange and hortunate maiden.

rible change than had taken place in the castle-hall Not noble, nor sir neither," said the Syndic; "a of Schonwaldt since Quentin had partaken of the plain burgher of Liege, that pays bills of exchange in noontide meal there; and it was indeed one which ready guilders. But that is nothing to the purpose. painted, in the extremity of their dreadful features, -Well

, say you be a countess, I will protect you the miseries of war-more especially when waged by nevertheless."

those most relentless of all agents, the mercenary "You are bound to protect her, were she a duchess," soldiers of a barbarous age-men who, by habit and said Peter," having once passed your word.” profession, had become familiarized with all that was

Right, Peter, very right," said the Syndic; "it is cruel and bloody in the art of war, while they were our old Low Dutch fashion, ein wort, ein man; and devoid alike of patriotism and of the romantic spirit now let us to this gear.-We must take leave of this, of chivalry. William de la Marck; and yet I know not, my mind Instead of the orderly, decent, and somewhat formisgives me when I think of him; and were it a mal meal, at which cívil and ecclesiastical officers ceremony which could be waved, I have no stomach had, a few hours before, sat mingled in the same to go through it."

apartment, where a light jest could only be uttered Were you not better, since you have a force to, in a whisper, and where, even amid superfluity of gether, make for the gate and force the guard ?" said feasting and of wine, there reigned a decorum which Quentin.

almost amounted to hypocrisy, there was now such But with united voice, Pavillon and his adviser ex- a scene of wild and roaring debauchery, as Saian claimed against the propriety of such an attack upon himself, had he taken the chair as founder of the their ally's soldiers, with some hints concerning its feast, could scarcely have improved. rashness, which satisfied Quentin that it was not a At the head of the table sat, in the Bishop's throne risk to be hazarded with such associates. They re- and state, which had been hastily brought thither solved, therefore, to repair boldly to the great hall of from his great council-chamber, the redoubted Boar the castle, where, as they understood, the Wild Boar of Ardennes himself, well deserving that dreaded of Ardennes held his feast, and demand free egress name, in which he affected to delight, and which he for the Syndic of Liege and his company, a request did as much as he could think of to deserve. His too reasonable, as it seemed, to be denied. Still the head was unhelmeted, but he wore the rest of his good Burgomaster groaned when he looked

on his ponderous and bright armour, which indeed he rarely companions, and exclaimed to his faithful Peter, - | laid aside. Over his shoulders hung a strong surcoal, "See what it is to have too bold and too tender a made of the dressed skin of a huge wild boar, the heart! Alas! Perkin, how much have courage and hoofs being of solid silver, and the tusks of the same. humanity cost me! and how much may I yet have The skin of the head was so arranged, that, drawn to pay for my virtues, before Heaven makes us free over the casque, when the Baron was armed, or over of this damned Castle of Schonwaldt!"

his bare head, in the fashion of a hood, as he often As they crossed the courts, still strewed with the affected when the helmet was laid aside, and as he dying and dead, Quentin, while he supported Isabelle now wore it, the effect was that of a grinning, ghastthrough the scene of horrors, whispered to her ly monster; and yet the countenance which it overcourage and comfort, and reminded her that her shadowed scarce required such horrors to improve safety depended entirely on her firmness and pre- those which were natural to its ordinary expression. sence of mind.

The upper part of De ia Marck's face, as Nature Not on mine-not on mine," she said," but on had formed it, almost gave the lie to his character; yours-on yours only.-0, if I but escape this fearful for though his hair, when uncovered, resembled the night, never shall I forget him who saved me! One rude and wild bristles of the

hood he had drawn ove favour more only, let me implore at your hand, and it, yet an open, high, and manly forehead, broad rud I conjure you to grant it, by your mother's fame and dy cheeks, large, sparkling, light-coloured eyes, and your father's honour !"

a nose hooked like the beak of the eagle, promised “What is it you can ask that I could refuse ?" said something valiant and generous. But the effect of Quentin, in a whisper.

these more favourable traits was entirely overpower"Plunge your dagger in my heart,” said she, ed by his habits of violence and insolence, which, rather than leave me captive in the hands of these joined to debauchery and intemperance, had stamped monsters."

upon the features a character inconsistent with the Quentin's only answer was a pressure of the young rough gallantry which they would otherwise have Countess's hand, which seemed as if, but for terror, exhibited. The former had, from habitual indulgence, it would have returned the caress. And, leaning on swoln the muscles of the cheeks, and those around her youthful protector, she entered the fearful hall, the eyes, in particular the latter; evil practices and preceded by Pavillon and his Lieutenant, and follow- habits had dimmed the eyes themselves, reddened ed by a dozen of the Kurschenschaft, or skinner's the part of them that should have been white, and trade, who attended, as a guard of honour, on the given the whole face a hideous likeness of the monSyndic

ster, which it was the terrible Baron's pleasure to reAs they approached the hall, the yells of acclama- semble. But from an odd sort of contradiction, De tion, and bursts of wild laughter, which proceeded la Marck, while he assumed in other respects the ap; from it, seemed rather to announce the revel of fes-pearance of the Wild Boar, and even seemed pleased


with the name, yet endeavoured, by the length and moonbeam, threw on the castle-floor an uncertain growth of his beard, to conceal the circumstance that shadow, which dubiously, yet fearfully, intimated the had originally procured him that denomination. This nature of the substance that produced it. was an unusual thickness and projection of the mouth When the Syndic Pavillon was announced from and upper jaw, which, with the huge projecting side mouth to mouth in this tumultuous meeting, he enteeth, gave that resemblance to the bestial creation, deavoured to assume, in right of his authority and which, joined to the delight that De la Marck had in influence, an air of importance and equality, which a haunting the forest so called, originally procured for glance at the fearful object at the window, and at the him the name of the Boar of Ardennes. The beard, wild scene around him, rendered it very difficult for broad, grisly, and uncombed, neither concealed the him to sustain, notwithstanding the exhortations of natural horrors of the countenance, nor dignified its Peter, who whispered in his ear, with some perturbabrutal expression.

tion, “Up heart, master, or we are but gone men !" The soldiers and officers sat around the table, in- The Syndic maintained his dignity, however, as termixed with the men of Liege, some of them of the well as he could, in a short address, in which he comvery lowest description; among whom Nikkel Blok plimented the company upon the great victory gainthe butcher, placed near De la Marck himself, was ed by the soldiers of De la Marck and the good citidistinguished by his tucked-up sleeves, which display- zens of Liege. ed arms smeared to the elbows with blood, as was " Ay," answered De la Marck, sarcastically, the cleaver which lay on the table before him. The have brought down the game at last, quoth my lady's soldiers wore, most of them, their beards long and brach to the wolf-hound. But ho! Sir Burgomaster, grisly, in imitation of their leader; had their hair you come like Mars, with beauty by your side. Who plaited and turned upwards, in the manner that might is this fair one ?-Unveil, unveil—no woman calls her best improve the natural ferocity of their appearance; beauty her own to-night."'. and intoxicated, as many of them seemed to be, partly "It is my daughter, noble leader," answered Pavilwith the sense of triumph, and partly with the long lon; "and I am to pray your forgiveness for her wearlibations of wine which they had been quaffing, pre- ing a veil. She has a vow for that effect to the Three sented a spectacle at once hideous and disgusting. Blessed Kings." The language which they held, and the songs which "I will absolve her of it presently,” said De la they sung, without even pretending to pay each other Marck ; "for here, with one stroke of a cleaver, will I the compliment of listening, were so full of license consecrate myself Bishop of Liege; and I trust one and blasphemy, that Quentin blessed God that the living bishop is worth three dead kings." extremity of the noise prevented them from being in- There was a shuddering and murmur among the telligible to his companion.

guests; for the community of Liege, and even some It only remains to say, of the better class of bur- of the rude soldiers, reverenced the Kings of Cologne, ghers who were associated with William de la Marck's as they were commonly called, though they respectsoldiers in this fearful revel, that the wan faces and ed nothing else. anxious mien of the greater part, showed that they "Nay, I mean no treason against their defunct maeither disliked their entertainment, or feared their jesties," said De la Marck; "only bishop I am detercompanions; while some of lower education, or a mined to be. A prince both secular and ecclesiastical, nature more brutal, saw only in the excesses of the having power to bind and loose, will best suit a band soldier a gallant bearing, which they would willingly of reprobates such as you, to whom no one else would imitate, and the tone of which they endeavoured to give absolution.-But come hither, noble Burgomaster catch so far as was possible, and stimulated them--sit beside me, when you shall see me make a vaselves to the task, by swallowing immense draughts cancy for my own preferment.--Bring in our predeof wine and schwarzbier-indulging a vice which cessor in the holy seat." at all times was too common in the Low Countries. A bustle took place in the hall, while Pavillon, ex

The preparations for the feast had been as disor- cusing himself from the proffered seat of honour, derly as the quality of the company: The whole of placed himself near the bottom of the table, his fo!the Bishop's plate-nay, even that belonging to the lowers keeping close behind him, not unlike a flock service of the Church, for the Boar of Ardennes re- of sleep which, when a stranger dog is in presence, garded not the imputation of sacrilege-was mingled may be sometimes seen to assemble in the rear of an with black-jacks, or huge tankards made of leather, old bel wether, who is, from office and authority, judgand drinking horns of the most ordinary description. ed by them to have rather more courage than them

One circumstance of horror remains to be added selves. Near the spot sat a very handsome lad, a and accounted for; and we willingly leave the rest natural son, as was said, of the ferocious De la Marck, of the scene to the imagination of the reader. Amidst and towards whom he sometimes showed affection, the wild license assumed by the soldiers of De la and even tenderness. The mother of the boy, a beauMarck, one who was excluded from the table, (a tiful concubine, had perished by a blow dealt her by Janzknecht, remarkable for his courage and for his the

ferocious leader in a fit of drunkenness or jealdaring behaviour during the storm of the evening, ousy; and her fate had caused her tyrant as much rehad impudently snatched up a large silver goblet, and morse as he was capable of feeling. His attachment carried it off

, declaring it should atone for his loss of to the surviving orphan might be partly owing to the share of the feast. The leader laughed till his these circumstances. Quentin, who had learned this sides shook at a jest so congenial to the character of point of the leader's character from the old priest, the company; but when another, less renowned, it planted himself as close as he could to the youth in would seem, for audacity in battle, ventured on using question; determined to make him, in some way or the same freedom, De la Marck instantly put a check other, either a hostage or a protector, should other to a jocular practice, which would soon have cleared means of safety fail them. his table of all the more valuable decorations.—"Ho! While all stood in a kind of suspense, waiting the by the spirit of the thunder !” he exclaimed, "those event of the orders which the tyrant had issued, one who dare not be men when they face the enemy, of Pavillon's

followers whispered Peter

, "Did not must not pretend to be thieves among their friends. our master call that wench his daughter?-Why, it What! thou frontless dastard, thou-thou who didst cannot be our Trudchen. This strapping lass is talwait for opened gate and lowered bridge, when Con-ler by two inches; and there is a black lock of hair rade Horst forced his way over moat and wall, must peeps forth yonder from under her veil. By Saint thou be malapert ?--Knit him up to the stanchions Michael of the Market-place, you might as well call of the hall-window !--He shall beat time with his a black bullock's

hide a white heifer's!" feet, while we drink a cup to his safe passage to the "Hush ! hush !" said Peter, with some presence of devil."

mind-"What if our master hath a mind to steal a The doom was scarce sooner pronounced than ac- piece of doe-venison out of the Bishop's park here complished ; and in a moment the wretch wrestled without our good dame's knowledge ? And is it for out his last agonies, suspended from the iron bars. thee or me to be a spy on him?" His boly still hung there when Quentin and the "That will not I, brother," answered the other, others entered the hall, and intercepting the pale " though I would not have thought of his turning

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