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cure, at a cheap rate, provisions, utenhls, \l not re be King as a RIGHT, but merely as a and moveahles, necessary for their tempa " DUTY." rary residence"


Eaft India House, Nov. 23, 1791. The New Code of Laws for Prullia was The following are the particulars of the Lately published at Berlin. It is the work of information communicated by Mr. Parley ; Al. Klent and Mi. Saurez, under the direc and the publick are derred to place no confi. tion of the Great Chancellor Cramer; and, den e whatever in any other account, until with due regards to antient customs and pre- foniething more authentic can be published, judices, displays a humane and enliglitened and which Mail he done when any farther fpirit,

accounts are received. Punishments are rendered much less ri Mr. Parley left Pondicherry the 6th of gorous and cruel.

July, in the Beauty, Capt. La Belle, arrived Left-hand marriages are allowed only to in twenty-four days from the Ine of France, Gentlemen, Kings counsellors, and persons and from thence, in two months and eleven of the same rank with thefc; but the party days, in the Medusa irigate, 'to Europe. He contracting such a marriage must declare, has brought with him the Madras Couriers ; upon his honour, that he has not fufficient but, being packed up with his haggage, they fortune for a righe-hand marriage.

are at present on the road. Ine left hand wife is not to assume the From the best of his recollection, it doth name of her huibind, nor even that of spouse; not appear that Lord Cornwallis ever ree The must be contented with that of boujen ceived the figlitest check from Tippoo duro

ing his march from Bangalore towards SerinThe children of such marriages are legitio gapaiam. mate : but the father is not obliged to give That, during his march, Lord Cornwallis them an education suitable to his own rank ; had been joined by the Mahrattạ horse, from and they cannot inherit his real property, 12,000 to 15,000 in number. unless where there are no children or rela That, on Lord Cornwallis's approach to tions by a right hand marriage.

Seriugapatam, he prepared for attacking the Every young woman seducell, against whom out-works on the , at two o'clock A.M. it is not proved that the is a common prostis but, the rain falling with great violence, the žute, shall be juridically married to her se- army did not reach the rendezvous till be. ducer, as wife by the right-hand, if the be tween ten and cleven A.M, by which means of the same rank, and by the left-hand, if of the enemy had time to prepare. The attack, inferior rank.

however, immediately commenced, and the The declaration of the husband, that he out-works were carried by atorm. Tippoa does not chuse to live with her, is sufficient, and his army were compled to Thelter however, to obtain a divorce.

themseives in Seringi patam, whicre, it was This declaration, with the juridical act of reported, a famine prevailed. the marriage, is then to be delivered to the The sains continuing to fall, Tippoo's womain, who, by virtue of it, is placed in army was thereby saved, and Lord Corowale che fame situation with a woman divorced lis, being under the neceffity of retreating, from her husband, and saved from shame. had reached Bangalore ; nor deth Mr. Parley

The marriage of a Noble with a Peasant, recollect that lippoo made any attempt to which was formerly prohibited, is now al harrass hin during his march. The loss is lowed, provided the King, or three of the fupposed to have been confiderable; the 36th hushind's family, consent to it.

regiment, in partcular', has distinguished it. A certain part of the fortune of deceased, felf on every occasion. The mortality abachelors, above the age of forty, goes to the mongst the cattle must have been great in fund for the relief of the poor.

contequence of the rains; and Lord CornThe imple obligation of a banker, mer wallis was obliged to leave part of his heavy chant, manufacturer, landhokier, or the per- artillery beland, after having rendered them sons aliing for them, is as good as a bill of useless. exchange

In the Midras Couriers are the General Whoever faves the life of another, at the Orders led by Lord Cornwallis, which risk of his own, is intitled to a letter of containeu ihe Itrongest exprellions and effuthanks and a gratification from the Magis. fions of , atitude towards every part of the frate,

arıny íor their conduct. Talking disrespectfully of any of the Royal Family is punishable only by a Niort impri AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE. fonment in one of the fortresses.

By later from New York we learn, that But the most remarkable Article of the an alarming fire broke out there on che 20th Code is the following:

of Septeniber. It began in Mile- Areet, " The Sovereignty consists in the power where the names raged with the greatest vio“ of conducling the actions of the subjects to lence; and, notwithstanding the utmost ex. If the public good: but ibis power opperiments estions of the citizens, in the course of a few



hours, eight honfes in Duke-street, and perpetrators of this horrid transaction, dir eight in Mile-street, hendes forehouses, graceful to any civilized country. ftables, aud coach-houfes, were brune to the Monagbun, 0*r. 31. This cowo has fufground.

fered much for near a month, by a gang, The Custom-house, and the large fores confisting of cighe robbers, headed by tite and dwelling house of Mr. Richard, noted Ryan, who escaped lately from Newa were in the greatest dinger, and with ditii- gate. These villainis broke into fever Rulty preserved; the Cuttum-house caught houses ahunt the fuburbs, and made much øre three different times.--Forurately no plurider. After their depredations, they allives were loft, though several of the citizens ways al seonded to the ferrets and the oid were much huri. A great quantity of grain, castic hy the Lough-fide. Sir James Hamil. tobacco, rice, and cotton, was deftroyed. ton, when the onlinges becánc general,

placed a patrole in every ftreet, and ordered IRELAND).

the great be 1 to be rung as foon as any of Dublin, 08. 18. Last Sunday the felons these offenders were discovered. in the New Prismu stemed deles itined to On the second night this trad the defired carry into execution some preconcerted def- effect; for they were feen attempting to perate plan for a general escape. They all icale the wall of Sir James's court: the bell positively refused to go into their cells at the accordingly rang, and the greater part of the kocking up bour, and denounced vengeance inhabitants, headed by Sir James, pulued againtt the present turnkey, who, having the villains to the above-mentioned place, been bot a few days to that office, did not called the Terrets, where they had crept inte think it prudeni to venture among them holes in the old ruins. without a pary of the military. This only When day appeared, the whole eight were ferved to make the prisoners more taken out of a vault ; not out of the door of rageous; they affailed the guards with stones, it, as that place was strongly blocked-up brickdats, and hard pieces of mortar, fo vio with stones of an enormous size, but out of lently, that they forced them to give way, a part over-head, which was opened by as they had no orders for firing; nor was it crow-icons. Some of the stones, which fel without the utmost difhculty that the despe- inth the place below while the townsmeä radocs were, on the day following, brought were making an opening of fufficient dimere to observe any degree of order.

Tions, fractured the legs of two of the of Cork, Oa. 18... J. Lynchey, of Gurtnetu- fenders in so docking a manner, that they brid, was committed on the 6th to the were sent to the infirmary; the other six county gaol, by K. Hutchinson, eiq. charged were committed to gaol. on onih with being concerned in felonioully Secting on fire, in the dead hour of the night

SCOTLAND. between the 14th and 15th, the house of Edinburgb, Nov. 10. On Tuesday morn Abraham Morgan, of Ballinakervy, in the ing, about twenty minutes after nine, a parish of Balivourney, with the malicious in- newly finished glass-house at Dumbarton, ient of destroying Thomas Wray, esq. in- fuppoted to be the largest in Great Britain, fpector general of bearths, Dennis Flyn, efq. the cone being 120 feet in height. suddenly fupe rvifor, Mr. Robert Martin, collector, fell down. At this time there were twelve and a serjeant, corporal, and twelve soldiers, men in the insule, employed in removing the who flept in the house, and bad heen on duty Scaffolding, all of whom were buried in the in collecting his Majesty's hearth-monies. ruins. Tlie greatest exertions were made ta

The above diabolical attempt on the lives remove the rubhith, and fix of the mein of Mr. Wray and his party had nearly proved were got out alive, but two of them are since 'fatal to them. The tire was firit discovered dead; fo dat eight out of the twelve have by Mr. Wray, near the head of his bed ; be lott their lives, and the other four are not fiad juni time lo alarm the party and family, out of darger. The hour of breakfast was who were but a few minutes out of the unfortunately altered the day before from house when the roof fell in, and the house, nine till ten o'clock. huniture, farn, and every thing therein, were consumed lo afhes. 'The Gentlemen

COUNTRY News. jert part of their cloaths helind in effecting Ollober 30. About three in the morning, their escape; and two pair of loaded pistols Mr. Kirk's cotton-mills, at Barnford, co. in their room were succeslively discharged by Derby, were destroyed by fire ; which was the fire, immediate on their quilting it.- so rapid, that only the walls of that great An expreis arriveu at five o'clock in thic work were left Itanding. The damage is morning to Col. P. Hutchinson, near Mac- computed at 8,000l.; and a considerable romp, about leren miles from the place; he number of men, women, and children, are inftantly went to the ipot, and, froin the in- for a time deprived of the means of getting torination and circumstances ciscovered, no their bread. Joubt can acife that the spirited exertions of Cambridge, Nov. 4. A few days fince, as this active magiftiate will bring to justice the some men were employed in draining a pond

at Hinton Abbey, they found a human ske- days before ; all the library, valued at bont. leton, in a fitcing posture, the skull not above and many valuable writings, were likewise fix inches covered with mud. It is supposed burot. By a fortunate circumstance, a very to be the remains of Walcer Robinsou, esq. large stock of furniture, expected from Lone uncle to the late Stocker Robinson, efq.He don the Monday preceding, was detained and was drinking at a public-house in the neigh- the road; otherwise that would have haared bourhood about fifty-two years funce, and the same fate. The adjoining house received was supposed to have been murdered in his but little injury. way home, as tre had not been seen or heard of since. The form of a thousand pounds, SONE ACCOUNT OF THE LATE STORNS with intereft, is among the unclaimed divi A letter, dated Tunbridge Wells, Ortober dends at the Bank in his name. A pair of 22, says : On Thursday last, at about Ini high-heeled shoes were found whole, a small an hour past eleven o'clock in the moruing, distance off. The bones were carefully bu we had a most aweful clap of thunder ; and ried in the church-yard.

in a few minutes after we perceived froin Birmingban, Nou. 7. Between ten and Mount Ephraim one of our parish church eleven o'clock on Saturday night, the family (Speldhurst) to be on fire. Two men 126 (after they were gone to bed) at the Bull's the ball enter about the centre of the thin Head public-house, in Erdington, being disn gled part of that beautiful steeple, and al turbed by a violent knocking at the door, Mr, most instantly smoke iffued from the top Gorton, the master of the house, got up to fames succeeding. The few persoas ro his chamber window, and, leaning out of it, fiding near it happily faved the chest of he observed three men, one of whom, upout writings, plate, and pulpit cushions. Had his enquiring what they wanted, fired a pise my person been on the spot capable of ditol at him, the contents of which lodged in recting the men, in all probability the chanhis body, and he expired in great agony cel (buil: by the Duke of Orleans, who was yesterday morning. We have not learned taken at the baule of Agincourt by Richard what could compel the murderer to this fair Waller, and kept at luis house in this parilla guinary deed.

four years, and in England twenty-five years) Harderougb, Nov. 14. This morning, might have been preserved, and probably about three o'clock, a distreffing circum- great part of the church; instead of which, stance presented itself to the pallengers of every thing contributed to its deftruction. the Manchester post-coach. Three ladies, Very soon the heavy rain and hail ceased. one gentleman, and a soldier who was out The high wind drove the dames from the Side, having all been overturned in the Leeds (teeple directly on the church, and contie heavy-coach about an hour and a half hefire, nued blowing, without rain, the wliole afe were ficting by the road-fide, nearly perished ternoon. In about four hours, this ancient with cold, about five miles from the nearest and most beautiful church was reduced to a inn. One of the ladies was so much hurt, heap of ruins. The fiery furnace incu which that it was with the greatest difficulty they Shadrach and his companions were calt, s could get her into the coach ; and she is fince think, could bear no coinparison to the fire said to be dangerously ill. The accident inclosed within these walls, when every happened between this town and Northamp- thing on which the fire had power was lon, by the carelessness of the coachman; burning together on the floor. for it was moonlight. The passengers Tup The bells are melted. The monuments pole he was 21eep, as they perceived the (one of which was very antient, belonging couch reclining for several yards before it co the Waller family, on a large scale, and went over.

a mft curious piece of workinaufhip, in So:etbamplon, Nov. 19. On Wednesday marble) are crumbled to duit. morning last, about two o'clock, a dreadiul The next morning a small space was fire broke out at fugle-hall, in this town, cleared within the chancel door, and a cou. occasioned, it is supposed, by the fires which ple actually married; but the bride's new were daily kept in the house to dry it, it be ihres were completely spoiled. ing then uninhabitet, and undergoing great The stone work of the steeple and the alterations. As the wind was remarkably church is in the most ruinous condition, not high, the engines exceedingly out of repair, a material in the whole remaining for future and there being a scarcity of water, that large use. What is very extraordinary, the funt, and antient building was foon reduced to entire, was turned upside down. ashes. It was formerly the residence of the Ac the same time, about three miles from Earls of Southampton, but lately bought, and the church, fell a storın of hail, or rather greatly improved, at a considerable expence, of pieces of ice; it lasted abont ten minutes by William Gunthorpe, efq. who intended with the greatest violence. The pieces of Thortly to inbabit it. As the fire first began ice were in all shapes, many of wbich were over the coach-house, Mr. Gunthorpe's fix inches long, the round Itones about the coach and phaeton were consumed, together fize of a marhle. In the wirection from the with several chefts of liaen, and a quantity hail to the church, the ball of fire left fuch af deals, which had been sent there a few a fulphureous imuit behind it, as ca induco

the inliabitants to conclude that their houses lodge opposite the barn, was fenfibiy affected were on fire. Some perfons, by the cl.ith on one fide by the fath that occafioned the of the stroke, uere nearly throu n from above accident. their seats, and one man was beaten from a Clinton, Girnwall, OH, 23. We tad causeway into a lieuge, at a very great dilo yesterday the most violent itorm of under, tance from its direction. Much damage is lightning, and hail, ever remembered in the donc to the tomb and head-stores ne reft county. It began at the time the corporze the church. Providentially the wind from tion were affembled in the Town-ball, to the West saved several buildings from what which it did confiderable damage, and very appeared to have been inevitable destruc much alarmed those within. It has entirely tion. A person shooting, near a nule from destroyed the excellent green boules of the the church, at the fame time, ha:! his gun Mayor, and done cunderable damage in twitted out of his land by the ligt.tang, many parts of the country. which alarmed him so much, that he lett the gun on the spot.

PORT NEWS Thursday night, and Friday morning early, Famourt, 07.21. Laft night we had a we bad succecuing tempeits ; when two most dre::diul storm of wine, bad, and rain, theep, at a little ditance from hence, were autended by the most tremendous peals of killed by lightning, at about half a mile thunder, and vivid Bhes of lightning. I asunder. A good deal of damage was done am sorry to add, that a large brig was at the same time to the windows in Tun wrecked off the Lizard, and every creure bridge town by very large hail, as well as on board unfortunately perifhed. By the many other parts around us; but the hail boat which was driven on Thure this mornhere was very critting, and little damage ing, it appears to be ihe Fanny of Exeter. dore, though the tempest was very aweful. This afternoon, the bodies of two of the

Rainbam, Kiri, 0n1. 22. During a thunder- drowned mariners belonging to the abive storm, a very vivid fath of lightning, fuc- wreck were washed on shore. The storm ceeded by a most tremendous clap of thun Itill contimes, and seems to threaten as seder, fell on the round tower of the church, vere a nig' e as the last; fo that we are unthe wall of which it cracked for the space of der the greeteit apprehension of hearing that several feet, and pailed down the flight of more vetleis are loit on the Cornith cont. Itone steps, many of which are thivered ia Odabir 22. The rudder of a ship drifted a surprifing manner. Ii forced out the West ashore at Seaford, the iron-work of whichi, door, and fphit the stone work into several it is fupposeil, will weigh upwards of five pieces : itchen pafled into the body of the hundred weight. church, where it left several marks of its On the same evening, a Dutch vessel, laden force; and from thence weat through the with lugar, was, by the violence of the East window of the chancel, near the Earl storm, driven from her coast, and had very of Thanet's monument, and entered the fa- nearly perished on the Bognor Rocks, having mily-vault, the door of which was forced off lost her rudder, and being otherwise much its hinges. --The whole damage is estimated damaged. On her making signals of distress, at 1 gol.

a small vessel ventured out to her albftance ; ipricb, 08. 22. Thursday last, about but an unfortunate man, named Powell, was three o'clock in the afternoon, we had feve by a violci.t sea driven overboard. He was mal aweful claps of thunder ; foon after heard to cry out several times, but no amte which, intelligence was received that a barn ance coutu be afforded him. was set on tire by the lightning at Bournhall, The mariners wlo went in this vefsel about a mile from lence, in the occupation speak of this night as one of the most temof the widow Riiers. The engines belong- pestuous and drealful that they had ever exing to the town were immediately fent, and perienced. At one moment the lightning vast numbers of people attended s but, very glared in awesul brilliancy, and the next little water being at hand, their en cavours was enveloped in pitchy darkness; while the were not of much avail; for the Games were mountainous seas, that every instant seemed {o rapid, that the barn, together with most ready to destroy their crazy bark, forined a of the corn therein, and also a ftable and scene of horror, which an absent perfon ftack adjoining, were destroyed. Fortunately cannot sufficiently delineate. the wind blew very strong from the dwel. Charbani, Nou 7 Saturday laft, a Courtling-house and the rest of the premises, martial was held on board the Vengeance otherwise the whole must have inevitably guard thip, of 74 guns, now at Black itakes, Thared the same fale. There were eight and commanded by Commodore Thomas horses in the stable, which were with great Palley, on John Erown, botswain of the difficulty gut out. Two men were at work Thunderer, of 77 guns, in ordinary at this in the barn at the time the lightnmg struck port, for embezzling about two hundred upon it: they were much alarmcd, but at weight of junk ; when, upon the cleareit the moment could scarcely tell at what; and evidence, Browa was found guly, and broke, as foun as they got out they discovered the agreeably to the sentence of the Court. fire. Another man, ftanding under the carte


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were-At the first, Prince Sacker, Minister CEREMONIAL OF THE DUKE OF of State-At the second, General MollenYORK'S MARRIAGE.

dorf-At the third, Count sinckenstein, Mi. Berlin, 0a. 1. The day before yesterday, nister of State-- At the fuurth, Count Schuin the evening, the wedding of Princess Fre. Jemburg, Lieutenant-General and Minifter derica was consummated with the Duke of of State Ar the fifth, Major-General Bis. York.

choffswerder. About fix o'clock, all persons who were During supper, mulck continued playing of Princely Blood allembled in gala in the in the galleries of the first Hall, which imapartments of the Dowager Queen, where mediately began when the company entered the diamond crown was put on the head of the Hall. Princess Frederica. The Generals, Minif At the desert, the Royal table was served ters, Amballadors, and the High Nobility, with a beautiful fet of china, made in the allembled in the White Hall.

Berlin manufactory, Immediately after it ftruck seven o'clock, Supper being over, the whole assembly the Duke of York led the Princess his repaired to the White Hall, where the trumíp use, whose train was carried by four pec, timbrel, and other musick, were playa Dimes de la Cour, preceded by the Gentio- ing; the Flanibeau D.:nce was begun, at men of the Chamber, and the Court Oficers which the Ministers of State carried the of State, through all the parade apartments, torches. With this ended the festivity. into the White Hall. After them went the The new couple were attended to their King, with the Queen Dowager ; Prince apartment by the reigning Queen an.I the Lewis of Pruslia, with the reigning Queen Queen Dowager. (the Crown Prince was ablent, by indifpofi The Duke of York wore on this day, the tion); the Hereditary Prince of Orange, English uniform ; and the Princeis Frederica with Princess Wilhelmina ; Prince Henry, was dressed in a suit of diap d'argent, ornaa third son of the King, with the Hereditary mented with diamonds. Stadtholderels, his aunt; Prince Wilhelm The Palace of the Margrave of Anspach of Pruflia, with Princess Augusta z Che Duke was illuminated. of Weimar, with the spouse of Prince Henry CEREMONIAL of tbe RE-MARRIAGE. of Prussia ; the reigning Duke of Mecklen London, Nov. 2 3. At seven o'clock in the burg Strelitz, with the Heredizary Princess evening, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the of Brunswick.

Lord Chancellor, and the Bishop of London, In the White Hall, a canopy was erected came to the Queen's house ; the Archbishop of crimson velvet, and also a crimpson velvet attended by two pages and his train bearer ; Topha for the marriage ceromony.

and the Lord Chancellor in his full robes, When the young couple had placed them with the Great Seal of England carried befelves under the canopy, before the sopha, fore him, and his crain borne. and the Royal Family Itood round them, the At half past eight o'clock, the Prince of Upper Counsellor of the Confiftory, Mr. Wales, the Duke and Duchess of York, and Sack, made a speech in German. This be the Duke of Clarence, entered the Queen's ing over, rings were exchanged ; and the ile house, and were immediately conducted to lustrious couple, kneeling on the fophia, her Majesty's drawing-room. were married according to the rites of the The Bishops and the Chancellor were in a Reformed Church. The whole ended with separate room for near three quarters of an a prayer; and twelve guns placed in the gar- hour, preparing the form of the register. den nring three rounds, the benediction was AC nine o'clock, the Bishops and the Lord given. After which, the new-married coue Chancellor having intimated that they were pie received the congratulations of the Royal ready, they were admitted iuto her Majesty's Family, and they returned in the same mau- drawing-room ; upon which the proceflion, ner to the apartments, where the Royal Fa- attended by the Officers of the Chapel mily, and all persons present, sat down to Royal, proceeded to the Grand Saloon card-tables ; after which, the whole Court, Books of the marriage ceremony were delithe High Nobility, and the Amballadors, fat vered to all the Royal Family by the Archdown to supper.

bishop of Canterbury. The supper was served at fix tables. The At the request of ibe Archbishop, a table first was placed under a canopy of crimson was directed to be placed in the Saloon, velvet, and the victuals served in gold dishes which was formed as an altar, and was nar. and plates. Lieutenant-General Bornstedt row enough for the Archbishop to reach and Count Bruht had the honour to carve, across, and join the hands of the Royal Pair. without being feated.

Albalf past nine the ceremony was perThe other five tables, at which fat the formed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Generals, Ministers, Ambassadors, all the affifted by the Bishop of London ; lus Ma. Officers of the Couri, anu the High Nobility, jesty standling at one end of the altar, and her were ferved in other apartments.

Majefty at the other extremity; the Duke Those who did the bonacurs at there iables and Duchess of York in the centre; the GENT. MAG. November, 1771.


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