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D. esq. mayor of Doncaster, to Miss Anne At Kirton in Holland, co. Lincoln, Mr. Smith, of Hayfields, near that town.

Everard, of Durington, near Sleaford, có vis At Worting, near Basingstoke, Hants, Ed: Turfitt, of Kirton. ward Lane, esp. of Worting lodge, in the Julg 1. Francis \'enell, esq. of West Male fame county, to Miss Allen, daugh. of Capt. ling, Kent, to Miss Lucy Pei fect, ad daughA. of the royal navy.

ter of Dr. P. of the same place. Mr. Geo. Parker, of Edenham, co.Lincoln, 4. 'At Wakerley, co. Northampton, Lord to Miis Sceel, of Lincoln.

Sherrard, only son of the Earl of Harbon 24. AC Manchester, Mr. N. Heywood, rough, to Miss Eleanor Monckton, youngest merchant, of Liverpool, to Miss Percival, daughter of the Hon. John M. of Finethade. eldest daughter of Dr. P. of Manchester. At Crothorne, co. York, James Burchall,

At Edinburgh, Capt. Alex. Cunningham, M.D. to Miss Anne Brigham, daughter of jn. of the royal navy, to Miss Jane Scott, daugh. B. esq. of Richmond, co. York. ter of the late Dr. Jn. S. of Coars.

A: Goadhys co Leicester, Mr. Jo. Goold, 25. At Dublin, Capt. Saunders, of the ath master of the mathematical academy at Spaldregiment of dragoons, to Miss Smith, ellest ing, co. Lincoln, to Miss Henrietta Davens daughter of Alderman S.

port, daughter of the Rev. Tho. D. vicar of Peter Clark, esq. of Fenchurch-street, to Wyfall, co. Nottingham. Mis Mary Dold, of Tavistock-ft. Cov.-garil. S. At Ealing, Middlesex, Wm. Seger, ere.

Mr. În. Forfyih, of Bridge-street, to Mits of Harrow, to Mrs. Hunt, relict of James H. Charlotte Hitchcock,

esq. late of Union-hall, Herts. 27. Liberty Taylor, efq, brother to the 7. Mr. Tho. Breach, of Paternoster.row, M P. for Maidstone, to Miss Allen, of Maide to Miss Donne, of Norwich. ftone, daughter of Capt. A. who was nearly Mr. Clarke, of Barnsley, co. York, altorrelated to Lord Amherst.

ney, to Miss Grace, of Scixwold, co. Linc. 28. Jolin Hogse, ely. of Lincoln's-inn, to Mr. R. Webster, farmer, of Maxey, co. Miss Jones, of Braintree, Elsex.

Linc. to Miss Mary Gri:lio, of Borough-fen. Charles Worthington, esq.of Lincoln's-inn, At Bradford, Rev. Wm. Atkinfon, fellow co Miis Eliz. Maude, daughter of the late of Jesus College, Cambridge, to Miss Cota James of New Brod-ftr.-buildings. tam, fifter of Cha. Milner, esq. of Kent.

Rev. Henry Wakeham, second son of Rev. 8. Rev. James Davenport, D. 1. vicar of Dr. W. dean of Bocking, to Miss Jane Nito Stratford upon Avon, to Miss Webb, only tidge, third dau. of Josialı of Bocking. daughter of the late John W. esq. of Slier

At Nottingham, Rev. Mr. Blackhaw, lace borne, near Warwick. minister of a Baptist meeting in Hervey-lanc, 9. At Newington, Surrey, Jof. Echalaz, Leicester, to Miss Robinson.

esq. of Upper Clapton, to Miss Mary Alo 29. Rev. Henry Hatton, to Miss Pepperell, lager, of Newington, ellett daughter of Sir Wm. P. bart. of Hars At Bath, Jolin Manley, esq. late captain ley-street, Cavendish-square.

in the 33d reziinent of fooi, to Miss Line. Rev. Mr. 'Vilby, to Miss Wiggington, both 10. At Bath, Mr. Peter Carey, to Miss of King's Cliffe, co. Northampton.

Eliz, Bretton, both of that city. jo. At Sheepey, co. Leicester, Rowland 11. Sir Nelson Rycroft, bart. of Calton, Farmer Okeover, esq. of Oldtury, to Mis. co. York, to Miss Read, youngest daughter Holden, of Sheepy.

of the late Henry R.efy. of Crowood, Wilts. At Hull, Mr. John Green, merchant, and Rev. Geo. Turnor, rector of Pauton, c). one of the elder brethren of the Trinity Lincoln, co Miss Hanmer, daugh, of the lare house, to Mrs. Moore, widow of the late Mr. Sir Walden H. bart. of Hanmer, co. Flint, M. sen. merchant, of that town.

At Sheepey, co. Leicester, Jir. James RidLare'y, at Kirkhampton, in Cumberland, ley, chemist and druggiit, co M is jane FeareMr. Thomas Smith, aged 7o, to Miss Eliz. field, of Grendon, co. Warwick. Brown, aged 19.

Mr. James Cropper, joiner, to kils RedAt Powerstock, co. Dorset, Mr. Richard man, both of Skaford, co. Lincoln. Harbin, aged 80, to Miss Gale, aged 18.

12. AC S:antte::d, Herts, Capt. Stephen At the seat of the Right Hon. John Beres George Church, of the royal navy, to mits ford, in Ireland, Wm. Reynell, esq. eldest Maria Kempe, eldest daughter of fn. Tabor son of John R. efq. of Castle Reynell, co. K.esy. of St. Margaret's-place, in fanie co. Westmeath, to Miss Montgomery, daughter At Nottingham, Mr. Rich. Fowler, ton of of the late Sir Wm. M. bart., at Derby, to Mrs Madducti, At Dublin, Conyngliam Jones, esq. of Dola widow of Mr. M. surgeon, of Notringham. kardstown, co. Meath, lieutenant in the 4th Rev. Cha. Holland, of Bark with, to Miss regiment of dragons, and aid de camp to the Wilkinson, of Lugon, near Wragby, Linc. Lord Lieutenant, to Miss Shawe.

13. John Chardin Musgrave, eru eldert At Nailston, co. Leicester; Rev. E. Rey- fon of Sir Philip M. bart to Mifs Filmer, folds, fellow of Brazen Nose College, Oxford, daughter of Rev. Edmund F. rector of irano to Miss Knowles, of Nailfton.

dale, Kent, and niece to Sir Jorm F. b.uri. At Burton, co. Lincoln, Mr. Phillips, wool "At Claybrook, co. Leicester, Mr. I.Grooi festiwa', of Louth, to Miss Moure, of bulton. cock, to Miss Anne Blackley.


At Wandsworth, Tho. Were, esq. of Bread 23. At Richmond, Surrey, Capt. Pere'Itrect, to Miss Steele, of Woodbridge-street, grine Daniel Fellowes; of Lincoln, to Mis one of the people called Quakers.

Harriet-Elizabeth Carpenter, of Richmond. Ac Salisbury, Rev. Wm. Moody, only fun John Pooley Kensington, eiq of Lombard of Wm. M. esq. of Bathampion, Wilis, to street, to Miss Turner, of Fulham. Miss Twells, only surviving daughter of the Jate Rev. Leonard T. rector of Thakenham,

DEATHS. co. Sussex.

1790. 14. Ralph Hamilton, esq. of the 3d reg. of 07. 20.

29th year, Mr. John Mavor, guards, to Miss Green, of James-street. one of the others of the Royal Admiral

Mr. H. Witham, surgevn, of Great Queen- East India-man. Street, Lincoln's inn-fields, to Miss Elizabeth 1791. April 20. At Perth, Mrs. Kathria Langdale, daughter of the late Tho. L. esq. Gairdener, relict of Mr. Wm. Wilson, late

At Plymtree, Devon, Richard Blake, esq. merchant in Perth. She had been for many merchant, of Bristol, to Miss Harward, dau. years deprived of her speech, and an almost of the Dean of Exeter.

total loss of all power of the right side, and, At Shrewsbury, Mr, Edw. Pryce, grocer, for thesc ten years part, confined to her house to Miss Olney, only daughter of Othe: by a relaxation of the whole nervous system. of the same place, late of Doctors Commons. Her judgement, however, remained quite

16. At Pancras, Mr. Fitmın, son of Mr. unimpaired, and a degree of quickness secmP. of Charlotte-Street, Rathbone-place, to ed rather to increase with her distress. Thr Miss Simmons, of Mortimer-street.

facility with which the expresied herself was Rev. Geo. Minty, LL.D. master of an ac?. really attonithing. With the allistance of a demy at Putney, lo Miss Foord.

few signs (in the choice of which the was At Greenwich, John Heapy, esq. of Al exceedingly ingevious), understood, howdermanbury, to Miss Sparkes, of Blackheath, ever, by none but her fun and daughter, erdaughter of the late Joseph S. ery.

pecially the last, the could relate a story, in At Tadcaster, Archibald Fletcher, esq. ad- alınost all its circumstances, which happened vocare, of Edinburgh, co Miss Eliza Dawson, forty or fifty years ago, with amazing readidaughter of Miles D. esq. of Tadcaster. ness. She bore her long distress with the

George-Augustus Mowbray, esq. of Fora molt exemplary resignation to the will of castle, co. Durham, to Miss Coghill. Heaven, and maintained a constant chearful

17. Ai Ripon minster, Sir Alex. Munro, ness of mind, to the admiration of all who one of the commillioners of the customs, and saw her. The immedliate cause of her death late conful general in Spain, to Miss Jolin was a ftroke of the pally on the left fide, 1tone, of Tavistock street, Bedford-square, with a relaxation of the muscles of the tho. only daughter of the late Andrew J. esq. rax and mouth, and of the whole nervous who died Feb. 18.

Tynem; and although in the most extreme 18. At Hargrave, co. Northampton, Rev. trouble, her recollection continued till within C. W. Fonnereau, to Miss Neale, daughter of a little time of her death. She knew her Tho. N. of Ipfwich, M.D.

children, and killed their hands in the most At Ditchling, Suilex, Tho. Turner, esq. of grateful manner for their attention to lier, Old Land, to Miss Klaber, of Porlade, near She died in the 61st year of her age; had Brighthelmstone.

been very handsome when young, and liad At Derby, Sam. Fox, efq. to Miss Strutt, the remains of a fine face to the latt. daughter of J. of that place.

Mov... Mrs. Bucban, the leader of a 19. Mr. Geo. Blackman, only ton of John few celuled people, who for a time resided Lucie B. esq. of Chatham-place, to Miis in the neighbourhood of Thorntonhill, near Harnage, daughter of Col. H.

Dumfries. Her followers were greatly reRev. Dr. Lewin, of Bulhy, to Miss Eliz. duced in number ; hut Mr. White, once a Capper, of the fame place.

relief-minifter, continued till her last. Finde 20. By special licence, at Ganthy, nearing the was going the way of all the eartlı, Horncastle, Lord Wm. Beauclerk, second fon the called her disciples together, and exhortof the Duke of St. Albans, to Miss Carter ed then to continue stedfast and unanimous Thelwall, of Medbourn, co. Lincoln, daugh, in their adherence to the doctrine which they ter of the late Rev. Carter T. rector of had received from her. She then told them, Broughton, in the same county.

Nie had itill one secret to communicate; 21. Sir George Womhuell, iari. of Womb which was, that she was the Virgin Mary, well, co. York, to Lady Anne Bellasyse, le the real mother of our Lord; that the was cond daughter of the Earl of Fauconberg. the same woman mentioned in the Revela

Mr. Benjamin Merchant, of Cripplegate, tions as being clouched with the sun, &c. to Miss Mary Rogers, of Aldersgate Itreet. who was driven into the wilderness: that

22. Ac (lewoith, Mr. Jn. Peirriam, aged lhe had been wandering in the world ever 16, to Mrs. Sawyer, widow', aged 69. Ince our Saviour's days, and for some time

Ac Bristol, John Macartny, ely. captain in past the lial sojourned in Scotland: that the 32d regiment of fout, lu Miss Matilda though here she appeared to die, they need. Killeti, of the Hutwells.

eu not to be discouraged, for the would only.


Neep a little, and in a Mort, time would he was wounded in the knee: 14 men were again visit them, and conduct them to the killed in the Alarm, and 26 wounded New Jerusalem. After the diell, it was a During the arduous service at the reduction long time before her enthusiastic votaries of the Harannah, Capt. Alms was entrusted, would straighten or dress the corpse; nor by the commander in chief, on many indid they coffin her until they were obliged portant occafions; but it remains one of thereto by the smell; and after that, they those un accountable neglects in the fortune would not bury hier, but built up the coffin of many deserving officers, that he was not in a corner of the barn, always expecting appointed a poit.capkan till 1765; from that she would rise again from the dead, ac which time, till September, 1987, C. pt. A. cording to her promise, and conduct them enjoyed, with his family at Chichetter, every to Jerusalem. At last, the people in the peature from domelic attachment, ill he country around, shocked with these pro was appointed to the Moninouth, o 64 gins, ceedings, interfered, went to a justice of in which thip he sailed under Commodore the peace, and got an order that the should Johnstone for the East Indies. The spirited be buried. So that the filmous Mrs. Buchan manner in which he fouglit the Monmouth, of the West is now lodged in the house ap in Port Prava Bay, was an introduction to pointed for all living.

what Mons. Suffrein afterwards experienced ynne 3. Mrs. Hatt, wife of Mr. Rich. H. from him in the obstinate engagements heof Wormley, Herts.

tween the two fleets in India. The ships 8. At Chichester, in his 64th year, Capt. which were destined for Madras proceeled, James Alms, of the royal navy.--This or under his command, to join Sir Euward nament of the British navy was a native of Hughe, ; and, after braving uncommon hardGosport, in the county of Southampton. In ships from the unfavourable season, it was the 14th year of his age he acted as aid de. accomplished on the 5th of February. The camp to Capt. Watson, of the Dragon, in the active and resolute spirit of the French Ado engagement of Mathews and Lettock, and miral is yet recent in the mind of every received from his commander many marks

The moit confpicuous share which of approbation. From the Dragon he went Cajt. Alms had in any action was on the to the Namur, of 74 guns, which thip bore memorable 12th of April. He was this day a part in the memorable capture of the second to Sir Edward Hughes. Suff: ein bore French squadron, and their Eait India cone down with an interation, it was thought, to voy, by Lord Anson, May 3, 1747. In Oc board the British Admiral. Capt. Alms, perLober following, in the same this, he accom ceiving this, lutted up the Monmouth, raked paniel Admiral Boscowen to the East In his enemy, and frustrated his manœuvre. dies. This fhip, with three others, was Capt. Alms had now to sustain a terrible fire wrecked on the Coromandel coast, in April, from Suffrein and his two seconds, which 1749; but our young hero, reserved by Pro continued until the Monmouth's main and vidence for more brilliant services, was one mizen masts fell overboaril. Suffrein, whose out of 23 saved from the crew of the Namur. fhip had fuftsined prodigious damage, perImmediately after this disaster, he was pro- ceiving the firuntion of this antagoniit, took muted to be lieutenant of the Siren, in which French leave, while the Thattered Monmouth Tip he came home. In 1754 he failed again continued her fire as long as her shot could for the East Indies, as commander of the reach him. On the smoke clearing away Hardwicke Indiaman, in which he was pre as the firing ceased, Capt. Alms found him. sent at the attack of the Geriat under Sir self far to windwarı, set his fore fail, which Charles Wation. But war breaking out be Wis all he had, and boldly fired at the French tween France and Great Britain, in 1758, he line as he passed to join the British Acet. In accompanied Mr. Ives, who published the this dreadful conflict with the enemy, the history of the voyage, over land, to otfer his Monmouth's colours, being twice thot away, service in the line of his profeffion. Nov. 20, were nailed to the stump of the mizen mait, 1759, he was first lieutenant of the Mars, in never to be struck. Seven guns were dira the victory obtained by Sir E. Hawke over mounted, 45 men killed, and 102 wounded. Conflans. In June, 1761, he was promoted The Captain himself had two wounds in his to the rank of matter and commander. In face from splinters, Iwo musket-balls went February, 1762, he sailed, as acting captain thro' his hat, his hair was on fire, his coat torn of the Alarm frigate, to the West Indies, and between the shoulders, and one of the skirts was at the taking of Martinico. Shortly af shot away. The wheel twice cleared ; ter this, he took an armed floop of 18 guns, and only two, with himself, remained on the and another of 12 guns. June 3, on his paré quarter-deck. Happy was it for the counsage with the British Acet, defined for Ha try that such an hero bad to oppose the darvannah, by the fuperior failing of the Alarm ing and intrepid courage of Suftrein, a naval he came up with, and, after an hour's engige officer fuperior to any that France ever proment, took two Spanish ships of war, one of duced. But wine we contemplate with 22 guns, nine-pounlers, and 180 men, the kon 'er this boic action, and while ine other of 18 guns, and 83 men. In this ac page of History thall record it to posterity, hon several balls passed through his hat, and as never sur palled in naval warfare, the liner GENT. Mag. July, 1791.


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feelings of the heart will throb to find, that, aged 65, Lady Anne Hamilton, reliet of the
amidh these well-earned laurels, this worthy late Lord Anne Hamilton, youngest ron of
officer had a son, a lieutenant, an honour to James fourth Duke of Hamilton. Her Lady-
the profeflion of arms, brave, accomplished, ihip was daughter and sole heiress of Charles
all that friends or country could with, and Powell, esq. of Pen-y-Bout, co. Carmarthen.
in the bloom of youth, killed on board the At her house in Tiviot-row, Edinburgh, the
Superb. Capt. Alms has left a wife and five Countess-dowager of Aberdeen.
children. His eldest son is now a lieutenant At Mrs. Mayhew's, Castle inn, White-
in the St. George, with Rear-admiral Sir lion-lane, Norwich, aged 75, Mrs. Wanty.
Richard King, his father's friend, and the On his way honie from Stamford, Mr.
gallant associate of his services in India. He Ambrose Reddal, of Bloddington, co. Glou-
bore a long and painful illness with the ut cester. He went to bed as well as usual the
most patience and resignation to the Divine preceding night.
will; and met his death with all the forti. At Kegworth, after a long illness, Mrs.
tude of a mind familiarized to danger in Burton, relict of Mr. Rob. B. of that place.
various forms.

27. At the Holwells, Bristol, in his 24th
10. At Brest, of an attack of the gout, the year, Mr. Stanley Crowder, jun. son of Mr.
celebrated French admiral, M. de la Motte S.C. bookseller, Paternoster-row.
Piquet; whose death is a severe loss to the At Canterbury, Mills Rogers, esq. collec-
navy of France.

tor of the customs there. At East-Quantoxhead, aged 93, Mrs. Eli. Mr. Wm. Randolph, an eminent merchant zabeth Pain ; whose age, with her five chil at Bristol. In a fit of insanity he shot him. dren now living, niake 417 years. She has self behind a hay-rick, in a field near that city. left 49 grand and great-grandchildren.

In bis 75th year, Mr. Geo. Bishop, one of 22. After a long illness, at his seat at Stub the lay-clerks of the cathedral of Norwich. hing, near Chelterfield, co. Derby, Major 28. Wm. Baylis, esq. high alderman of general Gladwin, an officer of great merit. Worcester. He had served a long time in America, At Pangbourn, Sir Edw. Manly Fryce, bart. wliere he was wounded at the action with At her house at 1Nington, Mıs. Mary Wilthe French and Indians at the back settle. kinson, mother of Mr. W. ribbon-weaver, of ments on the banks of the river Ohio, in Gold-Street. Wood-street, Cheapfide. July, 1753, when Gen. Braddock, the Eng. 29. At Chatham, suddenly, Mr. Barrow, lith commander, unhappily lost his life. house carpenter, son of Mr. Rich. B. publi

At Hallow-park, co. Worcester, in ad can, of that town. His death was occasioned vanced age, Lady Mary Dougiass Baroness by imprudently drinking three pitsts of cold Mordington, wife of Wm. Weaver, erg. and water when very warm with play. daughter of George fourth Lord Mordington. After a short illness, aged near 70, Mr.

24. John Batchelor, efq. of Mare-street, Rich. Hanwell, of Kidlington, near Bath. Hackney, one of the governors and guardians At Odell castle, co. Bedford, Sir Rowland of the poor of that parish.

Aliton, bart. Being the last of that antient
On board the Prince William-Henry Fast family, and dying without illue, the title is
India-man, Edward Raphael, eíq. au Arme- become extinct.
nian merchant, front Madras.

30. At Berwick St. John, co. Wilts, in his
25. After a very short illness, Sir Lionel 891h year, Rev. Edw. Rolle, B. D. He had
Lycie, bart. of Bedford square, and of Ayot been recior of that parith near 36 years, vi-
St. Laurence, Herts, where our readers will car of Miorelinch, co. Somerset, and several
recollect he rebuilt the parish church, from years one of ihe prebendaries of Salisbury.
a design of Mr. Revett; of the confecration At Brittol, Mr. Cross, an eminent distiller
of which, see our vol. XLIX. p. 374; LIX. and banker. His acquired fortune exceeds
972. He was created a baronet of Great 100,0col.
Britain in 1972, and had been an eminent At Arnold, near Nottingham, in a very ad.
tobacco-merchant. His large property, both vanced age, Wm. Coape Sherbrooke, ely.
in Hertfordshire and London, was, by the who had been several years in the commif.
express direction of his will, fold by public tion of the peace for that county, and a ver-
auction immediately after his decease.

durer of the forest of Sherwood. At her house in Paddington-street, Mary. Lulely, at Stockholm, the celebrated Pro- Bonne, aged 88, Mrs. Rawlins, surviving feffor Lenoberg. futter of Melsrs. Rawlins, many years emi In Jamaica, aged 88, Mr. Abraham Ronent pawnbrokers in Long-acre. The bulk driques Cardozu. – Mr. Daniel Chitholm.of her fortune goes to Mr. Musgrave, her Mr. Wm. Harboitle.-Mr. Edwin Lewis. nephew, who has lived with her many years. Wm. Plan!er, eiq.-Capt. Wheadon, of the

26. Mr. Jones, silversmith, St. James's-str. Mip Lord Hood of London.- John Mackin

Ac Benneheld. co. Northampton, while at toth, esq.-James Rutherford, efq. -Rev. the communion-Luble in the church, Mrs. Thomas Poole, rector of Clarendon.-Lient. York, wife of Mr. Y. of Farring wood. She Daw-Eyre White, of the 62d regiment. went to church in perfect health.

At Mount Reilly, near Dundalk, Ireland, At her house in Great Marlborough-street, in his 1ozd year, Mr. Hugh Reilly,


At Birchgrove, near Swansea, Tho. Mor. exemplary member, but by all who knew gan, esej. one of the justices and deputy-lieu- him) as a man of good fense, fincere in his tenants of the comty of Glamorgan.

professions, friendly in his disposition, and of Rev. Mr. Warren, many years vicar of the strict integrity. parish of Plymstock, Devon. He has left At Kirkby-Lonsdale, within the space of 2oucl. to be appropriated to charitable uses, one week, the three following persons, for the poor of that parish.

whose ages together amount to 290 years; At Sibson castle, co. Salop, W. Whitacre, viz Elizabeth Bell, widow, aged 97; John esq. of Longwood-house, near Huddersfield, Preston (the oldest freeman of the borough co. York. He was the first person who, at of Lancaster, on record, ar the time of his his own expence, established a Sunday School death) in his 97th year; and Elizabeth Tayin Yorkshire, which commenced with four lor, widow, aged 97. There is a striking teachers and 100 scholars.

fingularity in the circumstance of three peo. At his farm near Newington-green, in his ple, residing in the same town, departing at 75th year, Mr. Lodgate, one of the oldest in The same period, and after attaining to nearly habitants of the parish of Isington.

the fame great age; which also exhibics a Capt. David Williams, commander of a notable instance of longevity. Thip belonging to Bristol, in the African trade, Mr. Fytche, of the vail of the city of Line and formerly of Skerr, co. Glamorgan. coln, formerly a bookseller at Louthi.

Mr. Bluett, of Falmouth. His death was Mrs. Drury, wife of Mr. John D. of Eagle, peculiarly distrelling to his daughter, who near Lincoln. was travelling with him. The gentleman At Hull, universally respected, aged 68, happened to fall out of his carriage, near Mr. Rob. Gardner, thip owner' Lifton, in Devon hire; and though he alsur Aged 86, Mrs. Chamberlayne, wife of ed Miss B. that he had received no hurt, and Da'ton C. esp. of Great Dunham, near Swafwent to bed chearful, yet the, being appre

ham co. Norfolk. hensive, from some syniptoms, that all was Mrs. Pritchard, wife of Rev. Mr. P. of not well, fat up by him, and in a short time La hun, Suffolk, and widow of the late Rev. he gave one groali, and expired.

Gustavus Newcomb. At Portsinouth, Wm. Hallett, the oldest In a very advanced age, Mrs. Trowell, fhipwright in the dock-yard there, having mother of Major I. of the Derbysh. militia. been in that situation upwards of 67 years. At her apartinents in Red lion-street,

At a poor-house in Hoxton, Mr. James Clerkenwell, Mrs. Mary Stmdinh. Balthouse. As a fingular instance of profu At her lodgings in S!. Martin's-lane, Mrs. fion, he had formerly expended near 3000l. Bryant, wife of Mr. J. B. of poetical mein one public-house in the city, which had mury, late of Bristol. fallen to him by the death of a relation : in July 1. Mr. Allen, of Piccadiliy, plumber. consequence of which, he was for several About seven o'clock in the eve::ing, while years allowed a pint of beer a day by the walking in St. James's street, he was seized publican, after he was reduced; and le filled with a sudden hit, fell down, and instantly ihe places of a watchman and street - keeper expired. He was in good health and fpirits previously to his falling upon the parish. the moment before.

At Henllys, co. Carmarthen, the Rev. Mr. Ac Brompton, Middlesex, Mr. Joseph Williams, 30 years rector of Weston, in Kirke, nursery and seedsman. Staffordshire.

Mr. Samuel Jeiler, attorney at law, of Mr. Samuel Landen, purser of the Belle Frome, co. Sonei set. Poule, in ordinary at Chatham.

At his house in Bartlett's-buildings, At Chesham Fold, co. Lancaster, aged up. Holborn, Griffith Williams, efq. many years wards of 89, Rub. Hawortlı, bedder. Hie bad au agent to the

corps of marines. lived there, under five difierent landlores, At Ramece:111, near Calais, after a tedionis near 51 years; and was father, grandfather, illnets, the Lady of Sir Thomas Champneys, great-grandfather, and great-great-grandfa- batt. of Crcharuleg-louse, co. Sonersei. ther to 174 pertons, 12 of whom lived with Mr. Redford, of St. Martin's Stamforde him at the line of bis decease.

Baron, L:1:In. At Newtown, Mr. Authony Poole, apo Aged 69, Mr. Beacrost, draper, of Mar. thecary there.

ket Deeping, co. Lincoln. Mrs. Dodge, wife of Rev. Mr. D.of Exeter. 3. Mr. Edward Dixon, of the Old Bailey,

Rev. Dr. Edward Brydges Blacket, recior printer. of Stoke Damarel, co. Devon. This living, Suddenly, at his feat at Aramftone, co. worth upwards of 6ool. a year, is in the gitt Hereford, Francis Woodhouse, efq. barrier of Sir John St. Aubyn.

at low, recen:l son of John W. ely. of YatAt Wolfty, in Holm-Cultram, co. Cum Con-court, i thie fame county berland, Mr. David Saul, in the 85th year of At Cirencester, Rev. Win. Dore, many bis age, upwards of 60 years of which he had years a dillenring-minister there, of deserved been a public speaker amongst the peope reputation und etteem. called Qunkers; greatly respected (not only In Triniy-str. Dublin, Henry Colquhoun, by that religious Society, of wbich he was an deemed the bed flute-inaker in Ireland.


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