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July 15.

haviour. He contended also, that the war- partly reconciled the inconsistencies in fie rant of commitment was defective ; and cited vour of the plaintiff. many cases to prove that Mr. Addington had The Jury retired, and, after some time, acted illegally.

broughic in their verdict for the Plaintiff, Lord Kenyon wished the Counsel to frame 311. 10s. a cale, in order that the question, which seems of infuite consequence to the publick, The Coroner's Inquest sat on the body of and to every Magiftrate, whose condust in Mr. Graham ; see p. 672. After a due infuture must be guided by this decision, might vestigation of this melancholy transaction, receive the folemn sanction of the Court. as well its origin as every subsequent part, Yuly 13.

the jury brought in a verdict of Manjizb. The Court of King's Bench laid down a der against Mr. Julius the principal, and acmost important rule with respect to the ad quitted the Seconds. mission of Attornies, which was read by the On the next evening (Saturday) his corpse Clerk, and is in substance as follows: was interredin Lincoln's-Inn burial-ground. “ 'I hat, from and after the last day of Mi

Yuly 19. chaelmas Term next, it was ordered, that no About ten o'clock in the morning a young Attorney who wrote, or did business, for gentleman put a period to his existence in a other Attornies, should bave any Articled field behind the Duke of Bedford's house.Clerk, or if he bad, that his service should He was observed by a gentlemau, wilo not be deemd good service. And that, be- palled him on his way from Illington, to fore any person applied for admiflion to be take a pistol from his pocket, and then with an Attorney of the Court of King's Bench, the utmost coolness seated himlelf on the unless he had been previously admitted as an turf. The gentleman, thinking he was go. Attorney of some other Court, he fhould, ing to amuse himself by shooting at the birds, for the space of one full term, cause his name took no notice of him, until, alarmed by and place of abodu, as well as the name and the report of the pistol, he turned his head, plac e of abode of the Attorney to whom he and saw him fall; he then hurried back, and had been articled, to be written in legible found that the ill-fated young man had place! characters on the outside of the Court of the muzzle of the pistol to the pole of his King's Bench, where public notices are usu. neck, and had blown out his brains. Oin ally ituck up, and also in the King's Bench searching his pockets a card. was found, Office, and at the Judges' Chambers." which discovered his name, and another con.

Lord Kenyon said, this had been commu. taining the address of a friend, who, being nicated to the Court of Common Pleas. sent for, immediately attended, and saw the

At night, as Mr. John Palmer, of the bouy conveyed to a neighbouring house, for Haymarket theatre, was returving from the Coroner's Jury to sit on it. Richmond in a gig, accompanied by Mr. Kel A poor old woman, with a basket on her ly, of the Strand, the horse took fright in head, had a few moments before requested Kentington, and threw both the geotlemen the allittance of the unhappy man to list

Mr. Palmer received a dreadful cut in down her burthen, and he had attended to the head, and liis collar-bone was fractured; her defire with great humanity and care. bis life was declared to be in very imminent Pecuniary embarrassments are faid to have danger. Mr. Kelly received a violent blow been the cause of his committing the rain on the úde, by which he was much cut, and act. his head and face were greatly bruised.

In the afternoon a poor countryman was July 14.

going over Blackfriars Bridge behind a coach, In the Court of King's Bench, an action and, in endeavouring to get from behind the was tried, Hopkins versus Sawyer, which lime, before he could recover himself from took up a considerable part of the time and the lear, was knocked down by the horses attention of the Court. The Plaintiff, last of another coach which was coming up at Spring, purchased a horse, for thirty yuineas, the same inftant; by wbich accident the from the Defendant, which was warranted coach wheel went over the back part of the to be found; but ihe horse dying some time poor man's neck, and killed him on the spot. after the purchase, in consequence of un

July 24: soundness, the present action was brought to A young woman threw herself from one recover his value from the Defendant. The of the barges at the Adelphi Wharf into the circumstance that created peculiar difficulty Thames; ihe was soon taken out by fome in leaching the true merits of the cale, was fishermen, but would give no account of the de:th of the farrier who had the care of herself, or the reafons which in:luced her to the horse after his coming into the Plaintiff's make the raih attempt.--She appeared to be posle lion. It appeared, however, that the about twenty-four years of age, and was far horse was ill at the time of his delivery, and, advanced in pregnancy. growing worse, shortly died. Two servants

Vi ednesday, August 17, belonging to the Defendant gave a testimony This day the following Proclamation wis directly contrary to that of the witnesses on iffued by the King in Council : “ Whereas behalf of the Plaintiff; but Lord Kenyon . his Majelty was pleased, by his order in



ford ; 74:

Council of the 29th of last month, to direct, change, the stock-jobbers have thought it that the bounties granted by his Majesty's necellary to adopt a new mode. In general proclamation of the 25th of March, 1791, to it has been customary to settle on one day able and ordinary seamen, who should enter and to pay on the next ; and, when settlingthemselves to serve in his Majesty's royal day happened upon a Friday, the Jews have navy as therein mentioned, Tould he conti had the indulgence till Monday : but now nued nutilthe 31st day of this instant August: notice was given to the Jews, that they are and whereas his M jesy doth judge it no to pay in the evening, and that the house longer necessary to continue the said boun

will be kept open for that purpose. The ties: his Majesty is thereupon pleased, by great advance in the stocks has occafioned and with the advice of his Privy Council, to this new regulation. Some capital failures order and declare, that the said bounties Thall had happened, and more were expected. from henceforth cease, determine, and he no

Wednsday 31: longer paid or payable, any thing in the said By authentic intelligence from Madrid, a order of the 29th of last month contained to Treaty of Peace and Commerce between the contrary not withstanding. Whereof all Spain and the Regency of Tunis, wirb bunpersons concerned are to take notice, and go- ble ebanks to obe Almig buy for lo great a favour, vern themselves accordingly."

was signed a Madrid on the igth of July, Friday 19:

by Count De CIFUENTIS. This day an express from Government Tlie following are the Preliminaries awas received at Portsmouth by Admiral greed upon between the Allied Courts and Roddam and Commillioner Saxton, with or Ruflia, as the basis for negociating peace beders for paying off the Fleet with all possible tween the Turks and Ruilians. These Predispatch. The following is an exact state of liminaries contain her Imperial Majesty's the destination of the different ships :

Ultimatum ; and prescribe the conditions on Guard-ships to be ftationed at Portsmouth : which the Allies are empowered to agree, Duke, flag-ship, 98 guns ; Brunswick, 74; on her part, with the Turks. Alcide, 74; Edgar, 74; Hector, 74; Bed 1. That Oczakow, with all its fortifica.

tions, and its whole district, shall remain in At Plymouth : St George, flag-nip, 98; the pofleifion of her Ruflian Majesty. Orion, 74; Carnatic, 74; Bombay Castle, 74. 11. That all the country situated between

At Chatham : Bellerophon, flag-Thip, 74; the Rivers Bog and Dnieiter Thall, for the Vengeance, 74.

future, belong to Russia in full sovereiguty. Ships to be paid off at Portsmouth : Vic 111. That the River Duiester shall, for the tory, 100; Barfleur, 98; Frincess Royal, 90; future, determine the frontiers of both king. Magnificent, 74; Saturn, 74; Courageux, 74 ; doms. Vanguard, 74; Lion, 64 i Ardent, 64.

IV. That the two Powers Thall have a Al Plymouth : Inepregnable, 98, London, perfect and equal liberty to erect on the 98; Formidable, 98; Coloslus, 74; Cullo Thores of the said River, which shores shall den, 74; Swiftsure, 74; Illustrious, 74; serve for frontiers to the respective empires, Hannibal, 74; Cumberland, 74.

as many' fortrefles as they fh all think proper. At Chatham: Marlborough, 74; Mo V. That her Imperial Majetty grants a narch, 74; Bellona, 74 ; Robust, 74; Ar free navigation on the River Dniester. And, rogant, 74; Alfred, 74; Datator, 64.

VI. That the Courts of London and BerThough the guard thips are reduced to lin will engage to propose the faid conditwelve, yet the usual peace-com;liment of tions to the Porte, and agree to declare to feamen is to he kept up, there being twenty. the Divan, that they could obtain no other five frigares, herides smaller vefsels, to be conditions from her imperial Majetty; wd continually in commission, to scour the Chan that the Alhes Lourts expect the Poite will nel, &c. of imugrlers.

make no difficulty in accep!ing them : as, Monday 22.

mold the terms he rejected, they (the AlFive of the Rioters, who had been appre. lied Courts) will much regt heing under hended for offences committed near Birining the neceshty to abandon the Turks to the hun, were tried at the atlizes for Worcester. fate of war. thire. Only one of them was convicted. After so many false reports, we have it Tburjday 25

now from authority, that a Definitive Treaty The following Birmingham Rioters re of Peace was signed, on the 4th instant, beceived fentence of death at the Warwick tween the Emperor and the Ottoman Porte, Allizes ; viz. Francis Field, for feloniously under the joint mediation of the King of fecting tire to the bouse of Julma saylor, tlq. Great Britain, of the King of Prullia, and of Jobo Green, and Bartholomew Finner, for the States General of the United Provinces; demolishing the hiu!c of Dr. Priestley; and and that a separate Convention between his William Frand:, for itrosing the house of Imperial Majesty and the Ottoman Porte, John Ryland, Esq. Some particulars of the for setzling the limits between the two em: ic veral trials shall be given in our next. pires, was alterwards ugned on the same

Fundy 26.
Thuis being setiling-way at the Stock Exo

P. 588.


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P. 588. Mr. Whalley was of an antient length completed. Mr. W. was also author family in Northamptonshire, and received of a Copy of Verses prefixed to Harvey's his education at Merchant-taylors-school and “ Meditations ;" and before he went abroad St. John's College, Oxford, of which last he took in subscriptions, at a guinea each, for was some time fellow. After quitting the a quarto History of the several Royal HospiUniversity, he became vicar of St. Sepulchre, tals of London. Northampton. In 1766 he appied to the P. 589. The money said to have been be. Corporation of London to succeed Dr. Birch queathed by the late i ountess of Huntingdon in the rectory of St. Margaret Pattens; and to the farl of Darımouth and Sir Rich. Hill, in his address to them said, "I have neither to be distributed in charitable uses, originated, curacy nor lectureihip, but a small country probably, in her Lady Chip having, by her vicarage, whose clear annual income is un- will, nominated that Nobleman and Sir Rider leventy pounds, and which, if I merit chard Hill two of the trustees to the Orphanyour indulgence, will be neceffarily void.". house Charity in America. He obtained this rectory, and afterwards P. 608. The late Lady Anne Hamilton is added to it the vicarage of Horley, in Sur- improperly said to be the daughter of Sir J. rey (in which he is fucceeled by the Rev. Rudd ; -- the being the daughter of his lady Mr. Sparrow, vicar of Diseworth, co. Lei- (now li ing) by another husband, Charles cefter, and curate of Walthomítuw, co. Es. Powel, of Pen-y Bank, in Carmarthenshire. sex). He took he degree of B.C. L. Jan. P.680. Of the strange sect of the Buchanites 29, 1768; and in the October following was see our vol. LV. p. 391. cholen master of the grammar-school of Christ's-hospital, which he resigned in 1776,

BIRTHS. but afterwards accepted that of St. Olave, and July THE Lady of Craven Ord, esq. a son. acted as a justice of the peace in the Borough. 18.

25. Ac Ingleby Manor, co. York, He was the author of, 1.“ in Enquiry into the Lady of Sir Wm Foulis, bari. a daughter. the Learning of Shakspeare, with Remarks 28. At his Lordship's house in Portugal-Str. on several Pallages of his Plays, 1748,"8vo.- Viscountess Valletori, a daughter. 2. “A Vindication of the Evidences and Au. 29. At Sir Geo Cornwall's, in Stanhopethenticity of the Gospels from the Objections street, Mrs. Cornwall, a son. of the late Lord Boliigbroke, in his Letters Lately, Lady of Thomas Furley Forster, on the Study of History, 1753,” 8vo.-3. ef4. jun. a daugh:er. “ An Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson, Lady of Sir Thomas Hussey Apreece, with Notes, 1756," 7 vols. 8vo. ; which he bart. a son. had long since revise«l, and prepared for a new Aur 1. In Arlington-street, the Lady of edition (the Ms. being now in the hands of Jolin Morris, esq. M.P. for Calne, a son. Mr. Wal'ron, the ingenious continuator of The Lady of Henry W. Yeoman, esq. of “ The Sad Shepherd, 1783."-4.“ A Sermon Whitby, two sons. preached at St. Sepulchrc's, Northampton, 3. At her house in Privy-gardens, Lady on the Fast-day, February 17, 1758,"8vo. Charlotte Lenox, a son and heir.

“ The Institution of Public Charities. A 4. At his seat at Swillington, near Leeds, Sermon, preached at Christ's Hospital, Sep. the Lady of John Lowther, eíq. a daughter. tember 21, 1763, before the Governors of 5. At her b-use in Grosvenor-square, the the several Royal Hospitals, 1763," 400. Hon. Mis Petrie, a daughter. 6. “ Serinon before the Sons of the Clergy, In Qreen Anne-street, the Lady of Sir at St. Paul's, May 17, 1770," 410.- The Thomas Rumbold, a daughter. voluminous collections of the late able anti 6. In Portman-square, the Lady of Henry quary, John Bridges, esq. being, 1755, put Grant, esq. a daughter. into Mr. Whalley's lands on Mr. Buck At his feat in Gloucester Mire, the Lady of ler, of All Souls College, declining the busi- Jolin Dhwood, esq. a son and her. ness, he was many years employed in com 10. Mis. Kingston, of Lower Grosvenor. piling the history of his native county, from street, a daughter. these papers; and publithed the first vo At bis seat at Battlesdon-park, co. Bedford, lume about 1762, :nd the first part of the the Lady of Sir G. P. Turner, a son. second in 1769. The work, which remain 12. At Lord Fauconberg's house in George. ed dormant for several years, occasioned at street, Hanover-square, the Lady of Bernard first by “the laborious employment of super. Howard, esq a son and heir. intending a large public grammar-school,” 15. In Qreen-square, the Lady of J. 'Ware, and afterwards by an unfortunate turn in Mr. esq. a fon. W's affairs, originating in a very imprudent 19. At Brighton, the Lady of Wm. Mallet, matrimonial connexion, which involved this esq. of Farringdon-house, Burks, a daughter. learned man and respectable magistrate in 20. At bis Lordship's seat at Bellon, neue the greatelt distress, was once more resum- Grantham, Lady Brownlow, a fon. ed, when the committee for conducting it 25. At Carton, in Ireland, her Grace the were reduced to Sir Wm. Dolhen and the Duchess of Leinster, a fou and heir. late Sir Thomas Cave, and committed to the 22. At his h: use in Manchester-square, the Rev. Mr. Nares, of Christ Church, and is at Lady of Wm. Dawion, efq. a fon.



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At Dublin, Arthur Moore, efq. barrister at HARLES TIBBITS, esq. of law, tothe youngest daughter of the late Gco. 18. Woodyeare, of Crook-hill, near Barnsley, Rob. Rofs, esq. M. D. of Killinan, to Miss Co. York.

Hunt, dau. of Vere H. eiq. of Fairstone, Irel. 19. At Shillington, co. Bedford, Mr. Za. At St. Mary-la-Bonne, Mr. Simpson, of charias Johnson, an eminent grazier, of Hole Leicester, to Miss Coleman, of Orchard-fir. beach, to Miss Slator, of Holbeach-marsh. At Salisbury, Rev. Mr. Coltidge, usher of

John Foster, esq. of Leicester-grange, co. the Greek Grammar-school, aged 25, to Warwick, to Miss Charlotte Kerr, daughter Mrs. Wags, aged 85. Mrs. W. has 50 or of Dr. K. of Northampton.

60,000l. with a jointure of 300cl. per ann: 21. By special licence, at Providence, co. Mr. Frazier, gardener, of Whiteford, in Carlow, in Ireland, Rev. Wm. Hales, D. D. Stokeclimidland, aged 35, to Miss Morgan, and late fellow of Trin. Coll. Dublin, to Miss aged 12, daughter of Rey. Mr. M. of EglofWhitty, daughter of Rev. Archdeacon W. kerry, near Launceston.

22. At Warplesdon, Surrey, Mr. James John Henniker, efq. of Portman-square, to Mangles, to Miss Mary Hughes, youngest Miss Jones, daugh. of the late Rob. daughter of John H. esq.

Mr. Charlesworth, to Miss Pooley, both of 24. Mr. Benj. Sands, to Miss Mew, both Norwich. Immediately after the ceremony, of Nottingham.

in going to Yarmouth in a one-horse chaise, 25. At Hook-Norton, Mr. Lucie, wine. it was overturned, by which Mr. C's arm merchant, of London, to Mifs Wilmot. was broke in two places.

26. Mr. Wm. Lloyd, linen draper, to Miss Aug. 1. Mr. Rich. Wilson, of the TheatresMary Bradford, both of Brighthelmstone. royal Covent-garden and the Hay-market, to

27. At Enfield, Mr. Coliwall, butcher, of Miss Lee Lewes, daugh. of Mr.L.comedian. New port-market, to Miss Hanson.

At Walton, Sitwell Sitwell, eiq. son of At Oakham, co. Rutland, Mr. Thurlwell, Francis S. esq. of Renishaw, co. Derhy, to of London, to Miss Vellum, of Oakham. Miss Alice Parke, second daughter of Tho.

28. Edward Ruidge, esq. of Bath, to Miss P.esy. of Highfield, near Liverpool. Noaille, only daughter of Peter N. csq. of At Lullingston, Cha. Milner, efq. of Pres. Great Ners, in Keut,

ton-house, in Kent, to Miss Harrier Dyke, At Pancras church, Rich. Chandler, esq. youngest daughter of Sir John Dixon D. bart.. of Gloucester, to viss Evans, niece of John of Lullingston-castle, in same county. Caryll Worsiey, esq.of Platt, near Manchester. At Preston, in Scotland, Mr. W'm. Wilkie,

At Woodbury, near Exeter, John Worth, merchant, in Haddington, to Miss Elizabeth esq. of Worth, to Miss Lee, only surviving Mi Queen, eldest daughter of the Rev. Mr. daughter of the late Matt. L. esq of Ebford. Daniel M'Q. minister of Preston.

At Burton-upon-Trent, Mr. W. Worth 2. At Beighton, Mr. Dawson, attorney, of ington, to Miss Martha Evans.

Sheffield, to Miss Marshall, of Waterthorpe. Mr. C. Stretton, to Miss Neale, both of 4 By special licence, Lord Henry FitzgeLeicester.

rald, second brother to the Duke of Leinster, At Chatham, Mr. Wm. Berry, one of the to Miss C. Boyle, of Stratford-place, daughter clerks beloning to bis Niajelly's Ordnance of the late Hon. Rob. Boyle Walingham. office at Plymouth, to Muís Nancy Brown, Mr.S. Pope, of Himpstead, to Mifs Annaonly daughter of the late Mr. Edward B. an Maria Lloyd, daugh:er of Ambrose L. e q. eminent join rand/cabinet-maker a Chatham. of Ruthin, co. Denbigh.

James Scarlet, csq. to Miss Gallimore, clau. Andrew Batlico, esq. of Jermyn-fireet, tor Jarvis G. efq. of Jamaica.

one of his Majesty's metiengers, to it?iss Hall, 27 Mr. !ohn Jaciaron, farmer, to Miss daughter of 116. 11. near Noitingham. S..rall Wright, of Swineiherel, co, Livcoin. Kivi Moniagu Barton, of Souton, co. So.

30 At the house of Stephen Cottereli, efq. merici, to Miis Caroline Louisa liayter, dau. in Grofienor-lacz: 11,9 Hon. Richard Chet of Him. Newton Toney, Wilts, wyn, eldcit fun of Lord Viscount Vifs 5. Rev. Mr. Coxe, rector of Buchleif. Charlotte Cartw is!!, youngest drogliter of bury, Kerks, to Miis Susan Smith, Jaughier la:e dynho, co Northampton. of Holled S. esy. of Normuton houle, Leic.

At Mary. Ji-Boone chwili. Ceorze Nerbit 6. Capt Barnes, of the Clarendon, io Miis Thompson, els to mas, lienry Vanittant. Parry, late of Jamaica.

31. Mi. Dance, linen-draper, to Mis C.: Mr. fenj. Hodglen, of Fenchurch-street, therine-ne Daries, both of Oxforil-itreut. to Mirs. Wenm, itationer, of Flver ítrect.

Di: Blin, to Kits Eliz. D.Chwilon), dallo Mr. James liunler, to Mifs Rehecca of Mr. TW. Do! Nrichardtplon.

Thoision, youngeit daughter oi Andrew T. Laleyi ar l'itat: bohia, Rev Dr. Wither- erig, borker in Glasgow. spoon, prefent of New Jertes College, to At Noliingham, Nir. Geo. Green, to Miss Mis ng D!!, widay of Dr. D. of York Butler, «l.0;hter of Mr. B. of Lerceiter, County, in die state of New Yor.

8. John Kellall, ey of the Inner Temple, A: Kingiton, in 10.?, A. V!. Pelilsio, to Mits Liniela Mourie, fecund dauglicer efq.iudiis Ester Line, daw. of Alex. L.clq. of John M. ely. af Norton frect.


At Bath, Rev. Mr. Salmon, of Wookey, to William Wright, of the Poultry, to Miss Miss Lax, daugeh. of Geo. L. esq. of Wells. Cooper, of Wir hrworth.

9. Wm. Plumer, ela. M.P. for Herts, to 18. At Wanted, Ellex, Francis-William Miss Jane Hamilton, daughter of the late Hon. Green, esq. of Wilsdon-green, to Miss Hamand Rev. Dr. H. of Taplow, Bucks, and niece let, of Hackney-uick-boule. to the late Lord Abercori.

At Pancras church, James Webb, esq. of Ac Charlton house, in Kent, by special Wokingham, Berky, to Miss Ogbuurn, of licence, John Trevelyan, efq. eldest fon of Guildforul, co. Surrey., Sir John T. bart. to Mifs Maria Wilion, At Norton-Couyers, co. York, Col. Grethird daughter of Lieutenant-general Sir ville, of the guards, to Mifs Graham, sister to Thomas Spencer W. burt.

Sir Bellinzham G. bart. 10. At Kilbrew, co. Meath, Ireland, the At Edinburgh, Mr. Wm. Scott Moncrieff, seat of Hamilton Gorges, esy. Edw. Coke, merchant in Glasgow, to Miss Eliz. Hogs. esq. feci et..ry at war, tu Miss Isabella Gorges, At Lancaster, Mr. Rogers, attorney, of eldeit daughter of Hamilton,

Liverpool, to Miss Ellen Barrow; 2d daught. At Kensington, Rev. Giles Chippioida'l, to of the late Dr. B. of Lancaster. Miss E. Price.

20. Nir. In. Stuart, of Finch-la. Cornhill, 11. At Headley, Rev. J. Morgan, D.D. to Miss Vanliegen, of St. Paul's Church-yard. rect's of that place, to Miss Durnford.

22. Mr Docker, of Finsbury-str. MoorRich. Woodward, efq. of the Exchequer fields, to Miss Smith, of Leadenhall-street. office, to Miss Rote Williams, youngeit daugh. 23. At Battersea, Mr. Peter Davey, to of Mr. Tho. W. of Mury-la-Bonne Areet, Miss Mills, of Lavender-hill.

Tho. Hamilton Elrington, esq. capiain of At Hatton, Rob. Baird, esq. of Newbyth, x the Plymouth division of marines, to Miss to Miss Hearsay Gavin, fecond daughter of Crook, or Marlborough.

the late David of Longtown. At Lincoln, Rev. Geo. Gordon, precentor 24. Ai Aldborough, co. Suffolk, by special of the cathedral church of Exeter, ito Miss licence, Klugh Barlow, efq. M.P. for the boTomlinfon, of Lincoln.

roigh of Pembroke, to Mifs Crespigny, eldest At Sandhurst, Mr. Benj. Sadler, wine- daughter of Philip Champion C. esq. merchant, and one of the iheritfs of Gloucester, to Miss Peyton.

DEATHS. At Liverpool, Jamus Hamer, esq. of Ha- March GED 55, after a long residence mer-ball, co. Lancalter, to Miss Greenwood,


on the Continent, particularly daughter of foln G. efq of Liverpool. at Rome and Naples, where his love of ar

Mr. Francis Lewis, cideft fun of Walter L. chitecture, musick, painting, and antiquities esq. of Duke freel, St. James's, meffunger found ample gratification, Charles Morris, to the Prince of Wales, tó Miss Philadelphia es4. He was an excellent scholar, poffefling Edward Peterkin, of Edgeware-road. an imagination lively and vigourous, and ex

At Greenwicii, Peter Pegus, efq. ofercising unwearied application in the pursuit Croom's-huill, to Miss Layard, eldest daugh- of general literature, and of the fine arts. ter of Dr. L. of Greenwich.

From his accurate knowledge of antient At Pancraschurch, Mr. Warner, of Caven Rome, of Italy, and Sicily, he perused, with dish-Squ.. to Vifs Hazard, of Kentish-town. a peculiar pleasure, the clailical writers,

12. Ac Neuing'on-butis, Rev. Th). Aih, many of whole local Jescriptions he had of St. George's Hanover. Synare, to Miss E. examined upon the spot. His frequent and Wells, daughter of the Rev. Neville W. apt citations of them displayed a memory

13. Rubert-Tlumns Crosfield, eiq. M.D. uncommonly tenacious; and he was ever of Great Ruffellitreet, to Mits Sufaanah ready to communicate the result of his obWoud, of Perth.

servations and inquiries. To his proficiency 14. Mr Ediv. Roberts, wine-merchant, of in languages he had joined the study of the Fenchurch-street, to Miss Anne Younger, theory of musick, and was an exquisite perJate of Middleton, Leesis, co. Yok.

former on che harpsichord. The various atAt Ruthin, co. Denbig!, J. Campbell, lord cainrents of his cultivated understanding reof Stonefield, to mifs Lloyd, of Berth. ceived additional lustre from his virtue, pro

Mr. Thompson, of Oxford-street, to Miss bity, and honour. His sensibility was exMichiel, of Deau's-yard, Westmintter. treme, and often led him to co:nmiferate, too

15. At Ewn, near Wiudíor, Berks, Mr. feelingly for his own repefe, the ills insepaWilliams, to Miss Franklin.

rable from human life. Some plates, exhiThomas Gibbs, esq. of John-street, Great biting ancient Candelabra extant at Rome, Poriland-treet, to Mrs. Graciana Grauf, wie are delicated to him by the celebrated Piraduw us Capt. G. of the Hanibal min of war. neh; and he is tentioned by Sir Wm. Ha

16. At jersey, Joseph Karkins, eiy. to as liavn; informed bim that lie was Ms Harden, of Honin, Devin.

alsie to read by the light of the immense co17. At B.cccrfea, Thı. Graduam, ef4. of 10n of fire chrown up hy veruvius, in the Lincoliozeinet, in Mifs Dienpili, saugoter gicat crup:ion which happened in the niglic uf!l1- late lahin D. rfq. of Clarkan. af tid sth of August, 1779; al which inte 2: Wiklinorth, Co.D.:ly, Mr. George. 12 was at Sorrento, on the bay of Naples.



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