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FRANCE ; continued froix p. 765. Sunday, LETTER was read from the reign service, to return to their country, to June 28. Com nittioners appointed to be promoted to military rank, according to enquire into the state of the Departments du their talents and patriotism. The consideraNord, du Pays de Calais, and de l'Ailne ; tion of this Decree the Allembly referred to giving an account of the patriotic difpotition the Military Committee. of those provinces.

M. Noailles chea proposed a Decree, to On the Report of the Committees of Fo- secure upon the Civil Lit a pension to subreign Affairs, Reports, and Enquiry, a De

alterii oficers. This Decree was also ». cree was pulled, allowing the fiee departure ferred as above. of Foreigners and French inerchants from the M. Dumont then made a Report, in the kingdom.

name of the Cominittees of Constitution and A Decree was passed, on the Report of Revision, of what the National Affembly the Committee of Taxes, for regulating the had done, and what still remained for it to mode of levying them.

do. He noticed the approaching terminaM. Delmauriers presented three Proposi- tion of the present Legiflature, and the netions from the Con nittee of Conftitution, in ceility there was that the Contitution Compliance with the Decree of the 25th, for Thould be fanctior.ed by the people ; and, in appointing a Governor to the Presumptive conclusion, propofeil, that, on the 4th of Heir to the Crown.

August, there should be at Paris a Federation 1. As to the mode of election.

General, composed of the National Guards 2. As to the nature of the oath to be and the Mayors of all the Municipalities, in taken.

confirmation of the New Constitution. 3. As to the authority which the Gover M. Renbell thought this a dangerous expenor shall preserve over bis pupil.

riment, calculated to retard their labours, There Propositions occaítuned a long and rather than confirm them. interesting debate. And

M. B23% observed, that, during harvest, A letter from the Minister of Justice ter it was impossible the Departments Thould minated the meeting ; ítating, that he had send to Paris their men and their money ; received a letter from Duveyrier, who had but that every one ought to take his oath to been sent in a Ministeriall character from the Constitution in the way most convenient the King to the Prince of Conde. By this to him. letter it thould stem, that Duveyrier had M. D'André understood, that endeavours written under soms degree of terror when had been used for reversing the Decree which he wrote from Worms, as he states that he suspends Electoral Diets, and that those Art had been well received ; whereas it has since semblies were about to form another conttiappeared, that he was treated with the uc tuting body. He deprecated this mode of most indignity.

bringing the people together before the conAt the commencement of the sitting, M. sequences of the King's flight could be known. Merlin received a letter from Dunkirk, itat- War, he said, might now be at our gates. ing, that the officers of the regiments there He therefore demanded an adjournment of had fled to Ferns, carrying with them their the Plan of Confederation, to which M. Ducloaths and baggage, and that they had en pont readily consented. deavoured to corrupt the men, but in vain. Thurid ry, June 30.] M. Vernier made a An intercepted letter discovered a very fur- Report concerning the organization of the picious correspondence between M. D'Eon, National Treasury. Major of the Regiment, and a Trinitarian The Natioual Allembly recommended to Monk, whom the Major proposed as Caibier. the Municipality of Paris the superintendence In his custody were found fifty thousand li of a house adjoining to the prisons of the

They likewise seized two hundred Abhé de St. Germain ; and even to pull the thousand, which were patiing beyond the house down, if it was found to letfen the frontiers.

security of the said prison. The Members of the Gendarmerie of the M. de Mon presented a Report, the obIdle of France presented themselves at the ject of which was to change tile colours and bar, where they took the oath.

the emblems of the itandards of all the reM. Germain terminated the fitting, by a giments of France. The same was immedia Report from the Colonies.

ately decreed. lednesday, June 29.] M. de Noailles, after M. Alex. Lwerb called the attention of the having expatiated on the grievances of the Allembly to some scruples of the War Mini. foldiers who had been driven from their ster. A number of French officers, who country for want of encouragement, chiefly had been in Foreign service, were desirolis on account of their not being of Noble birth, of returning to the service of their country. proposed a Decree, the object of which was, He conceived that France neither ought not to invite all Fresch ofticers, dispersed in fo- could refufe their services. The Allembly GINT. MAG. Sepiomber, 1756.



were of the same mind; but with this dif. The Clerks of the Caisse de l'Extraordiference," that those chosen Aid-de-Camps naire have undertaken to maintaira, at their cannot obtain Captains' commillions till the own expence, thirty National Guards on the period i hey would have been intitled to it by frontiers. sleir seniority in their respective regiments. M. Camus terminated the fitting, by the

This day the letter from M. de Bouillé Report of some pentons grun'ed to old folo to the National Assembly was read, as was diers who had deserved well of their coun: ibe petition of the Biotheriy Socie:y, in- try. treating the Assembly to order “ Louis the

Sunday, July 3.] M. Nairac communicated XVIth and his wife to appear at your bar, a letter from the Lower Pyrennte, und anoin order to be examined relative to the mo ther from the Depaitinent of Gironde, which tives, the means, and the suggestions, of for a moment gave the alrm of i Spaniih their late fight; as of the highest import.. invasion. The Department of the Lower ance to give all the tyrants in the world the Pyrenvees demand in luccour; and the Borgreat example that nations have the sacred del ns who were marching to give it wanted privilege to judge them."

muskets only. Several of the othcers who were ordered All the alarm occafioned by the above was to escort the King cleared themselves by de- quickly dili pated by a letter received by M. claring their ignorance of the nature of the Pemariin, itating accurately the facts : service they were ordered upon

1. That some Deputies of the Department . Fridery, July 1.] A letter was read from of Cise thieatened ihe workmen of his Cathe Commillioners sent to the Department of tholic Majesty, for damages done to their the Meuse, the Moselle, and Ardennes, give foreit ; and what, if compentation was not ing an account of the Itate of the frontiers, made within eight they would set fire which they represented as in a most runous to the Spanish fettlements. condition ; garrisons in which five thoutand 2. That the Deputies of St. Jean, far men ouglit to be having scarcely five hurt. from joining in the threat, severely reproved dred; the soldiers and common people well the threateners, in the presence of the Spaaffected to the Constitution, but the officers niaids. in general disaffected.

In some regiments 3. That, notwithstanding this, the Goverthe Commillioners undertook the task of nor of Panipalune lent five hundred Spanimediators between the men and their offi- ards into the forest, to protect the settleis. cers, and succeeded ; in others, not. All 4. Being informed of thele -particulars, this was ascribed to the traitor Bouillé, who the Mayor of St. Jean thought it Iris uity to had garbled the army, and placed those he demand of the War Mobilier how to act. could confide in where they were most likely M. Nairac moved, that the War Minister to forward his views.

should be directed to lend troops to the fronM. Freseau moved, that the above letter tiers. might be referred to the Military Committee, M. D' André moved, that a Committee to take the proper measures for putting the should be appointe', tv enquire into facts. places mentioned in a proper state of de M. Broglio terminated the filiing, by a fence.

Report of the measures taken to put the M. Malouet read a printed paper, posted frontiers in a ftate of defence. up in various places, in which a Society of Monday, July 4-) Meil. Bonny and Serent Republicans invites their countrymen to aba prefen:ed a letter to the Prehdent, importJith the Monarchy. This he denounced as a ing, that their principles prevented them crime against the King, the Constitution, from taking part in the National Assembly, and the National Allembly.

and that therefore they can no longer allend M. Cbabroud. The principles set forth in their fittings. the paper are undoubtedly contrary to the M. Prieur observed, that the Assembly Constiution ; but that same Constitution had morally and physically renounced the gives liberty of speaking and writing upon character and functions of Representatives; all subjects.

and moved, that others might be appointed A relief of fixty thousand livres was voted in their iteid. to the city of Tongeres; a fire, which hap M. Cbabroud moved, to disregard these pened in the barracks through negligence, private proceedings, and to pass to the order having destroyed many houses.

of the day. This mode was adopted. The President ftated the list of names re A lelter was read from the Spanish Amturned for the choice of a Governor for the ballador, the Count de Fernand Nunez, in Heir Apparent; among whom was that of contradiction to the report of a Spanish inM. Bouillé.

valion, which he declares “must be the efThe Commiffaries, sent into the Depart- fect of some cxaggerated report.'' ments of Doubs and Jura, gave a moft fatis A similar report was prefented by Mr. factory account of their million.

Fitzgerald, the English Minister, complainM. de la Fugetie, who in the letter of M. ing of an infraction of the peace by the offi. Bouillé is the object of personal attack, de. cers of the customs at Nantz, who had disa manded to be heard.

mantled cwo English ships of their fails,


when just ready to depart, though they had niínment of imprisonment was inflicted on acted in strict conformity to the commercial M. Landevezo. la ws.

A letter from the Commiflioners sent to la con'equence of the above complaint, Alsace, to administer the now twilitary oath, M. de Freieait presented the plan of a Decree, was read; itating the difficulty they met which was immediately adopted, ordering with in orercoming the scruples of the oifienquiry to be made ; and that a just indem cers, who thought the new oath in some nification be made, if proper, without de measure clashed with the oath they had forly, tvrhe masters of the two English vetiels merly taken to the King; but, being satisfied in question ; and that every thing porrible with regard to thote ícruples, they had acmay be done to facilitate their departure. qwefced. The same letters Ita:ed, that is

The Spanish aišair was then taken into the Department of the lower Rhine, and confideration, when it came out, that he the Adinin:firative Bodies of Strasburg, the tween the Basques and the Spaniards there National Guards were well inclined to the had long exifted dispues; that the Barques New Conftitution, except the Monks and were a warlike people, who had united disaitected Priests, who exerted all their themselves to France, to preserve their li

arts to mislead the inhabitants about the coun. berty; and that, if attacked by the Spani. try, and who succeeded but too well in ards, they well knew how to defend then. their pernicious endeavours, which required felves.

fome vigorous measures to put a stop to this M. Cernon, to remedy the grievance under growing evil. which the people fuftured for want o sm..!! After reading the above letter, some con. change, aflured the Allembly, that there fufion arole on M de Foucaula's wishing to were already fabricated to the amount of preient fome protestations, as it was thought, thiee millions of livres in Allignats of five against the detention of the King; which livres each; which, he hoped would be was prevented only by the sudden adjourn. enough to answer the present demand : ment of the allembly. and that the Extraordinary Bank had orders Tuesday evening.] The Assembly, which had to send to the National Treasury five hun broke-up abruptly, met; and M. Malouet dred thoufand livres, to pay petty salaries be- propoed suspending the sentence that had low fifty livres each.

been passed on the Marine Paymaster, as his Letters from several quarters, respecting conduct had not arisen from any bad intenthis inconvenience, concluded the fittings of tion, but, on the contrary, to prevent the this day.

cash from being drawn out of the Pay Office, Tudny, July 5.] The question was deba without which it was impossible to proceed. ted respecting the liberty of granting pail:

M. Thoucault Damar, an old man, was ports into and out of the kingdom.

admitted to the bar, and placed upon the M. Lanjuinsis infifted, that perfons, having table eight hundred livres, towards the mainJawful business for immediately quitting tenance of the National Guards upon the France, should address themselves to the frontiers. Executive Power, which alone is entrusted One of the Cecretaries gave notice of the with the principal administration of the numerous Axldrelles from all parts of the kingilom.

king.lom, Administrations, Judges, N: tional M. Verlin onpored this, and in hifted, that Guards, &c. &c. declaring their unalterable the Executive Power might be authorised to resolution to sacrifice their lives in defence of judge of the motives, but not to grant per

the New Conniitution. This bufiness conmillion ; which was agreed to.

cluded the fitting of the day. A letter from the Department of Vard 1lednejazy, 311 6.] M. Couleulx gave no. stated, that, on the news of the King's tice, that a French thip, named the toxin, flight, the military haftened to renew their had been Itopped, in palling down the Seine civic oath ; but that M. Landeveze, Com to the lei, on an information of her having mandant of the Marino, refused, as Knight a confiderable quantity of money on board. of Maita, to take the ecclenattical part of M. Demunie, in the name of the Coin. the oath.

mittee of Conftitutioli, read their work upA process verbal stated, that, when the on the Police, which chiefly has in view the news of the King's Hight reached Toulon, regulation of inns, lodging houtes, gaming. the Paymaiter of the Navy there circulated boules, coffee-houses, clubs, and women of a report, that there were not a thousand the town. The present ditlicuity in the arcrowns in the ofice, tugh there were in ticles presented by the Committee arose from it more than three hundred thousand livres ; the order, this all focieties, under the denoand it was proputed by some Members to mwuation of ciubs, thould be obliged to give put him under an arrest, as his motive could notice of the day and nour at which luch only be to excite discontents among the

clubs are to be held. workmen, to whom were owing near a M. Roberiffierre, and others, thought this hundred and eighty thousand livres at that regulation might lie fatal to these time. This was agreed to ; and a like pula It was, bowever, adopted.

A Ducrce

A Decree passed in favour of the Military, happiness of the people, and the prosperity by sea and land, to enable them to exercise of the empire !" their rights of Citizenship, as long as they [The Hall resounded for several minutes have a known residence, in the town in with gratulations of joy; after which the palwbich they are employed.

triotic fide of the House began pew acciaA letter, dated from Besançon, from the mations, by repeated cries of Vive ie Roi!! three Commissioner's sent into the Depart The Keeper of the Seals now presented meat of Jura, affures, that, where M. Tou. the Constitutional Act, which was signed by longean had established poits, there was the King, and counter signe! by lis Ministers. every security as well to resist any surprise, The Prefident the addrelied his Majelly as to prevent any emigration ; that the Ge in terms the mett pathetic. ncral Otticers are all of one mind, that more “ What,” said be, “ ought to be great in forces on thut side are quite unnecessary. your eyes, Sire,— ear to our hearts, and

Letters from the fugitive officers at Mons, what will appear with luftre in our biftory, inviting their brethren to join them, and is the epoch of this regeneration ; which promiting a continuance of their rank and gives to France, Citizens-tu the Fiench, a other cmoluments, were read; and in the

Country-to you, as King, a new title of verbal process that accompanied them it was grandeur and of glory--and to you again, as decreed, that honourable mention thould be a Man, a new source of enjoyment, and new made of the soldiers of the regiment of Ge- sensations of happiness.' vandan, by whom these letters were trant The Minister of Justice presented the mitted to the Assembly.

Confiturional Act to the President. Some other letters of the same tendency The King, after a short interval, in which were addreiled to different officers at Dun he seemed to be in doubt whether any thing kirk. (To be continued.)

remained to be done, rore ; and, after a

glance round the Alsembly, retired by the SKETCH of ebe Ceremony of the FRENCH fame door at which he entered, which was Kino's Arcsprance of the New Condirunion. the parti gauche. The President desired that

Tburjday, September 15. The grand event they should all accompany the King back to is parts and the Constitution of France yes. the palace; and they accordingly joined in terday received the signature of the King. the procession on foot through the garden of

The President took the sense of the Al the Thuilleries. sembly, whether, while his M. jesty was

Friday, Solember 16. The parti drit last taking the oath of ficlelity to the Nation, the night pablished a solemn Declaration against Assembly, as the Representatives, should not the Constitution. It is the work of M. d'E. be feated; which appeared the general sente premespil, and is figned by one hundred and of the Members. Some other preliminaries inenty four Deputies, ubo till attend in the being fetiled, and the settions openeil, one Allembly; and a number of Deputies abtent of the Gentlemen Ulhers announced the have sent their adherence to it under viiKing! -He instantly entered, precided hy ferent modifications. the Deputation of fixty Members that had Yesterday the Mayor and Municipality buen commillioned to wait upon him, and by went up with an Address of Pericitation to his Ministers.

the Castle of the Thuilleries. M. Bailliproa His Majesty was dressed in a purple fuit, nounced the compliments of the City, ürit embroidered in colours, and with only the to the King, and afterwards to the Queen.Order of St. Louis at his button-hole. He The answers were hi, hly 522cious. held a paper in his hand ; and, on ascending the five iteps of the platformi on u hich his STATE OF AFFAIPS ABROAD. chair was placed, he began to read, without On the 4th of Anguit, a Treaty of Peace sitting down, and without ceremony : was concluded bttv cen the two Empires, “ Gentlemen,

Germany and the Oloroan Porte, at Szeí. “ I come here folemnly to consecrate that tova; l'y which the boundaries of both Em. assent which I have already given to the pires are for ever fixed, so as totally to terConftitutional Act.

niinate all claims, of whatever kind, which' " In consequence I swcar-fon this ibe might bave been made the object of contenDeputies sat down, covered)- 10 consequence lion. I livear to be faithful to the Nation and to

In consequence of this, the Ottoman Forie the Law, to employ all the power delegated grants, that the toun indieniory of Old to me to maintain the Conftitution deci eed by Orlowa fhall renizin in the fovereignty of the National Conftituent Allenbly, and to the Imperial Court, in tuch mannei, that thic cause the Law to be executcu. [Loud plau- River Cerna on that tide full for ever condies; in the midlt of wbicb cbe King Jat down. titute the demarbation of frontiers of the - The King, having again risen, continued Austrian Monarchy ; on this express condja as follows:)

tion, however, that the said Imperial Court “ May this great and memorable epoch be is never to fortify either the fornier town of that of the re-establishment of perice and Orfowa, or any part of the territory now union! and :: 1ay it become the pledge of the coded in virtue of this article. And as for

the little valley opposite the fort of the Inland permitted to live, might have done honour of Ortowa, exprefled in the Treaty of Bel to their country, and proved an ornament to grade, this thail for ever remain neuter.

human nature. With regard to tlie limits on the other side, But the rettlefs disposition of man does not they are accurately marked in a map drawn seem at all adapted to the enjoyment of conon purpose, hearing in the tracts of land templative life ; for no sooner are they delion the right of the River Guina, and pro. vered from the horrors of war in one part of ceeding, by the straightest way, as far as the the world, than they are ready to engage in Unna ; and the Imperial Court engages ne. the same bloody purruits in another; and ver lo caufe to be repaireil, or built, any for- pretexts are never wanting to furnith occa. treiles bateier in the whole extent of the flops for massacre and murders among nadistrict of which the Porte, by this article, tious. cedes the poilellion.

Spain has long been at rest on the Conti. Moreover, the Imperial Court, to demon. nent of Europe; but Spain begins to be weaftrate its amicable dispositions, and in order ry of an inactive life, and, finding itself 100 to confolidate and contirm the happy peace feeble to encounter any maritime power of now concluded, declares, in the moit solemn strength, has formed the resolution of de. manner, that it acknowledges as definitive claring war again it the Moors of Barbary, a the prefent regulation of the frontiers, and ferocious people, in whom Nature has imengages to return to the Porte all fortrelles, planted an unconquerable antipathy to the caftles, and fortifications, taken from the Spaniards. Ollomans in the courie of the war, in the A mysterious meeting has just been held ftate in which they are at present, and with at Poelnitz, a summer palace belonging to . out demolishing any of the repairs or new the Elcctor of Saxony, not far from Dresden, works which have been made upon the same the object of which has not yet been deve. since their capture. Thus the long-expected loped. His Imperial Majesty, accompanied peace between the Turks and Auitrians by the Archduke Francis, were the first seems at length to be establithed on a former who met, between eleven and twelve in the foundation than cver.

forenoon of the 25th of August, and were But, what astonished all Europe, an offi. followed by the King and Prince Royal of cial account was received at Vienna, on the Prutti, in about w hour later. In the even. 2017 of August, that peace had been con ing of the same day, Count d'Artois arrived cluded between the Czarına and the Porte, at Dielden ; and the next morning his Royal at Galacz, on the uth of that month.-It is Highness was invited to Poelnicz, where highly probible that the Grand Vizier, per- apartments liad been provided for his accomceiving what was going forward at the Court modation. Ou the 26th there was an opera of St. Petersburg, and that the illes had en and a supper, and fireworks, at Poelmitz, to gaged in a manner to compel nis Court to which the principal Nobility and foreign accept the terms prescribed, made a virtue Ministers were invited ; and on the 27th was of neceility, and immediately fent Deputies given a marked ball to the publick, at which to Price Repnin, with proposals to accept thele illustrious visitors, and the Electoral the Conditions of Peace ofiered by the Em Family, were present. Early on the 28'h, press list year, and that without any Foreign his Imperial Majesty and the Archduke fut interference whatever. This Peace, how out for Prague ; the King and Prince Royal ever, does not, like the former, include of Prulia went to Markibourg ; and the cite boundaries, except on the Eaftern fide, Count d'Artois, in the evening, let out for where the Dniester is placed by Nature as an Coblentz. itis Imperial Majesty was atimnioveable boundary; but as on the other tended by Marihal discy and M. de Spielfide lie the Crimea, with the countries bor man ; the King of Prussia, by Prince Hohendering on the Black Sea, the Sea of Aroph, loe, General Bischofswerder, and M. de and the immenfe tract of Continent extend Manstein. In the suite of the Count d'Aring as far as the Wolga, it must require cois were M. de Calonne, M. d'Escars, M. many months to ascertain, with any degree d Etterhazy, and Baron Roll. The Prince of precision, the limits of the two Empires. of Nallau Siegen, the Marquis de Bouillé, Accordingly eight months are allotted for and the Duke de Polignac, met his Royal this survey, which would take up so many Highness here. years to form a demarkacion at all adequate This meeting has given rise to numerous to the grand object it has in view, that of conjectures, and, among the rest, that the precluding future disputes about territory. Einperor, in conjunction with the Courts of

Thus, however, this peace, about which Berlin, L ndon, Madrid, Turin, Naples, and the great Powers of Europe have been ex St. Petersburg, bad declared, that they look pensively occupied for so many years, has at upon the cause of the King of France as their length been terminated in one single diy by own; that they require that his Majesty and two individuals, after thedding the blood of his family be immediately set at liberty to half a million of brave men, many of whom go where they please; that the sacred subwere, no doubt, men of science, and lovers milion due from the people to their lawful of the fine arts, and who, had they been Sovereign be feltored to him ; and, finally,



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