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At St. Stephen's, Herts, Mr. James Ni. At Gretna-green, Mr. George Fletcher, cholls, of Aldenham, Herts, to Miss Gas- mip-chandler and iron-founder, of Hull, to coyne, of Tower-hill.

Miss Akeleye, daughter-in-law to Wm. Her26. Mr. Wm. Herbert, brewer, to Mrs. bert, esq. of Scarborougis. Rayner, both of Wisbech.

Liuit. J. Gilfillan, to Mifs Eliza Bridge, of Robert Merry, esq. to Miss Brunton, of Dover-street, Cokut-garden theatre.

Srpe. 1. At Barton on the Heath, co. War. 27. Hon. Geo. Leonard, of the inand of wick, J. T. Serres, esq. painter to the Duke Antigua, judge of the Court of Vice-admiral. of Clarence, &c. to Miss Olivia Wilmot. ty, and member of the council in his Majes At Edinburgh, Capt. Robert N. Campbell, ty's Virgin inands, to Miss Martin, of Gros- eldest son of Mungo C. era of Hundieshope, venor-place, daughter of the Hon. Henry M. to Miss Montgomery, eldest daughter of the deceased, late president of the council in the Lord Chief Baroo. Virgin islands.

John Ph. de Gruchy, esq. of FenchurchCha. Hay, esa. merchant in Dunbar, to street, to Miss C. Grant, of Portsmouth. Miss Stas, daughter of John S. esq. of Ack John Pate, el. of Bedford-row, to Miss worth-house, co. York.

Freeman, of Bartholomew-close. Rev. Charles Holworthy, of Elsworth, co. Jukes Coulsın, esq. of Westbrun-house, to Cambridge, to Miss Henrietta Want, of Miss Kindlenie, of Wigmore, Kent. Brampton, co. Huntingdon.

Mr. Pellet Kirkham, leather-feller, to Miss 28. At Deptford, Jobah Dornford, efq. of Woodgar, hoth of Bishopsgate-itreet. Deptford-rod, to Mis. Esther Thompson, Atihe Holy Triniy, Micklegate. Rev fr. of the City road.

Clark, rector of Goodmanham, to Miss Sarah 29 At Lincoln, Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Jennings, dau. of Mr. Wm. f. of that plice. bart. dean of Lincoln, to Mrs. Mainwaring, 5. Geo. Sadler, esq. of Lexilen, near Colwidow of Tho. M. esq. of Lincoln, and dau. chester, to Miss Stebbing, of Ciare. of the late Wm. Fenton, esq. of Glass-houle, At Longforgan mante, Dr. George Monnear Leeds, co. York.

Crieff, physician at Pertii, to Miss Janet Lyon, 30. Mr. John Willis, of Godalming, attor daughter of the Rev. Mr. Geo. L. of Ogie, ney, to Miss Kemp, of Alton, Hants:

ininister of that parith. Mr. Bunny, jun. of Newbory, furgeon, to 6. Sir Wm. Hamilton, K. B. envoy extraMiss Eliz. Worsley, youngest daughter of the ordinary and minister pleniposentiary to the Rev. Mr. W. of Chethunt.

Court of Naples, to Miss Harte, a lady much At Hackney, Rev. G. Hodgkins, to Miss celebrated for her elegant accomplishments Tutt, hoth of Stoke Newington.

and great musical abilities. Ar Bristol, \l m. J. Coleman, esq. of Lon 7. 4c Hull, - Tucker, ery. M.D. to Miss don, to Miss Clitord, daughter of Mr. C. Wood, 2d daugh. of Mr. W. tar-merchant. merchant, of Bristol.

8. Mr. R. Smith, ironnjonger, of Holborn. At Lakenham, near Norwich, Clement hill, to Miss Charlotte Payne, of l'emple-bar. Tratford, efq. 1o Mils Crowe, daugh. of Jas. Mr. Francis Pontet, of Pall-mull, lo Miss Tuck's wood, near that city. Mary Toullaint, of Sackville-Preet.

31. Mr. David Price, of Olwestry, co. Sa Mr. Cha. Mohon, mall-factor, of Upper lop, to Miss Price, eldoft daughter of the late Thames-it. to Miss Sarah Mirtin, of Moulley. Mr. F'. surgeou there.

At Salisbury, Rev. John Tomma, of Brií. At Preston, Mr. Alex. Worswick, han- tol, to Mrs. Pollips, widow of Rev. Henry P. ker, of Lancaiter, to Mil Greaves, of Prer 9. Mr. Tho. Davies, of Tenbury, čo. Wor. ton, daughter of Tho. G. esq. banker there, ceiter, to Alifs Niealing, of Pa'erroster-row. and one of the aldermen of the laid borough, Rev. Mr. Jones, rector of Sculthorpe, co.

At Bramcout, Mr. Pennington, of Not- Norfolk, to Mrs. Astley, of Eat Balham, 34 ringhami, to Mifs Robinson, daughter of Geo. daughter of Edw. Huse, ely of Sall. R. esq. of that place.

10. At Wanited, Jasper Arkmton, era of Laviy, Henry-Charles Sirr, er. of the 68th Aldermanhury, banker, to Miss Gardiner, reginen!, to nifs D'Arcy, daughter of James daugh. of Sam. G. etg. of Woodford, Elex. D'A. etq. of Hyde-park, co. Westmeath, Charles Pilgrim, ely. of Bow-lane, to Miss in Irelaod.

Tegelmeyer, of Hampilexi. Capt. Yates, of Yarmouth, to Miss Brook, Mr. Edward Batten, of Eroad-itreet, to of unny.

Miss Gibion, of Strattoril. st Birmingham, G. Bulftrode, esq. of 12. At St. Pancras, Capt. Tho. Nixon, to Worcester, to Miss Bulftrode, of Dover, only Miss Isabella Capper, dangliter of Rich. C. daughter of Capt. B. of the royal navy. esq. of Bushy, Heris.

Mr. Jameson, late of Dunkirk, to Miss 14. A: Walthamitow, James Webb, esq. Sarali Mirco, daughter of Mr. N. millo to Mrs. Newtom, relict of lof. N. ele. Jare wright, Tooley-1irect, Southwark.

in commillion of the peace fiir co. Maddelex. Al Newchurch, in the isle of Wight, Mr. Mr. Benj. Lara, jun. iurgeon, of Leaden. John Cleader, many years natter in bis Ma hall-street, le Miss Supi: o, et Old Brood-fir. jeity's nuvy, aged 60, to Miss Harriet Atrill, At Alowick, co. Nonobei land, Tho.

Donaldíou, elg. of Chreswick, co. Dunham,

aged 24.


near Berwick upon Tweod,

late a captain in of Bristol, from Jamaica, James Douglas, esq. the 31st regiment, to Miss Polly Selby, only of that illand. daughter of Geo. S. esq. of Alnwick.

23 (160 the 30th, as printed in our last). At Bristol, Mr. Tho. Hull, of that city, to At Maidstone, in his 6;th year, Jn. BrenchMiss Mary Bennett, daughter of the late Ja. ley, esq. a considerable brewer, and one of B. esq. of Danbury, Eilex.

the jurats of that corporation.--The day be15. At the Quakers' meeting, at Cheshunt, fore Mr. B's death, the Commonalty Society Mr. W. Pryor, of the Poultry, to Miss E. of Maidftone went down the Medway to Squire, of Hertford.

New Hithe, according to annual cultom. At Hackney, Rev. Samuel Hoole, M. A. On their return, a little before they reached son of Mr. John H. late of the East India- the wharf, where fire-works are usually house, to Miss Eliza Young, daughter of Ar- displayed on this occasion, the stewards rethur Y.el4. of Bradfield- hall, Suttolk. ceived information that he was worse, and

Right Hon. George Marquis of Piandford, that his speedy dissolution was inevitable. eldest son of the Duke of Marlborough, to The colours were immediately struck; no Lady Susan Stewart, fecond daughter of the bells were rung; no fire-works were difEarl of Galloway.

played ; and the company silently dispersed, At Soathrepps, co. Norfolk, Rev. James from motives of respect to a man whose Hodgson, rector of that parish, to Miss IV hit- death, by the inhabitants of Maidstone and its combe, eldest daughter of Robert W. esq. of neighbourhood, is considered as a public loss. Kington, co. Hereford.

29. At Barham, in Kent, Mr. Thomas 19. At Storrington, Sussex, Hen. Chivers Culling, sen. formerly of Canterbury. Vince, efq. eldest son of H. C. V. ery. of aug. 8. At Molsheim, in Alsace, aged 88, Clift-hall, Wilts, to Miss Bisshopp, eldest and in full potletion of his faculties, M. daughter of Harry and grand-daugh. Jeoffroy Bouiililiere He was master of al. ter of the late old Sir Cecil B. bart.

most all the learning of modern times, and 20. Wm. Brander, esq. of Morden-hall, had employed the latter part of his life in Surrey, to Miss Barnett, of Vauxhall. exploring the mysteries and phænomena of

ĄNorthwood church, ife of Wight, Geo. nature, by the laws of mathematicks. Poore, esq. of Portsmonth, to Miss Naomi 13. At Overbury, co. Worcester, in her Collins, daughter of Daniel C. esq. of Egypt, 220 year, the Lady of Joseph Smith, esq. priDear Cowes.

vate secretary to Mr. Pict. 22. Tho. Lovlington, eiq. of Lamb's Con 15. Mr. Joseph Clarke, stationer, late duit-itreet, one of the secondaries of thic of Lynn. Court of Common Pleas, to Miss Day, of 17. At Vicenza, near Venice, Sir Francis New Norfolk-street, daughter of the late Vincent, bart. óf Swke Dabernon, in Surrey, Jolin D. esq. of the illaud of Antigua. a seat inherited from a long liv.e of ancestors.

Mr. Edward Clark, ship-broker, to Miss About a year ago, he was appointed his MaAnne Drake Jurati, daughter of John jesty's resident at Venice. He married Mary, of the Cuiton-house.

only child of Richard Muilman Trench Chile

well, efq. of Dibden, co. Ellex; by whom DEATHS.

he has left one for, Francis, and a daughter. Feb. T Oldenburgh, George Chriftian After a long and painful illness, aged 76,

von Oeder, author of the “Flora Rev. Dr. Cha. Bagge, rector of Syderstone, Danica.” He was born at Anspach, Feb. 3, and perpetual curate of St. Margaret's, with 1728, and studied phylick, but more parti. the chapel of St. Nicholas, in King's Lynn, cularly botany, at Gottingen, under the cele- and Barmer, in Norfolk. brated Haller, through whole recommenda 18. At York, Mrs. Beaumont, relict of tion he was appointed professor of botany at Rich. B. esq. of Whitley-hall, co. York. Copenhagen. He was induced, by the pa Mr. John Morris, formerly a liquor-mertronage of the unfortunate Struensee, who, chant at Lynn. in 1773, procured for him a considerable ap 19. At his chambers in the college, the pointment in the College of Finances, to quit Rev. Digby Marin, D. D. senior fellow of bis medical and botanical pursuits; but Stru. Trinity College, Dublin, profeflor of modern enfee being executed soon after, he retained history, register of the Univerfity, and menthis place only a few months. He was after- ber of the Royal Irish Academy. Whether wards appointed to the office of “Landvogt”. we consider the greatness of his mind, the at Oldenburgh, which fe retained till his death. strength of his talents, or the number of his

Marcb.. ... At sanjore, in India, in his virtues, we cannot hentate to pronounce him 36th year, Mr. Edwarl-Thomas Bayly, of amongst the first characters of which the the civil establishment at Madras, and only university, or perhaps the nation, can boast. son of the late Mr. B. of Hereford.

Calm, deliberate, and relerved; his calmuess June 13. At the Cape of Good Hope, on was fortitude; his deliberation wisdom ; his his patlage home, in the Worcester indian reserve modeity. That magnanimity which man, Lieut. Drummond, of the 75th reg. raised him above the reach of parlion gave to July 19. On board the Hope, Capt. Fuss, every action of his life decision and intrepiGENT. MAG. September, 1791.




dity; and whilft he seemed now in deciding, In Queen-street, Wolverhampton, aged 82,
he was retarded not by dulness of conception, Mis. Molineux,relict of Mr. Tho. M.
but by the range of his fagacity, and the com At Waddington, near Lincoln, aged 88,
prehenfion of his views. The austerity of his Mr. Rich. Gail

, fen. the oldest man in that
deportment, the effect not of pride but of cou- village, and by trade a weaver.
Ttitution, was foftened into affability by a na 26. At his house in Duke-street, Grofve-
tive gentleness and benevolence, which could nor-square, Mr. Gideon Hewitt, one of the
not be disguised; and througli a severity of extra netiengers to his Majesty. His death
manner, perhaps not ill suited to the serious was occafioned by his house falling with him,
dignity of his mind, beamed the mildest effu- on the 24th, in Pall-mall. Qir. H. had been
fions of a generous and feeling heart. His dispatched on the 211t, at night, from the
aifections were not easily excited; but they Secretary of State's office, with a reípite for a
were strong, steady, and permanent; and, convict who was to be exec!ited on the 22d,
whilft he scorned to make profeflions of re- at Salitbury, wirich duty he performed with
gard, his acions proved him a sincere and success; and on the 24th was sent with dis-
disinterested friend. Noble and elevated in his patches to Mr. Dundas, at Wimbledon; on
sentiments, he has left behind him a character bis return from which place he met with liis
unsullied by a single mean or dithonourable unfortunate accident. Mr. Dundas, upon
act: nor, indeed, was it poflible that a man, hearing of the misfortune, with great hunia-
the independence of whose virtue rested upon nity fent Mr. John Hunter, with directions
himself, and, far from courting, rather thun to give Mr. Hewitt every pofiible afliltance.
ned as plause, could have deviated from the He was trepanned on the 25th, in the even-
strict path which honour and conscience ing; but the concuision of the brain was
prescrite. Endowed with fingular powers too violent for the utmoit human skill to
of undertanding, he fought not their display. counteract.
His genius was too proud to stoop to fame, At Ilinton, Mrs. Turpin, widow of Mr.
too modest to hope for it ; but the gratitude T. buukseiler, in Holborn.
of that place which has been enriched by his At Margate, lucidenly, while in company
talents, and adorsed by his virtues, will pay with fome frinds, with whon he went to
to his memory that tribute of admiration and pass the cvening, Mr. John Butler.
praise which the difiidence that ever attends 27. Mr. Gabriel Heath, oilman, at Ald.
real abilities would have prevented him from gate, and one of the common-council of
accepting in his life.

that ward (ice vol. LVI. p. 440). He had in her 75th year, M's. Sarah Taylor, of been long and severely afilicted, and has left Manchester, one of the people called Quán an amiable and atiectionate wife (with one kers, amongst whom she had been a preacher child), who was the eldest daughter of Nir. upwards of 50 years.

Deputy llumfrvs, of Bread-itreet bill. 20. At Carlow, in Ireland, Capt. Mark At his boule on Wandí tvorth-indi, Mr. Kerr, of the gih regiment of dragoons, fon Rohuit Harris. of the late Rob. of Newfield.

23. At his house in Tothill fields, Weftm. 22. Ar Gottingen, the learned Profetor Mr. Arrow, carpenter to his Majesty. MICHAELIS, detervedly celebrated for his At St. Margaret's Bank, near Rochester, literary productions ; of whom we hope to aged 65,1179. Anne Byers, reliet of Mr. Ja. Teceive very ample particulars.

B. marly yes taylor and draper at Chatham. At Cupar, in Fifeshire, in bis 85th year, 29. At Hestercombe, co. Somerset, Warre Wm. Millar, efq. of Starr.

Bampfylde, eių. in the committion of the 23. Mr. John Centlivre, of Founder’s- peace, and late colonel of the Somerfelcourt, Loihbory, a Swiss merchant.

thire militia. After a tedious illness, Mr. Jolin Hawtyn, At Berwick, Major Bickerton, town. of Holywell, Cxford, watch-maker, and one major of that garzifon. He was the elder of the common-council of that city.

brother of Admiral Sir Rich. B rart. ; and At his brother's house in Sonthampton-str. succeeded Major Rogers in 1787. Bloomibury, Mr. Jofeph Tootell.

At Bristol Hotwells, Mif: Fortefcue, oldest At his house in Kildare -Street, Dublin, at a daughter of the late Right Hon. Janies F. of very advanced age, Geo. Doyle, eiq.surgeon, Ireland, and nicce to the L. of Cicimont. and senior member of the Royal College of 30. At Yarlington, in her 19th year, afthat faculty.

ter a lingering illness of more than fixteen At Dui ham, greatly and deservedly la- months, Mils Mary-Aun Jackton, second mente, Rev. Samuel Dickens, D.D. He daughter of the Rev. Dr. ). recior cf that had the firit prebend al tall in the cathedral part, and prebendzry of Vicítminfier. of Durham, was archdeacon of ile diocele,

At Mantık, John Gerard d'Arco, piehdont official to the dean and chapter, and hold the of the Royal Academy there. rectory of Ealington, annexed to the arch 35. Michael Ferron, efq. of Whipler's deaconry. He was admitted at Chrift Church, court, Cannon-street. Oxfoul, where he proceeded M. A. 1743, At South Mimms, John Darwick, esą. B.D. 1742, D.D. 1753.

Mr. Wm. W otton, of Ewell, co. Surrey, 25. Cha Ross, ely. oi Craven-str. Strand. lieutenant of the East Miducfex mi nisi

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At Glaffaugh, Lady Dowager Abercrom At Towstock-house, after a very scree by, of Birkenbos.

illness, which she bore with exemplary reOn his way to Exeter, whither he was fignation, the Lady of Sir Bourcher Wray, going to be married, Mr. Bulling, a refpecta- bart. only daughter of Sir Robert Pilk. ble farmer at Brillington.

At Wakefield, co. York, zet 72, Mr. Lately, Mr. John Humphries, an English Samuel Harrison. merchant at Conftantinople, who had for At Broome, near Eye, in Suffolk, Mr. J. some years been entrufteal with the diretien Hutchinson, late Iteward to E.Com wallis. of the overland difpiches to the East India At Ferry bridge, co. York, after a lingering Company. The charges of the last dispatches illness, Mrs. Lowe. transmitted from Conftantino ile, on the 224 At Broughton, in Lancashire, aged 104, of April last, amounted to the sum of 2il. Mrs. Anne Waters. Six months previous to 105. 61.; which, with the annual { lary, her death, she broke her arı), wisich was makes in the whole 7ı. 1os. rod. Mr. let and healed in a very ihort time : 150 Barbauld fucceeds Mr. Humphries as agent persons, according to the custom of that for the Company; and the mercantile house country, att nded the funeral dinner. is now carried on under the firm of Barb,uld At Tivetíhall, c). Norfolk, Mr. William and Co.

Potter, formerly a bricklayer at Diss; the Al Liege, in Germany, on his travels, aged number of whole children, grand-children, 19, Sir Francis Gerrard, bart. of Bryan, co. and great grand-children, m ke us that of Lancaster.

his years, viz. 67. He was carried to the At Dieppe, in France, on her return from grave by fix of isis own sons. abroad, where he had been for the recovery At Brentwood, co. Eilex, Mrs. Newman, of 'ier health, the Lady of Wm. Powell, ely. wife of Rev. Jolin N. preacher at the antient of Kingmer, near Lewes.

capel there. At Cork, Lieut. James Smyth, of the Of a deciine, aged 38, Mr. Tho. Cogger, royal navy. He served in the flect under master of the White Horse inn at Ripley, Sur. Sir Edw. Hawke, at the defeat of Confians. At Reigate, Surrey, Mrs. Williams, for

Unfortunately drowned at Cork, Lient. merly Mrs. J. Wilson, of Drury-lane theatre. Coiby, of the army, nephew and intended At his apartments in the royal palace at heir of Admiral C.

Kensington, aged 82, John Smith, erg. He At his house in Camden-Street, Dublin, had been one of the clerks of the late Board Wni. Duno, eliz. an alderman of:li..t city. of Works near 50 years—in a few days aim

At Leith, in an advanced age, Mi. Wm. ter him, died liis only fister, aged 80. Being Burgh, merchant.

both unmarrie', they had lived together from Aged 105, Mrs. A. Thomas, of Bayvil, their infancy. They were natives of York. co. Pembroke. She knitted a pair of nicat thire ; and their property dekends to a nes ribbed tockings with great judgement a phew of the fame name, an eminent builder, few days before her diffolution; and retina in Vine-street, Piccadilly. ed her faculties to the last moment of her To Bory-itreet, St. James's, Mirs. Rayne, existence.

wise of Capt. R. in tlie Lait India Company's Mr. Wm. Cox, many years clerk to Geo. service in Bengal. Hugg, et. of Lynn.

In an advanced age, Mr. Abraham Flerry, At Wellingborouli, Mrs. Anleifun, late of Mile-end, formerly of Spital-fields, au • of Edinburgh.

eminent fik-weaver. At Msrih-gate, Charles Deaves, esq. 1 sty Sepi, 1. At Dundee, in the 86th year of years fecretary to the different Matters of his age, and both of his ministry, kev. Sir tie koils. He was the vidcft lan-oficul, Robert Preston, bart. minntir of Cupar, Lord Mansfield not excepted; having come in Fifethire. into ofice in 1741, wlien vir. Julrice for At Pocklington, co. York, in his 78th tescue, from the Common Ples, u as made year, Rev. Rob. Robinson, B. L). fenior fele Maiter of the Roils. The otti'e, withi per low of St. John's College, Cambridge, and quifites, &c. is very condidurable.

rector of Hartwell, in Yorkhuie. At Brumpton, near Scarborough, in his At his house in York, in his 85th year, 84561 sear, Sir Genge Cayley, birt, upwards Jarrard Strickland, esq. of boyers in the commillion of the peale 3. Mr. Barnard, itationer, in Mitre cout, for the county of York.

Temple. At bufcult, Rev. R. Ready, rector of that Al lis fon-in-law's (John Foulkes, esq. place, and of Patimore and Cadore, Bucks. Hart-it: eet, Bloomibury, London, tin Rey,

Aged 66, greatly lamented, Mrs. Eliz. Mr. Brownlow Toller, of billsborough, Acking of Donbam, in Norfolk, and dau. co. Lincoln. of the lat: Kub. Gil, elg, of Upwell, who 4. At Huntingdon, aged 67, michiarentfone time ince served ihe oilice of lighted by all his friends and acqu: ancu, Dnel Theriit for the county of Cambridge.

Hopkin, M.D.F.R.S. His huma vij wid At Millbruke, near Suthampton, Mrs. great abilit es as a furgeon, min-mijuiz, Warren, inter to the late Sir jolin Hubby and physician, make his de 2:1 a public luds. Mill, bait.

At Dundee, in liis sulh year, Mr 11.713s


Crichton, merchant, and lately one of the At Madrid, aged 110, Don Carlos Felix baillies of tllat place.

O'Neale. He was an old lieutenant-general At the house of the Hon. Mrs. Hatton, it in the Spanish service, a great favourite of Portman-square, in his 58th year, Sir Brook the Monarch's, and liad formerly been goBridges, of Goodnestone, in Kent, bart. who vernor of the Havannah. He was the sun was chosen in parliament for the county of of the celebrated Sir Neil O'Neale, of the Kent in 1763 and 1768. In 1765 he mar province of Ulster, in the kingdom of Ire. ried Fanny, only daugliter and heir of Ed- land, wlio lost his life at the battle of the mund Fowler, esq. of Danbury, in Lflex; Boyne, fighting for his favourite Monarch, by whom he has left issue several sons and James the Socondo · For this purpose he daughters. His eldest son, Brook, died at raised a brigade upon his own citate, which Eton, 1781 ; and William, his second, by was confiscated, and his posterity obliged to licence from the Archbisliop, took the Chris- seek fortunes in different parts of the globe. tian name of Brook. For some years before At his house in Windmill-ftreet, Edinhis death he was receiver-general of the burgh, Mr. John Scott, late surgeon to the land-tax for the county of Kent. He was 1oth regiment of light dragoons, and son of grandson of the first baronet, Sir Brook B. the Rev. Mr. Thomas S. late minister of who succeeded his father, Brook, as auditor South Leith. of the impreft of the treasury, and was cre At Newcastle, aged 102 years and S ated a baronet in 1713. The elder brother months, Mrs. 'Anne Young. of the father of the first baronet was John 8. At Wimbledon, co. Surrey, Mrs. Ma. Bridges, esq. the Northamptonthire antiquary.

rianne Hays. 5. Major-general Humphry Stevens, lieu. At Stockport, by the bursting of a blood. tenant-colonel of the 3d reg. of foot-guards. veffel, Rev. Wm. Jackton, M.A. chaplain to

Capt. Tonkin, commander of the Dictator the late and present Earl of Hardwicke, and man of war, at Chatham. He was unhappily master of the free grammar-school in Stocktaken speechless ou the zist ult. just after liis port upwards of 40 years. Ship had weighed anchor, with a stroke of At Thirik, co. York, in her rozd year, tlie palsy; in which situation he was carried Mrs. Wharton, only surviving daughter of home to his house in Prospect-row, Bromp- the late Anthony W. esq. of Gillingwood, ton, near Chatham, and to continued five in that county, and great aunt to Jobin W. days. He was a brave officer, esteemed one esq. M. P. for Beverley, to whom her great of the first seamen in the navy, and much eftates and property descend. beloved by his men. His remains were in At Calais, in his way to Gottingen, of a terred in Gillingham church-yard, attended rapid decline, from the bursting of a blood to the grave by Admiral Dalrymple, Com. veifel, Le Gendre Starkie, efq. of Huntroid, miflioner Proby, and the Captains of the co. Lancaster; a gentleman of the stricteit several thips.

honour and probity. He is fucceeded by his At Atherstone, co. Warwick, on his re only son, Le Gendre Pierce Starkie, etq. turn from Buxton, after having been many At Lynn, aged 91, Mr. Bunting, who enyears a most excruciating sufferer by the joyed a good state of health till a few days gout, Rev. Moses Porter, curate and lecturer before his death. He lived as thopman to of Clapham, Surrey.

the late Alderman Patterson, woollen-dra6. At Chilham, in Kent, Mr. William per, of that place, 50 years, which place he Cronk, farmer, of that place, and formerly a filled with a great deal of integrity. The faid schoolmaster and bookseller at Sandwichi. master left him a genteel legacy during his life.

At Twickenham, Mr. Rich. Jones, many 9. Huglı Barron, efq. years a stationer in the Middle Temple, and Sir John Leman, lecturer of St. Mary-atone of the Court of Aliitants of the Sta

Hill, Lower Thames-street. tioners Company.

At his chambers in Lyon's-inn, Rev. John Suddenly, at his house on Snow-hill, Mr. Free, D. D, vicar of East Coker, Somerset; John Warner, brush-maker. He had, for a of whom a particular account in our next. iwelvemonth before, laboured under so great Mr. Keelty, of Nottinghan.. He was so a dejection of mind, for which no cause could corpulent, that eleven men were employed be afligned, except it were religion, his busi to carry him to his grave. His coffin mea. ness being very prosperous, that it was found sured two feet ten inches over the shoulders, neceffary be thould retire into the country, and was upwards of 20 inches in depth. with a proper attendant, in the absence of Aged 56, Mr. Barnes, wholesale ironmonwhom, he put his fatal purpose in execution. ger, of Tewkesbury. He rode out appa

At Rochester, of the pally, Mr. Thomas rently well in the morning; returnod about Nicholson, attorney, of Maidstone, and de four o'clock in the afternoon, perfectly well; puty clerk of the peace for the co. of Kent. foon afterwards be complained of faintness;

At his apartments in Barlow-street, Mary. fate down, and expired in a few minutes. 1.2- Bonne, Rev. Mr. Temple, late vicar of 10. At Edinburgh, the youngest son of Addingham, in Cumberland.

the Lord Provost of that city. 7. Mrs. Skelton, wife of Rev. Mr. S. of At his house in Leicester, Mr. John Vathe Borough.

lentine, a celebrated musician.

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