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11. Mr. Fisher, of Lothbury, a wholelale brother to the present, to whom his fortune woollen-draper, worth 20,000l. which he devolves, for want of itfie. His jewels, & had acquired by application and industry in will, hy his own order, go to his niece, Vila business. He unhappily lost his reason by counters de la L. who has attended his Exfollowing fanatical preachers, and threw cellency during his residence in this country. him elf, at 12 o'clock at noon, from the leads He had laboured under slifease for fome of his house into the street.

years; on account of wbich, he drove about In her 8 oth year, Mrs. Frances Coltman, to most of the watering-places in the kingof Hatton-itreet.

dom ; but, in the latter end of July, be found At Doncaster, Mr. Geo. Robinson, son of his disorder coming on him very fast, and, Mr. Alderman R. and one of the common receiving 110 relief from the Bath waters, re. council of that corporation.

solved to take a tour through England for the Ac Great Houghton, Mis Mary Drury, air. In this tour he was stopped at Southfifter to Mrs. Isaac Robinson, of Doncaster. ampton, where he paid the last debt to Na

12. At Wandsworth, Mrs. Beck, wife of ture. The pally had affected him so much, Mr. B. seedsman in the Strand.

that for some time he was deprived of the use At Devizes, Wilts, Mr. Peter Wirgman, of his legs and right arm, so that for a time working-jeweller and goldsmith, of Den- he was fed by a nurse ; but his Excellency mark-street, Solo, one of the most eminent ftill retained his senses until a few bours les artists in his line, having distinguished him. fore his death, A few days before his disloself in the finithing of the box in which the Tution, he liad some apparent symptoms of freedom of the city of London was presented recovery, the bloed having gained circulation to Lord Keppel, and in many other public in the right shoulder. His Excellency's bro. exhibitions of ikill. Mr. W. has left a nu ther arrived at Southampton, and was in primerous family.

vate conversation with the Marquis most part At his lodgings in Sloane-street, Dr. James of the night before he died. --Being high in De Lancey Muirlon, eldest son of Geo. M. favour with the French King during the esq. late of New York.

American war, his Majesty, in 1787, apAt his house in William-street, Dublin, pointed him ambassador extraordinary to the Theophilus Thomson, esq. late deputy-go Court of Great Britain, in the room of Count veruor of the Bank of Ireland, and contul d'Adhemar, who was then recalled. On the general to the Court of Denmark.

National Allembly attaining the government At his feat at Mount Heaton, in the King's of France, his Excellency intended to return county, Ireland, the Right Hon. John Arm home, but was re-stationed under their juriistrong, one of his Majeity's moft bonourable diction. The Marquis, through inditpolitiwlly privy, council, and M.P. for Kilmallock. for some time patt laid the weight of the of

Ac Vowchurch, co. Hereford, in her 86ch ficial business on M. Barthele:ny, his secreyear, Mrs. Eliz. Stevens, widow, much re. tary, who will now be put in full conmillion 1pected and beloved by all her acquaintance. at this court, until an amballador is appointed.

13. At Stanmore, Herts, Catherine, Mar His body was put on board a veilel on the chioness of Abercorn, daughter of Sir Joseph morning of the 17th, to be transported to the Copley, and married to the present Marquis vault of his family, at Beureville, near La in June 1770.

Hogue, in Normandy, attended by his broAt Briso, co. Lincolo, Miss Bentley, only ther and nephew.-Few ministers, few men, danghter of Geo. B. esq. of that place. were ever more juftly beloved than the late

At Sleaford, aged about 45, Rev. Josepłı Marquis. By his familiar friends he was Arnal Eyre, vicar of Dorrington and Rulk. admired for the high urbanity of his manington, co. Lincoln.

ners, and the variety of his acquirements. 14. At Camberwell, Mrs. Jackson, wise By his dependients he is deeply regretted, as of Mr. J. the celebrated letter-founder, in the indulgent rewarder of every description Dorset iti eet, Salisbury-Iquare, Fleet-street. of merit. The value las been reciprocal. If

Aged 86, Mrs. Lewis, mother of Mrs. his household venerated their matter, bis Trapp, printer, No 1, Pater-nofter-row. last teftament has borne an honourable cui

At Chichest: r, Joseph Barker, esq. one of dence of his convi&tion of their zeal and fithe oldest meinbers of that corporation. delity. He has left them all lecies apporMr. John Reeve, farmer and grazier, at

tioned to their situations. Collud to suitain a Whiffendine, co. Rutland.

trying fituation during the most convulled At bis seal at Woodbury-hall, co. Cam periods of political changes, his conduct 11.15 bridge, the Hon. George Lane Parker, bro ever been manly yet conciliacovy. Our mott ther to the Earl of Macclesfield, lieutenant gracious Sovereign highly citeemed him; and general in the army, and colonel of the 12th amid all the calumgies of contefting factions regiment of dragoons. His fortune of no,col. in his own country, the man leat alluded by which he has bequeathed to his brother, was any was the Marquis de la Luzerne. derived from industrious exertions in India. 15. At his house at Mile-ondo in. Marr, efq.

At Southampton, the Marquis de la Lu At her boule in Ramsay-guiden, Edin zerne, amballador from the Court of France, burghi, L::dy Eliz. Hay, lifter to the late, and fecond son of the late Comte de la L. and aunt to the present, Eurl of kiunoul.

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16. At Rottingdean, of a most violent fe 21. Mrs. Du Bois, wise of John Du B. esq. fer and ague, Rev. Richard Cooperthwaite, of New Balinghall-street. rector of Meeching, otherwise Newhaven. 22. At Irington, in his 88tb year, Mr.

Mrs. Webster, of Old Fish-street. The Cumberlege, formerly a linen-draper in Newcause of her death was a bruize the received gate-itreet, and latterly, for many years, a by a sudden jult, from the misconstruction of collector for the New River Company. her coach. It is on this account that pregnant In his 24th year, of a decline, at Caterladies are forbid riding in such carriages. hain, in Surrey, whither he had gone for the This dangerous concussion, so fatal to many, benefit of his licalth, Mr. Rob. Baldwin, jun. arises from low wheels in front, and high books seller, in Pater-nofter-row. He was behind. To prevent these calamities, the the ekleft fon of Mr. Henry B. the respecte wheels of coaches should be equal in height, able printer of “The St. James's Chronicle;' and they not under four feet.

and nephew to Mr. Robert B. senior, with 17. At Birmingham, Mr. Thomas Hurd, whom he had just entered into business, fosmerly a merchant there, and brother to in which the prudence of his conduct prothe very excellent Bilhop of Worcester. mised much fucceis, which his untimely deatii

Rev. Mr. Wingfield, rector of St. Julian's has prevenied. The grief of his surviving in Shrewsbury, and minister of Berwick chap: relatives, and the regret of all his acquaintAfter a painful illness, Mrs. Stokes, wite ance,

form his best eulogium. of Mr. S. attorney, at Melton Mowbray, co. 24. At Illington, after a short illness, Mrs. Leicester; a good Christian, wife, and parent. Susannah Hcylvii, wife of Edw.

18. Mrs. Moore, wife of Mr. M. master of 25. At Kealington), aged 73, Mr. Jofepis the free grammar-school at Bourn, co. Linc. Curry, formerly an auctioneer at Newcaitle.

At her house in Hart-street, adjoining to 23. At Tottenliam, Mr. Glallcock, shopCovent-garden theatre, in a very advanced keeper, who had acquired a fortune by leia age, Mrs. Eliz. Benner. She held, formerly, ting out single-horse chaises in Morlane, a considerable rank in theatrical fame, and Fore-street, and was remarkable for his bulk. had retired near 30 years. On the death of her friend Mr. Gibson, the proprietor and

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. manager of Liverpool theatre, in 1771 (see

M. Woodley, esq. appointed captaina

general and governor in chiei of his left her, which the employed in acts of mu Majesty's Leeward Caribbze Illands, Vic nificence and liberality.

She contributed

Shirley, resigned. freely to all the theatrical funds. Wonder Alex. Hamilton, esq. appointed cursitor, not, when she became rich, that many, who or cle:k and cngroffer-general of all and all call themselves her relations, courted her ac manner of original writs iilung out of luis quaintance; to some of wliom, by her will, Majesty's High Court of Chancery in Ireiand. The has left ioool.; to Mr. and Mrs. King, Rev. Duncan Mbarlane, presented to the scol. each ; and to Mr. Wrougliton, and 17 church and parish of Dryman, in the preibyothers, 10 guineas each, for a ring. She liad tory of Dumbarton, vive his father, dec. given directions to be buried at Liverpool, Tho. Smith, esq. appointed conjunct clerk near to Mr. Wm. Gibson; but thinking it an to the bills in the ortice of his Majesty's Reidle and unnecessay expence, in that parti- giitor or Ruils in Scotland, vice Windell, doc. cular the altered her will, and ordered a very private funeral, with which her executrix, an

Civil PROMOTIONS. old servant, who had lived 27 pcars with her, TAMES Hune, tf4. appointed recretary did not exactly comply, but buried lier hand to the commillioners of the curtonis, somely at St. Paul's, Covent-garden. She had Vice Gale, resigned. left her scol. and an annuity of 60l. a year. - Hepburn, efq. appointed one of the in.

19. At Ipswich, aged 77, Mrs. Eliz. Beau der secretaries of itate for the honie departint. mont, rclict of Rev. Cha. B. M.A. late rector John Clementon, ell. depury forjeant a of Witnesham.

arris, appointed a lottery commiilouer. Aged 48, Mr. Tho. Billam, of Glentworth, near Lincoln, a considerable farmer and gra ECCLESIASTICAL PREFTENINTS. zier, formerly of Killymarsh, co. Derby.

EV. James Webiter, B.D. Mephail R. 20. At Hampstead, Mrs. Patrick, wife of

co. Sediord, vice Weiton, dec. Faul P. efq. of New Broad-street.

Rev. Sir Harry Trelawny, bart. N. A. Mrs. Crabb, wife of James C. esq. of St. Allen V. Cornwall, wire Dillon, related Southampton-row, Bloomibury, and an emi Rev. Mr. Withani, appointed dari of the nent insurance-broker at Lloyd's coffee-house. cathedıal of Lilmore, in Ireland ; and Rev. She is said to have languished many months, Mr. O'Beirne, Longford and Mobiil RR.; from a hurt on her head, by the fall of a all vice Ryder, dec. Nouer-pot from a chamber-window, and Rev. Dr. Wellitt, St. Bene't R. Grace. which at length occasioned her death.

church-street, vice Wyatt, dec. At Tunbridge-wells, john Sargent, esq. Rev. Mr. Wation, presented to the perfe. of Halstead-place, Kent; of whom we may ival curacy in the pariih of Halif.x, co. Yurs, venture to promile fome further particulars. vicc Nellon, dec,



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Rev. Tho. Exon, M. A. elected minister of Rev. Tho. Mann, M. A, Bailliam R. co. the parish of St. James, in Pool, co. Somer- Suffolk, vice Adjur., dec. set, vice Davis, resigned.

Rev. Mr. R. Watts, collated to ScNeby R. Rev. Tho. Carthew, Woodbridge perpe co. Cumberland. tual curacy, vice his father, dec.

Rey. Matthew Field, under grammar-marRev. Mr. Thomas, Wouldham R. Kent, ter of Chritt's-hiefpital, appointed a prebend vice Leech, dec.

of Lincoln. Rev. Wm. Sparrow, Horley V. Surrey, Rev. Jolin North, M.A. Athilon R. Ellex, vice Whalley, dec.

vice Saltier, dec. Rev. George Nibbs, B. A. Cutcombe V. Rev. D. Addison, Leck V. co. York, vice co. Somerset.

Hooke, dec. Rev. Rich. Burke, M. A. Athenry R. in Rev. John Parker, Tadcaster R. Yorks. Ireland, vice Marih, dec.

Rey. Tho. Neales, B. A. Sibion R. co. Leic, AVERAGE PRICES of CORN, from Sepiember 12, to September 17, 1791.

Wheat Rye Barley Oats Beans COUNTIES upon the COAST.
s. dos do


5 34 113 1,2 613 London 5 313 413 312

Suff lk

5 03 2 10 2 33 4 COUNTIES INLAND. Norfolk 4 oz 92 72 C 3 4 Middleics 5 54 53 513 9


5 9,3 10,3 Surrey 5 4 3 1013 3 2 74



62 Hertford 5 4 3 1013 513 IO

Durham 6

24 Bedford

53 3.2 5.3 6
Northumberld, 5

32 92 Caiabridge

13 71 Cumberland

94 03 Huntingdon 4 illo 03 4' Wettmoriand 6

74 93 9,2 66 Northampton 5 103

Lancashire 6

03 3:2 Rutland 5 93 93 8'2 Cheshire 5 mlo

7.2 Leicetier 6

9:3 72
8 Monmouth
5 70

3.0 Nottingham 5 73 103 52 34


5 100

2 3
74 9 Devon



3 Stattura 6 + 9 o'z 64 7 Cornwall

5 410

91 90
5 94 03 62 6:4

9. Dorset
5 Too 02 80

04 Hereford 5 30


4 + Worcester 5 113 114 32 10.4

5 00

3,0 Warwick : 6 7,0 03 6:3


5 40 02 012 63 5 Gloucester

o13 92 5'3 9 Wils

115 I 3 4.2 44

5 7.5 13

53 9 Oxlord

& 3 4 3

North Wales, 6 21 3 313 7!12 3110
Bucks 5 43 103

9 South Wales, 59214 zł 3.11

1. The Battle of Hexham-Catherine and 22. The Hawted Tower --The Paonel.

24. Ditto--The Devil to P.iy. 2. The Surrender of Calais-The Irishman 27. School for Scandal - No Song No Sippei. in Spain.

-9. The Siege of Belgrade--All the World's 3. Ditto-Ditto—The Manager in Distress. a Stage. 5. Ditto -The Village Lawyer.

Sepe. COVENT-GARDEN. 6. Disto--The Mayor of Garratt.

12. The Dramatif-The Farmer. 7. The Battle of Hexham--The Liar. 14. Fontainbleau-- Modern Antiques. 8. TheSurrender of Calais - The Son-in-L... 16. The Suspicious Husband-- Tom Thumb. 9. A Quorier of an Hour before Dinner 17. The Bury Body-Love in a Camp.

Surrender of Calais-Irishman in Spain.. 19. The Countof Narbonne- A Divertisement 1. Tie Surrender of Calais-Village Lawye: 20. The Beggar's Opera-Follies of a Day. 12. Ditto--Wlio 's the Dupe ?

21. He wou'd be a Soldier---Cymon. (Conus. 8. DittoThe Mayor of Garratt.

23. Widow of Malabar - Licile Hunchback 7. Seeing is Believing— The Spanish Barber 25. Romeo and Juliet--A Divertisement. Catherire and l'etruchio.

28. He wou'd be a Soldier-Robin Hood. 15. The Surrender of Calais - Who'stheDupe? 30. Cattle of Andalusia--Mayor of Gortatt.

BILL of MORTALITY, from September 13, to September 27, 1789.
Chrittened. 1 Buried.

95 50 and Males 511) Males

5 and 10 42 60 and

70 63

10 and 20 47 70 and 80 44 Waereof nave died under two years old 439

20 and 30

79 8o and 90.17

30 and 40 77 | go and 100 Peck Loaf 25. 26. 1

49 and 50 74

5. Sullex

0 2 1012


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Bank 3perCt. 3 per Ct. Ditto perCt15 perCty Long | Short | India India | India S. Sea New 3 per Ct New | English Irish Excheq Loyal

Stock. reduc. Consols 1726 Consol. Ann. Ann. 1778-4 Stock. Ann. Bonds. Stock. Ann. Ann. 1751 Navy. Lot. Tick Lot. Tick, Bills. Debent
go 891a!
104} 117
131 186

16 7

7 9
28 Sunday
29 2001
1 a 89

16 8 C 7
1045 117

8 6
30 1991

261 131


884 a je
311 1992


6 13 833

16 8 7 113


9 25

16 8

1045 116


893 a 1
1041 1171 261

16 8 6 7 10

115 4 Sunday 1041 1181

1901 891 115

16 8 6 7 to

891 891 16 9
89 8 a

1044 118 35 1881 116

16 6 891

7 1881

16 89% a


7 104


0 7 10


1881 116 96



8 07 12

893 a 1

1043 1181


16 9 0 7 1 2
11 Sunday

Par 116 8
893 a

117 118


7 13


831 Par 16 8 6

7 13 o 14

16 8 6 7 II

26 891


117 15 883 a 89

118 190

28 115


16 881

9 7 12 16

118 894a1



9 713
893 a


16 10


0 7 13



16 11 6 7 14


1943 114

891 891 Par 116 12 6 7 13



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7 II 7 II


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25 Sunday 16

114 891

891 894

Par 116 II

7 14 0

23 i

Par 16 11


7 14 € 891 al

1173 194


116 11 0 7 14 61 N. B. In the 3 per Cent. Confols. the highest and lowest Price of each Day is given ; in the other Stocks the highest Price only.

J. BRANSCOMB, Jun. Stock-Broker, No. 4, Cornhill,

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Hairchanging Colour character of Mr.bluesgc5 Marriages, Deaths, Preferments, &c. 965—975
History of Threckingliam; Liftof Vicars, &c.900 Average Prices of Corn-Theatrical Register 975
Some Men:oirs of the lat: Dr. Kobert Henry 907 Daily Variations in the Prices of the Stocks 976

Embellished with Perspective Views of BAMBROUGH Castle, with its GREAT TOWER;
and also of THREEKINGHAM CHURCH ;' with a curious PEDIGREE of ARMORIAL
BLANINCS from PINCHBECK CHURCH; a Golu Coin of BAYEUX; a Rino, &c. &c.

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