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The following sketches are not altogether imaginary. Frank, Harry, and William, Louis and Frederick, Alfred and Herbert, and other names here recorded, are borrowed names certainly; but that such boys lived, is equally true; and the events in which they are represented as taking an active part, are grounded on real occurrences. Many such incidents, and probably more striking ones, will present themselves to the mind of any old school

boy who may happen to glance over these pages; and the young schoolboy will perhaps be too ready to point to one and another character here portrayed, and say or think, " Ah, this is just like such a one whom I know. But it is hoped that this is not the only, or the principal, use to which these sketches will be put. Rather let every young reader into whose hands they may come, examine himself, and compare himself with each of the schoolboys here mentioned; and ask himself in what kind and degree a resemblance may be traced. Envy and passion, covetousness and extravagance, mischievousness and daring, with moral cowardice, are not yet banished from this world of sin, and still lurk in the hearts, and manifest themselves in the actions and words of schoolboys, much as they did thirty years ago. And, on the brighter side of

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