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The motive which has induced OSANDER to this uirdertaking, is, in itself, interesting, and the public will have an opportunity of aiding in the accomplishment of a purpose which hath for its prospect, the promotion of picty, and the service of the Church.

SAMUEL BLATCHFORD. Lansingburgh, July 26, 1811.

A 2.


THE eye of criticism will, unquestionabiy, discover errors ;

but to a juvenile work, it is hoped charity will be extended. Peculiarity of situation, is all that drives the author into the ordeal of publick opinion at so early an



WHEN Heav'n its blessings to mankind dispense, The social tie was giv'n ; a treasure, rich, .

And much to be esteem'd :

Not on his fellow, as a slave, or vile,

May man now look, but as another link

In that same chain of which he a part.
Society is bound by mutual aids.
No man is independent.
Do we superior stations hold !
The farmer's toil, the merchant's enterprize,
All, all the various labors of the whole,
Conspire to render us compleat
In what we are. Does pride our thoughts lift up
And swell to heights of haughtiness,
How soon some trivial want will bring us down,
And shew our folly : this we know,
Altho' we still may swell, and still be proud ;
And still be haughty, till the day of death
Sweeps us to dust and covers us with clods.

Whence is this pride? From evil in ourselves

And he who fosters it

Gives vigor to a curse and imitates the damnd.
But all men are not proud :
Yes, some there are, the social tie preserve

As first 'twas giv'n so far as, fall’n, they may.

Such 'tis my lot to know and to admire.

Ye who the rising sapling would not crush

But who in friendliest deed your pow'rs combine

To foster it to strength.
Accept a trivial of respect!
While my heart thanks you and with humble praise.
Adores that God who rais'd you up as friends
Long may you grow in gtace, as active blessings,
Rich in joy and virtue ; and when future time
Shall raise your souls from this to ether's sphere
May Paradise celestial ope her gates
And that sweet smile whose beam is extacy
Declare you welcome.
Then among us youth may there be found :
Those, who your present stations shall maintain
With equal piety and equal zeal.


Page 29th, 18t line, for way, read sway.

126, 17th, for you, read yon.
156, 4th above the harp, read the harp above.
157, 13th for comfort, read confront.

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