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to be aiding and assisting to the car- animated with the same interest in rying this proclamation, and every putting an end to the devastations of part thereof, into full effect. war, have, for this purpose, nomina

« Provided nevertheless, that if ted and furnished with full power on any such vessels shall be forced into the part of his majesty the emperor the harbours or waters of the United of the French and king of Italy, States, by distress, by the dangers of Charles Maurice Talleyrand, prince the sea, or by the pursuit of an ene- of Benevento, his great chamberlain, my, or shall enter them charged with and minister of foreign affairs, grand dispatches or business from their go- cross of the legion of honour, knigbt vernment, or shall be a public packet 'of the Prussian orders of the black for the conveyance of letters and dis- and of the red eagle, of the order of patches, the commanding officer im- St. Hubert. mediately reporting his vessel to the “His majesty the emperor of all collector of the district, stating the the Russias has, on bis párt, appointobject, or causes of entering the said ed, prince Kurakin, his actual privy harbours or waters, and conforming counsellor; member of the couocil himself to the regulations in that case of state, and of the senate; chancelprescribed under the authority of the lor of all the orders in the empire ; laws, shall be allowed the benefit of ambassador extraordinary, and plesuch regulations respecting repairs, nipotentiary of his majesty of all the supply, stay, intercourse, and depar- Russias to his majesty tbe emperor of ture, as shall be permitted under the Austria ; knight of the Russian order same authority.

of St. Andrew; of St. Alexander; “ In testimony whereof, I have of St. Aube; of the first class of the caused the seal of the United States order of St. Wolodimir, and of the to be affixed to these presents, and second class of the Prussian orders signed the same.

of the black and red eagle; of the “Given at the city of Washington, Bavarian order of St. Hubert; of the

July 2, in the year of our Lord, Danish order of Dannebrog, apd the 1807, and of the sovereignty perfect union, and bailiff and grand and independence of the United cross of the sovereign order of St. States the 31st.

John of Jerusalem; and prince De. “Thos. JEFFERSON.” metry Labanoff Van Rostoff, lieute

"By the president, nant-general of the armies of his ma“JAMES MADISON, secretary of jesty the emperor of all the Russias ; state."

knight of the first class of the order of St. Anne, of the military order of

St. Joris, and of the third class of the Treaty of Peace between his Majesty order of Wolodimir.

the Emperor of the French, King “The abovementioned, after er. of Italy, and His Majesty the changing their full powers, have Emperor of all the Russias. ayreed upon the following articles:

"Article I. From the day of ex“ His majesty the emperor of the changing the ratification of the preFrench, king of Italy, protector of sent treaties, there shall be perfect the confederation of the Rhine, and peace and awiity between his majesty kis majesty the emperor of Russia, the emperor of the French, king of

Italy, and his majesty the emperor main open and free of all tolls; of all the Russias.

Pomerellia; the Island of Nogat; “ II. Hostilities shall immediately the country on the right bank of the cease at all points by sea and land, Vistula and of the Nogat, to the as soon as the intelligence of the west of Old Prussia, and to the present treaty shall be officially re. northward of the circle of Culm ; ceived. In the meanwhile the high Ermeland. Lastly, the kingdom of contracting parties shall dispatch Prussia, as it was on the 1st of Jancouriers extraordinary to their re- uary, 1772, together with the forspective generals and commanders. tresses of Spandau, Stettin, Custrin,

“III. All ships of war or other Glogau, Breslau, Schweidnitz, vessels, belonging to the high con- Neisse, Brieg, Kosel, and Glatz, and tracting parties, or their subjects, in general all fortresses, citadels, which may be captured after the castles, and strong holds of the signing of this treaty, shall be re- countries above-named, in the same stored. In case of these vessels be- condition in which those fortresses, ing sold, the value shall be returned. citadels, castles, and strong holds

“ IV. Out of esteem for his ma- may be at present; also, in addition jesty the emperor of all the Russias, to the above, the city and citadel of and to afford to him a proof of his Graudentz. sincere desire to unite both nations V. Those provinces, which, on in the bands of immutable confi- the 1st of January, 1779, formed a dence and friendship, the emperor part of the kingdom of Poland, and Napoleon wishes that all the coun- have since, at different times, been tries, towns, and territories, con- subjected to Prussia (with the exquered from the king of Prussia, ception of the countries named or the ally of his majesty the emperor alluded to in the preceding article, of all the Russias, should be re- and of those which are described stored, namely, that part of the below in the 9th article), shall beduchy of Magdeburg, situated on come the possession of his majesty the right bank of the Elbe; the the king of Saxony, with power of mark of Prignitz; the Uker mark; possession and sovereignty, under the middle and new mark of Bran- the title of the duchy of Warsaw, denburg, with the exception of the and shall be governed according to circle of Cotbus, in Lower Alsace: the a regulation, which will insure the duchy of Pomerania; Upper, Lower, liberties and privileges of the people and New Silesia, and the county of of the said duchy, and be consistent Glatz: that part of the district of with the security of the neighbouring the Netze, which is situated to the states. northward of the road of Driesen “VI. The city of Dantzic, with a and Schniedemuhl, and to the north- territory of two leagues round the ward of a line drawn from Schnei. same, is restored to her former indemuhl hrough Waldau to the Vis- dependence, under the protection of tula, and extending along the frontier his majesty the king of Prussia, and of the circle of Bromberg, and the his majesty the king of Saxony; to navigation of the river Netze, and of be governed according to the laws by the canal of Bromberg, from Driesen which she was governed at the time to the Vistula and back, must re- ' when she ceased to be her own mistress. VOL. XLIX.

“VII. For “ VII. For a communication be- any person possessing estates, revetwixt the kingdom of Saxony and vues, pensions, or any other kind of the duchy of Warsaw, his majesty income, shall be molested in his the king of Sarony is to have the person, or in any way whatever, on free use of a military road through account of his rank, quality, estates, the States of his majesty the king of revenues, pensions, incomes, or otherPrussia. This road, the number of wise, or in consequence of any part, troops which are allowed to pass at political or military, which he may once, and the resting places, shall have taken in the events of the prebe fixed by a particular agreement sent war. between the two sovereigns, under “XI. All contracts and engagethe mediation of France.

ments between his majesty the king “ VII. Neither his majesty the of Prussia and the ancient possessors, king of Prussia, his majesty the king relative to the general imposts, the of Saxony, nor the city of Dantzic, ecclesiastical, the military or civil shall oppose any obstacles whatever benefices, the creditors or pensioners to the free navigation of the Vistula, of the old Prussian government, are under the name of tolls, rights, or to be settled between the emperor duties.

of all the Russias and his majesty the “IX. In order as far as possi- king of Saxony; and to be regulated ble to establish a natural boundary by their said majesties, in proportion between Russia and the duchy of to their acquisitions, according to arWarsaw, the territory between the ticles V and IX. present confines of Russia from ' “ XII. Their royal highnesses the ihe Bug to the mouth of the Las- dukes of Saxe Cobourg, Oldenburg, sona shall extend, in a line from and Mecklenburg Schwerin, shall the mouth of the Lassona along each of them be restored to the the towing path of the said river; complete and quiet possession of and that of the Bobra, up to its their estates; but the ports in the mouth; that of the Narew, froin duchies of Oldenburg and Mecklenthe niouth of that river as far as burg shall remain in the possession Suradiz; from Lissa to its source of the French garrisons till the definear the village of Mien; from this nitive treaty shall be signed between to the village Nutzeck, and from Nut- France and England. zeck to the mouth of that-river be- “ XIII. His majesty the emperor yond Nurr; and finally, along the Napoleon accepts of the mediation towing path of the Bug, upwards, to of the emperor of all the Russias, in extend as far as the present frontiers order to negociate and conclude a of Russia. This territory is for ever definitive treaty of peace between united to the empire of Russia. France and England; however, only

“X. No person of any rank or upon condition that this mediation quality whatever, whose residence shall be accepted by England in one or property may be within the limits month after the ratification of the stated in the above-mentioned arti- present treaty. cle, nor any inhabitant in those pro- “ XIV. His majesty the emperor vinces of the ancient kingdom of of all the Russias being desirous, on Poland, which may be given up to his part, to manifest how ardently bis majesty the king of Prussia, or be desires to establish the most inti

. ! mate


mate and lasting relations between of his majesty the emperor Napothe two emperors, acknowledges his leon. majesty Joseph Napoleon, king of “ XX. His majesty the emperor Naples, and Louis Napoleon, king of all the Russias engages to recogof Holland.

nize the limits which shall be deter“ XV. His majesty, the emperor mined by his majesty the emperor of all the Russias, acknowledges the Napoleon, in pursuance of the foreconfederation of the Rhine, the pre- , going XIXth article, and the cessent state of the possessions of the sions of his majesty the king of princes belonging to it, and the titles Prussia (which shall be notified to of those which were conferred upon his majesty the emperor of all the them by the act of confederation, Russias), together with the state of or by the subsequent treaties of ac- possession resulting therefrom to the cession. His said majesty also pro- sovereigns for whose behoof they mises, information being communi- shall have been established. cated to bini on the part of the XXI. All hostilities shall immeemperor Napoleon, to acknowledge dialely cease between the troops of those sovereigns who may hereafter his majesty the emperor of all the become members of the confedera- Russias and those of the Grand tion, according to their rank specified Seignior, at all points, whenever in the act of confederation.

official intelligence shall arrive of the “XVI. His majesty the emperor signing of the present treaty. The of all the Russias cedes all his pro- bighi contracting parties shall, withperty in the right of sovereignty to out delay, dispatch couriers extraorthe lordship of Jever, in East Fries- dinary, to convey the intelligence, • land, to his majesty the king of Hol- with all possible expedition, to the reland.

spective generals and commanders. “XVII. The present treaty of “XXII. Tlie Prussian * troops peace shall be mutually binding, shall be withdrawn from the proand in force, for his majesty the king vinces of Moldavia ; but the said of Naples, Joseph Napoleon, his provinces may not be occupied by majesty Louis Napoleon, king of the troops of the Grand Seignior, Holland, and the sovereigns of the till after the exchange of the ratificonfederation of the Rhine, in alli- cations of the future definitive treaty ance with the Emperor Napoleon. of peace between Russia and the Ot

'" XVIII. His majesty the empe- toman Porte.
ror of all the Russias also ackvow- “ XXIII. His majesty the empe-
ledges his imperial highness, prince ror of all the Russias accepts the
Jerome Napoleon, as king of West- mediation of his majesty the empe-

ror of the French, and king of Italy, “ XIX. The kingdom of West- for the purpose of negociating a phalia shall consist of the provinces peace advantageous and honourable ceded by the king of Prussia on the to the two powers, and of concluding left bank of the Elbe, and other the same. The respective plenipostates at present in the possession tentiaries shall repair to that place

3 A 2


* This is a mistake in the MONITEUR. It should be Russian troops.

which shall be agreed upon by the Russias; the ratifications shall be two powers concerned, there to open exchanged in the city within the the negociations, and to proceed space of four days. therewith.

“Done at Tilsit, 7th July, (25th " XXIV. The periods, within June) 1807. which the high contracting parties (Signed)“ C. MAURICE TALLEYshall 'withdraw tlreir troops from the

RAND, prince of Beneplaces which they are to evacuate

vento. pursuant to the above stipulations, as

« Prince ALEXANDER also the manner in which the differ

KURAKIN. ent stipulations contained in the pre

“ Prince DEMETRY LAsent treaty shall be executed, will be

BANOFF VAN Rossettled by a special agreement.

TOPF. "XXV. His majesty the emperor

(A true Copy) of the French, king of Italy, and his (Signed) “C. M. TALLEYRAND, majesty the emperor of all the Rus

Prince of Benevento.” sias, mutually ensure to each other the integrity of their possessions, and of those of the powers included in

[From the German.) this present treaty, in the state in Note of Mr. Canning, Englisk which they are now settled, or fur Secretary of State for Foreign ther to be settled, pursuant to the Affairs, to Prince Stahremberg, above stipulations.

the Austrian Ambassador at "XXVI. The prisoners made by London. the contracting parties, or those included in the present treaty, shall be

“London, 25th April, 1807. restored in a mass, and without any “The undersigned, his majesty's cartel of exchange, on both sides. principal secretary of state for foreign

“XXVII. The commercial rela- affairs, has laid before the king the tions between the French enpire, the note delivered to him by prince kingdom of Italy, the kingdoms of Stahremberg, ambassador estraordiNaples and Holland, and the confe- nary and minister plenipotentiary of derated states of the Rhine, on the his majesty the emperor of Austria, one side ; and the empire of Russia king of Hungary and Bohemia, in on the other, shall be replaced on which his imperial majesty offers himthe same footing as before the war self as the mediator of a general

“XXVIII. The ceremonial be- peace. tween the two courts of the Thuil- “The undersigned has received it leries and St. Petersburgh, with re- in command from the king his sospect to each other, and also their vereign, to communicate to prince respective anbassadors, ministers, and Stahremberthe inclosed official anenvoys, mutually accredited to each swer to the note of bis imperial majesother, shall be placed on the footing ty. The king does complete justice of complete equality and reciprocity. to the motives that have induced his

“ XXIX. The present treaty shall imperial majesty to propose a mode be ratified by his majesty the empe- of negociation which, by embracing ror of the French, king of Italy, and the interests of all parties, can alone his majesty the emperor of all the lead to the restoration of a lasting


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