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the human constitution. It is essential to the moral character of man, as we have already shown, and therefore, did not require, and is independent of, revelation. We admit, indeed, and have before stated, that the Scriptures universally recognise it. But we can with no more propriety call it a doctrine of revelation, than we could call consciousness, or memory, or natural liberty, a doctrine of revelation. By doctrines of revelation, we must always mean sentiments or truths which derive their authority entirely or mainly from Divine communication.

On the duty of inquiry into the evidences of revelation, we quote with pleasure the following passage.

• It is a great mistake of many persons to suppose that they are believers in Christianity, because they have had no doubts: ignorance alone presumes on the truth of principle without inquiry, and it is a maxim equally just with respect to the evidences as to the experience of religion, that he has no faith who never doubted.”

The first subject of inquiry in religion should always respect its evidences; and it is much to be regretted, that neither in our natural nor popular catechisms is there a single ques:ion and answer upon the subject. When such inquiries, therefore, are proposed by the enemies of religion, the mind is startled, and the deist triumphs in finding the untaught professor has no reasons for his faith. It is true, that there are some arguments for Christianity, which require learning and leisure to discụss ; but there are others, derived from the holy tendency of its doctrines and its moral principles, which are level to the meanest capacity ; and sceptics find it more difficult to answer the humble Christian, who can testify the efficacy of religion upon his heart and conduct, than all the arguments of its more learned advocates.' p. 41.

The · Historic Sketch of the Rise and Progress of Intolerance;' which comprises nearly half the volume, is by far the most valuable and interesting part of the work. It exhibits a comprehensive and tolerably fair view of the influence and extent of a spirit of intolerance, from the time of Constantine, down to the persecution of the French Protestants. In so brief a sketch, the Author was necessarily compelled to be superficial, and to pass by various important facts; he has however selected many, chiefly from the history of our own country, and from those of France and America, which are highly interesting, and which do credit to the extent and accuracy of his information. We can with pleasure recommend the volume to the attentive perusal of our readers, and especially to those who have not leisure for wider research, or more profound argumentation.

Art. XV. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION. Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the


will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its Plan.

Mr. Camming is preparing a second Prophecy, immediately translated from edition of the “ Resolves, Divine, the Original Scriptures. The third roMoral and Political." of Owen Felt. lume contains a Chronological History ham ; as revised by him a few years of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes, since.

Persians, Lydiauš, Egyptians, &c. adMr. William Newnham has in the justed to Sacred Chropology throughout; press, to be publisbed in one duodecimo and also a copious and general Index volume, a work entitled, a Tribute of to the whole work. Sympathy, addressed to Mgarners.

In a few days will be published, a ney The Rev. W. Smith, author of a: edition of Mr. George Dyer's Essays on System of Prayer, has in the press, a the English Constitution. Six Weeks Course of Prayers, for the The second rolume of ap Introducuse of families.

tion to Entomology, or Elements of the In a few days will be published, in 8vo. Natural History of Insects, by the The Harmony of Scripture; or an at. Rev. W. Kirby, M.A. F.L.S. and W. tempt to reconcile various passages Spence, Esq. F.L.S. is nearly ready for apparently contradictory : By the late publication." Abuyi one half of this vol. Rev. Andrew Paller.

is occupied with the history of societies Prepariog for publication, a Transla. of Insects, including a full account of the tion of the Works of Virgil, partly ori- manpers and economy of ants, wasps, ginal, and partly altered from Pryden bees, &c. the repajuder is devoted to and Piit: ky John King.

letters on the noises, motions, hyberna: In the press, and speedily will be tion, and instinct of Insects; only: published, Qdio, a Poem: By the Right minous insects; and on their modes of Honourable Sir W. Drummond, This defending themselves from their ene. Poem, which is copuected with the -mies. most interesting era of the Northern Speedily will be published, a new set Mythology, refers principally to the of emblematical Latin Labels for the origin of the Gothic empire ; which the drawers and bottles of Surgeons, Apoauthor, availing himself of the privilege thecaries and Chemists. A pestil and of the poet, and offering besides some mortar will be represented inclased probable conjectures, supposes to have within a handsome border. The Labels been founded by Pbarnąces.

will be according to the latest edition A few copies of Dr. Hales's New Ana- of the Pharmacopæia Lopdipepsis, arlysis of Chronology, in three volumes, ranged in alpbabetical order, and printed or four books, quarto, remain to be diş- on various coloured papers. posed of at the subscription price of six Lieut. Edvard Chappell will publish guineaś. The first Volume of this va- early in next month, a Narrative of a luable work contains an Explanation of Voyage to Hudson's Bay, containiog, the New System of Chronology, intro. some account of the north-east coast of duced therein; to which are added, l. America, and the tribes inhabiting that

The Plements of Technical Chronology, remote region, in an oçtayo volame, and 2: The Elements of Sacred Geogia- illustrated by plateş. phy, illustrated with six copper-plates.

Sir Wm. Adams has in the press, an The second volume, consisting of two Inquiry into the Causes of the frequent books, each larger than the first volume, Failure of the Operations of extracting contains a Chronological History of the and depressing the Cataract, and the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Description of an improved Series of Testament, and of the whole range of Operations.

Miss E. Spence is printing, in an oc. June, or early in July, a History of tavo yolume, Letters from the North Whitby, with a statistical survey of the Highlands, addressed to Miss J. Porter. vicinity to the distance of twenty-five

Dr. Coote has in the press, the His- miles. By the Rev. George Young; story of Europe, from the Peace of with the assistance of some papers left Amiens in 1802 to the Peace of Paris in by the late Mr. R Winter, and some 1815, forming a seventh volume of the materials furnished by Mr. John Bird. History of Modern Europe.

This work is comprised in four Books. The Rev. Henry Rutter has in the The first contains a General History of press,, a Key to the Old Testament, the north-east part of Yorkshire, partipointing out the persons, events, &c. cularly the ancient history of that disthat were figurative of Christ and his trict; and here some important partiChurch.

culars, unnoticed, or imperfectly underA Series of Pastoral Letters on Non- stood, by the greater part of modern conformity, from a Dissenting Minister historians, are produced and elucidated. to a Youth in his Congregation, will The second Book gives the history of shortly appear in a duodecimo volume.

Streoneshalb (or Whithy) Abbey, with Preparing for publication, a Treatise a view of the Ecclesiastical History of 'on Protestant Nonconformity, in une the district; and exhibits a detailed volume octavo.

account of the monastic establishments M. Thenard's Treatise on the General at Whitby and in its neighbourhood, and Principles of Chemical Analysis, trans- of the lives, possessions, employments, lated into English, with plates, and ad- &c. of the monks and nuns. The third ditions from his Elements of Chemistry, Book enters very fully into the history is printing in an octavo volume,

of the Town and Port of Whitby, from Mr. Griffiths, author of the Sons of the earliest account to the present times. St. David, is preparing for the press, the The fonrth Book contains a Statistical Champion of England, an historical ro Survey of the district, arranged under mance, founded on facts that occurred

various heads, such as, Topography, in the 14th century.

Antiquities, Mineralogy, Agriculture, Mr. J. Robertson is printing, an Ex- Manufactures, Biography, Manners and ample Book on the Use of Maps, con- Customs, &c. The volume will contain taining problems and exercises to be

a large proportion of original matter, worked and filled up by students in geo- especially in the Ecclesiastical History, graphy.

and in the departinent of Antiquities, A new edition, entirely remodelled, of

where many interesting subjects, hitherto Dr. Thomson's System of Chemistry, unpublished, will be brought to light. is printing in four octavo volumes.

It will be embellished with numerous The Vicar of Wakefield, with a series engravings, including a Map of the of designs by Rowlandson, is printing in district, laid down from actual survey. royal octavo.

An Appendix, consisting principally of Speedily will be published, in one original documents, will be added. volume, octavo, the Colonies, and The work is publishing by subseription, the Present American Revolution : By chiefly for the benefit of Mr. Winter's M. de Pradt, formerly Archbishop of widow and children ; and though it will Malines.

extend to more than 750 pages, oetavo, In 'few weeks will be published, Pic. yet owing to the great number of the tures of War, from authentic narratives, subsc,ibers, the price will be only 15s. with Reflections on the Practice of Na. demy, 11. Is. royal. The impression tional Hostilities, partly original, but consists of 1000 copies, about 800 of chiefly extracted from eminent writers. which are already subscribed for, inBy Irenicus. in one vol. fcap. octavo. cluding the whole of the royal copios.

In the press, and will be published in



Pearson, M.A. of St. John's

ge, Ox Memoirs of the Life and Writings of

ford. With a Portrait of Dr. Buchanan, the Rev. Claudius Buchanan, D.D. late

and “ Sketches, of four of the Syrian Vice-prorost of the College of Fort Wil

Churches in Travancore.” 2 rols. 8vo. liam, in Bengal. By the Rey. Hugh

11. 1s.


Researches concerning the Laws, ThePublic Education; consisting of three ology, Learning, Commerce, &c. of Tracts, reprinted from the Edinburgh

ancient and modern India. By Q. CrauReview, the Classical Journal, and the

ford, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. boards. Pamphleteer; together with the Defence

MEDICINE. of Public Schools. By the late Dean of Westminster.

Observations on the Harvean Doctrine A System of Geography, for the use

of the Circulation of the Blood, in reply of schools and private students, on a to those lately adduced by George Kerr, new and easy plan; in which the Euro- Esq. By A. Ewing, M.D. Member of pean boundaries are stated, as settled by the Royal Physical Society, Edinburgh. the treaty of Paris and congress of

12mo. 6s. boards. Vienna; with an account of the solar A Physiological System of Nosology; system, and a variety of problems to be with a corrected and simplified nomensolved by the terrestrial and celestial clature. Designed as a practical guide globes. By Thomas Ewing, teacher of to students; a text-book for lecturers; English, Geography, and History, in and an appendix to systems of nature. Edinburgh, and author of Principles of Illustrated by a preliminary dissertation, Elocution, the English Learuer, &c. and running comment. By John Mason 12mo. 45. 6d. bound; or with nine maps,

Good, F.R.S. Mem. Am. Phil. Soc. and drawn for the work, 6s. 6d.

P.L.S. of Philadelphia. 8vo. 16s. A new General Atlas, contaiving dis

MISCELLANEOUS, tinct maps of all the principal states and kingdoms throughout the world, in The Philological and Biographical which the European boundaries, as settled Works of Charles Butler, Esq. of Linby the treaty of Paris and congress of colns Ion. Comprising Horæ BiblicæVienna, are accurately delineated. By History of the Germanic Empire Thomas Ewing, Edinburgh. Royal 4to.

Horæ Juridica Subsecivæ--Lives of 18s. half-bound-full coloured 21s. Eminent Persons-History of the Con

The History of Rome, from the building fessions of Faith, and of tbe Church of of the City to the death of Constantine; France, and various Essays. 5 vols. 8vo. in a series of essays, accompanied with

31. 10s. boards. reflections and historical questions: be- The White Cottage: a Tale. 1200. ing the second Volume of Studies in 75. boards. History. By Thomas Morell. 12mo. La Verité sur l'Angleterre par un 5s. boards_58. 6d. bound. Illustrated Francois, ou Refutation de l'Onvrage de by a map:

Pillet et d'autres sur l'Angleterre. 2 vols, An abridged History of England; de. 8vo. 16s. sewed. signed principally for the use of catholic Antibibliou, or the Papal Tocsin ; No, seminaries. By William Frederic My- 1. containing News from Rome and lius, of Bornheim House Academy, Poland; with a correct copy and transCarshalton. 12mo. 5s. 6d. bound.

Jation of the present Pope's Bull against The Grammatical Remembrancer; a Bible Societies, and notes by Scrutator. short but comprehensive English Gram- Price 4d. mar for the use of young students in Ogles, Duncan, and Cochran's Catageneral: To 'which are added, Geo- logue, for 1817; containing an extengraphical Pronunciation ; or, an attempt

sive Collection of English and Foreign to give the pronunciation of difficult Theology; French and English Serwions; names of places, domestic and foreign ; Oriental and Jewish Literature ; Clasand Lingua Technica ; or, terms pecu- sics; and Miscellaneous Books in various liar to the arts and sciences, &c. By Languages, octavo. 48. 60. the author of Orthoepy Simplified, (a Algebra of the Hiudus, with Arithnew Explanatory Pronouncing English metic and Mensuration, translated from Dictionary, price 6s. 6d.) Printed uni- the Sanscrit. By H. T. Colebrooke, Esq. formly with the author's dictionary, 4to. 31. 3s. and as a sequel and companion to it.

POETRY 2s. 6d. half-bound.

Idwal, and other portions of a Poem, HISTORY.

entitled " The Cambriad ; to which is The History of the University of added Gryphiadæa, Carmen VenatoEdinburgh, chiefly compiled from ori- rium, in Greek Hexameters, &c. By ginal paper and records. By Alexander P. Bayley, Esq. of Merton College, Ox. Bower. 2 vols. 8vo. 24s,



The Craniad; or, Spurzheim 'Ilus- 10. Práctical Observations on the trated; a poem in two parts. foolscap Management of the Poor. By the Rev. 8vo. 6s. boards.

Thomas Jee. (Original.] The Bower of Spring, with other 11. On National Prejudices. By Jobn Poems. By the author of the Paradise Burrows, Esq. [Original.] 6s. 6d. of Coquettes. fcap. 8vo. 75.

Speech of the Ri. Hon. George Can.

ning on Sir M. W. Ridley's Motion for MORAL PHILOSOPHY.

reducing the Number of the Lords of the A new edition of Essays, Moral, Poli- Adiniralty. 8vo. 2s. tical, and Literary: an inquiry con

Manuscript, Venu de St. Heléne, cerning human understanding; a dis

d'une inanière inconnue. 8vo. 78, 6d. sertation on the passions; an inquiry

A Translation of the St. Helena Manuconcerning the principles of morals;

script, 8vo. 75. 6d. and the natura; history of religion. By

Letters on some of the Events of the David Hume, Esq. 2 vols. 18s.

Kevclutionary War. 8vo.

THEOLOGY. Au Essay on the Variation of the : Part I. of a Polyglott Bible, to be Compass; showing how far it is in- completed in five Parts, forming one fluenced by a change in the direction of bandsome Volume in quarto. ll. is. the Ship’s Head, with an exposition of sewed. Parts II. and V. are in great the dangers arising to navigators from forwardness. A Prospectus, consisting not allowing for this change in the vari- of thirty-two pages,is delivered gratis, ation : Interspersed with practical ob- The same Work is beautifully prioted servations and remarks,

By William

in uniform pocket. Volumes, Part I. Bain, Master, Royal Navy. 8vo. with (containing the Pentateuch) Hebrew, 8s.; Chart. 6s.

English, 4s. 6d.; Greek, 6s.; Latin, 4s. 6d.; or, either two interleaved, Heb.

and Eng. 12s. 6d.; Heb. and Gr. 14s. ; On the Principles of Political Econo- Heb. and Lat. 12s. 6d. ; Gr. and Eng. my, and Taxation. By David Ricardo, 10s. 60.; Gr. and Lat. 10s, 6d, ; Lat. Esq. 8vo, 14s.

and Eng. 9s. The Pamphleteer, No. XVIII. con- Female Scripture Biography; includ. taining :

ing an Essay on what Christianity has 1. A Vindication of the Political done for Women. By Francis Augustus Conduct of General Savary, Duke of Cox, A.M. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 43. boards. Rovigo. Written by Himself. [Origi- The True Test of Religion in the Soul ; nal, and translated exclusively for the or, Practical Christianity considered. Pamphleteer.]

By the Rey. Ch. Simeon, M.A. Fellow of 2. The Source of the Evil; addressed King's College, Cambridge, ls. to the United Parliament and the Peo

A new edition of Bishop Jeremy ple of Great Britain, on the league Taylor's Liberty of Prophecying, with formed between the Irish Lay Separatists its just Limits and Tempers. In this and the Irish Roman Catholic Bishops, edition the large addition made to the on the measure of Emancipation. By work by Bishop Taylor in its last Anglo Hibernäs. [Original.]

editions, called “ The Anabaptists Ara 3. Reform without Innovation. By guments Answered,” is printed as J. Symmons, Esq.

Appendix. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. 4. The National Debt in its True Christian Unity Doctrinally and HisColours. By William Frend, Esq. torically considered, in Eight Sermons,

5. A Letter to Lord Sidmouth on preached before the University of OxPublic House Licensing. By J. T. Barber ford, in the year 1816, at the Lecture Beaumont, Esq. F.A.S.

founded by the late Rev. John Bampton, 6. On the State of the Country in De- Canon of Salisbury. By John Hume cember, 1816. By Sir John Sinclair, Spry, M. A. Vicar of Hanbury, StaffordBart.

shire, and Minister of Christ Church, 7. Statements respecting the East Iu- Birmingham. 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. dia College. By the Rev. T. R, Malthus. A Sermon preached at St. Mary's,

8. Speech of Pascoe Grenfell, Esq. Oxford, on Thursday, March 6, 1817, M.P. on the Sinking Fund.

before the Hon. Sir J. A. Park, the Hon. 9. Plan of a Reform in Parliament. Sir J. Burrough, and before the UniverRepublished, with observations, by Sir sitv, at Lent Assizes. By John Davisou, Philip Francis, K. B.


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