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ftwn Half-pay of the 88th Foot, to be Captain, vice Brevet-Major Nathaniel Steevens, whose Brevet rank has been converted into substantive rank, under the Boyal Warrant of the 6th October, VOL

►Stth—Lieutenant George Harmer Psringto be Instructor of Musketry, April 0.

92nd—Ensign Francis Roberts to be Lieut., by purchase, vice Swift, promoted, by purchase, to an Unattached Company; Alexander Robert Abernomby Boyd, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Roberts.

KBth—Lieut Peter Edward Quin to be Adjutant, vice Read, who resigns the Adjutancy only.

Rifle Brigade — Assistant - Surgeon Alexander Crawford Robertson, from the Staff, to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Brown, who resigns; Assistant-Sur?eon John Storey, from the Staff, to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Thompson,who resigns.

2nd West India Regiment—Major John Lewes, from Half-pay Unataehed, to be Major, vice Miller, who ochanges. Emu. Mltjtaby College—BrevetMonel Charles Rochfort Scott, Halfpay Staff Corps, to be Lieutenant Gov«roor, vice Brevet-Colonel Prosser, Unattached, who resigns that appointment.

(.'"attached—Captain and BrevetLieutenant-Colonel James John Graham, Half-pay Unattached, to have the substantive rank of Major; BrevetMajor Nathaniel Stephens, of the 88th Foot, to have his Brevet Rank converted into substantive rank, under the Royal Warrant of Oct. 6, 1854.

Hospital Statf—Assistant-Surgeon Robert Graves Burton, M.D, from the "th Foot, to be Assistant-Surgeon, vice Hyde, who exchanges.

Brevet—The undermentioned officers of the East India Company's Serfire, Retired on Full-pay, to have a st*p of honorary rank as follows :—

To be Colonels—Lient.-Col. James Benwell, Madras Infantry; Lieut.-CoL William Russell, Madras Infantry; Lieut-Col. James Holland, Bombay Infantry.

To be Lieutenant-Colonel—Major Lowther Thomas Forrest, Bengal Infantry.

To be Majors—Capt Claude Frederick Irby, Madras Infantry; Captain Hicham tioulton, Bengal Light Cavalry;

Capt John Peter Mouat Biggs, Madras Infantry.


Royal North Lincoln—Ensign Kobt. Henry Owston to be Lieut., vice Mitchell, resigned.

1st or East Middlesex—Lieutenant George Crozie Cole to be Captain, vice Philips, resigned.

Fifeshire Artillery—Second Lieut. George James Williams to be First Lieutenant, vice Thomas Wm. Webb, resigned, April 4; Second Lieutenant Thomas Jarvis to be First Lieutenant, vice Thom:is WiDiam Disney, resigned.

Royal Ayrshire Rifles—Lieut. Wm. Archibald Hamilton to be Captain, vice Ferrers, deceased.

2nd Bucks Yeomanry Cavalry—C. S. Grenfell, Gent., to be Cornet, vise Praed, resigned.

Royal Denbighshire—Captain J. J. Ffoulkes to be Major, vice Wynne, who retires with permission to retain his rank.

Cambridgeshire—Lieut.W. J. Harrison to be Capt., vice Cotton, resigned; Ensign E. M. Martin to be Lieut.

Galloway Rifles—Dr. W. R. Potts toi he Surgeon, vice Grant, resigned.

King's Own Light Infantry—Lonsdale Poundon, Esq., late a Captain in the Inverness-shire Highland Light Infantry Militia, to be Captain, vice Parry, promoted, April 4, 1857.

WAR OFFICE, Apbtl.24.

25th Foot—Ensign Frederick Stephen Terry to be Lieutenant, without purchase, vice H. Priestly, promoted, April 3.

2nd West India Regiment—The exchange between Majors Lewes and Miller, which was published in the Gazette of the 17th inst., bears date April 17,1857, and not April 17, 1855, as previously stated.


King's Own Staffordshire — Lieut. Frederick Alfred Augustus Whyte has been permitted to resign his commission.

Royal Wilts—Ensign Alfred Wyndhnm to be Lieut., vice 1'aton,appointed Quartermaster; Ensign Thomas Pickett to be LiKUt., vice Robinson, pucrnioted.

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March 3, at Belgaum, the wife of Nugent Kirkland, Esq., 29th Regiment, B. N J., of a daughter.

March 27, at 11 Great Queen-street, St. James's-park, the wife of Major Robert Wilberforce Bird, of a son.— At Chatham, the wife of Captain Menzies, R.E., of a daughter.

March 28, at 71 Park-street, Grosvenor-square, the wife of Colonel Newton, Coldstream Guards, of a son.

March 29, at 36 Stanhope-street, Park-place, Camden-town, the wife of John M. Jefferson, Esq., Paymaster, R.N., of a son.—At Bedford, the wife of John James Chapman, Captain of the Royal Artillery, on half-pay, of a son.— At Yorktown, Surrey, the wife of Col. Wellesley (late Royal Fusiliers), of a son

March 30, at Taverrnore, Fermoy, the lady of Captain Hayes, of a son.

April 1, at 8 York-terrace, Regent'spark, the wife of Captain J. Gilbert Johnston, prematurely, of a son, stillborn.

April 2, at Cheltenham, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel A. Hall, B.L.C., of a son.

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I.'s 20th Foot, to Helen Esther Hunt, youngest daughter of the late William Henry Hunt, Esq.- -At St. n's Church, Ryde, Isle of Wight,

Lauucelot Armstrong, 13th Light Dragoons, to Sarah Anne, only surviving daughter of the late Mr. Cant 'errrith. pril a.ntChxistchurch, Marylebone,

L.iin James Anderson, R.N., to Laura Eliza, youngest daughter of David Henderson, Esq., R.N. — At Walcot Church, Bath, John Halkett Couteur, Lieutenant Colonel Cold:am Guards, to Mary Catherine, only daughter of Alexander Low, Esq., late Criggie, Kincardineshire.—At the Manse of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire, Capt. Thomas Jenkins, Madras Army, son of the late Sir Richard Jenkins, G.C.B., D.C.L., and F.R.S., to Caroline E. M., only child of the late Capt. John Leslie, 42nd Highlanders.

April 4, at St. Peter's Church, Eatonlare, Kdward Power, Esq., of Glouaer, to Caroline Sarah, daughter of !>inin Payne, late of the Grenadier Guards.—At Southsea, Francis Walton, Lieutenant Royal Marines (Light Infantry), youngest son of the late Major Charles Walton, 4th Light Dragoons, Maria Anne, only daughter of John arry, Esq., of St. Andrew's, South

Feb. 26, at Clifton, James Nenon Brislington, the only son of the late Nenon Alexander Connor, Esquire, Stipendiary Magistrate of the island of Jamaica, formerly Capt. of H.M.'s 71st Regiment, to Eliza, daughter of J. A. Jones, Esq., Solicitor, of Westbury.

March 2, at Ceylon, Colonel Garvock, Assistant Quartermaster-General, only son of the late Major Garvock, Assist. adjutant-General at the Horse Guards, o Blanche, youngest daughter of the late Colonel Clayton, Scots Fusilier Guards, of Stone Hall, Surrey.

April 4, at Dublin, Henry De Burgh \dams, Esq., Purveyor's Department, Army Medical Staff, son of Captain Adams, Paymaster, Dublin Recruiting

District, to Letitia, daughter of John Mason Pooley, Esq.

April 11, at St Peter's Pimlico, Wm. JohnBarker.of H.M.'s Offlceof Works, Whitehall, to Louisa, second daughter of the late T. Dwelly, Esq., of the Coldstream Gds., and Vincent-square, Westminster.

April 14, at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, George Philips, Esq., R.E., second son of Major-General Philips, R.M., to Clara Georgiana Eleanor, eldest daughter of John Easton Esq., and grand-daughter of the late C. Easton Esq., of Colcombe Hall, Glocestershire.

April 4, at Clifton, Captain William Du Vernet, H.M.'s 84th Regt., eldest surviving son of the late Major Fred. Du Vernet, Royal Staff Corps, and Deputy Quartermaster-General, Ceylon, to Alice Martha Anna, youngest daughter of the late Edward Tyndall, Esq., Lieut. R.N.

April 14, at Whichford, the Rev, G. S. Ward, M.A., Mathematical Lecturer in Magdalen Hall, Oxford, youngest son of the late Vice-Admiral William Ward, to Mary, youngest daughter of the Rev. R. B. Pinniger, Rector of Whichford.

April 15, at St. George's, Hanoversquare, W. T. Markham, Esq., of Becca Hall, Yorkshire, late of the Coldstream Guards, to Anne Emily Sophia, daughter of Francis Grant, Esq., of the Lodge, Melton Mowbray.—At Saint George's, Hanover-square, Walter Long, Esq., M.P., of Rood Ashton, Wilts, to Mary, Lady Bishopp, eldest daughter of the late Admiral Sir James Hillyar, K.C.B., K.C.H.

April 16, at Monkstown Church, county Dublin, by the Ven. the Archdeacon of Dublin, cousin of the bride, John William Madden, Esq.. Lieut. H.M. 70th Regiment, third son of the late Rev. Samuel Madden, of Kells Grange, county Kilkenny, to Emily, second daughter of the late J. Busby, Esq., of 14 Longford terrace, Monkstown and Enfield, county Roscommon.

DEATHS. March 21, at Gibraltar, after a long March 26, at her house, 52 Berkeley

*■)« protracted illness, Amelia, wife of square, Caroline Mowbray, relict of

Li( ut..Colonel Dawbeney, of 55th Regi- Colonel Edward Boscawen Frederick,

n«ni. aged 72.

March 28, at St. Augustine-road, Camden New Town, the wife of Commander Dnnsterville, R.N.

March 29, at Jersey, Emily, youngest and only surviving daughter of LieutCol. Malton.—At Woolwich Common, Charlotte Elizabeth Mary, daughter of Lieut-Colonel and Mrs. Freese, Royal Artillery, C.B., aged three years and six months.

March :10, at Leytonstone, William Young, Esq., Paymaster in the Royal Navy, aged 06.

March 31, at Southampton, at the residence of her son-in-law, Colonel Robert Hunt, Saruh, relict of the late Captain George Henry Grimes, Royal Artillery, in her 78th year.

April 1, at 8 York-terrace, Regent'spark, Harriet Ann, wife of Captain J. Gilbert Johnston, late Madras Engineers, and elder daughter of the late Sir Wm. Henry Richardson, of Chessel, Hants.—At Stepple-hall, Salop, Hon. Philip James Cocks, late Lieut-Colonel Grenadier Guards, aged 82.—At Acre lane, Brixton, Surrey, Lieut-Colonel McVicar.

April 2, at the Grange, Farnham, Surrey, Francis Eleanor, only child of John Edward Walford, Esq., of Chipping-hill, Essex, and wife of Lieut.-Col. Clark Kennedy, C.B., Assistant Quartermaster-General at Aldershott

April 3, at Osmington, near Weymouth, Francis, wife of Edward Atkyns Wood, Esq., and eldest daughter of Lieut.-Colonel Hervey Smith, of Apsley House, near Woburn, Beds, in the 45th year of her age.—At 120 Westbourneterrace north, Ensign Donald Young, 40th Regiment Madras Army, eldest son of Col. J. S. Young, Ness House, Inverness, aged 18.—At 25 Cavendishroad west, St John's wood, LieutenantColonel Thomas Best Jervis, F.R.S., aged 61, H.E.I.C. Engineers.

April 5,at Edinburgh,Frances Sarah, the wife of Charles Edward Barrett Lennard, Lieut. 5th Dragoon Guards, aged 17 years and 10 months.

April 7, at 8 Euston place, Eustonsquare, in the 69th year of her age, Mary, relict of the late Major George Burton Phillipson, H.E.LC.S.

Sept. 14, 1856, killed by accidentally falling down a quartz mine, at Muckleford, Victoria, George King Thornhill,

Esq., son of the late Colonel Thornhill, 13th Foot

April 1, at Heavitree, Exeter, aged 28, Charles Philip Gostling, Esquire, eldest son of Colonel Gostling, RA.

April 9, at Glannnnt, Crickbowel, in her 3Dth year, Margaret Ellen, widow of the late George Rowan Hutchinson, Captain Royal Engineers.

April 10, at Torquay, aged 20, Bingham Henry Low, youngest son of Lieutenant-Colonel Arbuthnot,commanding 8th Madras Cavalry.—At Albert-street, Regent's park, Commander Jas. Wood, Royal Navy, aged 74.—At Bath, Marianna, second daughter of the late Col. John Dick Burnaby, of Evington House, Leicestershire.—At 11 Holiesstreet, Cavendish-square, Elliott Grasette Thomas, Esq., Lieutenant Royal Glamorgan Light Infantry, aged 26.

April 11, at 38 Upper Mount-street, Dublin, Margaret J. Webber Smith, wife of Col. Webber Smith, A.-A.-G. Dublin.

April 13, at Avot St. Lawrence, suddenly, Alice Beatria, youngest child of Col. and Lady Emily Cavendish.

April 6, at Londonderry, Ireland, Barbara, the wife of Henry R. Stewart, Esq., Lieut RN.

April 8, Lieutenant Francis H. East, H.M.'s 1st W. I. Regiment, youngest son of Hinton East, Esq., of Raymond, Hall, Jamaica.

April 10, at 32 Harley-street. Alexina Martyn, widow of the late Capt Wm. H. Martyn, 11th Foot

April 2, at Douglas, Isle of Man, of consumption, aged 36, Susannah, wife of Mr. Thomas Kent, late Bandmaster, 47th Regiment

April 14, of apoplexy, at Castle Blunden, Co. Kilkenny, Robert Molyneux, Esq., V.S., formerly Assistant-Surgeon Hon. E.I.C. Service, universally and most deservedly regretted. For an account of this gentleman's preservation from dea;h by drowning, May 6, 1851, at Kilkenny, by the late Lieut. John Du Cane, 60th Rifle Regt see ' Naval and Military Gazette,' May 10, 1851. Lieutenant Du Cane, we regret to add, perished at sea in 1853, off the Cape of Good Hope, having embarked at East London for Cape Town, June 22, 1853, in a small vessel, Espiegle, which foundered the same day, and all on board perished.



The Report of the Commissioners appointed to examine into Military Education as conducted both abroad and at home, contains an amount of information which our readers will do well to weigh and consider with the utmost attention. Their inquiries have evidently been made with great care and ability, and the conclusions at which they have arrived are based on testimony furnished by the most competent military men they could find. After a careful perusal of the voluminous blue-book they have put forth, it seems to us that the chief benefit to be derived from the examination into foreign systems, consists rather in exhibiting the vast importance everywhere attached to professional education and the necessity of bestirring ourselves here at home, if we would not be left in a state of inferiority, than as indicating any course which it behoves us to follow; for we most fully concur with Lieutenant-General Shaw Kennedy, when he says, that the military and other establishments of a country ought to have reference to the constitution of the country in which they are formed, and to the genius and habits of the people.

The Commissioners observe, with reference to foreign education, "The national character which appears in the military education of every country, the system and management with which it is conducted, the prizes and appointments which encourage military students, the ages at which they begin their professional studies, the later opportunities after entering the service for completing them, and the value particularly attached to a high training for the scientific arms and the staff: such are obviously the first points respecting which an English officer may desire to know the practice of other countries. We should not, indeed, adequately convey our own impressions, which are founded on a careful study of the schools described in this Report, if we did not at once state our belief that in all the countries we have visited a far greater value is attached to the possession of a high scientific training, by at least a considerable portion of the officers of the army, than is the case among ourselves. Not only are the schools made of more importance, the teaching of every school higher, the discipline apparently more strict, the number of teachers generally greater, but the whole education is conducted on a more complete system, the sums expended for the purpose are far larger, and (what is, perhaps, most important of all) the advantages to be derived from an intelligent study of their profession are made more certain and more apparent to the pupils, or the officers themselves."

When we think of the wealth of this country, the intelligence that pervades all classes, the vast possessions which our armies have been instrumental in acquiring, and now have to maintain for us, and the responsibility often resting upon officers, even of junior rank, when serving in the numerous dependencies of the empire, it seems wonderful that education should have been so greatly neglected. Positively, until the regulation was established, some

U. S. Mao., No. 343, June, 1857. x

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