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merit, to be Captain, vice F. G. Hibbert, who exchanges; Robert Powell Jones, Gent., to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Green, who retires.

3rd West India Regiment—Captain John Fitzroy Dalrymple, from the 39th Foot, to be Captain, vice Hawtayne, who exchanges.

Royal Canadian Rifle Regiment— Captain Francis Gordon Hibbert, from the 91st Foot, to be Captain, vice A. P.. Kerr, who exchanges.

Unattached—Brevet-Colonel Wm. James D'Urban, Half-pay, 86th Foot, late Deputy-Quartermaster-General in Canada, to be Lieut.-Col., without purchase, May 1.

Hospital Staff—To be AssistantSurgeons to the Forces—Nicholas Ffolliott, late Acting - Assistant - Surgeon, vice R. W. Woolcombe, placed upon Half-pay the 13th of October, 1855; Acting - Assistant - Surgeon Yorke Hobert Johnson, vice H. R. Dew, placed upon Half-pay, Nov. 20, 1855; Ebenezer John Hatchell, late ActingAssistant-Surgeon, vice A. A. Campbell, resigned, Jan. 15, 1806; Alexander Frederick Bradshaw, Gent, vice A. W. P. Pinkerton, M.D., resigned; Charles James Kinahan, Gent., vice Rimmer, appointed to the Royal Artillery; Edward Louis M'Sheehy, M.D., vice Thompson, appointed to the Rifle Brigade, May 27 ; James Parr, Gent., vice Nelson, appointed to the 90th Foot; James Bowyer Baker, Gent., vice Stiles, appointed to the 40th Foot; Charles George Lumsden, Gent, vice Kelsall, appointed to the 20th Foot; Thomas Allen Thornhill, M.B., vice Shipton, appointed to the 23rd Foot, May 28.

Bbeyet.—The undermentioned promotions to take place in the East India, Company's Army, consequent on the death of Lieutenant-General Charles Ramsay Skardon, Bengal Infantry, 29th May, 1857, and Major-General Foster Stalker, C.B., Bombay Infantry, March 14, 18S7 :—

To be Lieutenant-General—MajorGeneral Hugh Ross, Madras Infantry, May 29.

To be Major-Generals—Colonel Edward Huthwaite, C.B., Bengal Artillery, March 14; Colonel Isaac Campbell Coffin, Madras Infantry, May 29.

The undermentioned officers of the East India Company's Service, retired upon Full-pay, to have a step of honorary rank, as follows:—

To be Major-Generals—Colonel John, Ludlow, Bengal Infantry, Jan. 25; Col. Benjamin Travell Phillips, Bengal Light Cavalry, March 25 ; Major Arnold Christian Pears, Madras Artillery, to be Lieut-Col.; Captain Mark Sykes Ottley, Madras Cavalry, to be Major.

Memorandum—Captain and Brevet Lieutenant - Colonel Joseph Edward Addison, one of the Members of the Council of Army Education, is upon Half-pay 97th Foot, and not Unattached, as stated in the Gazette of the, 16th inst.


Essex Rifles — Frederick George Whitehead, Esq., late Captain in the 42nd Highlanders, to be Major, vice Wallace, resigned.

Royal South Lincoln—Ensign John Whitsed to be Lieutenant, vice Frederick George Sheppard, struck off the strength of the Corps.

Royal East Kent Mounted Rifles— Cornet Charles Wheler Wheler to be Lieutenant, vice Twopeny, resigned; Edmund Pepys, Gent, late 1st Royal Dragoons, to be Cornet, vice Wheler, promoted.

2nd or North Durham RegimentLieut. James John Allison to be Capt, vice George Pearson Wilkinson, who retires.

1st or South Durham—Ensign Henry James Fielding to be Lieut, vice Egremont, deceased. Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry— Major C. J. Tottenham to be Lieut- Col., vice Sir W. Lloyd, deceased; C Tottenham, Esq., to be Cornet.

7th Royal Lancashire — E. Peck, Gent, to be Lieut

Rifle Regiment of King's Own Staffordshire—The Hon. A. V. Paget, commonly called Lord A. V. Paget, to be Ensign, vice Mackinnon, appointed to 72nd Regiment; M. A. Bass, Gent, to be Ensign, vice Tumor, appointed to 68th Regiment


May 20, at Boulogne-sur-Mer, the wife of Major Mayers, H.M.'s 86th Royal Reg., of a son.

May 30, at Elm grove, Southsea, the wife of J. W. Husbands, Esq., R.N., of a son, prematurely.

May 30, at 36, Chester-square, the wife of Col. Steele, C.B., Coldstream Guards, of a daughter.

May 31, at Scarborough, the wife of Com. John Stevens, I.N., of a son.

May 31, at Canterbury, the wife of Dr. Massy, 2nd Dragoon Guards, of a son.

June 3, at Anglesey, Hants, the wife of Capt. A. Comyn Pigou, Royal Artillery, of a daughter.

June C, at Lower Mount-street, Dublin, the wife of Edward Armstrong Vicars, Esq., Assist. Inspector of Military Schools, Ireland, and brother of the late Capt. Hedley Vicars, 97th Reg., of a son.

June 1, at Roscommon, the lady of Adam Campbell, Esq., Captain 74th Highlanders, and Staff Officer, of a daughter.

June 1, at Bagneres de Bigorre, Hautes Pyrenees, the lady of Colonel William Crompton, of a daughter.

June 2, at Kinaale, the wife of Frederick Robinson, Esq., M.D., Scots Fusilier Guards, of a son.

June 2, at Chatham, the wife of Capt. F. H. Noott, Royal Marines, of a daughter.

June 3, at No. 19, Fitzroy-square, the wife of Captain Burrows, Bombay Army, of a son.

June 6, at Bathford, near Bath, the wife of Captain Richard Morgan Hall, of a son.

June 7, at Anglesey, Hants, the wife of Capt Richard Purvis, R.N., of a son.

May 26, at Plas Teg, Flintshire, the lady of Capt. Briggs, 19th Regiment, Bombay N.I., of a son.

April 16, at Poona, the wife of Major Stirling, H.M.'s 64th Reg., of a daughter.

June 10, at 9, Southwick-crescent,

Hyde-park, the wife of Major Jervoisi' R.I-]., of a daughter.

June 11, at 94, Cambridge street, Eccleston-square, the wife of George H. Lake Wise, Esq., R.N., of a daughter.

June 11, at Woodlands - terrace, Blackheath, at the house of her father, General Sir Edward Nicholls, K.C.B., the wife of J. Hill Williams, Esq., of 12, Waterloo-place, Pall-mall, of a daughter.

April 24, at Jackatalla, Neilgherry hills, the wife of Captain W. Kelty McLeod, 74th Highlanders, of a daughter.

May 25, at Halifax, Nova Scotia, the wife of Captain F.D. Grey, 63rd Reg., of a daughter.

June 9, atTempleogue, near Dublin, the wife of John S. Stockley, Esq., R.A., of a daughter.

June 10, at Plymouth, the wife of C. Lewis Griffin, Esq., H.M.'s 45th Reg., of a daughter.

June 11, at Southampton, the wife of Capt. Clarke,Royal Engineers, of ason.

June 12, at Belleek Manor, county Mayo, the wife of Capt. Saunders, 111. Artillery, of a daughter.

June 13, at Boddington Manor House, Cheltenham, the lady of Capt. Herbert Gall, H.M.'s 14th Dragoons, of a son.

June 15, at Farnham, Surrey, the wife of Capt. Lutyens, 20th Reg., of a son.

June 16, at 4, Windsor-terrace, Plymouth, the wife of Lieut. W. H. Phipps, R.N., late of H.M.S. Ajax, of a daughter.

June 16, at Edrom House, Berwickshire, the wife of C. Kidd, Esq., late 9th Lancers, of a son.

June 17, at 111, Gloucester-place, Portman-square, the lady of Captain N. Chichester, 7th Dragoon Guards, of a daughter.

June 18, at 45, Charlwood-street, Pimlico, the wife of Commander David Spain, R.N., of a son.


Feb. 22, at Karani, in the Crimea, and on May 30, at Christ Church, Regents-park, Lieut.-Col.M.A. Biddulph,

R.A., to Katherine Stamatti, eldest daughter of Helen nee Mavromichall and Capt Stephen Stamatti, Knight of St. George, Commandant of Balaklava.

May 19, at the Church of West Monkton, the Rev. William Frederick Bryant, M.A., of Ashleigh, near Taunton, to Georgina, eldest daughter of Capt. Beadon, K.N., of Creechbarrow, Monkton.

May 28, at Ufford, Lieut.-Col. Edward William Derrington Bell, 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers, V.C., and Kt. of the Legion of Honour, only son of Major-Gen. Edward Wells Bell, to Alice, eldest daughter of F. C. Brooke, Esq.

May 28, at Hove, Sussex, Vallance, second son of T. W. Elam, Esq., of Lower Brunswick-place, Brighton, to Jane Maria Disney, only daughter of K. Marshall, Esq., late H.M.'s 10th Foot.

June 3, at Chiswick, Donald William Mackenzie, Esq., of Canton, China,son of the late Major Donald Mackenzie, Rl. African Corps, to KicardaCatherine, youngest daughter of the late Captain Richard Croker, R.N.

Lately, at Gosforth, Capt. John Dobree M'Crae, R.N., son of RearAdmiral Robert Contart M'Crae, to Marianne Watson, daughter of the late John Anderson, Esq., of Coxlodge Hall, Northumberland.

June 2, at Harlow, Henry Frank, youngest son of the late Col. John Johnson, of Walbury, Essex, to Emily Anne, youngest daughter of the late T. Perry, Esq., of Moor Hall, in the same county.

June 3, at Clifton, CM. Tyndall, Esq., barrister-at-law, to Louisa Miriam Sophia, eldest daughter of the late K. Tyndall, Esq., Lieut. R.N.

June 4, at St. Pancras Church, Wm. T. Smith, Esq., late Capt. 22nd Reg., to Caroline Eliza, only daughter of the late W. W. Pattisson, Esq.

June 4, at Marylebone Church, Wm. Tanner, Esq., of Clifton, Gloucestershire, to Margaret Catherine Anne, widow of Colonel J. F. S. Clarke, commanding the South Wales District, and previously of the Royal Scots Greys.

At St. James's Episcopal Chapel, Edinburgh, E. G. Crooke, M.D., of Chorley, Lancashire, to Emma Elizabeth Rea, third daughter of the late A. C. Rea, Esq., R.N., late of Blackheath park, Kent, and Lymden, Sussex.

June 3, at St. Peter's, Bournemouth, Edward M'Laughlin, Esq., Rl. Artillery, to Annie, only child of the late

James Bromilow, Esq., of Green-end House, St. Helen's, Lancashire. June 3, at Peebles, Patrick Wilson, Esq., banker, Kelso, to Louisa, only daughter of the late James Bett, Esq., surgeon, second Reg. of Life Guards.

June 4, at St. John's, Paddington, William W. Fawcett, Esq., eldest son of Colonel Fawcett, of Craven-hill, to Caroline Elizabeth, only daughter of Robert Stafford, Esq., Hyde-park Square, and Miilbank, Westminster.

June 4, at Edinburgh, Andrew Brown, Esq., Park-place, Dundee, to Fanny Mary, third daughter of the late Major Wemyss, Scots Greys.

June 5, at Bristol, William Partridge, Esq., 17th Lancers, to Frances Ann, eldest daughter of J. W. Gloag, Esq., of the Military Train, and late of the 11th Hussars.

June 10, at St George's, Hanoversquare, William Winniett, Esq., Capt. in her Majesty's 24th Reg., eldest son of the late Captain Sir William Winniett, R.N., to Fanny Hester, only daughter of the late George Bell, Esq., merchant, of London.

June 9, at Oving, Sussex, Fenton John Aylmer, Esq., 97th Reg., to Isabella Eleanor, elder daughter of the late George Darling, Esq., of Fowberry Tower, Northumberland.

June 9, at St. James's Church, Piccadilly, Capt. H. Byng, R.N., of Quendon Hall, Essex, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. Gubbins, C.B., of Belmont, Hants.

June 10, at Bishop's Hatfield, Herts, Capt. Alexander Watson Mackenzie, late 91st Highlanders, to Angel Babington, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Benjamin Peile, of Bishop's Hatfield.

June 10, at Hove Church, Brighton, Edward William Blackett, Esq., 4th Light Dragoons, to Lucinda, second and youngest daughter of the late George S. E. Durant, Esq., of Tong.

Abdy Fellowes, R.N., eldest son of the late Admiral Sir Thomas Fellowes, C.B., to Hannah, only child of the late Harry Gordon, Esq., of Knockespock, Aberdeenshire.

June 10, at Neufchatel, Switzerland, and afterwards at the parish church of Serrieres, according to the rites and ceremonies of the Established Protestant religion, James Sedgwick Lean, Esq., Commander R.N., to Johannah Garland, only daughter of the late Lieut. J. B. Harrison, R.N., of Devonport.

Jane 10, at Hove, Brighton, Edward William Blackett, Esq., 4th Light Dragoons, third son of William F. Blackett, Esq., of Newton Hall, Northumberland, to Lucinda, second and youngest daughter of the late George S. E. Durant, Esq., of Tong Castle, Shropshire.

June 10, at Cames Eskan, Dumbartonshire, Capt Middleton,7th Dragoon Guards, to Janet Hamilton, youngest daughter of Colin Campbell, Esq., of Colgrain.

June 11, at Cheltenham, Edmund Scott, Esq., eldest son of Capt. Scott, R.N., to Eliza Leite Herring, daughter of the late Charles Herring, Esq.

June 11, at St. Gabriel's, Pimlico, Alexander Shuter Duncan, Esq., eldest son of Andrew Duncan, Esq., of Aberdeen, to Mary Louisa Hampton Crichton, daughter of the late Major Crichton Townsend, of the 5th Heavy Dragoon Guards.

June 11, atWillesden Church, Capt. Charles C. Mason, 48th Regiment, M.N.I., fifth son of the late Vice-Admiral Sir Francis Mason and the Hon. Selina Lady Mason, to Lucy Ella, youngest daughter of the late W. Holmes, Esq., Kilrea, Ireland.

June 13, at the parish church of St. Nicholas, Glamorganshire, George

Richard Browne, Esq., Capt. 88th Connaught Rangers, only son of the Hon. Howe Browne, of Crouch Oak, Surrey, and nephew of Lord Kilmaine, to Louisa, youngest daughter of Admiral Sir George Tyler, K.H., of Cottrell, in the county of Glamorgan.

June 16, at Ryde, Isle of Wight, Lieut-Col. Wise, Unattached, late of H.M.'s 65th Regiment, to Mary Catherine, widow of the Rev. T. Bevan, late Incumbent of the Holy Trinity Church, Twickenham, county of Middlesex, and second daughter of the late Rev. G. Moore, Sowton, Devon.

June 16, at Winchester, Alexander Smith, Esq., M.D.,Staff-Surgeon Depot Rifle Butt., to Julia, youngest daughter of Col. Romer, Royal Artillery.

June 16, at St. George's, Hanover Square, Capt. Thomson, King's Dragoon Guards, son of the late Robert Thomson, Esq., of Camphill, Renfrewshire, to Fanny Julia,youngest daughter of Sir Henry Ferguson Davie,BtoM.P., of Creedy Park, Devon.

June 17, at St. John's Church, Paddington, Major William Rickman, of the Depot Battalion, Pembroke, and late of H.M.'s 77th Regiment, to Mary Pulsford, daughter of the Right Hon. W. G. Hay tor, M.P.


May 22, at Portrusb, county Antrim, aged 77 years, Catherine, relict of the late William Cuddy, Esq.,Lieut. H.M.'s 69th Regiment (who fell at the assault on Bergen-op-Zoom), and Aide deCamp to the late Major-General Burnet, Commanding the Northern District in Ireland.

Feb. 18, at Malta, George Hardy Appleton, Esq., Paymaster of H.M.S. Centaur, son of the late George Thorpe Appleton, Esq., R.N., of Homerton, Middlesex.

At Willow Bank, Elgin, aged 62, W. R. Fitz-Gerald, Esq., Lieut. R.N., formerly of Langharne, Carmarthenshire.

On board the Blenheim, on her voyage from Calcutta, Henrietta, the wife of Col. Cumberlege, commanding the

4th Madras Light Cavalry; also, a few days previously, her infant daughter.

April 16, on board the Blenheim, near St. Helena, Ludovick, the son of Surgeon L. C. Stewart, H.M.'s 61st Reg., aged 2 years and 9 months.

May 20, at Brighton, Caroline Sophia, widow of Donald Macleod, Captain R.N., C.B.

May 28, at Tandridge Priory, Godstone, in the 80th year of his age, Robert Welbank, Esq., Capt. in the H.E.I.C.S., and one of the Elder Brethren of the Corporation of the Trinity House.

May 28, at Bath, in the 88th year of his age, Lieut.-Col. Tatton, late of H.M.'s77th Regiment.

May 29,suddenly,at Hastings,Lieut. General Charles Ramsay Skardon, H.E.I.C.S., of 5, Lansdowne-terrace, Notting-hill, in his 72nd year.

May 31, atStonehouse, Devon, in the 46th year of his age, Major Joseph Reid Jackson, late El. Marines Light Infantry.

June 1, at Grove Hall, Bow, Middlesex, Byron Aldham, the fourth son of the late Capt George Aldham, R.N., aged 46.

June 2, at Mount Annan, Dumfriesshire, Lieut-Col. Dirom, late Grenadier Guards, in his 63rd year.

June 2, at 16, Park-village West, Caroline Ann, the wife of K. B. Baxendale, Esq., and daughter of Major Durroeh, of Gouroch, N.B.

June 2, at Chellaston-hill, Capt. William Manfull, late of the 3rd King's Own Light Dragoons, in his 84th year.

May 29, at Liverpool, Capt. James Bickerstaff, of H.M.'s 35th Beg.

May 31, at his house, Burleigh Fields, Loughborough, Cassius Matthew Johnson, Esq. (formerly Clanchy), a MajorGeneral in the British Army, and LieutColonel in the Portuguese Military Service.

June 2, at Plas Teg, Flintshire, the residence of her father, C. B. Trevor Roper, Esq., Elizabeth Mary, wife of Captain P. M. Briggs, 19th Regiment, Bombay N.I.

June 2, at Brompton, Annie Blanche, wife of Capt. Henry Shakespear, 29th Regiment N.I., and Commandant of the Nagpore Irregular Force.

June 6, at the Moat, Charing, Kent, Lieut.-Col. Percy Groves, in the 85th year of his age.

June 7, at Dunkerque, France, LieutCol. Colin Pringle, of His late Majesty's German Legion, in his 84th year.

June 1, at Brussels, Margaret Lucy, only daughter of Capt. Laffan, B.E., aged 3 years and 2 months.

June 9, at Canterbury, Emma, the infant daughter of C. F. Short, Esq., Lieut Rl. Marines.

June 10, at the Rectory, Pewsey, Wilts, aged 29, Duncombe Pleydell Bouverie, Capt 63rd Regiment

March 26, at Melbourne, Australia, Emily Jane, wife of George Harriott,

Esq., formerly of H.M.'s 16th Lancers, aged 39.

March 31, at Bangalore, of cholera, Capt William Thomas Kidman Rolston, 14th Reg., M.N.I., Dep.-Assist Commissary-Gen., aged 37; and on the 10th Sept. previously, at Jaulnah, after the same fatal disease,Capt. George Raithby Rolston, 47th Regiment, M.N.I., aged 34, sons of the late Thomas Rolston, Esq., M.D., Staff-Surgeon to the Forces at Malta.

May 20, at Newcastle, Jamaica, Frances Hale, daughter of the Rev. Henry Macdougall, M.A., Assistant Chaplain to the Forces.

April 30, at Monte Video, of malignant fever, aged 29, Egerton, youngest son of the late Lieut-Col. Cleeve, Rl. Artillery.

April 24, at Pichinango, Monte Video, after a short illness, Arthur, fourth son of Lieut-Col. Packe, aged 27.

June 16, in Edinburgh, Bged 13, Richard, only son of Commander R. B. Creyke, R.N.

June 16, at Mount Radford, near Exeter, Elizabeth, relict of the lata Commissary-General Charles Palmer, in the 61st year of her age.

At Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, on the 16th of May, 1857, aged 77, CoL William Henry Taynton, formerly of the 64th Regiment His first commission, as Ensign in the 10th Foot, was dated February, 1794. He was employed during the whole of the war principally on foreign service. In the Rebellion in Ireland, at Gibraltar, the West Indies ten years, and afterwards in the Mediterranean. He served with his regiment and on the staff in most of the expeditions against the enemy's colonies in the West Indies. The storming of Morne Fortunee and capture of St Lucia and Tobago, 1803; taking of Surinam, 1804; capture of Martinique, after the siege of Fort Bourbon, 1809 (for which he received a medal and clasp), and other minor expeditions. He went on Half-Pay at the end of the war, and finally retired from the service with the rank of Colonel, 1847.

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