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June 25, at Woolwich, the wife of Lieut.-Colonel Blackwood Price, Royal Artillery, of a daughter.

June 27, at Knotty Ash House, near Liverpool, the wife of Capt. Withington, Half-pay, Rifle Brigade, of a daughter.

June 24, at Horfield, near Clifton, the wife of Major Shervinton, BrigadeMajor, Military Train, of a son.

June 29, at Kingstown, near Dublin, the wife of Major Holden, 13th Light Dragoons, of a son.

June 30, at 2 Gloucester-Gardens, Hyde-park, the residence of her father, J. S. Boldero, Esq., late Bengal C.S., the wife of C. M. Drew, Esq., late H.M.'s 21th Regiment, of a daughter.

July 2, at Cheltenham, the wife of Lieut.-Colonel Brown Constable, of a daughter.

July 4, at Gibraltar, the wife of Major R. M'Leod Sutherland, 92nd Highlanders, of a daughter.

July 4, at Leamington, the wife of Captain Jervis, Royal Artillery, of a son.

July 5, at Malta, the wife of Captain Robert Boyle, Royal Artillery, of a son.

July 8, at 5 Middleton-road, Dalston, the wife of Capt. Dewar of a daughter.

July 9, at Cheltenham, the widow of the late Major Edward Kevin, Madras Army, of a son, stillborn.

July 10, at Waltham Abbey, the wife of Captain Inglis, Royal Engineers, of a son.

July 11, at the Hermitage, Sandgate, the wife of Lieut-Colonel J. R. Heyland, Military Train, of a son.

July 11, at Weymouth, the wife of Lieut-Colonel Alcock Stawell, of Kilbrittain Castle, county of Cork, of a daughter.

July 12, at Fareham, Hampshire, the wife of Captain W. D. Graham, Bombay Engineers, of a daughter.

July 12, in Paris, the wife of Captain O. A. Grimston, late 19th Regiment, of a daughter, stillborn.

July 10, at Trinity-grove, near Edinburgh, the wife of Captain George Stopford, R.E., prematurely, of a son, which survived its birth only a short time.

July 10, at Barossa-place, Perth, the wife of Lieut-Colonel Campbell, Staff Officer of Pensioners, of a daughter.

July 21, at Adderstone House, Northumberland, the wife of Captain Gustavus Coulson, R.N., of a daughter.

July 16, at Hoddington House, Hants, the wife of Edmund W. Crofts, Esq., late Captain of the 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers, of a daughter.

July 9, at Portsmouth, the wife of Paymaster Cunningham, 88th Regt, of a daughter.

July 19, at the official residence of the Captain Superintendent of the Royal Hospital, Haslar, Mrs. S. C. Dacres, wife of Captain S. C. Dacres, R.N., C.B., of a son.

July 21, in Dublin, the wife of Col. Collingwood Dickson, C.B., Royal Artillery, of a son.

July 14, at Spynil House, near Elgin, N.B., the wife of Captain R. H. Gordon, 42nd Royal Highlanders, of a daughter.

July 10, at Fort George, Invernessshire, the wife of Captain J. A. C. Gore, 71st Highland Light Infantry, of a son.

July 21, at Jubilee-place, Plymouth, the wife of J. M. Hockley, Esq., commanding Her Majesty's ship Volcano, of a daughter.

July 19, at Halvertoun, county Kildare, the wife of Captain Purcell, 13th Light Dragoons, of a daughter.

July 14, at Woolwich, the wife of S. Whitchurch Sadler, Esq., R.N., Paymaster of H.M.S. Fiagard, of a daughter.

July 2, at Quebec, the wife of Walter Pearce Serocold, Esq., late Captain 06th Regiment, of a daughter.

May 7, at Valparaiso, the lady of Mr. P. S. Smith, Paymaster H.M.S. Nertus,


June 24, at Christ Church, Cork, W. J. Iloare, Esq., J.P., late Captain Royal Fusiliers, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest

daughter of J. H. Gamble, Esq., of Morrison's Quay, Cork. Captain Hoare was married August 25,1854, to Anna,

only daughter of Frederic Lidwill, Esq.,
of Dromard, J.P., who died of scar-
latina, January 3,1856, four days after
her confinement.

June 24, at Stand, Cora. H. W. Com-
ber, R.N., Knight of the Legion of
Honour, to Maria, eldest daughter of
Andrew Comber, Esq.,of Stand House,

June 25, at Painstown, Lorenzo
William Alexander, Esq., second son of
the late John Alexander, of Milford, in
the county of Carlow, Esq., to Harriet,
eldest daughter of the late Colonel
Bruen, M.P., of Oak Park, in the same

June 25, at St. George's, Hanover-
square, Alexander Hamilton, Esq.,
B.N., to Mary M., second daughter of
Ralph Walters, Esq., of Sussex-gardens,

June 25, at How, Brighton, Major
Wilbraham, third son of the late Geo.
Wilbraham, Esq., of Delamere House,
Cheshire, to Catherine Julia, eldest
daughter of the late Colonel Powell, of
Llanghunidha, Brecon, S.W.

June 25, at St. George's, Tombland,
Captain Magnay, 63rd Regiment, to
Catherine Jane, only daughter of the
Bev. T. J. Batheler, Rector of Arming-
hall, Norfolk.

June 29, at Drnmcondra Church,
county Dublin, Major Thomas Henry
Somerville, late of 68th Light Infantry,
to Adelaide Eliza, daughter of the late
Vice-Admiral Sir Josiah Coghill Cog-
hill, Bart., of Belvidere House, Drum-

June 24, at St. Peter's Church, Gala-
shiels, Henry Clark Worthington,Esq.,
Captain H.M.'s 67th Regiment, to
Frances, second daughter of Bear
Admiral James Pringle, of Torwoodlee,
Selkirkshire, N.B.

June 30, at 12 Royal Circus, Edin-
burgh, Robert Foulis, Esq., M.D.,
youngest son of the late Major-General
Sir David Foulis, K.C.B., to Mary,
fourth daughter of James Stevenson,

July 1, at Topsham, Francis Dawson,
Captain 60th Bl. Rifles, to Elizabeth
Dorothea Frances, only daughter of T.
C. Tothill, Esq.

July 1, at Cheltenham, Benjamin
Aylett Branfill, Lieutenant 10th Royal
Hussars, of Upminster Hall, Essex, to
Mary Anna, daughter of Capel Miers,
Esq., of Peterstone Court, Breck-

June 27, at St. George's, Hanover-
square, Captain William W. W. Hum-
bley, late 9th Lancers, only son of
Colonel Humbley, of Eynesbury, St.
Neot's, to Elizabeth Nelson, only
surviving daughter of the late William
Nelson Watson, Esq., of Gainsborough,

July 7, at Glasgow, Major Robert
Dennistoun Campbell, of the 71st
Highland Light Infantry, to Sarah,
eldest daughter of James M'Call, Esq.,
of Daldowie, Lanarkshire.

July 0, at All Saints Church, St.
John's Wood, Captain Jenkin Jones,
Bombay Engineers, eldest son of the
late Captain Jenkin Jones, R.N., and
an Elder Brother of the Trinity House,
to Elizabeth Scott, eldest daughter of
James Hills, Esq., of Kishnagur, Ben-
gal, and of 14 Southwick-crescent,

July 9, at Byde, Isle of Wight, Henry
Bedborough, Esq., of Nelson, New
Zealand, formerly Surgeon of the 16th
Lancers, to Sarah Maria, second daugh-
ter of Dr. S. Weeding, of Mount House,

July 9, at the Church of the Holy
Trinity, Bishop's road, Robert Neville,
Captain H.M.'s 11th Regt., to Emma,
only child of W. H. C. Brown, Esq., of
Tilney, Norfolk.

July 13, at St. James's, Piccadilly,
Colonel N. R. Brown, to the Hon.
Mary A. Abercromby.

At Kensington Park, Lieut. G. Fred-
eric Blake, Royal Marines, Light In-
fantry, only surviving son of J. Blake,
Esq., H.P., Royal Artillery, to Eliza
Gordon, daughter of the late Captain
Granville Sharp, 1st Royals.

July 23, at St. Peter's, Eaton-square,
Colonel the Hon. George Cadogan,
C.B., to Emily, eldest daughter of Lieu-
tenant-General Sir Frederick Ashworth.

July 21, at Carisbrooke, Isleof Wight,
Edward Newstead Falkner, Esq., Capt.
H.M.'s 30th Regiment, to Jeannette,
youngest daughter of Captain Travers,
Parkhurst Barracks, and late of die
Rifle Brigade.

July 18, at Ardree, county Louth,
Major Hume, 38th Regiment, to Ellen
Caroline, eldest daughter of C. Vernon,
Esq., of Lower Mount street, Dublin.

July 9, at the Church of the Holy
Trinity, Paddington, R. Neville, Cap-
tain of Her Majestv's 11th Regiment,
to Emma, only child of W. H. C.
Brown, Esq., of Tilney, Norfolk.

July 21, at Bedford, Captain Charles
William St John, 94th Regiment, to
Madeline, only daughter of T. John
Green, Esq., of Bedford.

May 18, at Hong Kong, James Mac-
andrew, Esq.,to Mary, youngest daugh-
ter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel
Alexander Watson, R.M.


June 25, at Camberwell House
Lunatic Asylum, Kochfort Bloomfield,
Esq., Lieutenant on Half-pay, and for-
merly Paymaster 20th Regiment and
4th Dragoon Guards, aged 79 years.

June 18, at Exmouth, of paralysis,
Major-General George Augustus Litch-
field, of the Bombay Cavalry, aged 72.

June 24, at Brighton, Colonel Henry
Spencer, of the Retired List, East
India Company's Service, Bombay,
aged 57.

June 25, at the Cliff, Preston, Lan-
cashire, Fanny Eliza, elder daughter of
Lieut-Colonel John Woodford, formerly
of the Rifle Brigade, Inspector of Con-
stabulary for the Northern District.

June 27, at Aberhafesp Hall, Mont-
gomeryshire, Louisa, wife of Lieut-
General Proctor.

At Hamborough, Upper Canada,
Captain Augustus Blair, late of the 5th
Fusiliers, youngest son of the late
Colonel Blair, of Blair, Ayrshire.

June 23, at his residence, 4 Porches-
ter-terrace, Bayswater, Thomas Heath,
Esq., brother to the late Lieut-Colonel
Heath, of the 7th and 13th Madras

June 28, at Strood, Kent, Curry Wil-
liam Hillier, Esq., Commander R.N.,
in the 80th year of his age.

June 30, at Paignton, Devon, Alex-
ander Gerald, the infant son of Captain
John Fulford, of H.M.S. Gauge:

June 28, at Nice, Theresa Ann,
second surviving daughter of the late
Captain Thomas Blakiston, R.N., of
Thorpe Hall, near Norwich.

July 2, at Lewisham, Kent, Lieut
Henry Forster Mills, R.N., aged 57.

July 8, at Pau. Basses Pyrenees,
Robert Wilmot Schneider, Esq., of New
Lodge, Billericay, Essex, aged 54, a
magistrate for Essex, and formerly of
72nd Highland Regt.

July 9, Anne, only daughter of Cap-
tain Joseph Norris, R.N., of Walworth.

July 10, at Tollington Park, London,
Captain Stephenson Ellerby, an Elder
Brother of the Trinity House, and
Deputy-Chairman of Lloyd's Register
of Shipping.

July 10, at Hawkshead, Charles
William, the second son of Captain
James Anderson, R.N., in the 30th
year of his age.

July 10, at No. 1 Thurloe-square,
Lieut-Colonel George Warren.

July 14, at Rosherville, Kent Eliza-
beth Anne de Villiers, wife of Captain
Chads, Paymaster 1st Battalion 00th
Rl. Rifles, aged 27 years.

July 10, at Gladswood, Colonel Spot-
tiswoode, of Gladswood.

July 17th, at Guernsey, Emma,
daughter of the late Colonel Harding.
Royal Horse Artillery, and sister of
Major-General Harding, C.B., Lieu-
tenant-Governor of Guernsey.



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