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twenty-second year, had become the ornament of two universities.

While in Poland, he unhappily associated himself with the secret society of

The fatal renunciation which he had to subscribe, when he took the degrees as doctor of medicine at the university of Vienna, caused his death.

He renounced, in consequence of this, the brotherhood. He might have continued in it; hundreds of members, who held public offices under different governments, did the same; but his honesty revolted at the idea. They knew him but little; they dreaded discovery; and he fell a sacrifice to their fears. On the 1st of July, 1810, he was found assassinated in one of the solitary walks of the Prater, at Vienna.

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Why, gentle maiden, from thine eye,

Fast falls the unbidden tear? Why from thy bosom bursts a sigh,

That marks some secret fear?

To fame, to wealth, that swelling sail

Thy lover bears away ;
But fortune, hovering on the gale,

Will this sad hour repay.

For fairer still the breeze will blow,

The breeze that brings again, A breast that ne'er has ceased to glow

For thee, beyond the main.

Then oft shall many a sigh and vow

Burst from each heaving heart; Sighs for all fears, forgotten now

Vows ne'er again to part.

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