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where she was amply rewarded, in the affections of her chosen warrior, and the gratitude of a nation.

The hostile tribes again became friends; and Alama and Xalissa, with the aged warriors and the youth of both nations, would often assemble upon the heights, which have been described, to amuse themselves in their plays and pastimes; and the scene of the adventure witnessed many a jest at the expense of the Natchez guard. Frequently, too, with wonder and admiration, did they measure the incredible vault that Xalissa had accomplished; and, in honour of her virtue and in commemoration of the achievement, they called it The Fawn's LEAP.'

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For nature

ir mi, Here hi From art and

And folly

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SCENE of content! the human heart,

A stranger here to worldly strife, Free from the turmoil, pain and smart,

The thorns of loftier paths of life,

Finds in thy precincts such repose

As the great world has never given, The bliss from virtuous thoughts that flows,

Which hold their high commune with heaven!

Not here ambition's fiery wing

Fans the fierce embers of the soul, Not here does conscience point her sting,

Nor passion rage without control :

For nature in her majesty

Here holds her undisputed reign, From art and her deceptions free,

And folly's unreflecting train.

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