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Printed by James Kay, Jun. & Co.
Printers to the American Philosophical Society.

Library Street.



In presenting, for the fifth time, to the public the ATLANTIC SOUVENIR, the publishers can add little to what they have already said, on similar occasions. As before, they have been unceasing in their efforts to increase both the literary merits and the embellishments of the volume, and they have still to hope, that in a continuance of the kindness and liberal patronage hitherto bestowed, they may receive the reward of exertions which have been zealously made, without consideration of trouble or expense.

Much of the literary portion of the work has been supplied by writers already honourably and advantageously known; and it is hoped and believed that all of it will do credit to the genius and talent of the country, which the publishers can truly say it has been their earnest desire to promote. To the authors

they take this opportunity of returning their thanks, and they avail themselves of the same occasion to express their regret, that want of room has compelled the postponement of many articles they were very desirous to insert, and which they hope to be permitted to reserve for another year. They beg again to solicit contributions for the future numbers of the work.

In the embellishments and typographical execution, it is believed considerable improvement has been made; and that in both respects the present volume will be considered as doing credit to our improvement in the arts.

Philadelphia, 1 October 1829.

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