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droops over the left side of the brim. The
Over a white satin slip, a dress of strings are of yellow ribbon, are very
tulle ; a broad bias fold surrounds the broad, and fastened very backward under
border, of satin ; over which fall Spanish the brim; they float over the shoulders,
points of the same material, ornamented as low as the hips.
lightly round the edge with gold, a deli The ear-pendants are of gold ; and
cate chainwork of which is placed on the || half-boots, of corn-flower-blue corded
hem of the skirt next the shoe. The body silk, complete the dress.
is of white satin, finished down each side
of the bust by fichu robings of tulle edged

PARISIAN EVENING DRESS. with blond. The sleeves are of tulle, à la A gros de Naples dress of pistachioMarie ; the fullness confined by a narrow green, bordered by one deep flounce, gold chain; and a very broad Hindoostanee scalloped at the edge, and embroidered in bracelet surrounds the wrist, fastened by || floize silk, with the darkest shade of an antique cameo head. The coiffeure is myrtle green : this flounce is headed by a turban of white satin and crape, with a Spanish points, embroidered in the same drooping white feather on the right side ; manner as the edge. The body is made and a few short white feathers play over slightly en gerbe, with a pointed zone, the the summit. The shoes are of white satin. same colour as the dress, bound with dark

myrtle-green. The sleeves are à la Marie, CARRIAGE DRESS.

with the fullness divided and confined by A high dress of gros de Naples, of corn

narrow bands, and the wrists are encircled flower-blue, with the body made high, || by two bracelets ; that next the hand is and stomacher formed by narrow robings, || formed of cameos, and the upper one conwith Spanish points on the outside, next

sists of a gold chain. A pelerine of white the arms. The border of the skirt is sur

satin, ornamented in quarters with green rounded by a broad bias fold, headed by || rouleaux, and trimmed round the edge and points, which, as they turn over the bias,

at the throat by a double frill of broad stand out distinct from the dress. The blond, fastens behind. A hat of pink gros sleeves are very full, and à la Marie; the

de Naples is overshadowed by a very fullness confined by bands of the same

beautiful plumage of white feathers. The material as the dress. Two bracelets en

hat is placed on one side, and under the circle each wrist ; they are very broad, part of the brim which is elevated, on the of gold, and are both fastened by a cameo,

right side, is a feather, and on the left, Round the throat, surmounting the dress,

which reclines, another feather waves is a frill of pointed lace. The hat worn

gracefully over the throat; the remainder, with this costume, is of white gros de

which compose the plumage, play, in Naples, tastefully trimmed with gauze

various directions, over the front of the

hat. and blond, and ornamented with bird-ofParadise-yellow ribbons, and the blue flower “ Forget-me-not.” Two small

FRENCH CARRJAGE DRESS. marabout feathers, with a rosette of yel A PELISSE of figured silk, the ground of low ribbon, are placed on the right side, barbel-blue, with stripes of delicate foliage under the brim; three of these feathers, of very dark mazarine-blue. Ornaments very short, and forming a panache, are resembling bâtons, formed of rouleaur of placed on the same side, at the summit of blue satin, are crossed over each other, the crown; and one feather, rather longer, and are placed from the throat to the feet,


composing the favourite heraldic-trim the colours are chaste and unobtrusive; ming, of chevrons-brises. The body is the trimming very slight, and the skirt is madet ight to the shape, with a narrow

fastened down the front with rosettes, or French collar, surmounted by a double | imperceptibly by springs underneath, on frill of lace. The hat, which is round, one side. with an extended brim, is of gros de Naples,

Black Velvet bonnets are now fast dethe colour mazarine-blue; and it is trimmed | clining: they have been replaced by those with a simple ornament across the crown, || of silk; generally of becoming, unobtruen bateau, with a full rosette under the | sive colours, more of a dark than of a light brim, on the right side, with two ends. | tint, or in anywise glaring. They are Two white feathers, one on the summit of trimmed with bows of a more lively ribthe crown, of light and gossamer quality, || bon, of a very contrary, yet suitable colour the other more full, and floating over the to the hat, in rich satin stripes. They brim, on the opposite side, complete the are still large ; nor is it likely now that ornaments on the hat. The sleeves of the || the hats or bonnets will decrease in size, pelisse are à la Marie, with bracelets of as they are always, judiciously, large, as wrought gold, fastened by a cameo head. the summer sun becomes more ardent. The ear-rings and neck-chain are also of A few, but very few, Leghorn bonnets wrought gold: to the latter are suspended | have appeared, of a new shape, trimmed a watch and seals.

lightly with spring ribbons. They have

a distinguished appearance; and their GENERAL OBSERVATIONS

form is very much like that of the village bonnet. As yet, they have been

seen only on the heads of very young FASHIONS AND DRESS.

ladies. We are assured by the fashionBALLS, splendid evening parties, music- | mongers, that flowers will form a favourite meetings, and grand dinners, are now in ornament on all hats this summer; and all their brilliancy; and though we still they are, certainly, more attractive in that must lament over the great number of season, than in any other. The new silk absentees belonging to the modish world, || bonnets are often encircled at the edge of we have among us, and now in our metro the brim with a broad blond, falling over polis, many of those illustrious members of the face, either white or black, according high rank and wealth, in whom Fashion to the colour of the bonnet. White hats, must ever find her most authentic and ele or bonnets, of watered; or figured gros de gant resources.

Naples, have been seen in carriages, ornaDuring the commencement of April, the mented with spring flowers. cold was so intense, that the female form Nothing is reckoned more elegant for in out-door costume was enveloped in all half-dress, than a gown, made only parthe appendages belonging to a rigorous tially high, of Navarino smoke (a shade winter. Well wadded mantles, and cache- || lighter than the fumée de Londres) the mire shawls, imparted warmth and com- || material, 'gros de Naples. The border is fort to our fair pedestrians, and also graced trimmed with a broad bias fold of black the carriage ; we say, graced, because || velvet, cut in square notches at the top: the adoption was instigated by prudence, || the body is in the Anglo-Greek style, the after a winter unusually mild ; and wo stomacher part, on each side of the bust, men should always reflect, that when being formed of black velvet, notched to health is lost, and the lips and nose correspond with the bias at the border: chapped and disfigured by cold, beauty is the front of the stomacher terminates in a no more. The muff, the Russian-man- | point at the base, but not so ridiculously telet-cape of 'fur, were yet prevalent, as long as that of the corsages à la Marie were the furred boots lined with flannel, || Stuart. The sleeves are finished at the and the Indian mocassins drawn over the wrists by a very broad, black velvet cuff, dress shoe. The new pelisses prepared aseending almost as high as the elbow. for the spring are of rich sarcenet, which | On this ornament, on the outside of the is of lighter texture than gros de Naples, || arm, is very thickly set a row of gold and is more suited to the verdant season : Almeida buttons, beautifully wrought. No. 41.-Vol. VII.

2 G

Dresses of puce-coloured, and of violet and who are yet young enough to appear gros de Naples, with three rows of floumces, without a cap, consist of jewels, in diadeeply festooned, the bust ornamented dem, and other ornamental combs, strings with very narrow rouleaux, forming coral of pearls, flowers, and bows of ribbon; branches, are also much in favour for the || yet só common is the fashion of going above style of dress. Poplins, batiste, il without à cap, even among the lower and tastefully-figured chintzes, with bor- || classes, that ladies of distinction and real ders, or flounces, representing in their elegance always preserve the exposure patterns those of the Indian cachemires, || of their tresses to the style of full dress. prevail much in home costume. White, | The elegant fichu of unrivalled blond, now whether of figured tulle, gauze, or white | adorned only with a few tastefiul bows of satin, seems most admired for the evening | richly-striped gauze ribbon, while it disparty: the tulle and gauze dresses, when covers the clustered curls, bows, and ringthe body is of the same material, do not, | lets, nevertheless chastens their exuberant in that portion of the form, by any means display, and is highly approved for halfset it off; though, certainly, it is the most dress, and for the theatre ; while the dressimportant. The waist is made too long; hat, of white crape, ornamented with and a clumsy appearance is given to it, || sprigs of pearls and tails of the bird-ofby the front being laid in very full, though Paradise, and light ornaments of crape small plaits, across: these are confined || and blond, or the tasteful hat of white downwards, by very narrow rouleaux of satin, with plumes of ostrich feathers, satin ; so that there is no distinctiveness | decorate the boxes at the opera, the dingiven to the contours, howsoever beautiful ner-party of ceremony, and sometimes they may naturally be. Infinitely to be the evening gala. We certainly think, preferred, is a corsage of white satin, fitting however, that both for the dress dinnerclose to the

shape, with bouffont drapery party, and the evening, turbans are of tulle, or gauze, just across the upper more suitable; and we saw one lately, at part of the bust, which imparts grace to an evening assembly, of a very splendid every shape. We saw a lady at a dress | description : it was of white and silver dinner-party, whose costume pleased us gauze, intermingled with gauze of a extremely. It was of pink crape, very || bright geranium scarlet, on which were elegantly finished at the border with fluted roses figured in gold: the turban was ornaments, set on in wavings, and com folded in the Ottoman style; and in front, posed of crape and pink satin; the satin | between the two divisions, was a splendid was of a very rich sort; and its opposite | aigrette of diamonds; whence arose, and texture to the light material of crape then depended over the left side, a superb, formed a beautiful effect. The body was but very delicate white plumage, of some made low, and the sleeves, which were rare foreign bird; the light sprays of long, were worn over short ones of white | which resembled those in the tail of the satin, and were ornamented at the wrists | bird-of-Paradise. The caps, and turbanto correspond with the trimming on the caps, worn by our matrons, are still in skirt. An elegant fichu-tucker of crêpe- || favour; the latter are appropriate to any kisse, trimmed with blond, was worn under style of dress, except déshabille ; and for the dress, and in front of the bust was a those ladies who do not admire either most splendid brooch, m the form of a dress-hats or turban's, they are well bouquet, of valuable pearls. On the fine adapted to the evening rout, and even to dark hair of this lady was a vibrating sprig | the ball-room, when worn by ladies who of the same material, and long pear-pearl || do not dance. As these head-dresses rings ornamented her ears. A few dresses || should be placed backward, the hair reof white gauze, with coloured satin stripes, | quires to be well dressed, or they are have been observed in ball-rooms, but rendered unbecoming. white is most in favour.

The favourite colours are violet, puce, • Head-dresses for the evening party, || Navarino-brown, or smoke; scarlet, pink, among those ladies who have good hair, |, meadow-green, fawn-colour, and blue.

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