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R. W. Grey, Esq., and eldest daughter of the Rev S. Clarke Jervoise, Bart. At Paris, James Duff, Esq., only son of General Sir James Duff, of Frintingdon, Sussex, to Eliza Charlotte, eldest daughter of Sir George Beeston Prescott, Bart., of Theobald's Park. Captain Andrew Hyacinth Kirwan, Esq., to Charlotte, second daughter of Francis Eld, Esq., of Seighford Hall, Staffordshire. At Edmonton, the Rev. James Lloyd Wallace, to Magdalen, eldest daughter of the Rev. Lancelot Sharpe, M.A., F. S. A. Nathaniel, eldest son of George Hibbert, Esq., of Portland Place, to Emily, youngest daughter of the Rev. Sydney Smith, Rector of Foston. At Kingston, Oxfordshire, the Rev. A. Hamilton, Rector of Whitchurch, to Maria, eldest daughter of the late T. Brown, Esq. At Ludlow, the Rev. J. B. Webb, M.A., vicar of Weobley and King's Pryn, Herefordshire, to Annie, second daughter of John Molyneux, Esq. In Paris, Dr. William English, to the Right Hon. Lady Maria Gordon, of Perth Castle, Scotland. At St. George's, Hanover Square, Edmund Mills, Esq., of Binfield Lodge, Berkshire, to Mrs. Henry Murray, widow of Captain Murray. At Windsor, J. P. Kennard, Esq., to Sophia, eldest daughter of Sir John Chapman, of Windsor. John N. Lane, Esq., of King's Bromley, Hull, Staffordshire, to the Right Hon. Agnes Bagot, second daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Bagot. Lieut. Col. J. J. F. Leith, to W. H. Stewart, only daughter of the late Lieut. Col. J. Stewart. Thomas Caldecott, Esq., to Ann Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Lieut. Col. West. John Gordon, Esq., of Assington Hall, Suffolk, to Ann, daughter of Colonel C. P. Leslie, of Glasslough Castle, Monaghan. – Legh, Esq., of Lyme Hall, Cheshire, to Miss Turner, whose former marriage with Mr. Wakefield was annulled by Act of Parliament. At St. George's, Hanover Square, John, youngest son of Sir William Twysden, Bart., of Royden Hall, Kent, to Cecilia, daughter of Louis Bazalgette, Esq., of Eastwicke Park, Surrey. Frederick Bradbourne, Esq., to Susan, widow of Major Townsend.


In Ireland, Major-General Michael Read. At his seat, Bride's Hill, Pembrokeshire Charles Allen Phillips, Esq. In Park Street, Grosvenor Square, Henry Peters, Esq., of Betchworth Castle, Surrey. At Bury St. Edmund's, aged 80, Dorothy, widow of the Rev, Dr. Heslop, Rector of St. Mary-le-bone. At Pensacola, aged 43, John Howe Purves, Esq., second son of the late Alexander Purves, Bart., and brother of Sir Wm. Purves Home Campbell, Bart. At Naples, the Rev. James Burgess, M.A., brother-in-law of the late Duke of St. Alban's. Aged 55, Robert Woodhouse, Esq., Plumian Professor at Cambridge. At Switland Rectory, Leicestershire, Lady Harrict, wife of the Hon. and Rev. Henry

D. Erskine, and sister of the Earl of Portarlington. In Bedford Square, the Hon. Michael Nolan, King's Counsel, and Chief Justice of the Brecon Circuit. Aged 86, the Rev. Robert Fowler, thirty years Rector of Warboys, Huntingdonshire, and of Langton, Lincolnshire. At Madras, Lieut. Col. John Noble, C. B. At Christ's College, Cambridge, aged 21, R. B. Long, youngest son of C. B. Long, Esq., of Langley Hall, Berks. Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late ViceAdmiral Wm. Albany Otway. Aged 72, the Rev. F. Simpson, B. D., Prebendary of Bristol, Rector of Tarrant Gunville. At Bovingdon Green, Hertfordshire, aged 65, Lieut.-General Wm. Minet. At Hastings, aged 17, the Hon. Mary Elizabeth Charlotte, fourth daughter of the Right Hon. Lord Graves. Captain Francis Truscott, R.N., son of the late Admiral Truscott. In Portland Place, aged 73, John Vivian, Esq., of Claverton, Somersetshire, At Sandgate, Wm. Glennie, LL.D., late of Dulwich. At the house of Wm. Danby, of Swinton Park, aged 55, Miss Ridsdale, the celebrated dwarf ; she was thirty-one inches in stature. Francis, wife of Henry Shirley, Esq., and daughter of Colonel Houlton, of Farley Castle, Somerset. The Venerable Archdeacon Owen, Prebendary of Sarum, Vicar of Bampton, Oxfordshire, &c. At Bothwell Castle, aged 80, the Right Hon. Archibald, Lord Douglas of Douglas, Lord Lieutenant of the county of Forfar. In Upper George Street, Portman Square, Lady Richardson, relict of Sir George Richardson, Bart. Aged 74, Wm. Rawlins, M.A., Rector of Teversal, Nottinghamshire. The Right Rev. Alexander Arbuthnot, D.D., Lord Bishop of Killaloe and Kilfenora, brother of Major General Sir T. Arbuthnot, and of the Right Hon. Sir Charles Arbuthnot, late Chief Commissioner of His Majesty's Woods and Forests. In Hanover Terrace, Regent's Park, Henry Drummond, Esq. The Rev. Wm. Henry Deverell, aged 32. At Pimlico, aged 73, Captain John Yelland. Aged 43, the wife of the Rev. Dr. Collyer. Aged 50, the Rev. George Pyke, Vicar of Wickhambrook, Suffolk. Aged 71, Mrs. Mary Keene, only daughter of the late Bishop of Ely, and sister to B. Keene, Esq., of Weston Lodge, Cambridgeshire. Aged 71, Harriott, widow of the Rev. John Russell, late Rector of Helmdon, Northamptonshire. At Mowbray House, aged 87, Elizabeth, relict of John Dickins, senior Registrar of the Court of Chancery. Aged 76, Charles Lukin, Esq. Aged 84, James Baillie. Aged 85, Hannah, relict of the Rev. Samuel Wqrsley, of Cheshunt. ged 75, Rebe, wife of Richard Lowndes, Esq., of Dorking.

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EMBELLISHMENTS. A Portrait of MRS. FITZ GERALD, engraved by DEAN, from a Painting by E. A.

CHALon, R.A.

An elegant whole-length Portrait Figure, in a Morning Dress.
An elegant whole-length Portrait Figure, in a Carriage Dress.
An elegant whole-length Portrait Figure, in a Ball Dress.

An elegant whole-length Portrait Figure, in an Evening Dress.

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“The Coquette" must, we apprehend, have been shut up in some old portfolio for

to century at least. The translator of “Viravara " will receive a private communication. “Stanzas,” by “MRs. H.;” and “ The Mariner's Death,” by the same lady, will

speedily be inserted. “The Tobacconist's Wife” is altogether unsuited to the pages of LA BELLE


A packet is in preparation for our good friend, “ C. H.”

We beg leave to tender our best acknowledgments to Miss Roberts, for her valedictory communications. May her voyage be pleasant, and all her hopes be realized Her requests shall not be neglected. She will perceive that one of her poetical favours is inserted in our present Number; and it is hardly necessary for us to add, that her “Scarf of Blue, a Ballad,” shall very soon appear.

“Stanzas for Music,” by “CAPTAIN M’NAGHTEN,” the earliest possible opportunity.

Also, “Stanzas,” by “CAPTAIN M’NAGHTEN,” “Ce n'est pas €tre bien aise que je “B. N.” has evidently been inspired by his subject. Would that it were also so;— that he could always select so good a subject, and treat it as successfully. His * Sonnet to the Moon” is in reserve. “J. B.” has not been forgotten. We have not yet had leisure to examine “The Marriage of Buckmance.” “You bid me Sing,” by “PARNELL,” shall appear as requested. We regret to find that we are again sadly in arrears with many of our poetical

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