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papers are employed, striving which can collect most news for their columns, and thus exceed their neighbours. All this, however, is but as the crackling of thorns on a fire when compared with our future and eternal salvation. Truly, the atonement is of ten thousand millions of millions times more important, and of greater weight and moment. Is not our eternal salvation the most important thing that can be thought of, whether worldly honours, or imaginary splendour inthe earth beneath.Then I would say to the world, sum up every thing like Christians, and let every minister of the gospel stand firm to his post. I would then begin to say, BISHOPS, stand firm to your post! ARCHDEACONS, stand firnı to your post! VICARS and CURATES, stand firm to your post ! Ministers of lower degree, stand firm to your post! An enemy has invaded our land—0, dreadful enemy! The Devil has sown his tares in our fields! The seed is corrupted by the invader! The Saviour of the world is ROBBED of the efficacy of his atoning blood. The enemy have invaded the Gospel. They have cast down the most Holy of the Holiest! The enemy have re-modelled our strong holds, and have given the lie to the Redeemer of the world. They have polluted numbers by their sting. Their venom is exceedingly dangerous to the rising generation. Come then, let us boldly attack them, in the name of Christ: for our nearest and dearest relatives, our wives, our children, our friends, will be polluted by

the sting of death! Is not the sting of death more dreadful than the sting of worldly good, honour, and the like? At a word, would you rather sell your Saviour, than attack your open enemy, who gives the Redeemer the lie? Are you so interwoven with the invaders that you are afraid to offend them ? Has the Devil entangled you altogether, because the Socinian Jews can ride in their carriages ? 0, my dear friends, examine that imaginary pleasure : a thunderbolt can be sent at the Almighty's pleasure, and destroy both the carriages and their riders! A mighty host will encompass those who give the Redeemer of the world the lie. Is your worldly state of more consequence than your

eternal salvation ? Are your earthly pleasures of more consequence than to be washed in the Redeemer's most precious blood ? O, my dear Christians, invite these wanderers to bemoan their sins in sackcloth and ashes: and let us all taste of the banquet of redeeming love. Come


who were in poverty, in sickness, in temptation, and persecution : ye who were mortal bearing the cross after Christ: ye who acknowledge nie before men and devils, and were not ashamed of my cause :-ye who fought with, and conquered sin :-ye who give the Redeemer the lie:-ye who resisted the Devil, steadfast in the faith: who despised the world's pleasures, honours, and riches; and fixed your hearts upon me, and are washed in my blood : ye who have been counted the offscouring of all things, and hated of all men: ye whose lives were counted madness, and your end without honour : come 'ye to my presence, to my throne, and kingdom! come ye, to dwell with me, and my Father, and his angels ! come ye, and wear a crown, and bear a palm, and behold my glory! “Come ye blessed"_blessed indeed! What a blessing to be brought from the verge of hell; to be washed from defilement through faith in Christ's most precious blood; to be redeemed from the slavery of Satan, and to be made a free child of God! Blessed in life with the spirit, the promise, and the protection of God; not only blessed in life, but through life: every thing hath worked together for good. Blessed in, and through deathblessed with a joyful resurrection-blessed before men, angels, and devils, with the Saviour, and the smiles of God. 6 Come


blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom.Ah! wonderful !“ A kingdom prepared for you.Emblems of the atonement are typically displayed in St. Paul's epistles to the different churches, as well as in the Old Testament; but this will suffice all truly religious persons.

Let us consider Christ's prayer in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus entering the garden, left his disciples at the entrance; taking with him Peter, James, and John. They only saw his transfiguration, the earnest of his future glory; and therefore, his pleasure was, that they only should see of how great glory he would disrobe himself for our sakes. He betakes himself to his great antidote which he

prescribed to all the world: he prays to his heavenly Father; he kneels down; and not only so, but falls flat upon the ground. He prays with an intensity equal to his sorrow; and yet with submission as ready, as if the cup had been the most indifferent thing in the world : The forni of his prayer ran thus “ FATHER, IF IT BE POSSIBLE, LET THIS CUP PASS FROM ME: NEVERTHELESS NOT AS I WILL, BUT AS THOU WILT. In this prayer observe we these particulars. First, the person to whom he prayed, “ O, my Father.” Secondly, the matter for which he prayed, “let this cup pass from me." Thirdly, the limitation of this prayer, “ if it be pos-sible,” if it be thy will. First, the person to whom he prays. It is his Father—as Christ prayed, not in his Godhead, but in his manhood; so neither did he pray to himself as God, but to the Father; the first person of the Godhead. Secondly, for the matter of this prayer, “Jet this cup pass from me,

though I must taste it, yet Oh that I may not be too long." That which leads into this interpretation, is those words of the apostle, “ Christ, in the days of his flesh, offered up prayers and supplications, with strong cries and tears, unto him that was able to save him from death; and he was heard in that he feared." Heb. v. 7. How was he heard PNot in the removal of the cup, for he drank it all up, but with respect to the tedious annoyance. For though it made him sweat drops of blood ; though it laid him dead in his grave, yet presently within

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space of forty hours, he revived and awoke as a giant refreshed with wine. And so it passed from him, as he prayed in a very short time ; and by that short death he purchased for his people everlasting life. Thirdly. The limitation of his prayer, “if it be possible,” if it be thy will. He knows what is his Father's will, and he prays accordingly, and is willing to submit to it. If the passing of the cup be according to the last interpretation, we shall need none of the many distinctions, to reconcile the will of God, and Christ. “ If it be possible,” signifies the earnestness of the prayer: and “if it be thy will,” the submission of Christ to his Father. The prayer is short, but sweet. How many things needful to prayer, do we find concentred in this ! Here is humility of spirit, lowliness of deportment, importunity of desire, a fervent heart, a lawful matter, and resignation to the will of God. Some think this the most fervent prayer

that ever Christ made on earth : “ if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.” I think it was the greatest instance of submission to the will of God, that ever was found on earth ; for whether the cup might pass, or not pass, he leaves it to his Father, “nevertheless, not as I will but as thou wilt.” As if he had said, “there are in this cup many ingredients, it is full red, and hath in it many dregs; and I know that I must drink, and suck out the very utmost dregs; yet whether it shall pass from me in that short time, or continue with me a long time, I leave it to thy will." I see in respeet

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