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fufpicions have been juftified, his integrity Lord

Shand Lord W-wonld has made him once more a poor and a private have withdrawn the motion ; but Lord min;

• he was dismissed for the vote he M -ot, encouraged by Lord Md, gave in favour of the right of election in the persisted and moved in Erle, that nothing lubjeet.

had appeared to justify such an affertion. Here the North-British Lord,, who lately

Lord C-M. made a remarkable declaration about the Re • My words remain unretracted, unex volution, and talked of foreign force, called plained, and re-affirmed. I delire to know Lord Chath on to order. The Confrerie of whether I am condemned, or acquitted ; Sixteen and the Magpies clamoured –To and whether I may still presume to hold up the bar – To the bar. L-M- mo- my head as high as the Noble Lord who mos ved, that L-do -m's words should ved to have say words taken down.' ke taken down.

To this no answer was given.
Lord C

Lord C M. I neither deny, retract, or explain these • If I am to go off acquitted, I do now words; I do re-ahim the fact, and I defire to declare to you, that there are many men to met the sense of the House; I appeal to the impeach, and many measures to arraign, for honour of every Lord in this Houle, whether the security of this nation, and the very ex* he has not the same conviction."

istence of our laws and conftitution ; ando Lord Rockingham, Lord Temple, and by God's blessing, I will arraign and immany other Lords, did, on their honour, peach them.' njoft folemnly affirm the faine,



The Compendious Peerage of England, continued from Page 40, of cur Maç

gazine for January last, with the Arms finely engraved, and a genealogical Account of the Noble Family of FIELDING, Earl of Denbigh. T

HIS family is of a very noble extrace had pretensions to the daninions of Laufen

tion, being descended from the Earlsburgh and Rinfilding, he took the name of of Kapsburgh, in Germany, which is appa- ) ilding, and by Maud de Colvile, his wife; rint frem divers authentic evidences, whereof left iflue three fons, Geffery, John, and Tho. I shall instance a letter of attorney made by mas, then in their infancy. Geffery de Fielding, bearing date at Mun It further appears, that King Henry the fterton, in com. Leic

. on the fealt day of St. IIId, tendering the low condition of the faid Barnabas the apolle, 9 Edw. II. in which Geffery, who was thus in arms on his bes he calls himself Filius Galfridi, Filii Gal. half, here in England, gave him a confiderfridi, Cunitis de Hapsburgh, and Domini in able support in rents and fees lying in feveLaufenburg, and Rinfilding in Germania : ral places : For, in a roll of them yet extant, And therein, by the consent of Agnes de and written in King Edward the IIId's Napton his wife, he gives power to William time, whereunto the title is, Redditus & Purefoy to deliver feilin of his manor of Feoda Willielmi Filding, filii Galfridi,. filii Munfterton to Sir Rauf de Stanlow; as Galfridi, filii Galfridi, comitis de Hapsburg, also one yard-land in Lutterworth, which Laufienberg, & Rhinfelden ; in the margin his mother Maud de Colvile sometime held: thereof is this insertion, Ex dono quondam Allo in an acquittance made by the said Sir Regis Henrici filii Regis Johannis." Raufe, on the receipt froin him of X I. iter As thefe teftimonies are of much honour ling, he therein mentions his defcent as to this fanily, it is also apparent t'iat hereabovefaid ; which leurs date at Westmin- tofore they had a regard in tranfinitting to fter 5 Julii 12 E. II.

pofterity their delcent; for, in an old book And how it came about, that a foreigners sometime belonging to the hospital of St. fo eminent for his parentage, should thus let- John Bapet, in Lutterworth, is written : te in England, it is neceifary to relate what Notum lit omnibus hunc librum vifiris, is written in an ancient MS. about King quod ego Willielmus Veysey, magifter hofEdward the IV th's time, which manifesterh pitalis St. John Baptist de Lutterworth, the occafion thereof, viz. that, Geffery Earł præfenis fui quando Johannes Fylding, qui of Hapsburgh, by the oppreffion of Rodolph, postea erat miles ; eodem anno, quo inferveEmperor of Germany, being reduced to ex rebat Johannem Ducern Bedfordiæ, in bello trenie poverty, one of his fons, named Gef- contra Galios tradidit multas veteres fcripfery, lerved King Henry Wl, in his wars in turas cuftodiendas, Thema Bellers GentilEngland, and because bis father Earl Geffey. man; quæ certificabant dominum Galfri


dum Feldyng filium fuisse Galfridi comitis VIII.) that in 29 Henry VIIT, on her delide Hapsburgh, &c. And likewise this fol- very of Prince Edward, she fent a Privy-leal lowing certificate was made by Sir William unto him, fignifying the fame, with defire Fieldmg, Knt. who lived in the time of of his congratulation and prayers. This King Henry the Villth: The evidence of Sir William left heir, Bafil, whose heir was all these things was left with William Cave, William ; and he having inarried Dorothy, the son of Thomas Cave, Gentleman, by daughter to Sir Ralph Lane, Knight, by bir-William Fielding, before the battle of Magdalen his wife (daughter and coheir to Tewksbury; and a bill of remembrance of William Lord Parr, of Horton, uncle to the fame after given to Richard Cave, which Queen Catharine Parr) had issue by her Bawas also written in the same book of William fil, his son and heir, who, in 9 Jac. I, was Veysey, master of the hospital of St. John Sheriff

of Warwickshire ; and by Elisabeth, Baptist of Lutierworth.

his wife, daughter to Sir Walter Aton, of “This was the book of my fader, Tixhall, in com. Staff. Knt. was the father Sir Everard Fylding.' of Williain, afterwards created Earl of Den

bigh. Geffery Fielding, son of Geffery, who Which William, waiting on King James hirst came into England, was living in the on his first entrance into this kingdom, was reigns of King Edward the Ist and I'ld, and knighted at Belvoir-castle April 23, 1603 ; married Agnes, daughter and heir of John and after made Custos Rotulorum of War. de Napton, by Alice his wife, daughter and wickshire. In 18 Jac. he was advanced to heir of Richard de Munsterton, whereby he the degree of a Baron of this realm, by the had the lordship of Munsterton ; and by title of Lord Fielding, of Newnham-Padox, her was father of William Fielding, who in the county of Warwick, as also to that of took to wife Joan, daughter and heir of Viscount Fielding. In 19 Jac. I. he was William Prudhome, by Julian his wife, made Master of the King's great Wardrobe daughter and heir of Robert de Newnham, And, on the 14th of September, 20 Jac. and became thereby pofíeffed of the manor of created an Earl, by the title of Earl of DenNewnham-Padox, in Warwickshire, which bigh, ob generis claritatem, & puptias adfrom that time has been the seat of the fa- modum honorandas ; fed præcipue ob eximily. He had issue Sir John Fielding, who, miam virtutem & erga nos & coronam nofhaving served in the wars of France, was tram fidem,' as are the words of the patent. digniñed with the honour of knighthood, On the breaking out of the Civil War, and by Margaret his wife, daughter to Wil- achering stedfastly to King Charles the Ift, liam Purefoy, of Drayton in com. War he performed the part of a stout and valiant wick, left ifie William, his son and heir. Toldier in several engagements ; but at length

Which William was a person fo well af- had the hard fate to receive divers mortal fected to the Lancastrians in the civil wars wounds in a sharp skirmish with the enemy betwixt them and the House of York, that near Bermingham, in com. Warw. April 3, no sooner did King Herry the VIth regain 1643, whereof he died the 8th day of the his sovereignty (viz. in the 49th year of his fame month, to the great concern of the reign) but that he constituted him Sheriff of King and his friends ; and his corple, being the counties of Cambridge and Huntington, conveyed to Monks-Kirby in that county, he being then a Knight; in which year, was there buried with his ancestors. fighting on the behalf of that King, in the He married Mary, daughter to Sir G. battle of Tewskbury, he lost his life, and was Villiers, of Brokesby, in com. Leic. Knt. there buried. This Sir William, by Agnes (fifter to George, Duke of Buckingham) by his wife, daughter and heir to John St. Liz, whom he had issue three fons, and four otherwise called de Seyton, with whom he daughters, Bafil, George, ancestor to the had the lordship of Martinesthorp, in com. present Earl of Denbigh, and Philip. His Rutl. and a descent in blood from those daughters were the Lady Mary, married to great families of Vaux, Longvile, and Bel. James, Marquis of Hamilton, in Scotland; lers (a younger branch of Moubray) had (afterwards created D. of Hamilton) Anne, issue three fons, and a daughter, viz. John, to Baptift, fon and heir to Edward VisEverard, Edward, and Martina.

count Campden; Elisabeth, to Lewis John, the eldest son, dying before his fa- Boyle, Viscount of Kenelmeky, in Ireland, ther, Everard, the second fon, succeeded to second fon to Richard, Earl of Cork, and the inheritance. He left issue four sons and created Countess of Guildford, by King a daughter.-William Fielding, the eldest, Charles the IId, 14 Julii, in the 12th year of fucceeded, and he was in such efteer with his reign ; and Henrietta-Maria, who died Queen Jane (third wife to King Henry young.

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The Countess of Denbigh, their mother, the daughters and coheirs of Sir Michael (as is observed by Sir Henry Wotton, in the Stanhope, Knt. life of the Duke of Buckingham, her bro William, who fucceeded his father in the ther,) was a very accomplished Lady, adorned Earldom of Desinond, alto fucceeded his with every virtue ornamental' in her sex. uncle Basil in the Earldom of Denbigh, And 'tis remarkable of her, that, the day her anno 1675. He married to his first wife brother was killed, he received a letter from Mary, daughter and coheir to Henry Cary, him, whereunto all the while she was writing Earl of Monmouth, by whom he had no her answer, the bedewed the paper with her illue; and, to his second, Mary, daughter to sears. And after a most bitter passion (where- Sir Robert King, Knight, and sister to John, of the could yield no reason but that her Lord Kingston, in Ireland, by whom he had dearest brother was to be gone) the fel! two sons, Ball and William, and a daughdown in a swoon. Ha letter ended thus : ter, Mary, married to Evelyn Pierpoint,

"I will pray for your happy return, which Marquis of Dorchester ; and dying on SunI look at with a great cloud over my head, too day August 23, 1685, at Canonbury-house, heavy for my poor heart to bear without toru at Ilington, near London, he was buried at ment; but I hope the great God of heaven Monks-Kirby. will bless you.

Bafil, the eldest son, succeeding his father, The day following, the Bishop of Ely, her was Earl of Denbigh and of Deiimond, and devoted friend, who was thought the fittest tiren of the age of 17 years.

He died on preparer of her mind to receive such a dole March 18, 1716-7, having issue by his wife ful accident, came to visit her ; but, hearing Hester, daughter to Sir Balil Firebrass, the was at rest, he attended till she should a Knt. and Bart. four sons and fix daughters. wake of herself, which she did with the af. 1. William, late Earl of Denbigh. frightment of a dream, · Her brother seem 3. Basil, who died in his infancy. ing to pass through a field with her in her 3. Charles, one of the Gentlemen-ushers coach ; where hearing a sudden shout of the to her late Majesty Queen Caroline, and Cappeople, and asking the reason, it was an tain of a troop of horte. In May, 1735, he, Iwered to have been for joy that the Duke of was appointed one of his Majesty's equeries; Blickingham was fick.'' Which natural im and in November, 1739, Captain of a coinpression The scarce had related unto her Gen- pany in the second regiment of foot-guards ; dewoman, before the Bishop was entered and, after other promotions, died in the post into her bedchamber, for a chofen messenger of Lieutenant-general in 1745. He marof the Duke's death. Bafil, his eldest son, ried, in 1737, Mary, daughter of Sir Thofucceeded him in his honours and estate. mas Palmer, of Wingham, in Kent, Bart. Concurring in the restoration of King Charles by whom he had two sons, Charles and the IId, he was, through the special favour William. of his Majesty, by reason of his descent from George, 4th fon, died at Gibraltar, on Agnes, the daughter and heir to John de St. the 6th of November, 1721. Liz, otherwise called Seyton (a branch of the The daughters were Lady Mary, married most noble family of St. Liz, sometime on the 15th of April, 1729, to William Earls of Northampton and Huntington) Cockburn, M. D. and died the ilt of Octor created Lord St. Liz on the ad of February, ber, 1732. 16 Car. II. He married four wives, but by Lady Bridget, married to James Otway, of none of them had any issue, and was suc the county of Kent, Efq; Colonel of a regiceeded in his honours by William, Earl of ment of foot. Desmond, his nephew, son and heir to G. Lady Elisabeth, died unmarried April 6, Earl of Desmond, bis brother.

1753. Which George was fecond fon of Wil Lady Helter, died on February 20,1720-5, liam, Earl of Denbigh ; and on November aged 17. 22, 20 Jac. I, was created Lord Fielding, of

Lady Diana. the Lecaghe, and Viscount Callan, in the Lady Frances, married to Daniel, late realm of Ireland; as also Earl of Delmond Earl of Winchelsea and Nottingham, and after the death of Sir Richard Preston, Knt. died Sept. 27, 1734 then Earl of Desmond ; and, on the coro William, the eldest, and last Earl of Dennation of King Charles the First, was made bigh, was born October 26, 1697 Ho Knight of the Bath. A monument is erec married Isabella, daughter to Peter de Jong ted to his memory in the chancel of Euston (or Young) of Utrecht, in Holland, and church, in Suffolk; which shews that he died lister to the Marchionels of Blandford, by in the 49th year of his age, on the 31st of whom he left illue an only son, Balil, now Janaury 1665 ; and that he had five fons and Earl of Denbigh, who was born on the 3d three daughters by his wife Bridget, one of day of january, 1719.


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