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presume it will not be affirmed, by any pero the Civil Magistrate is trifled with, a milifon less polished than a Gentleman Uther, . tary force mult be sent for, ' without the dethat this is a season for compliments. Our Jay of a moment, and efie lually employgracious indeed is abundantly civil to ed? Or was it in the barbarous exacinels himself. Instead of an answer to a petition, , with which this illegal, inhuman doctrine his very gracefully pronounces his was carried into execution ?-If his own panegyric; and I confess that, as far ' had recollected these facts, I think he would as his personal behaviour or the royal purity. never bave faid, at left with any reference of bis intentions is concerned, the truth of to the measures of his Government, that he those declarations, which the Minister has had made the laws the rule of his conduct. drawn up for his Malter, cannot

decently be To talk of preferving the affections or relydisputed. In every other respect, ! affin ing on the support of his subjects, while he that they are totally unsupported, either in continues to act upon these principles, is inargument or fat. I must add too that, fup- deed paying a compliment to their loyalty, poring the speech were otherwise unexcep, which I hope they have too much fpirit and tionable, it is not a direct answer to the Pe-, underftanding to deserve. tition of the City.. His

is pleated

we are told, is not only to say, that he is always ready to receive the punctual in the performance of his own durequeits of his subjects; yet the Sheriffs were ty, but careful not to assume any of those twice fent back with an excuse, and it was powers which the Conftitution has placed certainly debated in Council whether or no the in other hands. Admitting this last arlertion Magistrates of the City of London should to be itrictly true, it is no way to the purbe admitted to an audience. Whether the pose. The City of London have not deRerconstrance be or be not injurious to Par- ived the to allume a power placed in Jiament is the very quettion between the other hands. If they had, i Mould hope to Parliament and the people, and such a ques: see the person, who dared to present fuch a tion as cannot be decided by the affertion of petition, immediately impcached. Tliey fol. a third party, however respectable. That licit their to exert that constitutional the petitioning for a diisolution of Parlia- authority which the laws have vested in him ment is irreconcileable with the principles of for the benefit of his subjects. They call the Constitution is a new doctrine. His upon him to make use of his lawful preroM -y perhaps has not been informed gative in a calè, which our laws evidently that the House of Commons themselves have, Tuppoled might happen, since they have proby a formal resolution, admitted it to be the vided for it by truiting the Sovereign with a right of the fubjeét. His proceeds discretionary power to diffolve the Parliato assure us that he has made the laws the ment. This request will, I am conflent, rule of his conduct. -Was it in ordering be fupported by Remonftrances from all parts or permitting his Ministers to apprehend Mr. of the kingdom. His will find at Wilkes by a General Warrant? Was it last that this is the lense of his people, and in fuffering his Minitters to revive the olfo- that it is not his interest to support either lete maxim of nullum tempus to rob the Ministry or Pai liament, at the hazırd of a Duke of Portland of his property, and there- breach with the collective body of his fubby give a decisive turn to a County election ? jets. That he is the King of a fice people

-Was it is erecting a chamber conful- is indeed his greatest glory That he may tation of furgeons with authority to examine long continue the King of a free people is into and supersede the legal verdict of a the second with that animates my heart. The Jury ? Or did his confult t'ie laws firft is, ' THAT THE PEOPLE MAY BE of this country, when he per nisteid his Se- FREE.' cretary of State to declare that, will never


The Humble ADDRESS of the Right Huncurable tbe LORDs Spiritual

and Temporal, and Commons, in Parliment allembiei, presented March 23, to his Majesty.

Die jovis, 2:0 Martii, 1770. Most Gracious Sovereign,

confideration the Address lately presented to 'W ubicats , the Lords spiritual

and E, your Majeity's molt dutiful your Macity, mer the title of, “ Tts

is humbié fikircle, Remonstrance, and Pe. Temporal, and Commons of Great Britain, “tition of the Lord-mayor, Aldarmen, and in Parliament assembled, having taken inte Livry of the City of London, in Com


“ mon-hall assembleil", together with the • Permit us also to assure your Majesty, answer which your Majesty was pleased to that it is with the highest satisfaction we fee make to the fame; think ourselves indispen- your Majesty expressing so just a confidence fably obliged, upon this occafion, to express in your people. “In whatever unjustifiable to your Majesty the extreme concern and in- excelles fome few misguided persons may, in dignation which we feel, at finding that an this instance, have been seduced to join, your application has been made to your Majesty in Majesty's fubjects, in general, are too fenterms fo little corresponding with that grate- lible of what they owe both to your Majesty ful and affectionate refpoet which your

Ма - and your illustrious family, ever to be ca. jefty is so justly intitled to from all your fub- pable of approaching your Majesty with any jects; at the fame time afperfing and calum- other sentiments than those of the most intire niating one of the branches of the Legisla. respect and affection; and they understand ture, and expressly denying the legality of too well their own true interests, to wish to the present Parliament, and the validity of loosen the bands of obedience to the laws, its proceedings.

and of due subordination to lawful authority. • To present petitions to the throne has at We are therefore fully persuaded that your all times been the undoubted right of the Majesty's people, as well as your Parliament, fubjects of this realm. The free enjoyment will reject with disdain every insidious lugof that right was one of the many blessings gestion of those ill-designing men, who are restored by the Revolution, and continued in reality under:nining the Public Liberty, to us, in its fullest extent, under the Princes under the specious pretence of zeal for its of your Majesty's illustrious house: And, preservation ; and that your Majesty's attenas we are duly sensible of its value and im- tion to maintain the liberties of your fubje&s portance, it is with the deepest concern that inviolated, which you esteem your chief glowe now see the exercile of it so grolly per- ry, will, upon every occasion, prove the kue verted, by being applied to the purpolé, not means of (trength to your Majesty, and feof preserving, but of overturning the Con cure to you that zealous and effeétual fupftitution ; and of propagating doctrines, port, which none but a free people can bewhich, if generally adopted, must be fatal itow.' to the peace of the kingdom, and which tend to the lubversion of all lawful authority. His MAJESTY's Answer.

• Your Majesty, we acknowledge with gratitude, has ever thewn the molt tender My Lords and Gentlemen, regard to the rights of your people, not on I return you my thanks for this rery ly in the exercise of your own power, but in loyal and dutiful Address. It is with great your care to preserve fiom every degree of satisfaction that I receive from my Parliament infringement or violation the powers intruft- fo grateful an acknowledgment of my tender ed to others. And we beg leave to return regard for the rights of my subjects. Be your Majesty our unfeigned thanks for the allured that I hall continue to adhere to the fresh proof you have given of your deter- true principles of our excellent Constitution ; mination to persevere in your adherence to from which I cannot deviate without juftly the principles of the Constitution. forfeiting the affections of a free people."

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Smyrna, December 30.

taken, some of whom were privately put to Ithin this forinight this city has been death, others banished, and others sent to pri

upon the brink of ruin. Between fon, 40 and 50 Turks had formed a conspiracy, the Petersburg, February 6. Yesterday a cou. 23d init. to all'afinate the next morning (bc- rier arrived here from General Romanzov ing Sunday) all the Greeks while they were with advice, that on the 15th of last month at church ; to let fire to the city in different a second engagement happened between Geplaces, and to take advantage of the confusion neral Podgoritschany and another party of the to plunder the houses and inafsacre all that enemy, different from those of the preceding should attempt to oppose them. . Happily, day, confifting of 2000 infantry and 6030 his terribie plot was discovered the evening valry, headed by three Pachas, and supported before it was to be put in execution, and most with nine pieces of cannon; they attacked of the principal perions concerned in it here our troops near Tofchany, but were happily

routed after leaving above 1000 Turks upon of the feditious persons were thot dead upon the fiew of bacile. We have taken in this the spot. Their whole body, which conüited last affair several standards, some cannon, and of about 2000, were at the town of Fours. two waggons loaded with powder.

The four Syndics in office went thither, and Warsaw, February 14. Part of the Confe ordered them to lay down their arms, which derates of Grand Poland have been obliged by they at first refused to do ; but the good coun. Colonel Drewitz and General Tfchertoryskoi tenance of the garrison, fupported by part of to retire towards the frontiers of Silefia, and the Burghers, obliged them to surrender. of Brandeburg, after having been beaten Their chiefs were seized and sent to prison. near Keyra ; the rest having joined them- The Sieur Motu the elder was one, and the felves to those of Cujavia, of Sochaczow, and Sieur Cariere the other. I believe they will of Gostyn, commanded by their Marshals, lose their heads, as well as several others who have put themselves in march against the ca have been taken up lince, and were ringleadpical, with a view of taking some of the Rur. ers in that affair. The persons killed are the Gan posts ; but Colonel Prince Gallitzin, hav- Sieur Olivier, the father, who was 60 years ing received advice of their design, afsembled of age ; one Pourait, one Chevailier, an engrahis brigade, confifting of Soo men, and mar ver, and one Chaler. We expect to-morrow ched against them ; the 12th he found them 600 men from Nyon, and hope this affair will incamped between Blonic and Sochcazow, and have no bad consequences.': a tacked them, notwithstanding their being Extract of a Letter from Warsaw, dated Feb. fuperior in number. The action was long

24, 1770. and brisk, but at last they were obliged to re As soon as General Stoffeln had beaten, tire with the loss of 400 dead on the spot, and on the 29th last, the body of Turks com150 prisoners, besides seven pieces of cannon. manded by Auli Pacha, he caused the fortress As this affair happened but four leagues from of Ibrailow directly to be inverted, and made hence, they took all the precautions they the necessary dispositions for befieging it in could to make the inhabitants easy, who were all its forms. The Turks made all posible very much alarmed.

resistance on their part, till the 3d of the Laryczow, Fcbruary 2. A courier from present month, when they endeavoured to Moldavia has just brought to Count Roman. make their escape, and quit the place without zov advice, that on the 18th tilt, a body of noise. For this purpose, almost all the garri3000 Russians had attacked near Fora Scoo son imbarked the following night in three Turks, of whom 3000 were left dead on the vessels, with the view of crolling the Danube fpot.

by favour of the dark, and under a terrible Warsaw, February 16. This day the Sieur fire from all their artillery ; but in spite of de Lutzen, Aid de Camp of Lieut. Gen. these measures the Turks were not able to Prince Repnin, arrived here, preceded by four conceal their design from the Rusian Genepoftilions blowing their horns, and brought ral, who ordered Tome cannon to be pointed advice to Prince Wolkonki, that on the 29th toward the shore, which had all the defired of last month 6ooo Ruflians, commanded by success. For the vessels in which the Turks Lieut. Gen. Stoffeln near the town of Brai had imbarked were funk to the bottom, and low, intirely defeated a part of the Turkish the greatest part of those on board drowned. army consisting of 20,000 men, 4000 of The remainder of the garrison continued till whom were killed on the spot, and that one to defend themselves till the next day (the General's staff, fix horses tails, one large pair 4th) when the Ruflians gave the affault at of colours and eleven cannon, have fallen into midnight, carried the breach, and put all they the bands of the conquerors. This Officer met to the sword. They found in the place adds, that after the action 12,000 Turks more than a hundred pieces of cannon, a conwent to the citadel of Brailow, but the Rus fiderable sum of money, and a very large quanSions are preparing to attack them.

tity of warlike stores and provisions. The Extract of a letter from Geneva, Feb. 16. Turks, when they saw the fortress lost, set

* Yesterday at three o'clock a conspiracy fire to the great magazine, with the intention broke out here. The parties concerned in it of blowing up both themselves and the Rusconfifted of natives and inhabitants, whose fians; but the latter, being timely informed of design was to murder the whole Council, and it, ran up, and happily lucceeded in extinafterwards the Burghers, and make them- guishing the flames before it had reached the

selves' masters of the place. In half an hour powder.rooms. Among the prisoners is Auli more we should have been destroyed, but Pro Pacha himself.' vidence, who watched over us, made them fail in their designs, at the very moment they

Extract of a Letter from Brussels, March 1. were going to put them in execution. Be

At two o'clock this morning, Prince

Charles received an express from Vienna, *ween 200 and 300 were in arms, and made <he first fire, but no further mischiet ensued

with an account that the Imperial army of <han fome persons being Nightly wounded.

Rullia, afier their retreat from the suburbs of The alarm was then given, and the garrison

Bender, had retired as far into Podelia as the

environs of Konetzpo, wher: bcing joined by appeared immediately ander arms, when four fixty-nine thcuimd cholen Rifin troops.


they immediately advanced to Bender, at new Grand Vifir; the batons of five Biwhich place they arrived at night, the first of Maws ; the Serafkier's tents and women; February, the eve of the grand festival of the fifty pair of colours ; nineteen standards ; muflulmen, and at one o'clock the following three hundred camels, the military cheit for morning formed the gate of St. Sophia, of the payment of the janifaries lately sent from which they were in poffeffion, after a short Conftantinople, and an incredible quantity of contest; forts thousand Russians immediately rich baggage, were taken in Bender. entered the city, the Turks being in their "Such was the ardour of the Coflacks, mosques. An incredible Naughter and plun. that they pulued the Tartars through the gate der was made before any quarter could be of Borlat, and, when the express left Bender, granted. The loss of the Rumans was incon the Ruflian light troops had made a continued liderable, in comparison of the bloody Naugh- Naughter of them as far as Oblucéce, upon the ter of the Turks, of whom it is imagined no “Danube, where the regiments of Livonia and less than thirty thousand hav perished by the Novogorod, forming a body of fix thousand Tword. One hundred and thirty nine picces grenadiers, with twelve thousand light troops, of brass ordnance ; two hundred and fifty iron and a train of light artillery, were in full cannon, the latter mostly inserviceable; forty- marche' Seven quintals of powder; the baggage of the


Historical Chronicle, for March, 1770.


per :

March 1.

government of the King; and your declara. VH E Stewards of the Hon. Society of tion of respect for my royal parents and their

Ancient Britons waited on his Royal descendants; are highly acceptable to me. I Highness the Prince of Wales, at St. James's; thall, with pleasure, continue to promote your and the Rev. Dr. Anthony Thomas addressed laudable charity.' his Royal Highness in the following man They were graciously received, and had the

honour of kifling his Royal Highneis's hand. Molt gracious Prince,

Yesterday being the anniversary of St. Da. • The society of Ancient Britons beg leave vid's day, the Tutelar Saint of Wales, the to be permitted to the annual custom of ex same was obferved at Court as usual. pressing the great respect and affection his About eleven o'clock, came on, in the PreMajesty's subjects, born in the principality of rogative-court, Doctors-commons, before Dr. Wales, conceive for your royal parents, and Bettesworth, the much talked-of cause between their illustrious descendants, under whom this Lord and Lady G. for the admiffibility of a li. Dation experiences every blessing of a mild bel. The cause was opened by Di. Gwyne, and happy government.

Lord G's Council, when, immediately, Mr. • It is with gratitude we mention, that the Stephens, Register of the Prerogative-court, last charitable affiftance, the good defigns of and Council for Lady G. admitted the libel, this society received from your royal High- which, confequently, put a stop to its being de ness's hands, has been faithfully laid out to bated. Mr. Stephens then requested, that so the laudable purposes of clothing, educating, days notice might be given him by the oppoand instructing the helpless offspring of Welch lite Council, previous to the entering on the parents; and it is with humble hope we im- commiflion and requisition of this cause, plore the continuance of your further influence which was for some time objected to by Dr. and proteЕtion to so beneficial and excellent Gwyne, on account of keeping witnesses ia an institution,

town, who might live many miles from Loa• We also beg leave to express our admira don. However, the demand appeared reas tion of the proficiency of those parts, and fonable to the judge, and it was entered as a the early appearance of those good quali rule accordingly. ties your royal Highness is so eminently blenied Mr. Stephens then made a second seed with, which, we doubt not but in time will that all letters, written messages, and other in prove the ornament and happioess of this formations relative to this affair, in thepellegreat and flourishing nation.

fion of the Court, should not be communicated · That your illustrious line may long reign by copies, or otherwise, except to the innsover a grateful and loyal people are the fincere diate agents. Upon which my Lord G's withes and fervent prayers of this society.' Council got up, and joined in the request, and

further said, that they had Lord G's direc. To which bis Royal Highness was pleased to cions for doing so. Dr. Bette worth remarked make the following Answer :

upon this Jaft request, that it was nothing « Gentlemen,

but what was very reasonable and proper, as • Your dutiful acknowledgment of the the circulation of fuch intelligence, previous to blessings you enjoy under the mild and happy its coming on in the legal way, might be st.


March 9.

tended with disagreeable consequences ;' the present for Mr. Ashby, a Northamptonshire following order was therefore, by mutual con Gentleman, fent of all parties, minuted in the book :

That all letters, written messages, and other At à meeting on Wednesday night of a informations, relative to the affairs of Lord number of the electors of Weftminster, at the and Lady G. should on no account whatsoever Standard tavern in Leicester-fields, amongst be communicated by copies, or otherwise, to whom was Sir Robert Bernard, Bart, and leany person, except the immediate agents in veral other Gentlemen, it was moved to fol. this affair, previous to its determination.' low the example which had been set by the

Yesterday the sessions ended at the Old City of London, of presenting a Remonftrance Bailey. At this feffion seven prisoners, inclu to his Majesty. It was urged in favour of the ding the two for murder, received judgment of measure, that there was an obvious propriety death. Thirty-nine were ordered to be tranf- in the two great cities going in the same tract; ported for seven years, four were branded in there being, as well by fituation, as trade, 'and. the hand, fix privately whipt, and fixteen de. other circumstances, a close and material con livered upon proclamation.

nection between them. The motion was rei March 2.

ceived with approbation. It was then moved NORTH-WALES CIRCUIT. to know whether any Gentleman had drawn The Hon. Daines Barrington, J. Hayes, Esq. up, or intended to draw up, a Remonstrance : Merionethshire, Monday April 9, at Bala. Upon which the heads of a Remonftrance Carnárvonlire, Saturday April 14, at Con were produced and read, and unanimously way:

agreed to. A Committee of twelve were then Anglesea, Friday April 20, at Beaumaris., appointed to seirle and adjust whatever points CHESTER CIRCUIT.

were necessary for a general meeting of the The Hon. J. Morton and Taylor White, Esq. electors in Westminster-hall; and to advertise Montgomeryshire, Wednesday April 4, ac the same as soon as possible. Poole.

At the same time the sum of sol. (being Denbighshire, Tuesday April 10, at Wrex. part of a sum subscribed at the lal meeting) ham.

was voted to be immediately sent to the SoFlintthire, Monday April 16, at Flint. ciety for the Support of the Bill of Rights, åt Cheshire, Saturday April 21, at Chefter. the London tavern, to be by that Society ap

CARMARTHEN CIRCUIT. plied to the sole use and service of John John Pollen, Esq; and Edward Poore, Esq. Wilkes, Esq. And as several menibers of thic Carmarthenshire, Saturday April 7, at Car- association at the Standard tavern happened to marthen.

be absent, the subscription was ordered to be County Borough of Camarthen, Saturday

continued open. April 7, at Carmarthen. Pembrokeshire, Friday April 13, at Haver. Extract of a Letter from Portsmouth, Marchii. fordweft.

« We have an account spread about here Town of Haverfordwest, Friday April 13, at from on board his Majesty's Noop Merlin, Haverfoxdweft.

concerning the death of the late Captain Cardiganshire, Thursday April 19, at Cardi. O'Hara, that he was not murdered by the gan.

Moors as was reported, but that he died a na. March 6.

tural death. The account is as follows : Saturday a housekeeper near Westminfter When he arrived at the place, the Captain abbey was summoned before a Magistrate, and failed up the river in a tender provided for fined in the penalty of 5 1. for harbouring and that purpose, with swivel guns and small. concealing a deserter from the guards in his arms, and anchored within 2 or 300 yards of houfe, knowing him to be such.

the shore; that Capt. O'Hara, and five or • A Gentleman, who was last week at Yar. fix of his people, went on fhore in the tene mouth, says, he never knew so much damage der's small boat, leaving orders with the peo done to the vessels in the high winds as at ple on board to be in readiness with their that time, befides many lives being loft ; he guns and small-arms to fire in case he was faw 12 or 14 men blown overboard into the attacked by the natives, which was to be sea from one vessel.

made known to them by the firing of a pifol

as'a fignal for their fire. As soon as the Yesterday all the ships bills put up at the Captain landed he was received civilly by the New England coffee-house, for several parts Moors. He told them he was come by order of North America, were taken down and of the King, his master, to find that place, burnt.

and likewise to fix the British flag [an Eng-, The Talbot Eat Indiaman, Sir. Charles lith jack which he brought with him from Hudson, now clearing at Blackwall, was fo his own noop for that purpose) on an old diftrefied for fresh provisions in her paffage ruined fort which they had : He did not by home, as to be obliged to kill every thing that intend the leaft harm. They did not eatable on board ; amongst other things, a

seem to relish his fixing the colours on that beautiful male and female buffaloe from Ma.

port, and made a little buffle about it; how. dagascar ; whicha Sir Charles intended as a ever they seem pacified, and asked the Cag


March 13.

March 7.

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