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March 23:

March 13

tain, if the King, his master, had sent them ceptance a bill on Messrs. Boldero and Co, any presents ? He replied in the affirmative, which had been taken out of the bag when And that if some of them would go on board the mail was robbed : The bill was inclosed the tender, he would shew them the prep in a letter from Mr. Watson, jun. of HattonSents ; on which a mulcitude of them croud garden, to Thomas Fuller, Esq; at D:. Alh. ed to the beach in order to launch their boats, worth's in Daventry, and the letter was or canoes, that were out of the water, to get found in the house of the abovementioned on board, which the commanding Officer on person, which was searched in consequence of board the tender observing, and thinking that a warrant from the Lord Mayor. It is said they were coming to seize the tender, and nat he had just taken a house in Bishopsgate. Seeing the Captain amongit them, immedi. ftreet, in order to carry on the business of ately gave them all his fire of swivels and

a grocer, and had laid in a quantity of goodi small-arms, which killed near twenty of the in that way ; and was on the point of being natives ; then he fipt or cut his cable, and married to a cradesman's daughter in that made off. The Moors on this directly at neighbourhood. On searching the prisoner's çacked the Captain and his people, and house, laft night, bills of exchange to the vawounded him Nightly before he delivered up lue of above 3ople and a great number of let. bir sword. The Captain and his people ters taken out of the mail were found. He were then made prisoners, and carried up the pretended that a person had given him the country. The Moors wese fatisfied when bills, &c. to dispose of, but could not tell his they found the Captain was not to blame. The poor Captain was seized with a fever in

a few days, and for want of proper care, and Yesterday a grand entertainment was given with grief and disappointment, he died in less at the Mansion-house by the Right Hon. the than a week. Had he survived, he would Lord Mayor, to a great number of the Nobi. have been taken to Senegal, as his people lity and Gentry. were on a journey of upwards of goo miles, Amongst other loyal and patriotic toasty and there ranfomed. li is said the Officer in the following, after filence for each was prothe tender beard a pistol fired as a signals claimed by found of trumpet, were drink, others contradi&t it; Be it as it will, some and the picces of music performed with the fatal mistake was the capse of this poor Gen. utmost clegance and approbation. cleman's deftruction.'

The Lord Mayor drank to the company is

what is called the City Loving-cup, and big Sunday morning about three o'clock, the them all heartily welcome post-boy carrying the mail from hence to

May true religion and virtuc ever floorik Chester, was robbed on the City Road, op- and abound. pofite the Shepherd and Shepherdess, by a Health and long life to our Sovereign Lord single footpad, who carried away the bags of the King. letiers directed to perfons at Barnet, St. Al Coronation Anthem, by Mr. Handel. han's, Dunstable, Fenny Stratford, Stoney Health and long life 10 our gracious Queen, Stratford, Daventry, Rugby, Lutterworth, and all the Royal Family, Luton, Towcefter, Ampthill, and Bedford. May happiness and glory be the portion of March 17.

his Majesty, his family, and people. Yesterday !bis Majesty went to the House Prosperity to the city of London. of Peers, and gave the royal afsent to the fol Grand martial piece by Mr. Ruib. lowing bills :

May justice and wisdom govern all the pub. The bill to continue an act for allowing the lic councils. free importation of tallow, hogs-lard and May the fundamental liberties of England grease, for a further limited time,

be ever revered and defended. The bill for better regulating and employ (Three ypcommon checra ; and, by partiing the poor in the parish of St. Paul, Shad. çular defire, • Britons Arike home.) well.

May the noble affertors and protectors of The bill for better regulating the naviga. English liberty be had in perpetual bonoor. tion of the river Trent, from Wilden-ferry,

Full piece by Mr. Ruh. in the county of Derby, to Gainsborough in May the violaters of the right of election Lincolnshire.

and petition against grievances be confounded. And also to several road, inclosure, and na. May the wicked be taken from before the turalisation bills, &c.

ķing, that his throne may be established in

righteousness. The'two Kennedys, who were condemnej (An amasing shout of approbation) the laft feffion, for the murder of Bigby, the

Overture by Mr. Handel. watchman, have received the King's pardon, May C-rr-pt-cease to be the measure of on condition of being transported for life. G March 22.

May the spirit of the Constitution prevail Yefterday the person who robbed the Cher.

over secret and undue influcace. ter mail, was committed to Newga'c by Sir (In a bumper.) John Fielding. His fcrran: prosenied for ac



March 20.

May perpetual union, social liberty, and unig ley. Viscounts Hereford. Torrington. Lords ferralujuftice prevail, and render happy the Abergavenny. Craven. King Monfon, Whole British empire.

Archer: Fortefeue. Hyde. Lyttelton. May the commerce of this city and king. Camden, Earls of Corke. Donegalí. Fife. dom, with the colonies, be restored, and Houe Verney. Ludlow, Viscounts Wenman, rith for ever.

Downe. Marquis of Granby: Earl Piercy: Lord Chatham, and all absent friends. Lords George Germaine. Robert Sutton. Full piece by Mr. Ruth.

George Cavendishi Frederick Cavendishi To all the Ladies who favour us with their John Cavendish. Sir John Delaval. Joha company.

Molesworth. George Savile. George Cole. (At which one replied, Aanding, and the brooke. Joseph Mavibey. George Younge. whole company immediately got up),

Thomas Frankland Piercy Brett Matthew The Duke of Richmond and company Ridley. Edward Winington. Charles Sauna drink to the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoters, ders. Robert Clayton. Francis Vincenta and thanks for this entertainment.

William Codrington. Edward Ashley. WilWhile the noble company were at dinner, liam Meredith. Cecil Wray. Mr. Allen. they were feneraded by the inoft excellent Anderson. Adams. Anderson. "Aubrey: band of music which could be procured in this

Baker. Barrow. Bailey. Bethel. Brick. kingdom, and which was conducted by Mr. dale. Col. Barre.

Mr. Bynge.

Burke: Ruth. In a word, it was universaliy allowed

Beauclerk. Berrie. Buller, jun. Bolton; to exceed every thing of the kind ever given H. Crabb. Clarke. Crosby: Cavendishi by a private Gentleman in this kingdom Calvert. Col, Calcraft. Mr. Cornwall. Cos

After the Lord Mayor had drank health to ventry. Cholmiey. Calcraft. Damor, feni. the Nobility and Gentry present; out of the Damer. Dawkins. Dempftcr. Dowdeí. City Loving-cup, bis Grace the Duke of well. Dunning. Fitz Maurice. Fletcher: Richmond Hood up, and desired the common Frankland. Fuller. Graves. Orey: Garib. sryer and trumpet to proclaim filence; and he Goddard. Gregory, Groves. George Grentoafted

ville. Henry Grenville. Serjeant Glyng. Health, long life, and prosperity, to the Hampden. Hamilton. Howard. Hanbury, Right Hon. the Lord Mayor.

Hope. Hobart. Hunt. Hufrey. General Then the company drank heal. , long life, Irwin. Col. Jennings. Admiral Keppel. and prosperity to the Right Hon. the Lady General Keppel. Mr. Keck. Lascelles. Mayoress and family.

Lascelles, Daniel. Lemari. Col. St. Leger: After which followed in a bumper,

Mr. Luther. Montague. Mutray. Musa Health to Mr. Alderman Trecothick and grave. Mackworch, Martin, Mauger. the two worthy Sheriffs.

Milles. Norris. Parker. Pennant. PopThe like to Sir William Stephenson. ham. Popham, Alex. Plomer. Pauleta

And on their departing the Hall, the Duke Pratt. Capt. Phipps. Governor Pownalla of Northumberland drank, with loud acclama. Mr. Pulteney. Roll. Aushout. Sherif cions,

Sawbridge. Seymour. Scrope. Scawen. Health and prosperity to the Common Cour. Scudamore, Standert. Sturt. Skipwith. cil and Livery of London,

Thoroton. Tempeft. Sheriff Townsend. The whole service of the dinner was on Thomas Townsend, Taylot. Alderman plate.

Trecothick. Turnet. Walth. Walfinga The ball at the Mansion house was opened ham. Wedderburnc. Weft. Whitworth about ten o'clock, by the Duke of Devonshire Whately. and the Lady Mayoress; the dancing conti.

March 23. Äued till half past four yesterday morning; The following is a particular account of the and before five the whole company left the escape which the Duchess of NorthumberManfon-bouse, greatly pleased with the gran- land lately bad from being ship-wrecked in deur and elegancy of the entertainment, as her passage from Dover to Calais : - Her well as the order and regularity with which Grace, on Monday morning last, set out from i was conducted. The company was fo nu London, with intention to go to Vienna, to merous, that the three long tables in the be present at the grand Gala, made on the acEgyptian-hall were not fufficient to accommo count of the espoufal of the Archduchess An. date them all. It is said, that 600 dishes were toinetta with the Dauphin of France. She ferved dp.

lay at Dover that night, and on Tuesday

morning was informed, that there was a vios A List of the Noblemen and Gentlemen lent storm on the coast of France to the southpresent,

ward, which, there was the greatest reason to

apprehend would come forward to the part of The Dukes of Richmond. Bolton. De the channel which she was to cross, the wind vonshire, Portland, Manchester. Northum. even then blowing very fresh in that part. berland. Marquis of Rockingham. Earls of Her Grace, however, being defirous to teach Huntingdon. 'Suffolk. Abington. Plye Vienna by the time of the festival, whicla mouth. Scarborough. Albemarle. Tank.. could not be done if any delay was made, emi. erville. Effingham. Fittwilliam. Temple. barked at two o'clock on board a small, new Coventry. BcAorough. Shidlarne Berke regel, that had been retained for her. Her



Grace, (according to her usual method) kept The Proprietors Lift of Candidates for alle in her poft chaise, which was on the deck,

Eaft-ladia Directors : and well lasned. After they had been out an Charles Boddam, Esq; ! *F. Pigou, Erg; hour at sea, the expected storm came on, ata *H. C. Boulton, E9; J. Pringle, Isa; tended with hail and snow, and a most in. *G. Cuming, Esq; *J. Burling, Esqi tense cold.. The sea ran so high, and the G. Dempster, Esq; J. Roberts, Esqz wind was. so great, that they were compelled W. G. Freeman, Esq; R. Smith, Ela; to fuffer, the vessel to drive, not daring to at H. Fletcher, Esq; L. Sullivan, Esq; tempt the coast of France on account of mel. *). Harrison, Ergi S. Waller, Esq; ving rocks, or that of England on account of *W. Jəmes, Elai R. Warner, Erq; che sands. The wind increased to such a de. M. Impey, Erg; *E. Wheeler, Eka; gree of violence, and the waves broke so pow R. Jones, Esq; J. Williams, Eiq; erfully over the vessel, that all the men were *J. Manthip, Esq; G. Wombwell, Esq; obliged to be lashed to it, for fear of being J. Mutteux, Esq; *J. Woodhouse, Eig washed over-board. During this violence of Those marked thus * are in both lifts. the storm, it was perceived, that the railing of

March 27. one side of the vessel was borne away, and Yesterday there was a general Court of the the tackle by which the Duchess's chaise was East India Company, at their House in Jafhed to the veel was broken, and, in all Leadenhall-freet, as by adjournment, for the probability, had it not been discovered, the determination, by ballot, of the following next great wave would have carried the chaise

question : over-board. Her Grace was, however, im. " That the dividend on the capital fock of mediately taken out of the chaise, and carried this Company, for the balf year, commen: into the Captain's cabin. The ship conti- cing at Christmas last, and ending at Midfoma nued driving the whole of that night in con mer next, be at fix per cent,' fant danger of being overset, or Atriking on The balloting began at eleven o'clock in the rocks or sands. In the morning they the forenoon, and continued till fix in the perceived themselves on the English coalt evening, when an hour being taken up, at *ar Folkstone, and directly made for land, ufual, by the scrutineers, in adjusting the When they got close in with the fore, they numbers, at seven o'ckock the poll was dc. saw a fisherman's hút, and the beach being clared as follows: favourable, the Duchess was carried ashore on For the question

139 the shoulders of two men, who waded up to Against the queftion the breast in the water. Her Grace being very much bruised and fatigued by the roll. Majority

138 ing of the ship, remained at the hut till car The idend thus declared, the Court ad siages could be procured from Folkftone; journed, and, after resting one night on the road, arrived safe in town on Thursday morning at This day his Majefy went to the House nine o'clock. In the midst of this extreme

of Peers, and gave the royal affent to the fot: 'danger and distress, from the iptense cold of lowing bills, viz. the weather, which was so great as to con The bill for raising 1,800,00ol. by loans geal the wet on their cloaths to ice an inch on Exchequer bills, for the service of the prechick, and the violent motion of the ship, fent year. her Grace lhewed the greatest intrepidity and The bill for allowing the exportation of calmness, of which in all fimiliar occasions the malt for a limited time. has appeared miftress. The delay occafioned The bill for applying the sum granted fot by this accident, has rendered it impracticable the pay and cloathing of his Majesty's militia for her Grace to pursue her design of being at forces for this year. Vjenna at the time of the feftival, as the pro And also to several road, inclosure, naturaposed.

lisation, and other bills.

At noon was held a meeting of the elector The following is the House List of the ofthe City and Liberty of Weftminster, in WeftGentlemen proposed for Dircctors of the Ho miaster hall, to consider of a Petition and Renourable the East India Company.

monstrance to be presented to his Majesty by Şir Geo, Colebrooke Woodhouse that body. Sir Robt. Bernard was voted into the Sir James Cockburne Henry Cruttenden chair, which was placed at the upper end of Booth

George Dudley the steps in the Court of Common Pleas, and Henry Crab Boulton Hurlock declared the intention of their meeting in a George Cuming


speech : After which Charles Martya, Esq; Robert Gregory Thomas Roure

read the Remonftrance, which was received John Harrison Henry Savage

with universal applause; the question was then Robert James

Whceler put, whether it should be presented to his MaJohn Manship

Chambers, jun, jelty, by holding up of hands, and was carried Frederick Pigou

Devaynes nem, con. In consequence of which, at two John Purling

Peter Lascelles o'clock, Sir Robert Bernard; Concliy, Weir - Michie.


March 29.

March 24.

of March, 1770:

Charles Martyna, Esq; and the Rev. Dr. Wil that you will never neceffitate to many injured, fon, attended at St. James's, when the three and, by such treatment, exasperated subjects, brft mentioned Gentlerzen prefented the Re- to continue to commit the care of their intemontrance to his Majesty, which he was refts to those from whom they must withdraw pleased to give to a Lord in waiting, but re their confidence; to repose ibeir invaluable turned no answer.

privileges in the hands of those wbo have lao

crificed them; and their trust in those who The Humble ADDRESS, REMON. have betrayed it. STRANCE, and PETITION, • Your lubjects look up with sa•isfaction to of the ELECTORS of the City and Li- the powers which the Constitution has vefted BIRTY OF WESTMINSTER,' af. in your Majefty-for it is upon them that sembled in Westminfter-ball, the 28th Day they have placed their last dependance. And

they trust that the right of diffolving Parlia

ments, which has, undes former Princes, fo *WE, your Majesty's most dutiful and often answered the purposes of power, may, loyal subjects, the electors of the City and Li- under your Majesty, prove an happy inftru. berty of Westminster, having already presented ment of liberty, our humble, but ineffectual application to the "We find ourselves compelled to urge with Throne, find ourselves, by the misconduct of the greater importunity this our humble, but your Majesty's Minisers, in confederacy with earnett, application to the throne, as every many of our Representatives, reduced to the day seems to produce the confirmation of some necessity of again breaking in by our com old, or to threaten the introduction of some plaints upon your Majeity's repose, or of ac new injury.-We have the ftrongeft reasons quiefcing under grievances To Now, and so to apprehend, that the usurpation began by EXORBITANT, that none but those who pa the House of Commons upon the right of Etiently submit to them, can deserve to fuffer leeting, may be extended to the right of Pee them.

titioning ; and that, under the pretence of res . By the same secret and unhappy influence Atraining the abuse of this right, it is meanç to which all our grievances have been origi to bring into difrepute, and to intimidate us nally owing, the redress of those grievances from the exercise of the right itself. has been now prevented ; and the grievances But, whatever may be the purposes of 0 themselves have been repeatedly confirmed; thers, your Majesty háth, in your answer to with this additional circumstance of aggrava- the City of London, molt graciously declared, tion, that while the invaders of our rights re " That you are always ready to receive the re, main the directors of your Majesty's Councils, quells, and to liften to the complaints of yout the defenders of those rights have been dis- subjects." Your Majesty condescends like missed from your Majesty's service-your Ma- wire to esteem ir “ A duty to secure to them jesty having been adviled by your Minifters to the free enjoyment of thofe rights which your remove from his employment, for his vote in family were called to defend." We rely. in Parliament, the highest Oficer of the law; therefore, upon the royal word, thus given, that because his principles suited ill with theirs, our grievances will meet with full redress, and and his pure diftribution of juftice with their our complaints with the most favourable intercorrupt administration of it in the House of pretation-That your Majesty will never conCommons.

fider the arraignment of your Minifters as a * We beg leave, therefore, again to repre- difrefpect to your persona charge confined, sent to your Majesty, that the House of Comé by the very terms of it, to this House of Com mons have itruck at the most valuable liber- mons, as injurious to Parliament at large (the ties and franchises of all the electors of Great Conftitution of which we admire, and the ac. Britain ; and by assuming to themselves a buse of which is the very thing we lament) right of chufing, inftead of receiving a Mem or a request for the diffolution of Parlia, ter when chosen, by transferring to the Re- ment, which your subjects have a right to presentative what belonged to the conftituent, make, and your Majesty to grant, as ** irrethey have taken off from the dignity, and, we concileable to the principles of the Constitúe fear, impaired the authority of Parliament it. tion.” feir.

BIRTHS. • We presume again therefore humbly to Daughter to the Lady of Sir William

Wake, Bart. in New Bond-ftreet. which are in any way proportioned to the na. A daughter to the Lady of Nathaniel Bayture of the evil: That you would be gracious- ley, Esq; Member for Abingdon. ly pleased to dismiss for ever from your Coun A son to the Lady of Lord Archibald Hacils, those Ministers who are ill suited by milton, in their difpofitions to preserve the principles of A daughter to the Lady of William Clayton, a free, or by their capacities to direct the Esq; in Stanhope-Street, May. fair. Councils of a great and mighty kingdom-And that, by speedily diffolving the present Parlia

MARRIAGES, ment, your Majesty will show, by your own OHN Ellington, Eig; of St. Alban's, to Example, and by their diffolution, that the Miss Harrio: Anfon, of Southampton. rights of your people are to be inviolable, and row, Bloomsbury.


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H н

Benjamin Cole, Efa; of Great Brook-ftreet, Rev. Mr. Robert Adkin; to the rectory of to Miss Wharton, of the same place. Rainham St, Mary and St. Margaret's, Nora

John Bush, Esq; of Burcott, to Miss Win. folk. grove, of High-wycomb, Bucks.

Rev. Ms. George Routh, to the rectory of John Awdry; Ésq; of Notton, Wiltshire, to St. Helen, with St. Clement annexed, in ipfo Miss Malle, of the same places

wich, Rev. Mr. Trinder, of Walton, Sorry, to Rev. Mr. Egerton Lefgh, to a prebend is Miss Nicholls, of Epsom.

the cathedral church of Litchfield. John Burton, Efq; of General Conway's PROMOTIONS: Dragoons, to Miss Thursby, of Abington,

John Long, Esq; of Whitham, Essex, to of the Bath, John Bullet, Elg; tha Miss Smith, of Bowers.

Right Hon. Henry Viscount Palmerston, of DEATH S.

the kingdom of Ireland, Charles Spencer, ON. and Rev. Henry Moore, in Spring. Esq; commonly called Lord Charles Spencer, gardens.

the Right Hon. Wilmot Viscount Lisburne, of Edmund Hawkins, Éfq; in Boswell-court, the kingdom of Ireland, and Francis Holburna Carey-ftreet.

and Charles James Fox, Esqrs. to be bis Ma. Stanhope, Efq; of Mansfield, Not- jefty's Commisioners for executing the Ofice minghamshire.

of Lord High Admital of Great Britain and Joseph Wakelin, Efq; of Roehampton, Ireland, and the dominions, illands, and terri, Gilbert Thomas, Elq; of Long-acre. tories thereunto respectively belonging. James Nixon, Erg; of Iington,

Right Hon. George Dunk, Earl of Halifax, Rev. Dr. Thomas Trumorc, of Horsham, to Keeper of the Privy Seal. Sussex.

Right Hon. Thomas Robinson, Erg; ViceMiss St. Leger, only daughter of Anthony Chamberlain of his Majesty's Household, to be $t. Leger, Esq; Member for Grimsby, Lincoln- of his Majesty's most hon. Privy Council. thire,

James Sampson, Éfq; to be Conful-general Hon. Mrs. Baily, wife of Nathaniel Baily, at Tetuan. Esq; Member for Abingdon.

Georgr Pitt, Efq; to be Ambassador extraNathaniel Watts, Esq; of Bloomsbury- ordinary and Plenipotentiary to his Catholic square.

Majesty David Robinson, Efq; of Chiswick. Ålexander Munro, Esq; to be his Majesty's Thomas Debuke, Esq; at Rumford, Efex. Consul at Madrid.

John Le Blond, Esq; in Compton-street, B-K-TS from the GAZITTI. Soho.

OSEPH Huni, of Cobham, in Suriy,

, Aire,

William Lees, of Afhbornc, in Derbyshire, Richard Beard, Streafield, Esq; at Chailey, grocer. Suflex.

John Mowrie, of Exeter, druggilt. Edmund Hoskins, Erg; Solicitor to the Gea Alexander Jellon, late of London, mes. neral Port-office.

chant. John Grace, Esq; of Charterhouse-square, Garret Comerford, late of the inand of St. Hon. William Molesworth, at Bath. Christopher's, in the Weft-Indies, but now of Christopher Roberts, Esq; at Highgate. London, merchant.

Right Hon, Lionel Talmash, Earl of Dye Francis Sadleir, of Nicholas-lane, London, art, near Richmond, Surty.

merchant. Thomas Annet, Efq; near Leicester.

Thomas Whitear, of Portsmouth, in the David Rogerson, Esq; at Chiswick. county of Southampton, baker and mealman. Thomas Bennet, Esq; at Cambridge. John Hardeman, of Martock, in Somerset.

Alexander Bayfield, Esq; in Bishopsgate. lire, linen-draper and baker. Areet.

Richard Savadge, of the parish of Penn, in Hon. Lieutenant-general Robert Armiger, Staffordshire, malttter. in Conduit-ftreer,

John Elftob, of Wapping-ftreet, in MiddleRichard Haffell, Esg; at Barnet.

sex, merchant. John Alford, Esq; in Queen-street, Oxford Galpine Baxter, of Cornhill, London, ftaroad.

tioner, Hon. Lady Amelia West, daughter of Earl Thomas Skegg, late of Stork, near Bille. Delawar.

ricay, in Essex, woolftapler. PREFERMENTS.

James Thomson, of Bow-lane, London, li. E V. Mr. Eccles, to be lecturer of the nen draper.

united parishes of St. Gabriel Fen John Skudder, of Hunton, in Kent, groces church and St. Margaret Pattens. '

William Holden, of the parish of St. Mary Hon. and Rev. Mr. St. John, to the living le Bone, in Middlesex, ironmonger. of Fawley, Southampton,

Robert Abney, of Finch-lane, London, Rev. Mr. George Bcave, to the rectory of ironmonger. Trent, Somerset

Ifaac Jones, lato of Long lane, in the pa.


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