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and Lord Say; the King willingly complied of three of your companies, the Goldsmiths, with their request, and in teltimony thereof Weavers, and Grocers. The Goldsmiths say, gave them his royal hind to kiss.

that your address is moft indecent. The We are told that our addrefs is injurious to Weavers have done no more than eccho care Parliament; if Parliament is corrupt, it is not tain words of the King's answer. But the injurious to say they are corrupt, and under Grocers say, that your humble Address, Res undue influence ; it is justice, and not an in- manstrance, and Petition, is the insidious jury. It is likewise faid our proceedings are fuggestion of ill-designing men. Insidious! irreconcileable to the laws and Conftitution. a word of the most opprobrious fignification, We have presented an humble petition to the and conveys the most detestable idea of any King for redress of grievances; the chief of in the English language; it fignifies ly which is the violated right of free election, circumventive, inalicious, dark, and wicked. the foundation and basis of our liberty. We Do your actions deserve these epithets?

Da have a right to petition, that is the birth- you, Gentlemen of the Livery, and Gentleright of Englismenį and even in the time men of the Common-council, merit these apwhen prerogative ran high, and the privileges pellations ? of the peop.e were invaded, the subjects al They fay that the People were against the ways inlifted upon that right.

Remonftrance. Who are the People ? Are. In the arhitrary reign of King Charles II, not the Livery the People, who with the mathere were two proclamations issued against jority of the Common-council, approved petitioning; and in those days there were ser- thereof, and attended me with the lame to vile lawyers, who declared that proclamations the King ? ought to have the force of law; and yet those You have chosen me your Chief Magistrate proclamations did not damp, but increased against my will; it is your duty to support the zeal for petitioning. The citizens of his legal authority ; it is your concern. Iam London did thien petition for the dissolution here only for a day, but I hope this city of of Parliament, and redress of grievances, London will preserve its liberties till time which was followed by many neighbouring shall be no more. Your affair is agitated ; counties ; in particular the petition of the look to it, Gentlemen. county of Wilts was presented by Thomas Jo a junto, a cabal of a few interested men, Thynne, Esq; Sir Walter St. John, and Sir to be looked upon as the People! I suspect Edward Hungerford.

them to have been actuated by Yordid interest. The citizens of London lately presented an They pretend not to a subordinate, but a humble petition for the redress of grievances; contiolling jurisdiction. If every Master of evil-difposed Ministers advised his Majesty to a company can controul your Lord Mayot, take no notice of it. I say, the giving no and retufe to obey his précepts whenever they ansiver to a petition seems to me negative of thall be issued, anarchy and confusion mull the right - [It is supposed thatúre Lord-mayor, be the consequence. Inftead of one Lord havi. g obferved certain gesticulations made Mayor you will have sixty-forir. What use of by foune Court emissaries, planted in will become of you ! A city divided againft the hill, took occafion to repeat] I say, that itfelt can never itand. the giving no answer to a petition, but fling Why should we complain of the abuse of ing it away as waste paper, leems to me a ne ministerial, hireling writers, when ive are to gative

of the right. This brought on your grossly abused and mistepresented by a few address, remonftrance, and petition ; and the of our own fellow-citizens ? manner in which the same was received, and You have been called a mob, banditti, and his Majelty's answer thereto, I have already the feum of the earth ; and finĉe, your huminformed you.

ble address, remonttrance, and petition, have As to the resolutions of the House of Com- been represented as sprung from hospitals and mons, and their address, I have delivered my poor houses. I answer that the ancestors of opinion thereon in another place. Let it be inany of the present Nobility and Gentry'have fufficient when I tell you, that I have been sprung from citizens. Why do men value, menaced and threatened with impeachment, themselves on pompous and high-founding sequestration of my eftates, and banishment: titles ? True Nobility confifts in public vir But I was fupported by my worthy colleague, tue and a love of our country. But why do one of your Representatives, and your two I talk of Nobility, when the glorious and inost worthy Sheriffs ; and ! verily believe, that, magnanimous Queen that ever fivayed the without such fupport, something very hoftilé fcspter of this realm, was the grand daughiand disagreeable to me, your Lord Mayor, ter of a citizen, Sir Thomas Bullen, a Lord would have been the consequence.

Mayor of London. i novy come to the orders and resolutions You have been conftantly invited to re


fitance by theft hireling writers. They say you will co-operate with me in So laudable a you are a cowardly dastardly crew, who can design, and therefore I must exhort every one bully and break windows, but hrink from of you to keep the peace in your own persons danger. In a taunting manner they tell us: in the ensuing holidays; and, to that end, you Why don't you ktand forth? What! stand will oblige all your dependants and persuade forth to have your throats cut by the third all your acquaintance to do the same; shen! regiment of guards !

have no doubt but that p-ace, decency, and I will ftand forth, I will fight them, but it good order, will be preserved; for invuld Thall be with the lasv and conftitution on my any be found guilty of breaking the peace, fide, and a roll of old parchment in my and be brouglit before me, were he my own hand. These weapons I will oppose to sword brother, fo far as lies in my power, he thall and susket: The weapon of the law is Now, be punished according to the utmost rigour but fure.

of the law. Gentlemen, your enemies seck to drive you Upon the whole, I doubt not but by your to riut, disorder, and confusion. It becomes peaceable and orderly behaviour, and by the you well to frustrate their designs, by preserv. grace of God, we fhall accomplish and obtain ing the public peace, decency, and good or- redress of all our grievances, and fire enjoy. der. I have no doubt but that every man of ment of all the liberties of Englishmen."


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HE day after the City Remonftrance the corruption and nullity of this voluntary, entering on the matter, fome persons desired Mr. Alderman Trecothick then spoke to that the discussion of it might be delayed un the same effect; declared it his act and Hil the Lord Mayor should be present, which deed ; that he would abide by it with his be certainly would be at four o`clock : They life; that the Remonftrance breathed his observed how unfair and ungentleman-like fentiinents, which had ever been full of it would be to push on a debate of that kind, the most dutiful respect for his Majesty, and without notice having been given to the par- the strongest attachment to the principles of ty principally concerned, and in his absence: the Constitution. But the Ministry were eager. A breach of He was followed by Mr Sheriff Towngool manners was no argument with those send, who denied the competency of that who violate law,

fociety to judge in the present café; he difAt four o'clock the Lord Mayor, Mr. claim d both the power which they had exerAlderman Trecothick, the Sheriffs Town- cised of elecling their own Members, and fend and Sawbridge came in : The Lord the power they now claimed of judging peti. Mayor took the fire opportunity to inform tions of the people to the Throne. He told the company, that it was the right and duty them, that what he now said was not new to of a Lord Mayor, if any improper proceed them; he had declared it in his place before, ings were going forward, or any improper when he protested against the payment of any motion made in the Court of Aldermen, trxes, which were levied or continued by Common-council, or Common-hall, to put any society, which was not a full and true a stop to such proceedings, and to refuse to representition of the people, which he inlifted put such question ; and that a Lord Mayor they were not. is highly blameable, if he does not. Having Mr. Sawbridge spoke to the fame effect; premnised this, which he told them he thought he told them that the Remonftrance was carnecessary for their information, he added, ried in the Common-hall, with only one that he had called a Common-ball expressly dissentient person, and he assured them that for the purpose of remonstrating to the King; he was not that person. that at the Coinmon-ball he presided, ap Mr. Harley endeavoured to instruct the proved the Remonstrance, and, by putting fociety in the nature of the constitution of the question, made it his own act and deed the city ; but he had not his leflon perfect, that, it there was any thing criminal in it, he and therefore made a romance of his own. considered he might be reputed as the chief cri- He assured them the Common-hall had po minal; that he was ready to maintain the right or p wers whatever, but of election : outh of that Remonftrance, and to stand or That they never pretended to, nor exercised fall by its contents. He then repeated all any other ; that the laft Common-hall conthe offensive parts of it, expatiated very filted only of fifteen hundred of the lowet of largely, and without any equivocation, on the Livery i shat the Lord Mayor was a


very arbitrary Magistrate, and did not, as hiin- ken. He denied that Mr. Harley either felf' had done, properly dúcharge the duties of knew, or had performat the duty of Lord

his office. He gave a long hiftory of his own Mayor : That he had even miltaken the I. memorable mayoralty; of his own great pru- powers of a petty Constable, which office he

dence, activity, and prowels. He declared had exercised rather than that of chief Mathat Mr. Turner haul protested to him, that gistrate. He entered pretty fully into Ms. he would not fuffer the first petition to take Harley's whole conduct, to the infinite mor. place, and afterwards excuiled himself to tification of Mr. Harley, and merriment of Mr. Harley, alledging, that he consented to the whole Society. He observed on Mr. it only through fear of his life. He faid he Harley's words, where he said that he had had been represented as a Courtier, only be been called a Courtier, only because he was cause lais Majesty had been pleased to confer a Privy-Counsellor. He faid, that Gentle. on him that mark of his approbatiun, by ad- .man had other marks of royal approbation, mitting him of the Privy-Council. He re- befules the feather in his cap; he had the

presented the whole livery, according to cul- solid advantages of very lucrative contracts, 13

tom, as the scum of the earth, who had bet- with a late addition of remittances. ter attend to their shops, and handle their Lord North then opened, and the whole own irons, than meddle with matters fo much pack joined in full cry: This drew from above their comprehension. The Lord the gallant Captain Phipps and Mr. WedMayor replied ; and, by giving a true sco

derburn a full and clear hiftory of petition-' count of the conititution of the city, coutra- ing, in which the ancestors of the North dicted Hatly every word Mr. Harley had spo- made a black and very conspicuous figure.

Warsaw, March 7.

near 1500 were taken prisoners; moft of their 0

N the 3d infant the Count do Wacht cannon and baggage likewise fell into the

meafter, Leiutenant Colonel in the fer- hands of the conquerors. The latter, being vice of Rusa, beat for the 5th time the bo. willing to improve this victory, are taking dy of Confederates commanded by the Sieur proper measures to drive the Turks from Saba, most of whom were cut to pieces by the both sides of the Danube. Rufians; and the Sieur Saba, finding his Another account says, that the above acpeople make but a poor resitance, retired with tion happened on the sth of February, that about 200 horse.

3000 Turks were left dead on the spot, and A courier is just arrived with advice of ano 2000 taken prisoners. ther confiderable advantage which the Russi Conftantinople, March 3. The Grand aris had gained over the Turks, the fubftance Signor has depoféd Devlet Ghirai, Chan of of which is as follows: The new Grand Vizir the Tartars, and appointed Chaplan Ghirai, having received orders from the Grand Signorto Son of Selim Chirai, his fucceflor. ufe his utmof endeavours to obligethe Russians Mullam Oglu is appointed Pashaw of Moto retire from the provinces of Moldavia and rea. Wallachia, or at leaft to prevent their paling Naples March 20. Our conjectures of an the Danube ; and knowing moreover that eruption of Mount Vesuvius being at hand Lieutenant General de Stoffela was upon the have proved true ; for on Wednesday left the march towards Brailow; detached 20.000 men, mountain burft within an hundred yards of who crossed that river at Siliftria, in order the crater, on the fide of Pompeir, from to advance to Bucharest, the capital of Wale whence issued a lava of about two miles in lachia. The Rufian General, receiving in- length, and 2700 paces in breadth ; at the telligence of these motions, immediately quite same time the vollies of ftones, fome not lefs ted Brailow, and went to Dziurgowa to wait than a ton weight, were thrown out of the cra. for the enemy. The latter, arriving soon af cer to a very considerable height, a thousand ter, attacked the Ruffians with great fpirit, feet or more, as we could judge by the time but without success. In the heat of the ac

they took in falling. The lava has not yet tion, Major General Potemkin took the e reached the cultivated parts of the mountain. nemy in flank with so much fuccess, that This eruption will probably be moderate, as they were intirely defeated. Thei: loss in killed and wounded is abou: soco men, and

we had to very violeat a one two years ago.


Historical Chronicle, for April, 1770.

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April 2.

Majesty's Ministers, (supported and carried AST Tuesday came on at Chelmsford af. into effe&t by many of those who ought to

contider themselves as the Representatives of cautes agaiott 5 Custom-house-officers, for the people) bog leave, most earnestly, to reforcing themselves into the house of a Lady in iterate those complains and fupplications, the parish of East-Ham, ranfacking the lame, which we have already humbly, though inef. assaulting the Lady in her own dwelling, as, fectually, presented to your Majesty. well as her visitors, and other enormities, be Actnated, as we are by the varmeft and cause there was no prohibited booty for them ; firmeft attachment to your Majefty's person and when two verdicts were found against them illuttrious family, (an attachment second only with confiderable damages, and costs of suit to that which we feel co the Constitution in both actions. This is a species of Gene- which your family was chosen to protect) we ral Warrants hitherto unnoticed.

cannot sec, without equal indignation and April 3.

concern, those fruits, which were lo juftly exOn Friday the plough for making trenches pecled from your Majesty's virtues, and aufpifor drains, brought out of Suffolk, and in- cious Government, blafted and deftroyed by a vented by one Makings, a poor farmer, was secret and malignant influence, which bas tried at Upton, near Stratford, on the grounds thwarted and defeated almot every measure belonging to Mr. Pearce, before a Committee that has been attempted for the good of your of the Society of Arts, &c. Ii cut, in the subjects, and has given birth to others, cospace of thirty-four minutes, a complete tally subversive of the liberties and Conftitutrench of about eighteen inches deep, two tion of these once flourishing and happy king. inches and an half broad at the bottom, and of doms. the length of fix hundred and fixty feet ; exc

It is not for any light or common grievance cuted in a manner that cannot be effected by that we presume thus repeatedly to interrupe the spade, even with any degree of labour. your Majesty's quiet with our complaints; it The force used for this performance was that is not the illegal.oppreffion of an individual; of fix horses, managed by two men, and with. it is not a partial invasion of our property; it out any greater itrain than would have per is not the violation of any single law, of whick mitted them to have done a full day's work. we now complain ; but it is a violation It is computed, that by this means, trenches which at one stroke deprives us of the only for close drains may be cut at three farthings constitutional security for our fortunes, liber. a rod, or confiderably less, where the work of ties, and lives. pien and horses are cheap.

Your Majesty's servants have attacked our April 7.

liberties in the most vital part : They have Yefterday morning the cause on the action torn away the very heart-Strings of the Conbrought by the Rt. Hon. Mr. Ondow against titution, and have made those men the inthe Rev. Mr. Horne, came on to be tried struments of our defruction, whom the laws before Mr. Justice Blackstone at Kingston have appointed as the immediate guardians of aflizes in Surry. Mr. Horne's Council at. our rights and Liberties, iempted nothing but nonfuiting Mr. On The House of Commons, by their determi. liow; and it appearing that the word pounds nation on the last election for this county, (in the plural number) was written in the have assumed a power to over-rule, a plearecord, instead of the word pound (in the fure, the fundamental rigbt of election, which fingular number) Mr. Onslow was nonfuited, the Constitution has placed in other bands, lo ihat the cause cannot be pow tried çill the those of their conftituents, and from wheoce fumier aflizes in August next,

alone they derive their whole authority; a .

power by which the law of the land is at one 'The following is a correct copy of the overturned, and resolved into the will snd Middlesex Remonftrance.

pleasure of a majority of one House of Parlia.

ment, and if this pretended power is exerTo the KINC's Moft Excellent Majoity.' cised to the full extent of the principle, that The Humble ADDRESS, REMON- the people, but a separate body, altogether

House can no longer be a Representative of : STRANC E, and PETITION, independent of them, self-exiting and falls of the FREEHOLDERS of the COUNTY OF

elected. MIDDLESEX.

Thefe proceedings have totally destroyed we, your Majefty's moft dutiful and the confidence of your Majesty's fubjects in loyal subjects, the freeholders of the county one effential branch of the Legislative powet, of Middlesex, impressed with the deepest con and if that branch is chosen in a manner net cern for the distracted and miserable fate to agrosable #o the laws and conftitution of the which we find ourselves, and all ous fellow. kingdom, the authority of Parliament itself subjects, reduced by the misconduct of your mult buffer extremely, if not totally perifi.

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In this dreadful extremity it is to your Payne, Efq; Deputy Governor. And yester Majefty alone we can apply for relief, as in day the following Gentlemen were chorea your hands that prerogative is vested, which Directors for the year ensuing: alone can afford a remedy adequate to the Sam. Beachcroft, Esq. James Sperling, Esq. disease. And we trust that from you, as lie' Roger Buehm, Ffq. Thomas

Thomas, Eig: father of yout people, we fhall at length ob- Daniel Booth, Era. Mark Weyland; Esq.. gain that remedy; though the same pernicious Gust. Brander, Elg.. Councils, which gave birth to all our griev. Batth. Burton, Exq. William Bowden, fq. ances, have hitherto presented their redress; Matt. Claimont, Esq. Benj. Braafiil, Esq. and, have fill further aggravated our injuries, Joba Cornwall, Esq. Edward Darell

, Esq. by dismiffing from your service the firit Of. George Drake, Esg. Peter Du Cane, Efq. ficer of the law, and the only Judge remove- Peter Gaussen, Esq. William Halbed, Esq. able at pleasure, for endeavouring to support Benj. Hopkins, Esq. Richard Neave, Esq. the liberty and conftitution of his country. J. H. Langston, Esq. George Peters, Esq.

We are encouraged in our hopes by yout Robert Marih, Esq. William Snell Efq. Majefy's declaration, that you are always Henry Plant, Esq. teady to liften to the complaints of your peo

April 10 ple. This declaration we consider as the ge. Last week as Ms. Harding's men tvere nuine di&tates of your own principles and in- plowing in his grounds at Tottenham, the clinations; and we are therefore persuad d plough ftruck rather lower than common in that your owa gracious disposition will never the earth, and turned up a large quantity of lead you to conlider a dutiful representation broad pieces of gold of James I. and Charles of the misconduct of your Majesty's Ministers I. quite fresh, as if just coined ; some men as disrespectful to you, a charge exprelly con- dug afterwards with a pitchfork, and threw fined to the abuse of the conftitution of the up at one stroke 18 of the above pieces, also House of Commons as injurious to Parlia- a horn with some filver at the bottom; the ment at large, or a requeft to you to exert a whole amounting to upwards of 70l. value. prerogative vefted in you by the conftitution

April 11. for the good of your people, as irteconcileable Extract of a Letter from Guildford, April gó to the principles of the Constitution.

6- This day; about one o'clock, Stephen Upon these motives and principles, we Gregory, a Russian, was executed at Elher, in think it our duty again to have recourse to Surry, amidt a great number of fpectators, for out undoubted, legal and conftitutional right the murder of Mrs. Herne. He was attended of offering our complaints and petitions to the at the place of execution by the Ruflian AmThione ; dore especially as that right itself bassador's chaplain, to whom he confessed the has been indirectly attacked, under pretence murder, and died very penitent. He had been of censuring a supposed abuse of it : An at a lodger in the house, and was suspected by tack of the moft alarming nature, and which Mts. Herne of intending to rob them, which furnishes the strongeft additional ground of the informed her husband of; who turned hima' apprehension and complaint : For by this out of his house. It is supposed he committed means; a mot dangerous attempt has been the murder out of revenge : He attempted to mnade to cut off the communication between conceal himself in the house the night before, your Majesty and your people, leaving your as the man and his wife were from home, but Majesty to be deceived by the false and partial was prevented by some neighbours who had sepresentations of wicked Ministers, and your charge of it in their absences The morning people to be reduced to despair of any confti- the shocking affair happened, Mr. Herne left tational redress, on this; or any future occa his

wife in bed about a quarter after fix, to go fion.

to Lord Clive's garden to work, he left the Deign then, moft graciotis Sovereigh, to door of his house unlocked, which was obé listen to the earnest and repeated fupplications served by the villain, who immediately went of an injured people, by diffolving the present, up to her chamber, and cut her throat in a and calling another Parliament; and by re moft dreadful manner, so as nearly to sever moving for ever from your Majesty's presence her head from her body, then laid her on the those evil Counsellors, who have been the poor, covered her with the bed cloaths, left authors of so many intolerable grievances to tbe young child naked in bed, rifled the all parts of your Majesty's dominions. drawers, and made his escape. The poor wo

By this means you will restore concord and man not being up so soon as usual, her next harmony to this difracted kingdom ; you door neighbour, between nine and ten o'clock, will establish the confidence of your people went to know the reason; and found Mrs. in their Representatives and Governors; you Herne as before-mentioned, and the poor in will preserve and secure to us the enjoyment fant crying in bed. The Ruffian being oba of cur rights and liberties, and draw down served to come out of the house that morning, upon yourlelf and your pofterity, the blessings several went immediately in parfoit of him : of grateful millions,

He was taken at Godalining committed to OA Tuefday William Cooper, Esq; was Guild'ord gaol, and from thence conveyed to soyises Governor of Ebe Brak ; and Robert Kingston, where he was tried er Saturdayo

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