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and hanged on Monday opposite the house Lordship on Tuesday morning next. He was where he committed the fact. He was about discovered by a young man at Lambeth, of twenty-two years of age, and a stout well made whom Bowen had injoined fecrecy: The man. Five filver table spoons were found young fellow aecordingly took no notice that upon him, which Mr. Herne made vath were he had been him, till his master observed his property.'

note that was sent him by Bowen to meet April 13.

him at ten o'clock in the morning at the Cock Yefterday the report was made to his Mas eating-house ; in consequence of which two jesty of the malefactors under sentence of of Sir John Fielding's men was sent for, death in Newgate; when Joseph Jarvis and who waited a considerable time, and then Benjamin Millisent, for a burglary in the went away; however, the above Gentlemen house of Mr. Evans, and Matthew Kennedy, being afterwards informed by this young man for the murder of the watchman on Welt. when Bowen came, secured him. He is brominfter-bridge, wete ordered for execution. ther to Mrs, Powell, and has been at Lam

Joseph Nicholls, William Warraker, Rie beth ever fince his escape from Wales. chard Carter, and Patrick Kennedy, are re Matthew Kennedy, who was to have been Spited.

executed on Thursday next has obtained bis This day his Majesty went to the House of Majesty's pardon, on condition of being transPeers, and gave the royal afsent to the follow. posted for life, ing bills, viz.

April 13. The bill to continue an act for punishing Yesterday the following Gentlemen, having mutiny and desertion in the American colo- on the ballot the majority of votes, were del pies.

clared duly elected Directors for the East-laThe bill for repealing part of an act, for dia Company for the year ensuing, viz. granting certain duties in the British colonies Thore marked thus * are new ones. in America,

In the House Lift. The bill to re&tify mitakes in the names Benjamin Booth, Esq.

889 of the Commissioners appointed to execute the H. Crabb Boulton, Esq.

1348 land-tax act,

*C. Chambers, jun. Esq.

827 The bill to regulate the trials of contefted Sir G. Colebrooke, Bart. elections, or returns of Members to serve in Sir J. Cockburn, Bart. Parliament,

George Coming, Esq.

1423 . The bill for the better preservation of the *Ed. Hol. Cruttenden, Esq. game, in that part of Great-Britain, called "William Devaynes, Elg. England.

*George Dudley, Esq.

907 The bill to prevent the killing and deftroy Robert Gregory, Esq.

950 ing of dogs.

John Harrison, Erą.

1448 The bill for building a workhoufe for the *Joseph Hurlock, Efq. liberty of Saffron-hill, Hatton-garden, and William James, Esq.

1363 Ely-rents, in the parish of St. Andrew, Hol- *Peter Lascelles, Efa. born.

John Manship, Esq The bill for lighting, paving, and cleaning "John Michie, Esq.

886 the town of Marybone, &c. and for regulat * John Roberts, Efa.

817 ing weights and measures therein.

Frederick Pigou, Esq.

1420 The bill to amend an act, for making a John Purling, Esq.

1409 navigable cut or canal from the Trent, at or Thomas Rouse, Esq. Rear Wildenferry, in Derbyfaire, to the river *Henry Savage, Era:

900 Mersey, &c.

*Edward Wheler, Erge.

1395 The bill to continue the terms and powers Daniel Weir, Esq. granted, for keeping in repair the harbour of John Woodhouse, Esq. Minehead, in Somsetthire.

The Proprietors Lif. The bill to continue the duties granted for Charles Boddam, Esq.

467 repairing the harbour and quay of Watchett, George Dempfer, Esq.

373 is the said county.

Henry Fletcher, Esq. : And also to several road, inclosure, and na W. Geo. Freeman, Esq. turalisation bilis.

Michael Impey, Elq. This morning Capt. Bowen, of Killy-Cwn, Robert Jones, Esq.

694 who was concerned with Williams and others John Motteux, Ela. in the murder of Mr. Powell, of Glanereth, John Pringle, Esq.

ézt Near Llandovery, was apprehended at the John Roberts, Esq.

817 Cock eating-house behind the Royal Ex Richard Smithi &q.

709 change, by Meff. Williams and Price, two Laurence Sulivan, Esq. Welch Gentlemen, who knew him. He was Samuel Waller, Esq; carried before the Right Hon. the Lord. Ricbard Warner, Esq. Mayor, who committed him to the Poultry John Williams, Esq. compter; and he is to be re-aamined by kis George Wombwelt, Esq."

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In both Lifts,

daunted after I got into the maintop, as I Henry Crabb Boulton, Efq.

knew we were then able to defend ourselves a. George Cuming, Esq.

gainst any of their weapons, except muskets, John Harrison, Esq.

which I was in hopes they would not eafily William James, Esq.

come at. But a woman who lay in the cabin John ManArip, Esq.

foon put them in a method how to come at Frederick Pigou, Esq.

every thing that might compleat or forward John Purting, Esq.

their defign. As they had cut both their ca. Edward Wheler, Esq.

bles fome time before, I found we drove John Woodhouse, Esq.

very fast towards the Apollo, which veffel I House Lift Plum 41)

hailed several times, and was at last heard, Ditto scratched

But I had no sooner hailed than the unmerciProprietors Plum 294 } 609

ful butchers fired two muškets at me, which Ditto scratched 3155

so teşrified one of the people in the top, that Writren 99, Independent 4, disputed 4. he went down, thinking, by afsifting making It is said the Houle Lift gained their elec- fail, &c. they would Ipare his life, but be was tion by nine of those Gentlemen being also much deceived ; no sooner had he got down .inserted in the Proprietors Lift, most of whom the Ahrowds, but his full was split with the were particularly afliduous in favouring the broad-axe, and his body thrown overboard. House, to the injury of the Proprietors Lift. Captain Fifher gave us chace, and about April 16.

eight o'clock came within gun-shot of us, Extrae of a Letter from Mr. Boulton, late and having fired a great gun into the veffel,

Surgeon of the Delight, dated Little Cape the wretches were so incensed at me, for Mount, Dec. 10, 1769, to his owner at hailing, that they fired 17 musquets into the Liverpool,

top, wounded a small boy, but did no other « On Sunday laft, about three in the morn. damage. Finding they could not get their ing we were all (who lay in the cabin) alarm- musquets to bear upon us, a resolute dog ated with a moft horrid noise of the negroes, tempted coming up the throwds with a pitol which was succeeded by several fhrieks from and cutlass to dispatch us, but with a quart · Mr. Howard and feveral of the people upon bottle I struck him over the head, which so deck. Surprised at such an uncommon up- funned him that he fell overboard. roar, I ftrove to awake Capt. Millroy, but • They engaged Capt. Fisher four hours, before I could make him fenfible of what had and killed one of his people ; nor would they, happened I received a stroke over my shoulders I believe, have given up fo foor had not a with a billet of wood, as also a cut with a cut barrel of powder blown up, and set the vessel lafs on the back part of my neck.

on fire fore and aft. I immediately faw their • The cries of Mr. Howard, who was muro confufion, hailed Capt. Fisher from the matte dered under the windlass, as also thofe of re- head to board her, and went down myfelf upon veral of the people, whom the villains were deck, followed the cook and a small boy, butchering on the main deck, had thrown me which were all that were left alive on board into such a state of stupidity, that I did not in in the Insurrection. As soon as Capt. Fisher the leaft feel the wounds I had received. boarded her, we set to work in putting out the Having by accident got hold of a piftol, which, fire, as most of the cloth in the vefici was in to my mortification I found not loaded, I clear- a blaze. The total loss I cannot well ascer. ed my way till I got upon deck ; but bow all tain, but am sorry to observe it is very great, I paint the scene that there was acting? Gile having nine white men killed, with at least bert Bagly, a promising young man, was laid double that number of faves.' upon deck crying for mercy, having bad his

April 17. arms and legs cut off by thefe butchers. Poor This morning Capt. Marmaduke Bowen Millroy ftabbed one in the fide, and cut ano was re-examined before the Right Hon. the ther in the forehead before he was overcome. Lord Mayor, when he confessed that one Mr.

1 faw none left but myself, the cook, and 0 had carried Williams in an open boat one boy, which were all in the maintop toge to France. He was remanded back to the ther; and about an hour after two others ap- Poultry Compter. His Lordshåp first ordered peared, one of which was caught and cut in him to be sent to Newgate ; but the prisoner pieces, and the other got into the top, I broke seeming to be greatly affected with the thoughts open the chefts in the main top to look for of being committed to that prifon, he was by knives, bottles, &c.

his Lordihip (on the intercession of Mr. Jones, . In the maintop Lfound two knives, two of Caftle-yard, who acts for the prosecutor, quart bottles, one half gallon ditto, which I and of Mr. Rice Williams, sea. who appregave (one knise excepted) to the people with hended him) remanded to his former place of me; and going down the maintop-maft ftay confinement. His cath being entirely exhauft. I got into the foretop, where I got another ed, Meft. Williams and others contributed for knife. As I was returning up the stay I was his present support. -discovered by the faves, who trove all in their power to kill, by throwing billets of Yesterday a woman, late of Elliot's court wcol, and cut m:; however, I was not much

EE 2


April 19.

in the Old Bailey, paper-bag-maker, was Retreating a few steps, Mr. Atwood met twa Eried at the sessions ai Guildhall, for almost Officers, and said, 'Gentlemen, what is the farving to death and cruelly beating her ap- matter? They answered, You'll see bye and prentice girl. It appeared on the trial, that bye. Immediately after, these heroes appearthe poor girị muft have perished for want of ed in the Square, aking where were che the common necessaries of life, had not Bougres? Where were the Cowards ? Thirty some of the neighbours thrown eatables to or foriy persons, modly lads, being by this her out of window, when she was tied to a means gaihered in King-street, Capt. Preston, poft in the yard ; that when she was at liber. with a party of men, with charged bayonets, iy to go out she had often been seen to pick up came from the main Guard, and taking their and devour with great eagerness potatoe peelo ftations by the Custom-house, began to push ings, and fuch things, as were thrown out for and drive the people off, pricking some, and the dogs. The prisoner was sentenced to suf- threatening ofhers; on which the people fer fix months imprisonment in Newgate, to grew clamorous, and, it is said, threw Inow. pay a fine of ss. and give security for her balls. On this the Captain commanded his good behaviour for two years. The girl was men to fire, and more snow-balls coming, he . put out by the parish of Pancras.

again jaid, D-n you, fire, be the conseApril 24.

quence what it will ! One soldier then fired, Extract of a Letter from Boston, New England, and a townsman, with a cudgel, struck him dated March 12.

oyer the bands with such force that he drope On the evening of Monday, being the sth his firelock, and, rushing forward, aimed a current, several soldiers of the 29th regiment, blow at the Captain's head, which graced his were seen parading the Areets with their hat, and fell pretty beavy upon his ara : drawn cutlaires and bayonets, abufing and However, the soldiers continued the fire fuc. wounding numbers of the inhabitants. cessively, till seven or eight, or, as some say,

• A few minutes after nine o'clock, four eleven guns were discharged. yoáths, named Edward Archbald, Wm. Mer By this fatal mancure, several were laid chant, Francis Archbald, and John Leach, dead on the spot, ani some lay ftruggling for jun. came down Cornhill together, and separa-, life; but what newed a degree of cruelty unting at Dr. Loring's corner, the two former, known to British troops, was an attempt to in paffing a narrow alley, where a soldier was fire upon, or ftab with their bayonets, the brandithing a broad sword of uncommon fize, persons who undertook to remove the fain. againg the walls, out of which he struck fire and wounded! At length, Mr. Benjamin plentifully, and a person of a mean counte. Leigh, of the Delph Manofactory, came up nance, armed with a large cudgel, by him -- and after some conversation with Capt. Prei. Edward Archbald bid Mr. Merchant cake ton, relative to his conduct, advised him to care of the sword, on which the foldier turn. draw off his men ; with which he complied. ed round, Aruck Archbald on the apm, apd Three were killed on the spot; three morthen pushed at Merchant.

: tally wounded; one of which died the next "Merchant then struck the soldier with a morning, and five wounded, but likely to see Ahort stick, and the other person ran to the cover. barrack, and brought with him two soldiers, • The people were immediately alarmed one armed with a pair of tongs, the other with the report of this massacre, the bells with a shovel; he with the tongs pursued were fet a ringing, and great numbers soon af. Archbald back through the alley, collared, sembled at the place where this tragical scene and laid him over the head with the tongs. had been acted. The Lieut. Governor foon The noise brought people togeiber, and John came into the Town house, and there met Hicks, a young lad, coming up, knocked the some of his Majefty's Council, and a number foldier down, but let him get up again ; and of civil magiftrates ; a considerable body of more lads gathering, drove them back to the the people immediately entered the Council. barrack, where the boys stood some time as chamber, and expressed themselves to bis Hoit were to keep them in. In less than a mi. nour with a freedom and warmth becoming pute ten or twelve soldiers came out, with the occasion. He used his utmost endeavours drawn cutlasses, clubs, and bayonets, and set to pacify them, requesting that they would let upon the unarmed boys, who, finding the in the matter fubfide for the night, and promiequality of their equipment, dispersed. fing to do all in his power that justice should

On hearing the noise, one Samuel Ato be done, and the law have its course ; men of wood came up to see what was the matter, influence and weight with the people were and met the soldiers aforesaid rushing down not wanting on their part to procure their the alley, and asked them if they intended to compliance, by representing the horrible conmurder people? They answered, Yes, by sequences of a promiscuous and rash engageG-d, root and branch! With that one of ment in the night. The inhabitants attended them ftruck Mr. Atwood with a club, which to these suggestions, and the regiment undet was repeated by another, and, being unarm arms being ordered to their barracks, they see ed, he turned to go off, and received a wound parated and returned to their dwellings by in she left houlder, which reached the bone. One o'clock. About three o'clock, Capt,



Prefton was committed to prison, as were the For some time part frequent affrays bave flaiers who fired, a few hours after him, happened in the feets of this town between

• On Tuesday the inhabitants met at the inhabitants and the soldiers quartered Faneuil-ball, and chose a Committee of fifteen there, and particularly on the 2d and 3d of respectable Gentlemen to wait on the Lieute- March, in which affrays one or two of the Dunt Governor in Council, to request of him soldiers were much hurt. On the 5th of to issue bis orders for the immediate removal March, in the evening, a number of townsof the troops.

people, after insulting the troops in the barHis Honour's reply having been fully.con. racks, attacked a centry upon duty at the fidered—the question was put, Whether the Cuftom-house, and forced him from his poft. report be satisfactory? Palled in the negative, Upon his requiring aid, Capt. Preston (who (only one diffentient) out of upwards of 4000 was Captain of the day) sent a non-com

miffioned Officer and twelve men to his aflir. • It was then moved John Hancock, Esq; tance, and soon after followed himself. This Mr. Samuel Adams, Mr. William Molineux, party was also attacked and insulted by the William Phillips, Erg; Dr. Joseph Warren,, mob, and one of them receiving a blow fired Joshua Henshaw, Esq; and Samuel Pember.' his piece; after which fix or seven others ton, Esq; be a Committee to wait on his Ho- fired, by which three of the towns-people nour the Lieutenant-governor, and 'inorm were killed upon the spot, and several others him, that the reply made to the vote of the wounded, one of whom is ance dead of his inhabitants is by no means satisfactory; and wounds. During this transaction there was a that nothing less will satisfy, than a total and great tumult in the town, the people prepared immediate removal of all the troops.

to arm, expresses had been sent to the neigh• The Committee baving waited upon the bouring towns far assistance, and a resolution Lieutebant-governor, bis Honour laid before taken to give a general alarm by firing the the board a vote of the town of Boston, pas- Beacon; but, by the persuasion of the LieySed this afternoon, and then addressed the venant Governor, the people were prevailed board as follows ::

upon, after some time, to disperse. A barrel • Gentlemen of the Council,

of tar which was carrying to the Beacon was • I lay before you a vote of the town of brought back, and the troops which were wa• Boston, which I have just now received from der arms retired to their barracks. them, and I now ask your advice, what On the next morning the Council afsem

you judge necessary to be done upon it.' bled to deliberate upon the measures it might

'The Council thereupon expressed them- be adviseable to pursue ; and it having been felves to be unanimouny of opinion, "That declared by several of the Members, that it it was absolutely necessary for his Majesty's was the determination of the people to have Service, the good order of the town, and the the troops removed from the town at alle peace of the province, that the troops Mould vents, that this was the sense of the whole be immediately removed out of the town of province, that the inhabitants of the other Boston ; with which opinion Col. Dairym- towns food ready to come in in order to efple gave his word of bodour that he would fe&t this, and that they had formed their acquiesce.'

plan, of which this was only a part; and Upon the above report, the inhabitants the inhabitants affembled in town meeting expressed the highest satisfaction ; and, after having, by their select men, and by medages measures were taken for the security of the repeatedly represented, that nothing would satown, the meeting was diffolved.

tisfy the people but a total and immediace re• The removal of the King's troops from moval of the troops, the Lieutenant-governor Boston was the more neceffary, as the inhabi• thought fit to request the Commanding Offtants of the neighbouring towns actually put cer to cause both the regiments to remove to tbemselves under arms upon the first report the barracks at the castle, which was accordof the massacre at Boston.

ingly done without further disturbance. • A moft folemn procession was made thro' Upon examination taken before two JuftiBofton at the funeral of the four murdered ces of the Peace, Capt. Preston, being charged youths.

with ordering the troops to fire, was commit. $ From the time of this fatal tragedy, a ted to prison ; as were also seven or eight primilitary guard of town militia has been con vate men, charged with having fired in confe. kantly kept in the Town-house and Town- quence of those orders. prifon, at which some of the most respectable This day, about half after twelve o'clock, atizens have done duty as common Soldiers. the Lord Mayor, attended by the Aldermen

Ladbroke, Stephenfon, Turner, Trecothick, The following is the substance of a letter and the two Sheriffs, went in proceflion to from Boston, dated the 12th of March, rela- Guildhalt, in order to swear in John Wilkes, tive to the unhappy affair between the town Efq; Alderman of Farringdon Without. men and the soldiers on the sth of that About two o'clock, when the Court mosth; and we are allured that it may be de- of Aldermen broke up, after swearing John readed upos :

Wilkes, Esq; into the office of Alderman of







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33310 Blanks goooo Tickets

the Ward of Purringdon Without, he returned

BIRTHS, in the state coach with the Right Honthe SON to the Lady of Ambrote Fairlar; Lord Mayor to the Manfion-house, to partake in Wigmore-Street. of a moft elegant entertainment provided on A daughter to the Lady of Benjamin Kid. the occafion.

ney, Esq; of Lawrence-Pountney-hill. April 27.

Two sons and a daughter to the Lady of Seven bundred thousand pounds is propo- George Pitfield, Esq; of Eudham. fed to be raised by way of Lottery, to conlist A daughter to Lady Mary Milbank, fifter of 50,000 tickets at 34.1. each, and that to the Marquis of Rockingham. 500,000 l. be distributed into prizes, on the following scheme :

Num. of Prizes. Value of each. Total Value. Dwin Lascelles, Esq; to Lady Fleming,

are 400CO of Grosvenor-strect.
- 30000

James Gilbert, Esq; of Hart-freet, Blooms. 5


, 250co bury, to Miss Gill, of Great Poltney-fireet,

George Forbes, Esq; of George-fireet, to 15

15000 Miss Clarke, of Buch-hill. 30


15000 George Phillips Towry, Eig; of Glanville

10000 Areet, Sohv, to Miss Haywood, of Ideworth. 50


William Horton, Esq; of Harley-Street, to 16275

325500 Miss Whatley, of Portland-Arcet,

Robert Collings, Elg; of King-freet, Gob 16690 Prizes, amounting to 493000 den-square, to Miss Child, of New Bond

Firf Drawn, 6 Days, 1000 l. 6000 ftreet,
Last Drawn

1000 Hon. Thomas Willoughby, Member for

the county of Nottingham, to Miss Chadwick.

500000 Robert Pratt, Efq; Member for Hardham, Not two Blanks to a Prize.

to Miss Richardson, of Wigmore-ftreet. Note, the firft Ticket drawn of a Morning Rer. Mr. Robert Holt Butcher, to Mifs for the first fix Days, is to be intitled to 1000 1. Manaton, one of the co-beiresses of the tate each.

Heory Manaton, Esq; of Kilworthy, Devon." Five hundred thoufand pounds of the four Roger Hope Elletron, E89; Lieutenant-gan per cent. Consols. are to be paid off this year. vernor of Jamaica, to Miss Gamon, of Grof Books are to be immediately opened for the venor-square. proprietors to affent to the following propó - Rev. Mr. Goodenough; re&or of Broughfals.-On payment of 20 l. in money, every ton, Gloucestershire, to Mifs Ford, sider subscriber of 100 l. 4 per cent. Atock, is to re- daughter of Doctor Ford, of Albemarle-free. ceive two lottery tickets, and 100 l of three Rev. Mr. Lloyd, rector of Tottesídiffe, per cent. annuities.

Kent, to Miss Morgan. Though the subscribers to this lottery are Thomas Clutterbuck, Esq; of Stannore, to pay as above to Government, yet the fate Miss Thurgood, of Baldock, Hertfordshire is to account for only ten pounds cach ticket, Dr. Brickenden, to Mrs. Stratton, of Queenor 500,cool. The surplus is to be applied to square. the public expences.

Earl of Albemarle, to Miss Miller, davgb April 28.

ter of Sir John Miller, Bart, of Lavant, Subex. Yesterday morning, a little before two George Bellamy, Esq; of Upper Grosvenoro'clock, a fire broke out in the lower part of street, to Miss Snelgrove, of Panton-ftreet the House of Meff. Fry and Webb, paper.

DEATH S. Stainers, on Holborn-hill, near the end of AMES Parsons, Doctor of Phyfic, ia furniture and ftock in trade ; Mr. Webb, Capt. Linnit, of Lincoln's-inn-fields, Mrs. Fry's mother, an apprentice, and a maid William Collet, Esq; in New Bond-freet fervant perished in the names ; Mr. and Mrs. James Priary. Esą; in Great Paltney-faseet, Fry, and their child cscaped by a back way Oxford-road. into a houlc in Plumbtree court, Shoe-lane. Edmond Shallet; Erg; in the Broad SaasThe house of Mr. Bridgewater, grocer, was

tuary, Weftminfter. also consumed, with the furniture and stock John Ambrose, Esq; in Bruton-ftreet. in trade, and it is feared that he, his wife, Lady of Admiral Party, in Marlborough man and maid servant perished in the Aames, freet. as they have not been seen fonce, and when William Brown, Esq; of Great Rufel-ftreet. the firemen broke open the Atreet.door they Hon. Mafter Spencer, son of Lori Charles found the chain across it. The inside of Spencer. Mr. Bell's house, hofier was burnt, and great Peter Delme, Efq; in Grosvenor-square. part of his furniture and stock in trade. Sir Lifter Holte, Ban at Alton-ball, men The house of Mr. Day, fhoemaker, was greatly Birmingham.. damaged, as was that of another Ahoemaker, Marquis of Mounthermer, osly for of and a taldow chandler's,

Grace tre Duke o. Montague,

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