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heats and animofities amongst yourselves ; disagreeable to the inhabitants of that colony, and to cultivate that spirit of harmony which that he was highly carefred there by the peobecomes those, who have but one common ple of every ranki' CB object in their view ; and which may be most very fevere upon the present as well as the likely to give authority and efficacy to the preceding ---h. Mr. B-ke was difresult of your deliberations. Such a conduct fufive and uncommonly elegant; and in one on your part will, above all things, contribute part of his harangue, touk off Sir F to maintain, in their proper lukre, the strength, N. -n in' his manner and mode of exche reputation, and the prosperity of this pression, as he did likewise L-d.N country ; to ftrengthen the attachmeot of my Al length the question being put, it pailed in subjects to that excellent constitution of go the negative, and the A

-ís was agreed vernment, from which they derive such dif to without the proposed amendment. tinguished advantages ; and to cause the firm

January 11. reliance and confidence, which I have in the The following is a truc Copy of the Britol wisdom of my Parliament, as well as in their Petition, which was presented to his Ma. zeal for the true interest of my people, to be jefly, at St. James's, by the undernamed justified and approved both at home and a Gentlemen, viz, Sir William Codrington, broad,

Bart. Richard Hippilley Cox, Eig; Mr. HenThe following is his Majefy's most gra ry Cruger, and Mr. Samuel Span. cious Andwer to the Address from the Right To the KING's I loft Excellent Majesty, Hon. the House of Peers.

The humble Petition of the Citizens of BrilMy Lords,

tol in Guildhall afiembled, July 25, 1769. I thank you for this affectionate and loyal Moft Gracious Sovereign, address. Your resolution to enter immedi WE your Majesty's moit dutiful and loyal ately into the confideration of such measures subjects the citizens of Bristol, having ever a may best secure us against the spreading of been distinguished for our affectionate and the distemper among the horned cattle, affords zealous attachment to the illustrious House of me great satisfaction.

Brunswick, and feeling the highest regard for I have strong reliance on your determina- the person of our beloved Sovereign, beg leave, tion to give me every assistance in your power with all humility which becomes us as Britisha to support my government in America. Subjects, and with all the confidence which ! Your affurances of duty and loyalty to. integrity and a love of liberty inspire, to lay wards me, and your resolution to cultivate before your Majesty fome of those grievances harmony among yourselves, give me very far and oppressions which your people have fuf. cere plealure.'

fered from the despotic measures of those who The following is his Majesty's molt gra have been intruited with the Administrativo cious Answer to the Address of the Honour- of your Majesty's Government. able House of Commons :

It is with inexprefible grief we find ous. Gentlemen,

selves under the disagreeable neceflity of inI return you my sincere thanks for your terrupting your Majesty's repose, by imploring byal and dutiful address, I fee with great your royal attention to our many grievances ; pleasure the continuance of that zeal and but the duty we owe your Majelly-cours public spirit, which I have always cxperienced selves—and our posterity-conftrains us to it. from my faithful Commons, in the assurances We have long beheld, with the deepest you give me of paying an carly attention to concern, a set of Ministers obnoxious to the the important objecte recommended to your people, and who have given the strongest confideration. My interests and those of my proofs of their holding principles incompati. people muft ever be the same; and, in pursus ble with freedom ; attempting to destroy that ing fuch measures as are most conducive 10 Constitution which feated your Majesty's antheir real happiness, you will give to me the cestors, of immortal memory, on the throne of trueft and moft acceptable teftimony of your these kingdoms, and endeavouring to subvert attachment to my person and government." those sacred laws which our renowned forefa

In a certain political club on Tuesday night, thers established at the expence of their bloode a motion was made for an amendment to the and left us as our noblet inheritance. Als, by adding, “That they would also These men, in direct opposition to every in due time take into consideration the com duty they owe their God, their King, and plaints and grievances of the people ;' which their fellow-subjects, unawed by the just reproduced much oppoGtion from Sir F. sentment of an injured people, have mos Nb-dB -n, and L-Nhi wantonly sported with our invaluable right of this metion being supported by C-1B -e,

trial by jury. Mr. Boke, and Mr. GG

They have punished a subject without trial, in examining the remarks and confined him in prison until he hall an. ibat had been made upon that part of the swer interrogatories iending to accute him

h, relative to the colonies, observed, felf. that dBt's appointment for the go.. They have wantonly spilled the blood of Werngeat of Virginia was so far from being your Majesty's faithful and innocent fubjects,



by the unconditutional introduction of a mi

January 16. Jitary force, whereby the civil magistracy hath The seals we are informed were demandej been brought in disrepute.

on Friday last, but refused to be given up till They have prostituted your Majesty's name a more formal request was made, from a cer and authority to sanctify ihese barbarous acts. tain quarter, which was accordingly done. They have screened murderers from the

January 18. just punishment due to their crimes, a Pay. Yetterday the House of Commons met purmafter from rendering an account of millions suant to their last adjournment, and received of the public money, alienated the affections a letter from Sir John Cult, their Speaker, oi our American brethren, ruined our manu- fignifying that on account of his ill state of factures by invidiously imposing and establish- health, he was unable to discharge that office ing the most impolitic and unconftitutional any longer. taxations and regulations in your Majesty's

Jancary 22. colonies, permitted men to enjoy places of ho From the LONDON GAZETTE, nour and trust, who are disqualified by the At the Court at the Queen's House, the 17th known Jaws of the land. And not content

of January, 1770, present, with these daring violations of the rights of The KING's Moft Excellent MAJESTY 'thic people, they have at length wrested from

in Council. us, in the rost arbitrary manner, the sacred His Majesty in Council was this day pleased right of election, and have thereby overturned to deliver the Great Seal to the Right Hon. the very foundation of British liberty. Charles Yorke, Esq; who was thereupon, by Royal Sir,

his Majesty's command, sworn of bis MaThese are grievances with which your jesty's mot honourable Privy-council, and faithful people are oppreffed, and with which likewise Lord High Chancellor of Great Briour minds have been long agitated. We tain, and accordingly took his place at the fought Parliamentary redress, but the base and Board. unworthy conduct of your Majesty's Mini St. James's, January 18. The King has fters, who have exerted their utmost efforts to been pleased to grant unto the Right Hon. conceal the fears and apprehenfions of your Charles Yorke, Efq; Lord High Chancellor people, have blafted our pleasing expectations, of Great Britain, and the heirs male of his We have now no other resource, under God, body lawfully begotten, the dignity of a Baron but fin your Majesty; therefore with the ut of Great Britain, by the name, tile, and citle, most affcction and humility, we throw our. of Lord Morden, Baron of Morden,' in the Selves at your royal feet, besecching your county of Cambridge. Majesty to take this our humble petition into The following account is said to be authen. your royal consideration, and to grant us re tic : Lord Morden, the late Lord Chancellor dress of those intolerable grievances, by (fince Lord Cambden's removal was deterbringing to a strict account those evil Coun mined on) received hourly invitations from Bellors and servants who have endeavoured to the Ministry to accept the seals; which he deceive their royal master, abused the public not only declined, bat assured several Memtrust, violated the freedom of our Conftitution, bers in the opposition (particularly Lord Rockand pursued i hore veítıutive measures which ingham) hat he never would, or could, on tend only to alienate the affections of your terms which he could not but look on as de. Majesty's faithful people.

rogatory to his particular fentiments, as well By such gracious concuct, your Majesty as the interef of his country. On Wednesday will establith your empire in the hearts of all morning lâft he received a particular message, your subjects, and restore to a diftracted peor immediately from his M

- y, defiring ple that peace and unanimity, which is as ef his attendance at the Queen's palace, and sential to your Majesty's happiness, as it is to there was so warmly follicited by him in pe: the happinefs of your loyal subjects,

fon, that unable to withstand such repeated re

quisitions, he assented. On his way home he Besides the above, petitions have been also called at Lord Rockingham's, when meeting prel nicd to his Majesiy, from York, Devon several Members in the opposition, he told mire, Derbyshire, Ġļ ucestershire, Willshires them what had happened, at which they one Herefordshire, the county of Cornwall, So and all upbraided him, in such poignant merfeithire, Liverpool, and Morpeth. terms, with his infidelity, that he was in antly

Monday morning a little after fix o'clock, taken ill; from whence he was immediately a rcrrile fire broke out in the back top of removed to his own houte, where he conuMorJohnson and Payne, booksellers, in nued so till Saturday evening, when he died, Tuternoster-row, which spread with the The Duke of Grafton being informed of this greatest rapidity, and soon consumed that circumstance, about eight o'clock the same Brule; Mr. Upton's, broker, which was for- evening, with Lord Weymouth, and lemerly the Castle tavern; Mr. Cock's, prin- veral others at the head of Administration, ter, in Paternoster-row ; Mrs. Bateman's , immediately waited on his M and greatly damaged several others; it burnt when it was there resolved, that the feali so extremely furious, that it feemed to threaten hould not be personally disposed of till anter the whole ncighbourhood.

the ensuing term,

January 23,

armed, and went with their servants in pure Yesterday the Hon. House of Commons fuit of them to different parts, and secured proceeded to the choice of a Speaker in the some of them; one of the villains thercupon room of Sir John Cult, Bart. who has re confeffed the whole, and that they were thirEgned; when Sir Fletcher Norton and Tho- teen in number; and, that they were all mas Townsend, Esq; were proposed, and Sir hired by the said William Williams to murjer Fletcher Norton was made choice of on a di. Mr. Powell, and not to rob the house. This vifion, 237 against 121; majority 116. William Williams, in August 1768, went

Westminster, Jan. 22. The Lord Mans- with Mr. Powell's wife, and took her, and field, who had by virtue of a commission un her children from the boarding school to der the great feal, been appointed to supply London; and Mr. Powell was obliged to apthe place of Lord Chancellor or Lord Kee:cr ply to the Court of Kirg's-Bench for a Ha. in the Houle of Peers, took his place this day beas Corpus to get at his children ; and, accordingly.

by the recommendation of the Court, alHis Majesty, having constituted Sir Sidney lowed her a tool. per annum for a separate Stafford Smythe, Knight, one of the Barons of maintenance. This Williams laid leveral his Majefty's Court of Exchequer, the Hon. schemes in order to take away Mr. Powell's Henry Bathurst, Esq; one of the Justices of life, atempled to shoot him several times ; his Majesty's Court of Common-pleas, and the villians met on the feventh in Charles Şir Richard Afon, Knight, one of the Juf. David Morgan's house, and continued there tices of his Majesty's Court of King's-bench, till they went the following evening to murLords Commissioners for the custody of the der Mr. Powell. After the act was done, great feal, was this day pleased in Council to Williams declared he would soon possess him-, deliver to them the great seal of Great-Brie self of Mr. Powell's fortune. It was much tain ; and, the said Lords Commissioners did to be feared that many more were concerned. thereapon take the oath of allegiance and One of the villains was dispatched by Wil. fupremacy, and also the oaths as Lord Com. liams that very night, to inform Mrs. Powe miffioners for the custody of the great seal. ell's brother with what was done, and ordered

We hear from Carmarthen, that on Mon. him to come and take poffeffion of the estate; day the Sth instant, William Williams, of but Mr. Powell having made a will, and apthe town of Llandovery, mercer, together pointed guardians over his children, their with twelve other persons, disguised in wag. scheme was defeated. goners frocks, and armed with pistols, swords,

January 26. cutlaffes, and cared tucks, came to the dwel. It having been represented to the King, ling house of William Powell, of Glanareth, that there are, at this time, several deserters in the county of Carmarthen, Esg; and from the different corps in his Majesty's knocked at the back door ; upon its being land service; that, by an offer of his Maopened, William Williams and two of the jesty's gracious pardon, ihey might be induced villians rushed into the parlour (whilft others to return to their duty; and that such an infood centry at the kitchen door with drawn ftance of his royal clemency might have a due sword and pistols) where Mr. Powell was influence upon their future behaviour ; his fitting with three of his neighbours, and im- Majesty has been graciously pleased to grant mediately fabbed him in nine different parts his free pardon to all deserters from his land of his body till his bowels came out, cut off forces, under particular limitations and conhis nose, and almost one of his hands; the ditions. people who were with him were so frighten

January 27, ed, that they made no relittance, but imme Dublin, Jan. 16. Yesterday being quare diately run out; the assassins then retreated ter day of the guild of merchants, Dublin, without attempting to hurt any other person. the following resolutions were agreed to: The following day several persons followed Resolved unanimously, That it is not only their footsteps in the snow, and took particu. the undoubted right, but highly becoming and lar notice of the impresion and size of their of public utility for all Members of a free fhoes, the villians avoided all houses and paths, State, and more especially bodies corporate, to god went over bags, and morasses and moun.. attend to and occasionally declare their sense tains for about four computed miles, till they of public measures. came by the house of one Charles David Resolved unanimoufly, That it is the duty Morgan'; but, being tracked no farther, he of conftituents to inftruet their Representas was taken up and bronght before the coroner, tives in every matter of national concern. where he gave a fair account of himself; but Refolved, That the late sudden prorogation ose of bis Moes being taken off, and agreeing of the Pa liament of this kin:dom was un.. in fize with one of the impressions taken no time!y, inasmuch as it has iripeded the progress tice of in the snow, he was committed on of many non, and prevented the revival of fufpicion, and soon after confefied the fact, many old laws, for the benefit, advantage, and and fix of the accomplices ; whereupon Sie betier security of the internal police, com. William Mansell, Bart. Edward Mainwaring merce, trade, and manufactures of this kingHoworth, Eig; and some other Gentlemen, dom. quch to their honour and credit, immediately Rcfolved, That this corporation do instruct


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their Representatives in Parliament on the William Phipps, Esq; at Leigh, near Weitprefent calamitous situation of this city and bury, Wilts. kingdom ; and that such expedients as may Rev. Mr. Herbert Beaver, one of the mibe judged necessary to prevent the like dir. nor canons of Wells. trois hereafter, be suggefted to them for their John Goodman, Esq; in Brewer-ftreet. future government.

Edward Betfon, Erg; at INington. (Signcd by order) Benj. Taylor, Cl. Gd. Richard Boone, Eiq; at Taunton, Somer

setthire. Wednesday, the 24th of January, Capt. Thomas Willington, at Hackney. was published the SUPPLEMENT John Caftel, Eiq; at Clapham. to the UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE, Capt. John Lee, in Matham-street, Welt. Vol. XLV. with several Copper. minfter. plates, and a complete alphabetical Hon. Charles York, Lord High Chancellor Index, &c. &c.

of Great Britain,

Sir John Cuft, Bart. latc Speaker of the BIRTHS.

House of Commons.

Sir William Baker, Knt. and Alderman of Woodhouse, In Charles-street.

Baflishaw ward. A son to the Lady of Geoffry Roberts,

PREFER MENTS. Eig; of South Lambeth.

E V. Mr. Robert Lambert, to the recA son to the Lady of Lord Weymouth.

A son to the Lady of the Dean of Wor-'. Rev. Mr. James Burroughs, to the vicacefter.

rage of Marston Hurville, Wilts. MARRIAGES,

Hon. and Rev. Henry Beauclerk, to the ON. and Rev. Mr. Henry Beauclerk, prebend of Barton Colwall.

to Miss Drummond, daughter of John Rev. Mr. Ralph Cope Hopton, to the recDrummond, Esq; banker at Charing-cross.

wory of Mockas. James Hubbard, Erg; of Harley-street, to Rev. Mr. Purnell, to the vicarage of SperMiss Mary Ince, of King-street, Bloomsbury. sholt, near Winchester.

John Bolton, Esq; of Gainsborough, Lin Rev. Mr. Lewis Jones, to the vicarage of cofnshire, to Miss Alicia Manning, of Har- Kenninghall, Norfolk. ley-street.

Rev. Mr. Nathaniel Gerard, to the rectory Dr. Goodenough, physician at Oxford, to of Waxham, Norfolk. Miss Addington, eldest daughter of Dr. Ad.

PROMOTIONS. dington, of Clifford-Atreet.

IGHT Hon. William Earl of Dan. John Harcup, Erg; of Carrinton-ftreet, to more, to be Captain-general and [Go. Mil: Harriot Wilkinson, of Old Burlington. vernor in Chief of his Majesty's province of street.

New York. John Richard Comyns, Efg; of Hylands, Mr. Justice Bathurst, Mr. Jutice Afon, Effex, to Miss Brackenbury, of Spillbury, and Mr. Baron Smythe, to execute the office Lincolníhire.

of Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain duRev. Mr. William Whalley, master of the ring his Majesty's pleasure. Free Grammar-school, at Kingston, to Miss His Grace the Duke of Somerset, to be of Price, of Weobley, Herefordshire.

his Majesty's most honourable Privy-council. Charles Wood, Efq; of Bowling-hall, near Peter Chester, Esq; to be Captain-general Bradford, Yorkshire, "to Miss Caroline Bark and Governor in Chief of his Majesty's proer, of Otley.

vince of Weft-florida, in America. William Green, Esq; of Upper Brook

WAR OFFICE. Areet, to Miss Harriet Broomhcld, of Wel.

January 18. þeck street,

IRST Trcop of Horse-guards, Cornet DEATHS.

Richarn William Wilson Bristow is apIGHT Hon. the Countess of Buck- pointed to be Brigadier and Lieutenant, vice inghamshire.

George Paunceford ; by purchase, Right Hon. Lady Jean Ramsay, Edin. Ditto, William Breton, Gent, to be Sub. burgh.

brigadier and Cornet, vice Richard William Thomas Jarveys, Efq; of St. Edmund's Wilson Bristowe ; by purchase. Bury, Suffolk.

2d Troop of Horse Guards, Cornet George Jofeph Trueman, Esq; at Mitcham, Surry. Barlow to be Adjutant, vice John Wyche,

Miss Stapylton, only furviving child of the deceased. late Sir Miles Stapylton, B.irt.


Wright, Gent. to be SubThomas Lorg, Efq; of Rippon, Yorkshire, brigadier and Cornet, vice George Barlow,

Right Hon. Nath. Booth, Lord Dclamer, preferred. and Bart.

2d Troop of Horse Grenadier Guards, Sur. Robert Tompkins, Erg; in Piccadilly. geon John Birch to be surgeon, vice Jofepla

William Thompon, Esq; at Corretha!!, Elle ; by purchase. Lex.

Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, Cornet William Rope, Efq; åt Mile-end,





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Hugh Dive to be Lieutenant, vice Henry Hop within the British Dominions. Noteman, kins ; by purchase.

6 d. Ditto, Alexander Forbes, Gent. to be Cor A Survey of the British Customs; by Samuol net; vice Hugh Dive; by purchase.

Baldwin, Quarto. Nourse, 16 s. 6d. in Ditto, Thomas Wilkinion, Gent. to be Boards. Cornct, vice William Breton.

The Auction, a Poem. Kearsley, 2 s. 2d Regiment of Dragoon Guards, Cornet A general History of Scotland ; by William John Stiited to be Adjutant ; vice William Guthrie, Efq; in 10 Volumes 8vo. RoRandall; by purchase.

binson and Roberts, 31. bound. 24 Regiment of Dragoons, Cornet Sir John The False Alarm. Cadell, 15. Nesbitt, Bart. to be Lieutenant, vice Alexan- The Lord Primate Boulters State Letters to der Conyngham ; by purchase.

the late Duke of Newcastle, &c. in Two Ditto, John Trotter, Gent, to be Cornet Vols. 8vo, Horsfield. vice Sir John Nesbitt ; by purchase.

Observations on the Duties and Offices of a isih Regiment of Dragoons, Cornet Jobn Phyfician, and on the Method of prosecuLaborde to be Lieutenant, vice George Par ting Inquiries in Philosophy. Cadell, 3 s. kyns, preferred ; by purchase.

fewed. Ditto, William Younge, Gent, to be Cor. Ionian Antiquities, published with Permission net, vice John Laborde.

of the Society ; by R. Chandler, M. A. 16th Regiment of Dragoons, Cornet John F. S. A. Dodney, ila nis. 6 d. Leche to be Lieutenant, vice Fleetwood Poems on several Occasions ; by a young Parkhurit, who retires on Cornets half-pay. Clergyman, 4to. Longman, 2s, 6 d. BK-TS. From the GAZETTE: Observations upon the Report made by the OHN Tealing, late of Battersea, in Surry, Board of Trade againft the Granada Laws. viétualler,

Flexney, 1 s. 6 d. William Fox, of Manchester, Lancashire, The present State of Europe ; by M. E. diftiller.

Totze, translated from the German ; by Mary Baker, of Kettering in Northamp Thomas Nugent, L. L. D. 3 Volumes in tonthire, widow, ferge-maker.

8vo. Nourse, 18 s. John Parkinson, of Norwich, grocer, The 3d and 4th Volume of the Letters of John Churchill, late of Poole, merchant. Baron Bielfield, Secretary of J.egation to John Pickering, Thomas Davidson, Robert the King of Pruflia, &c. containing origiBlack, and Alexander Wemyss, of London, nal Anecdotes of the Pruffian Court fos dealers, chapmen, and partners.

the last twenty Years. Robson. Henry Hubert, of Bread-Street, London, Miscellanies by John Armstrong, M. D. in dealer and chapman.

Two Volumes imall Sva. Cadell. Isaac Collart, of Throgmorton-street, mer The Letters of Canana on the Impropriety chant.

of petitioning the King to diffolve the Joseph Hardy, of Clare-market, in the pa. Parliament, &c. Davies, 1 s. rish of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, cheese- Peregrinations of the Mind through some of monger.

the most interesting Subjects which are William Hoar, of boodon, merchant.

usually agitated in Life. Pearch, 2 s. 6 d. William Fuller, of Battersea, in Surry, jewed. dealer.

Henry Parry, of Fenchusch-treet, London, Bills of Mortality from January 2, to January eilman.

23, 1770. Francis Wasse, late of Lynn, in Norfolk, brazier.


Chriftened. John Harwin, of Norwich, worsted weaver.


Males Cæfar Wincote, of Wandsworth, in Surry, Females 1912} females 6853 whitener and presler.

Under 2 years old 724 BOOKS published in JANUARY,

Between 2 and 5 187 Within the walls 128 5 and 10

86 Without the walls 526 vernor Bernard, General Gage, and

to and 20

92 In Mid.and Surry 913 Commodore Hood. Wilkie, 2 s. 6 d. fewed.

20 and The Portrait of Life ; or Virtue and Vice


196 City & Sub. Weit. 521

jo and 40 203 delineated, a Novel, ia 'Two Volumes, 59.

40 and 50

2083 sewed. Bell.

50 and bo

143 Female Friendship; or the Innocent Sufferer, in Two Volumes, ss. lewed. Bell.

249 Weekly," Jan. 2, 557 70 and 80

92 A Defence of the Proceedings of the House

9, 489 of Commons in the Middlesex Election,


go and 100 Wilkie, zs 6d.

23, 503

100 and A new History of Scotland, from the earliest

2088 Accounts to the present Time ; by John

2088 Bei.oor, 12mo. Dilly, 3s. 6 d. bound. An earnest Address to all the great and sich


1076 3 2088



60 and 70

so and go

16, 539


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