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knowledge of the Scripture) by things instead of words; and I find You a proper person to make the experiment for me.

With this view I send you a little book of lessons, which is my first

essay on this new plan of instruction. I cannot recommend it to you as a regular system, because I have taken my several subjects as they happened to present themselves to my thoughts. But if my principle is right, you will soon find the good effects of it. If it should fail, I shall rest satis


fied, that with such a mother, and such children, it has had a fair trial.

I recommend you and them, and my own endeavours, to the blessing of God.

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my Lectures on the Figurative Language of the Scripture, I hazarded the following assertion in favour of its usefulness : “ So

plain is this sort of teaching, " and so effectual, that if I

were to begin with the first " elements of instruction to a

child, I would teach this ideal

language, in preference to all " the languages in the world ;

" for 66 for this is the life and soul of « all the rest." P. 269.

In this little Work, I have partly executed the plan which my mind then suggested to me; under an assurance that it will raise the curiosity of young people, and prepare their understanding for the reading of those Lectures; on the matter of which my mind had been working for more than twenty years, before [ could persuade myself that I was fit to write upon it; and when they who learn this book shall


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