The Itinerary of John Leland the Antiquary: In Nine Volumes, Volume 4

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Printed at the Theater for J. Fletcher and J. Pote, 1744 - Great Britain

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Page 74 - Church, one on each fyae, mindinge if he had lived to have made the whole Body of the Church of like Worke.
Page 105 - There be many smiths in the towne that use to make knives and all mannour of cuttinge tooles, and many loriners that make bittes,- and a great many naylors.
Page 101 - ... Droitwich is called Salwarpe brook. The beauty of the town in a manner standeth in one street. Yet be there many lanes in the town beside. There is a mean church in the chief street, and in the town is once a week a meetly celebrate market. The town of itself is somewhat foul and dirty when any rain falleth, with much carriage through the streets, being over ill paved or not paved.
Page 87 - Edw. the Confessor; and it is constantly affirmed there that the Pilgrims, that brought the Ringe from beyond the Sea as a Token from St. John the Evangelist to K.
Page 70 - Gate. The Bridge that is on the cheife Arme of Severne, that runneth hard by the Towne, is of 7. great Arches of Stone. There is another a litle more West of it, that hath an Arch or 2, and serveth at a time for a Ditch or Dreane of the Meades. A litle way farther there is another Bridge, hard without the West Gate, and this Bridge hath 5. great Arches. From this Bridge there goeth a great Causey of Stone, forced up through the lowe Meadowes of...
Page 105 - The beauty of Bermingham, a good markett towne in the extreame parts of Warwikeshire, is one street going up alonge, almost from the left ripe of the brooke, up a meane hill, by the length of a quarter of a mile.
Page 91 - Way out ot the Towne into Walles. This Bridge standeth on the West Syde of the Towne, and hath at the one End of it a great Gate to enter by into the Towne, and at the other End towardes Wales a mighty stronge Towre to prohibit Enimies to enter into the Bridge.
Page 102 - ... intercession it was restored to the profit of the old course. [Such is the superstition of the people. In token whereof, or for the honour that the Wichemen and salters bare unto this Richard their countryman, they used of late times on his day to hang about this salt spring or well once a year with tapestry, and to have drinking games and revels at it.] There be a great number of salt coots or furnaces about this well, wherein the salt water is decocted and brought to the perfection of pure...
Page 83 - There standeth a little by west of the very toppe of Dinemore Hill, on the left hand as I roade, a commandry, with a fayre place that belonged to the Knights of tit. John of Hierusalem in London.
Page 27 - Strateforde, having never wife nor childern convertid a great peace of his substance in good workes in Stratford, first making a sumptuus new bridge and large of stone, wher in the midle be a vi. great arches for the maine streame of Avon, and at eche ende certen smaul arches to bere the causey, and so to passe commodiusly at such tymes as the ryver risith.

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