Young England: Being Vivian Grey, Coningsby, Sybil, Tancred, Volume 2

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Page 292 - It was not Reason that besieged Troy; it was not Reason that sent forth the Saracen from the Desert to conquer the world ; that inspired the Crusades ; that instituted the Monastic orders ; it was not Reason that produced the Jesuits ; above all, it was not Reason that created the French Revolution. Man is only truly great when he acts from the passions ; never irresistible but when he appeals to the imagination.
Page 62 - I thought they had better keep quiet. Vere is with Millbank, and we are going back to Coningsby directly; but we thought it best to show, finding on our arrival that there were all sorts of rumours about.
Page 165 - Lady Everingham thoroughly understood the art of conversation, which indeed consists of the exercise of two fine qualities. You must originate, and you must sympathize ; you must possess at the same time the habit of communicating, and the habit of listening. The union is rather rare, but irresistible.
Page 147 - Action is not for me,' said the stranger ; ' I am of that faith that the Apostles professed before they followed their master.' He vaulted into his saddle,
Page 144 - for life in general there is but one decree. Youth is a blunder; Manhood a struggle; Old Age a regret. Do not suppose,' he added, smiling, 'that I hold that youth is genius; all that I say is, that genius, when young, is divine. Why, the greatest captains of ancient and modern times both conquered Italy at fiveand-twenty! Youth, extreme youth, overthrew the Persian Empire. Don John of Austria won Lepanto at twenty-five, the greatest battle of modern time; had it not been for the jealousy of Philip,...
Page 79 - ... loudly congratulated themselves and the country that they were at length relieved from its odious repression! In the hurry of existence one is apt too generally to pass over the political history of the times in which we ourselves live. The two years that followed the Reform of the House of Commons are full of instruction, on which a young man would do well to ponder. It is hardly possible that he could rise from the study of these annals without a confirmed disgust for political intrigue; a...
Page 144 - Arragon himself. He was Pope as Leo X. at thirty-seven. Luther robbed even him of his richest province at thirty-five. Take Ignatius Loyola and John Wesley, they worked with young brains. Ignatius was only thirty when he made his pilgrimage and wrote the "Spiritual Exercises.
Page 530 - An indefinite, yet strong sympathy with the peasantry of the realm had been one of the characteristic sensibilities of Lord Henry at Eton. Yet a schoolboy, he had busied himself with their pastimes and the details of their cottage economy. As he advanced in life the horizon of his views expanded with his intelligence and his experience; and...
Page 496 - What we want, sir, is not to fashion new dukes and furbish up old baronies, but to establish great principles which may maintain the realm and secure the happiness of the people. Let me see authority once more honoured ; a solemn reverence again the habit of our lives ; let me see property acknowledging, as in the old days of faith, that labour is his twin brother, and that the essence of all tenure is the performance of duty...
Page 36 - A LITTLE dinner, not more than the Muses, with all the guests clever, and some pretty, offers human life and human nature under very favourable circumstances.

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