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| T is pretty generally known that the most authentic and valu. É; able mass of facts arid statistical details ever brought together, * in relation to the Ecclesiastical, Educational, and Municipal A institutions of Scotland, are to be found in the several extensive series of Reports which have been Published, within the last ten years, by the different Parliamentary and Royal Commissions appointed to inquire into these matters. An elaborate arid careful digest of the information contained , in these Reports forms the principal feature of value in The TopoGRAPHICAL, STATISTICAL, AND Historical GAZETTEER of Scotland, - which will be found to contain, in an abstract and condensed yet comprehensive form, not the results only, but also a considerable portion of the details embraced in the voluminous Reports of which the following

is a list: I. Reports of the Royal Commissioners appointed to inquire into the State of the Universities of Scotland. Published between the years 1830 and 1839, in 5 vols.


II. Reports upon the Boundaries of the several Cities, Burghs, and Towns in Scotland, in respect to the Election of Members to serve in Parliament. Published in 1832, in folio.

III. Reports of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the State of Municipal
Corporations in Scotland. Published in 1835, in 2 vols. folio.

IV. Abstract of the Answers and Returns on the subject of Education in Scotland, made pursuant to an Address of the House of Commons dated 9th July, 1834. Published in 1837, in folio.

v.Yreports of the Commissioners of Religious Instruction in Scotland. Published betwixt the years 1837 and 1839, in 9 vols. folio.

vi. Reports by the Inspectors of Prisons in Scotland. Published betwixt the years 1836 and 1842, in 6 vols. folio.

The Reports now enumerated have furnished the most valuable materials to the present Work; and in the existence of such documents as


these, the Compilers of this Gazetteer conceive themselves to have enjoyed advantages above all their predecessors in the same department of literature. The following Parliamentary papers have also afforded much interesting and valuable matter, viz.:

I. The Reports of the Commissioners on Highland Roads and Bridges.

II. The Reports of the Commissioners under the Act for building additional Places of Worship in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

III. The Reports of the Commissioners for making and maintaining the Caledonian Canal.

IV. Reports of the Commissioners on the Herring Fishery.
V. Reports of the Commissioners on Northern Lights.

VI. Returns on the Small Debt Courts, Prisons, Burgh-Revenues, Electoral Inhabitants, Teinds, Crown-Revenues, &c. of Scotland.

The Publishers feel themselves warranted in claiming for their volumes a superiority over every other existing Gazetteer of Scotland, on the single ground of its presenting a careful digest of these, and of the Old as well as the New Statistical Account of Scotland, arranged in alphabetical order, and of easy consultation as a book of reference. But while the compilers have directed their principal attention to the materials now enumerated, they have not confined themselves to these, nor to what has hitherto been generally understood to be the strict limits of a Gazetteer. In the Topographic AL, STAtisticAL, AND Historical GAzETTEER of Scotland—as indeed is implied in the name itself—they have endeavoured to concentrate a variety of details which it has not hitherto been customary to introduce into a mere Gazetteer ; nay, they have not hesitated, wherever they thought such matter would be likely to interest the general reader, to introduce Legendary, Poetical, Antiquarian, and Artistical notices of different localities.

It has not entered into the plan of the present Work to notice every hamlet and name that may have a place in the local history and topography of Scotland; but it is hoped that no name will be found to have been omitted in the following pages which has acquired any importance or celebrity in the annals of the country; while a comparison of the number of names introduced, with those of any other Gazetteer, will satisfy any one that it has been drawn up on a more comprehensive plan than has ever before been attempted. An Index has also been supplied to the names of persons and places incidentally mentioned in the course of the Work.

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