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Profeffor of Divinity in the Universities of Franeker, Utrecht,

and Leyden; and also Regent of the Divinity College of
the States of Holland and West Friesland.

Faithfully translated from the LATIN, and carefully


To which is prefixed,

The Life of the AUTHOR.


Printed for EDWARD Dılly, in the Poultry.


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HINGS had a quite different appear. Under ** ance under Moses. What was spoken Moses was

There and there, and delivered only by given the * *

word of mouth, was now enlarged with law.

very many additions, digefted into one body, and; at the command of God, consigned to lasting records; which neither the rage of enemies, nor fire, nor sword, nor all-consuming time shall be able to abolish. Burneither the nature of our design, nor our intended brevity will permit us to prosecute every thing at large, that comes under this head. In this chapter we shall treat concerning the giving of the 18 VOL: IN.



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law, and the covenant of God with the Israelitessa

founded on that law. A three

II. It was the prerogative of the people of Israel fold law

above other nations, that to them pertained the
given to

covenants and the giving of the law, Rom. 3. 4. And
there were several kinds of laws given them, of which
there are principally three mentioned by divines,
and the POLITICAL, or Forensick. The people of
Ifrael may doubtless be considered three ways. ift.
As rational creatures, depending upon God, as the
supreme reason or cause both in a moral and natural
fense. And thus the law of the decalogue was given
them; which, as to its substance, is one and the fame
with the law of nature, and binds men as such. 2dly,
As the church of the Old Testament, who expected the
promised Mesiah and happier times, when he should
make every thing perfect. And therefore they
received the ceremonial law, which really shewed, that
the Messiah was not yet come, and had not yet per-
fected all things; but that he would come, and
make all things new. 3dly. As à peculiar people,
who had a polity or government, suited to their
genius and disposition, in the land of Canaan. A
republick constituted not so much according to those
forms, which philosophers have delineated, but which
was, in a peculiar manner, a I beocracy, as Josephus
significantly calls it, God himself holding the reins of
government therein, Judges 8. 23. Under that

view God prescribed them political laws.
The law- III. We are first to speak of the DECALOGUE and
giver is

its promulgation. Mosès has accurately described it God.

Exod. 19 and 20. The LAW-GIVER, or if you will
the Legislator, is God himself. The one law.giver,
who is able to save and to destroy, Jam. 4. 12. Who
has a right of doininion over the consciences of men.
As the supreme reason or cause, he is the rule of all
reasonable creatures; and as the supreme Lord, is
the ruler of all, and, by taking Israel to himself for


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he was the God of Aðraban, Isaac and Jacob. But no

a people, in an especial manner shewed himself to be their God. In the first words of the law, he afferts his own divinity, proclaiming, I am Jehovab thy God.

IV. But we judge it criminal for any to doubt, And in efthat this is to be understood of the whole undivided pecial trinity, whose equal majesty, in one Deity, we are the son. all bound to acknowledge and worship. Nevertheless, as the Son of God was then, in a certain peculiar respect, the king of the people of Israel and of the church at that time; the giving of the law is also, in a singular manner, ascribed to him. For Stephen, in expreis words, declares Acts 7. 38. compared with v. 35, that it was an Angel, who spoke with Mofes and the fathers on mount Sinai, even that very angel, who appeared to Moses in the bush, and said, that


christian will deny, that this was Christ. And Christ, certainly, is he who ascended on high &c. PS. 68. 18, compared with Eph. 4. 8. But he himself went forth before his people in the wilderness, when the earth shook, the heaven's also dropped at the firesence of God; even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Ifrael, that is, at the giving of the law, Ps. 68.7, 8. Certainly, the Apostle, Heb. 12. 26, says, that he who spoke from heaven, and whose voice then (nainely at the giving of the law) Mook the earth, was our Lord Jesus Christ to whom we are now also to hearken; as Zanchius has learnedly observed T. IV. lib. 1. c.

Who profeffedly and at large proves, that he who promulgated the law, was the Son of God, de tribus Elohim, libi 2. c. 3.

V. What the celebrated Tac. Altingius has observed An an. on Deut. 5. 6, from a catechilm of the ancient Jews, cient cavery much deserves our notice. The Jews say, three techism of spirits are united in one ; the lowest spirit, which is called the Jews the HOLY SPIRIT: the middle spirit, which is the subject INTERMEDIATE, and called WISDOM and INTELLIGENCE ; and this is the spirit which proceeds from the A 2



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