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Brougham, Lord Tenterden's sway over, in the

King's Bench, 199. ABORIGINES of Australia retire before civilised man, Bruce, Dr., on the Roman Wall, 72. 17.

Buckingham, Doom of, 172. American judges, re-election of, 197.

Burra Burra mines, unparalleled productiveness of, - lawyer, anecdote of an, 197.

19. Ancient Brilons' progress under the Roman occupation, 63.

C. families, three causes of their decay, 188. Anglo-Norman settlers in Ireland, 182.

Californian and Australian gold-fields, difference Architecture, styles of English, 153.

of, 9. Arkwright, Sir R., not the inventor of the first Cambuslang revival, 81.

spinning machine, 28; his origin and character, Cartwright, Dr., his invention of the power loom, 31; improvements in the cotton manufacture, 41, 42. 32; difficulties, 32, 33; compared to Watt and Cave, editor of the 'Gentleman's Magazine,' 28. Stephenson, 33.

Charles, II., princely appanages of the sons of, 188. Armorial bearings, remarkable, 179.

Chateaubriand, character of, 165; liaison with Mad. Austen's, Lady, intercourse with Cowper, 110. Récamier, 166; his premature death, 167. Australia, geology of, 8; production of wool, 17; Cheneys, origin of their crest, 179.

want of water compensated by railways, 19; China, description of, 47, 48; divisions of the emmagnificent streams of, ib.; only a fourth of the pire, 48; zones of, ib.; size compared with Great continent known, ib; climate, 19, 20; excessive Britain, ib. ; councils of the empire, ib.; privy commercial speculation, 21; banks, ib. ; strikes council, ib. ; general or strategical council, ib. ; and conibinations, ib. ; party spirit in South, 22, the six Yamuns, ib.; board of public education, 23; the fifth continent of the earth, 23; attach- ib. ; censorate, ib. ; imperial delegates, ib.; popument to England, 24.

lation, 49; mode of filling up offices, ib.; masWestern, the only colony that receives sacre of 100,000 foreigners, ib.; misconduct of convicts, 3.

the Portuguese in, ib. ; first Chinese war, 50;

characteristic interview with Governor Chaou, B.

52; Lord Elgin's mission and policy, 54; expedi

tion to the Peiho, 56; occupation of Tientsin, 57 ; Ballanche's devotion to Mad. Recamier, 164; his unique system of the Chinese Government, 58; definition of woman, ib.

treaty of peace signed, 59; suggestions for miliBallot founded on a false assumption, a moral error tary operations, 61.

and a political mistake, 134; Burke's opinion, Chinese immigration to Australia, 15. ib. ; Pliny on secret voting, ib.; effects of secret

language, its difficulty, 46. voting in ancient Rome, ib.

race, unity of the, 46; theoretical atheists, Bannister the actor, recollections of, 262.

50; wonderful command of feature, 53. Barre's Philippic in answer to C. Townsend, 196. Chivalry, court of, 188. Battle Abbey, roll of, 177.

Clarence, George Duke of, descendants of, 170. Bedford, Duke of, letter on cottage building, 146. Clayton, Mr., his care of the Roman Wall, 67. Belfast, religious revival at, 84; and see ‘Revivals.' Cole's account of the inventions of Lewis Paul, 28. Beresford family, 183.

Coleridge, character of, 248; lectures on Shakes. Binney's Bar of Philadelphia, 189.

peare, 244; his fluency, 250; remarks on his Blackburn, special manufactures of, 26.

Shakespearian disquisitious, ib.
Blood Royal counted by tens of thousands, 170. Constant, Benjamin, 166.
Bolton, special manufactures of, 26.

Commerce, whether a derogation from nobility, artisans, gentility of, 39.

176. Bourne, Vincent, character of, 90.

Convicts' life in New South Wales, 2. Bremenium, or High Rochester, excavation of, 68. Connemara, fate of the Princess of, 182. Bribery, 134; and see Reform, Parliamentary,' ib. Copyhold tenures an obstacle to better dwellings Bright, Mr., preaching democracy and confiscation, of the poor, 155. 272.

Cork, autobiography of the great Earl of, 182.

Cork, Countess of, anecdotes of the, 261.

Dudleys, origin of their

crest, 179. Cotton, two fifths imported from the United States. Dwellings of the poor, Town, 142.

44 ; growth of, in India, Australia, and Africa, Dyer's · Fleece,' description of a spinning machine recommended, 45.

in, 29. Cotion-spinning, invention of the fly shuttle, 27; Arkwright's spinning machine, 28; invention of

E. the spinning jenny by Hargreaves, 29, 30; Highs's machines, 30, 31; rapid growth of the cotton Eardley Wilmot, Sir J. E., his reminiscences of manufacture, 34 ; machine-breaking riots, 34, 35; Assheton Smith, 219. Crompton's invention of the mule, 36; stock of Edwards, Jonathan, the great revivalist, 79. cotton in Liverpool, one bag, 41; Cartwright's Egremont, Lord, character of, 256; the most mani. invention of the power-loom, 41, 42; improved ficent patron of art in the last generation, 257. by Dr. Jeffray, Miller, and Horrocks, 42; Rad- Elgin, Lord, narrative of his mission to China, 50 ; cliffe's dressing machine, ib.; Robert's self-acting his policy, 54.

mule, 43; Heilmann's machine-combing, ib. Empress of the French, her Scottish descent, 181. Coutts's, Mrs., visit to Abbotsford, 258.

Encumbered Estates Court, its effect on the mix. Cowper, farnily connections of, 89; at Westminster ture of races, 181; romance of the, ib.

School, 90; in solicitor's office, 91 ; his dejec- English worthies, few male descendants of the, 170. tion, ib.; marriage broken off, 91, 92; early studies and versification, 92 ; patriotic effusions, ib. ; essays in the Connoisseur, 93; offered a clerkship

F in the House of Lords, ib.; contemplation of suicide. 94 ; irresolution and attempts at suicide, ib. ; Family traditions, old, 179. recovery after hanging himself, 95; becomes an

histories, multiplication of, 149. inmate of a private asylum, 96 ; intercourse with Flemish exiles in Lancashire, 25. Dr. Cotton, 96, 97; residence at Huntingdon, 98; Forester's Lord, privilege of remaining, covered in becomes acquainted with John Newton, 102; his the King's presence, 182. life at Olney. 104; Olney hymns, 105 ; melancholy Fox-hunting, 219; leaping over 'timber,' 225; and insanity, ib.; piety, 106; ambition and diffi- leaping brooks—no fence so easy as water. 226; dence combined, 108; at fifty publishes his first training horses to jump water, 227; swimming volume of poems, ib.; defects of his rhymes, horses, ib.; management of pace, 228 ; use and 109; style of his letters, 110; accidentally learns abuse of spurs, 229; weather most favorable for his true poetic bent, ib.; the Sofa, ib. ; the Task, hunting, 230; description of a hunt with the 111; character of his blank verse, ib.; compared Pytchley hounds, 231; courage and physical with Thomson, ih.; John Gilpin, ib.; friendship power of hunters, 233; excitement of a fox hunt, with Lady Austen, 112; attachment to Mrs. Un. 234; an old huntsman's argument for hunting, win, ib. ; intimacy with Lady Hesketh, 113; a 235; its beneficial effects, 236; objections to the Becond time baved after hanging himself, ib danger answered, 237; prices of hunting.dogs, ib. undertakes the translation of Homer, 114; cha- Freemasonry in Melbourne, 7. racter of his Homer, 114, 115; the domestic poet French and English vaval fighting contrasted, 245. of England, 115; friendship with Hayley, ib. ; Emperor's assurances of peace ominous, verses · To Mary,' ib.; devotion to Mrs. Unwin, 273; political import of the word revendica. ib. ; pension from the Crown, 115, 116; death of tion, ib. Mrs. Unwin, 116; “The Castaway,' ib.; his de- equality, nature of, 184.

families, ancient, 184. Chancellor, anecdote of, 172.

literature, its tendency to distort facts, 156. Spencer, his trial for murder, 89.

French's Life and Times of Crompton, 25. Corruption, Parliamentary, 135; tables relating to Fuseli, character of, 251. boroughs convicted of bribery, ib.; and see

• Reform, Parliamentary.' Crompton, Samuel, inventor of the spinning mule,

G. 36; his origin and history, 36, 37 ; gives his secret to the spioners for 601., 37; his ultimate career, Garrick's acting, traits of, 262. 38-40 ; receives a grant of 50001., 40.

Genius, irregular habits of men of, 249. Cromwell family, 172 ; descendants of Oliver, 173. Genlis, maxim of Madame de, 156.

-, Richard, aneodote respecting, 172; his George lII., solitary bon mot of, 171, 172. descendants, ib.

IV. comments on the dress of Sir Robert
Peel, 260.

German houses, mediatised, 187.

Gibbon's account of the resnlt of secret voting in

Rome, 134. De Coucys, device of the, 187.

Gilly’s; Dr., designs for cottages, 149. De Courey, house of, 174; privilege of remaining Gladstone, Mr., eloquence of, 268 ; best witnessed covered in the King's presence, 182.

by the demerits of his budget, ib.; improvidence De Vere family, 175.

of his budget, 269; his budget distinguished Delawarr, lord, his prosecution of a pretender to from those of Sir Robert Peel, 270; inopportune his name and arnis, 187.

time for remission of taxation, 271. Derby, Lord, his ill-advised pledge, 284.

Gold in Australia, anticipated discovery of, 6; Derwentwater, anecdote of the earl of, 173.

55,2001. from an area of 24 feet square, 9; proDisraeli, B., disastrous leadership of, 282; charac. bable origin of the rich gullies, ib.; Darratives

ter of bis leadership, 284; fraternisation with of extraordinary gold-finding, 11; juvenile quartzradicals, 285; his Reforın Bill unstatesmanlike, mining, 12; table of gold-produce of Victoria, ib.

13; social changes wrought by the gold-disDogs, prices of hunting, 237.

coveries, 15; gold first discovered at Forest Drummond, Hungarian origin of the family of, 175. Creek, ib. ; social disorganisation, 16; gold sold

; origin of the Banking Company of, 175. Above the standard price, 21.

враіr, ib.

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ing, 30.


160; Mr. Strickland's design, ib. ; site of cot

tages, 151; Hastings Cottage-Improvement SoHale, Lord, his advice on the study of the law, ciety, 154; copyhold tenures an obstacle to better 191; his great application, ib.

dwellings, 155. Hamiltons, explanation of the crest and motto of Lamb, Charles, anecdotes of, 251. the, 179.

Lancashire, original savage state of, 26. Hampden family, the, 173.

Camden's survey of, 25. Hargreaves, James, history of, 30; his first idea of

, men, choracter of, 45. the spinning-jenny accidental, ib.; destitution Landseer's power of mimicry, 252. of his family, ib,

Laval, Adrian Prince de, 160. Hastings Cottage Improvement Society, 154. Law favourable to longevity, 195. Haydon the painter, character of, 253.

Lawrence, Sir J., maxim on gentility, 187. Hayley the poet's friendship with Cowper, 115. Lawyers, American, their frequent dealings with Heilmaon, inventor of the combing machine, ac- international questions, 192. count of, 43.

Lenormant’s ‘Recollections of Madame Récamier,' Hesketh, Lady, her correspondence with Cowper, 155. 113.

Leslie, C. R., Autobiographical Recollections of, Highs, Thomas, account of his invention in weav- 244; sent to London to study painting, 247;

friendship with Coleridge and others, 248; his Holland, Lord, character of, 257.

Saul and the Witch of Endor, 253; Lord EgreHome's Australian Facts and Prospects, l.

mont's patronage, 257; conversation with the Honeywood, Lady, her 367 descendants during her Duke of Wellington, 264; connexion of his piclifetime, 170.

tures with his reading, 265; summary of his Horsemanship, requisites for good, 222; riding character as a painter, 267.

down declivities, ib.; management of the bridle, Levis, family of their cousinship to the Virgin, 184. 223; fall on horseback over a precipice, 224; Lewis

, Mr., his conduct in a trial for high treason, and see Fox-hunting.

192; his perpetual smoking, 193. Horses, mixture of courage and cowardice in, 220 ; | Lisbon in 1800, 246.

theory of taming, ib. ; method of subduing Liverpool, growth of, 45; its tonnage, ib. ; imports wild, 221 ; character of, ib.; strength of their two thousand million pounds of cotton, ib. bones, 233.

Lodging-houses, model, 143. Hotot, Agnes, combatant in a trial by battle, 179. Lower's work on Surnames, 177. Howards, their right to quarter the royal arms,

170. Huntingdon, restoration of the earldom of, 174.


Macdonald, chieftainship of Clan, 180.

Machine making establishments in Manchester and

Salford, 42. Ingersoll, J. Binney's sketch of, 195.

Maclauchlan's survey of the Roman Wall, 63. Invasion, possibility of French, 276.

Maids, exportation to Virginia of young and handIrish families, reverses of, 181; change of Irish some, 2; their price in tobacco, ib. names into English, and vice versá, ib.

Manchester creed, two cardinal doctrines of the, Irish Royal families, 182.


finance, national ignominy the logical

consequence of, 275. J.

original state of, 35; population in

creased tenfold in a century, 44. Jockey of Norfolk, descendants of, 170.

Marlborough, the great Duke of, enormous grants Johnson, Dr., correspondence of, 28.

to, 189; Sarah, Duchess of, ib.
Martins of Galway, their reverses, 181.

Meadows's work on China, character of, 46.

Melbourne, history of its settlement, 6; public li

library at, 7; religious denominations, ib. Kay, John, inventor of the fly.shuttle, account of,

Lord, appearance and manners of, 264; ruined by law-suits, ib. ; popular vengeance his estimate of mankind, 265 ; opinion of the on, ib.; his death in poverty, ib.

Duke of Wellington, ib. Kelly's Life in Victoria, 1.

Methodism, rise and progress of Wesleyan, 8). Kirkpatrick, family of 181; their connexion with Mining progress in Australia and California, 10; the French Empress, ib.

machinery, statistics of, in Australia, 13, 14. Montmorency, Duc de, 160.

Montmorencys, examination of the pretensions of L.

the, 184.

Moore's, General W. J., miraeulous escape, 224. Labourers' homes, societies for improving, 143; | Mostyns of Mostyn, their pedigree from Noah, 183.

model lodging-houses, ib. ; want of room in cot- Mule, spinning, why so called, 36; one of the tages, 144; entrance-lodges, 146; Duke of Bed- most productive inventions of modern times, 89. ford's letter on cottage-building, ib. ; Duke of Murchison, sir R., Australian discoveries of, 16. Northumberland's improvements, ib.; prize cot- Murder for a meal, 2. tages generally failures, 147; Duke of Bedford's design for six cottages, 148; Lord Spencer's plan

N. of four cottages, ib. ; the Prince Consort's cottages, ib.; designs of Dr. Gilly and others, 149; Nevilles, vicissitudes of the, 172. Mr. Poundley's plans for cottage-building in New South Wales, early history of, 1; spirits the Wales, ib. ; Cottage-Improvement Society, ib. ; early currency of the settlement, 2; convict ships prizes offered by Mr. Bentley of Rotherham, refused admission, 3; 67 free settlers in 1792, ib.;


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