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Estes and Lauriat, 1881

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Page 207 - Our duke was as calm at the mouth of the cannon, as at the door of a drawingroom. Perhaps he could not have been the great man he was, had he had a heart either for love or hatred, or pity or fear, or regret, or remorse. He achieved the highest deed of daring, or deepest calculation of thought, as he performed the very meanest action of which a man is capable ; told a lie, or cheated a fond woman, or robbed a poor beggar of a half-penny with a like awful serenity and equal capacity of the highest...
Page 2 - I am for having her rise up off her knees, and take a natural posture : not to be for ever performing cringes and congees like a courtchamberlain, and shuffling backwards out of doors in the presence of the sovereign. In a word, I would have History familiar rather than heroic : and think that Mr.
Page 186 - I thought, yes, like them that dream — them that dream. And then it went, - They that sow in tears shall reap in joy ; and he that goeth forth and...
Page 193 - ... inflame him ; to make him even forget ; they dazzle him so that the past becomes straightway dim to him ; and he so prizes them that he would give all his life to possess 'em.
Page 208 - ... yet those of the army, who knew him best and had suffered most from him, admired him most of all: and as he rode along the lines to battle or galloped up in the nick of time to a battalion reeling from before the enemy's charge or shot, the fainting men and officers got new courage as they saw the splendid calm of his face, and felt that his will made them irresistible.
Page 207 - His qualities were pretty well known in the army, where there were parties of all politics, and of plenty of shrewdness and wit; but there existed such a perfect confidence in him, as the first captain of the world, and such a faith and admiration in his prodigious genius and fortune, that the very men whom he notoriously cheated of their pay, the chiefs whom he used and...
Page 246 - Lord's as the heaven is ; we are alike his creatures here aud yonder. I took a little flower off the hillock and kissed it, and went my way, like the bird that had just lighted on the cross by me, back into the world again. Silent receptacle of death ; tranquil depth of calm, Out of reach of tempest and trouble ! I felt as one who had been walking below the sea, and treading amidst the bones of shipwrecks.

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