The Farmer's Boy

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J.R. Osgood and Company, 1877 - 96 pages

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Page 23 - Away they scour, impetuous, ardent, strong, The green turf trembling as they bound along ; Adown the slope, then up the hillock climb, Where every molehill is a bed of thyme ; There panting stop ; yet scarcely can refrain ; A bird, a leaf, will set them off again : Or, if a gale with strength unusual blow, Scattering the wild-briar roses into snow, Their little limbs increasing efforts try, Like the torn flower the fair assemblage fly.
Page 32 - Giles to mark her way. Close to his eyes his hat he instant bends, And forms a friendly telescope, that lends Just aid enough to dull the glaring light, And place the...
Page 36 - To turn the swarth, the quiv'ring load to rear, Or ply the busy rake, the land to clear. Summer's light garb itself now cumbrous grown, Each his thin doublet in the shade throws down ; Where oft the mastiff skulks with half-shut eye, And rouses at the stranger passing by ; Whilst unrestrain'd the social converse flows...
Page 61 - She hears the unwelcome foot advancing nigh : Nor quite unconscious of her wretched plight, Gives one sad look, and hurries out of sight. Fair promised sunbeams of terrestrial bliss, Health's gallant hopes,— and are ye sunk to this ? For in life's road though thorns abundant grow, There still are joys poor Poll can never know ; Joys which the gay companions of her prime Sip, as they drift along the stream of time...
Page 17 - Till eve again recall them loaded home. And now the dairy claims her choicest care, And half her household find employment there: Slow rolls the churn, its load of clogging cream At once foregoes its quality and name : From knotty particles first floating wide Congealing butter's dash'd from side to side; Streams of new milk through flowing coolers stray, And snow-white curd abounds, and wholesome whey.
Page 16 - As unambitious too that cheerful aid The mistress yields beside her rosy maid ; With joy she views her plenteous reeking store, And bears a brimmer to the dairy door; Her cows dismiss'd, the luscious mead to roam, Till eve again recal them loaded home.
Page 43 - No blood-stain'd victory, in story bright, Can give the philosophic mind delight; No triumph please while Rage and Death destroy: Reflection sickens at the monstrous joy. And where the joy, if rightly understood, Like cheerful praise for universal good? The soul nor check nor doubtful anguish knows, But free and pure the grateful current flows.
Page 10 - And strew'd with corn to crown the rising year; And o'er the whole Giles once transverse again, In earth's moist bosom buries up the grain. The work is done; no more to Man is given; The grateful Farmer trusts the rest to Heaven. Yet oft with anxious heart he looks around, And marks the first green blade that breaks the ground;.
Page 84 - Short-sighted Dobbin! — thou canst only see The trivial hardships that encompass thee: Thy chains were freedom, and thy toils repose, Could the poor post-horse tell thee all his woes; Show thee his bleeding shoulders, and unfold The dreadful anguish he endures for gold: Hired at each call of business, lust, or rage, That prompts the traveller on from stage to stage...
Page 46 - The widening distance which I daily see, Has Wealth done this? — then Wealth's a foe to me : Foe to our rights ; that leaves a powerful few The paths of emulation to pursue...

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