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Sovereign King GÉORGE, and all that are put in authority under him, with judgment and justice, to cut off all such workers of iniquity, as turn religion into rebellion, "and faith into faction; that they may never again prevail against us, nor triumph in the ruin of the monarchy and thy Church among us.

Protect and defend our Sovereign Lord the King, with the whole Royal Family, from all treasons and conspiracies. Be unto him an he! met of salvation, and a strong tower of defence against the face of all his enemies : Clothe them with shame and confusion, but upon himself and his posterity let the crown for ever flourish.' So we thy people, and the Theep of thy pasture, will give thee thanks for ever, and will always be shewing forth thy praise from generation to generation, through Jesus Christ our only Saviour and Redeemer; to whom, with thee, O Father, and the Holy Ghost, be glory in the Church throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

A Form of Prayer,


THANKSGIVING TO ALMIGHTY GOD, To be used in all Churches and Chapels within this Realın

every Year upon the Twenty-fifth day of October, being the day on which his Majesty began his happy reign.

The Service shall be the same with the usual Office for Holy-days in all things, except where it is in this Office

otherwise appointed. 1 If this day fhall happen to be on Sunday, this whole Office

shall be used, as it followeth, entirely. A form of Prayer, &c.] As the godly Christian Emperors in ancient times, so it appears that our most religious princes since the Reformation, have always caused the days of their inauguration to be publicly celobrated by all their subjects with prayers and thanksgivings to Almighty God. And to the end that this day might be duly celebrated, we find that particular forms of prayer have been appointed by authority, at leaft

{ Morning Prayer shall begin with these fentences.



ceilions, and giving of Thanks, be made for all men; for Kings, and for all that are in Authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, in all godliness and honesty; for this is good and acceptable upto God our Saviour. 1 Tin. ii. 1, 2, 3.

If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us; but if we confess our fins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 St. John i. 8, 9. ( Iriod of Venite, exultemus, the Hymn following foall be

kuid or fars; one ce se by the Priest, and anoiber by ibe dere and people.

Lord our Governor: how excellent is thy Name in

all the world! Psalm viii. 1.
Ln, mis, that tbcu baft such respeel unto bim;

ir tas man, that thou fe regardeft bim? Ps. cxliv. 3.
The merciful and gracious Lord hath so done his mar-
re"ous works: that they ought to be had in remem-
trance. P. cxi. 4.
crer face the rest of King Charles I. for that day on purpofe. It is
raker the death of that prince, this pious cuftom received a long and
drietal intern puan, which changed the day, on wirich King Charles the
Sand lucreded to the crown, into a day of forrow and fafting. And
iked a great part of the dair of that day, and the devotions proper to it,
were performed in the fervice for the cwesty-ninth of May. However,
up in King James ild's Acceilon, the former laudable

and religious practice wa imarciately retired; a Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving having been comparad by the Bishops for this purpose, in many things agreeing wech tha te nov ufe. But in the reign of King William the Inauguration Athal was again difudd: and it must be owned there was fo much the kis occation for it during his reign, as there were large additions made to the form of Thanklarg appointed for the Fifth of November, to commemorare his anual, which happened on that day. However, when Quero Anne fucceeded to the throne, there was freth occafion to revise the festival. And therefore the day was again ordered to be observed, and a Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving drawn up, part of it being taken free King James's csāce, end part of it being composed entirely new; des, akugeber, the fame (except the writ le fon) with the presene kee. The neares or she Royal Family having been altered as occasions quired Wheatley. The This is a bridge of much longe one in the office

for Jarac !.


O that men would therefore praise the Lord for bis good nefs: and declare the wonders that he doetb for the children of men! Psalm cvii. 21.

Behold, O God our Defender: andlook upon the face. of thine Anointed. Psalm 1xxxiv. 9.

O bold thou up his goings in tby paths: that bis footsteps Nip not. Psalm xvii. 5:

Grant the King a long life: and make him glad with the joy of thy countenance. Psalm lxi. 6; and xxi. 6.

Lei bim dwell before thee for ever: O prepare tby loving mercy and faithfulness, that they may preserve him. Ps. lxi. 7.

lá his time let the righteous flourish : and let peace be in all our borders. Psalm lxxii. 7; and cxlvii. 14.

As for bis enemies, clothe tbem with shame : but upon hima Self let bis crown flourish. Psalm cxxxii. 19.

Blessed be the Lord God, even the God of Israel : which only doeth wondrous things. Psalm lxxii. 18.

And blessed be the Name of his Majesty for ever; and all ibe eartb shall be filled with bis Majesty. Amen, Amen. ver. 19.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son : and to the Holy Ghost;

Ås it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be : world without end. Amen.

Proper Pfalmis, xx. xxi. ci.

| Proper Leffons.
Tbe First, Josh. i. to the end of the ninth verse.

Te Deum.
The Second, Rom. xiii.

Jubilate Deco

Pfalm ci.] In the room of this plalm were appointed the lxxxyth and cxviith, in James Ild's office, as alluding to the exile of that prince with Charles the Ild. They were omitted in the office for Queen Anne, and. the cift fubstituted in their place.

The fir) This leffon was the one originally appointed for the office. In James Ild's reign it was altered to Proverbs viii. 13, to thc end, but restored in that of oueen Anne.

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The fuffrages next after the Creed sball fiand thus.
Prieji. O Lord, shew thy mercy upon us ;
Answ. And.grant us thy salvation.
Priest. O Lord, save the King,
Answ. Who putteth his trust in thee.
Priest. Send him help from thy holy place.
Answ. And evermore mightily defend bin.
Priest. Let his enemies have no advantage against him:
Answ. Let not ihe wicked approach to hurt bim.
Priest. Endue thy Ministers with righteousness;
Antw. And make thy chosen people joyful.
Pries. O Lord, fave thy people.
Answ. And bless thine inheritance.
Priest. Give peace in our time, O Lord :

Answ. Because there is none other that fighteh for us, but
only thou, O God.

. Be unto us, O Lord, a strong tower,
Answ. From the face of our enemies.
Priest. O Lord, hear our prayer:
Answ. And let our cry come unto thee.
Instead of the first Colleet at Morning Prayer shall be used
this following Colleet of Thanksgiving for bis Majejly's
Accession to the Throne.
LMIGHTY God, who ruleft over all the kingdoms

of the world, and disposest of them according to thy
good pleasure; We yield thee unfeigned thanks, for that
thou wast pleased; as on this day; to place thy servant our
Sovereign Lord King George upon the Throne of
this Realm. Let thy wisdom be his guide, and let tbine
arm strengthen him; let' justice, truth, and holiness, let
peace and love, and all those virtues that adorn the
Christian profession, flourish in his days; direct all his
· counsels and endeavours to thy glory, and the welfare of
his people ; and give us grace to obey him cheerfully and
willingly for conscience fake; that neither our sinful pas.
fions, nor our private interests, may disappoint his cares
for the public good; let him always possess the hearts of
his people, that they may never be wanting in honour to

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his person, and dutiful submission to his authority ; let his reign be long and prosperous, and crown him with immortality in the life to come; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. I. In the end of ihe Litany, (ivhich shall always be referl upon

ibis day) after the Collezî [We humbly beleech thee, O Father, &c.] shall the following Prayer for ibe King and Royal Family be used. O

Lord our God, who upholdest and governest all

things in heaven and earth; receive our humble prayers, with our hearty thanksgivings, for our Sovereign Lord George, as on this day set over us by thy grace and providence to be our King; and so together with him bless our gracious Queen CHARLOTTE, their Royal Highnesses George Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales, and all the Royal Family ; that they all, ever trusting in thy goodness, protected by thy power, and crowned with ihy, gracious and endless favour, may continue before thee in health, peace, joy, and honour, and may live long and happy lives upon earth, and after death obrain everlasting life and glory in the kingdom of heaven, by the merits and mediation of Christ Jesus our Saviour, who, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, liveth and reignetli, ever one God, world without end. Anien. Then shall follow this Colleet for God's Protection of Ibe

King against all bis Enemies. MOST

OST gracious God, who hast set thy Servant

George our King upon the Throne of his Ancestors; We most humbly beseech thee to protect him on the same from all the dangers to which he may be exposed; hide him from the gathering together of the froward, and from the insurrection of wicked doers : Do thou weaken the hands, blast the designs, and defeat the enterprizes of all his enemies ; that no secret conspiracies, nor open violences, may disquiet his reign ; but that being safely kept under the shadow of thy wing, and fupported by thy power, he may triumph over all oppofitions that so the world may acknowledge thee to be his

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