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Nothing extenuate,
Nor set down aught in malice. SHAKESPEAR.
Ploravere suis non respondere favorem
Speratum meritis


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Printed for R. BALDWIN, at the Rose in Pater-noher-Rowa


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P R E F A C E.

THE authors of the Critical Review with pleasure

take this opportunity of repeating their acknowledgements to the public. They have now finished their second volume ; and the friends of the work will not be sorry to bear, that the success of it has been such as muft inSpirit their endeavours, and have a favourable effeet upon their future essays.

In spite of open assault and private afaffination ; ir Spite of published reproach and printed letters of abuse, distributed like poisoned arrows in the dark; the Critical Review bas not only maintained its footing, but considerably extended its progress. The breath of secret caLuminy excites a spirit of inquiry and comparison, from which the work bath derived fingular advantage;. and the loud blafts of obloquy, instead of tearing it up, serve only to prove its strength and fix its roots the deeper.

The proprietors think it needless to make an apology for concluding this Second volume in five numbers ; as every person will at once perceive the propriety of beginning the Tbird with the new year. The difference of five or fix fbeets will hardly appear in the binding, a great book (according to the greek proverb) may be a great evil, an adage, which fome brother critics would do well to consider; and the proprietors are resolved to avoid fupplements, as an unnecessary incumbrance on their readers. . They will take care to leave no matter for such a clumsy appendage, which the work drags beavily along, like a buge mortified excrescence.

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Encon- .

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