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Comes Derby.
Comes Pembroke &
Comes Suffolk &
Comes Bridgewater.
Comes Northampton.
Comes Lindsey.
Comes Winchista &
Comes Thanet.
Comes Sandwich.
Comes Essex.
Comes Abingdon.
Comes Albemarle.
Comes Coventry.
Comes Jersey.
Comes Home.
Comes Strathmore.
Comes Selkirk.
Comes Aberdeen.
Comes Glasgow.
Comes Oxford &
Comes Bristol.
Comes Cowper.
Comes Macclesfield.
Comes Pomfret.
Comes Waldegrave.
Comes Portsmouth.
Comes Brooke &
Comes Fitzwilliam,
Comes Harcourt.


Ds. Wellesley, Unus Primariorum Secretariorum.

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“ cause a Commission under the Great Seal to be pre“ pared, in order to the holding this Parliament.”

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“sellors George Marquis of Buckingham, George Gran

ville Leveson Marquis of Stafford, George Marquis “ Townshend, James Marquis of Salisbury, Francis Mar“quis of Hertford, John Marquis of Bute; Our right “ trusty and right well beloved Cousins and Counsellors Heneage Earl of Aylesford, Steward of Our House“ hold; George Earl of Dartmouth, Chamberlain of “Our Household; Edward Earl of Derby, George “ Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, George Earl of “Winchista and Nottingham, Philip Earl of Chosierfield, John Earl of Sandwich, Frederick Earl of Carlisle, “George James Earl of Cholmondeley, James Earl of “ Lauderdale, Thomas Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, Charles Earl of Tankerville, George Earl of Macclesfield, John Earl of Ashburnham, Charles Earl of Har. rington, Robert Earl of Buckinghamshire, William “Earl Fitzwilliam, Philip Earl of Hardwicke, George “John Earl Spencer, John Earl of Chatham, Henry “ Earl Bathurst, Thomas Earl of Ailesbury, Robert Earl “Grosvenor, Richard Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, Henry “Earl of Carnarvon, Robert Banks Earl of Liverpool, “One of Our Principal Secretaries of State; John Earl “ of Saint Vincent, James Earl of Malmesbury, Richard “ Earl of Donoughmore, George Earl of Onslow, Thomas “ Earl of Chichsler, Edward Earl of Powis, Charles “ Earl Grey; Our right trusty and well-beloved Cousins “ and Counsellors Henry Viscount Melville, Henry Vis. “ count Sidmouth, JWilliam Wiscount Cathcart; Our “ right trusty and well-beloved Counsellors Richard “ Lord Hellesley, One other of Our Principal Secreta“ries of State ; Francis Lord Hastings, Saint Andrew “Lord Saint John of Blessoe, Alexander Lord Dutton, Henry Richard Lord Holland, Thomas Lord Wal“Jingham, Henry Frederick Lord Cartaret, William Moyndham Lord Grenville, William Lord Auckland, Henry Lord Mulgrave, James Lord Saltersford, Charles

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Lord Bayning, James Lord Glastonbury, Gilbert Lord Minto, John Lord Carysfort, Alleyne Lord Saint Helens, John Lord Redesdale, Edward Lord Ellenborough, Chief Justice assigned to hold Pleas before Us; John Lord Sheffield, Charles George Lord Arden, Charles Lord Barham, Thomas Lord Erskine, and Thomas Lord Manners, and any Three of them, full Power, in Our Name, to hold Our said Parliament, and to open and declare, and cause to be opened and declared, the Causes of holding the same, and to proceed upon the said Affairs in Our said Parliament, and in all Matters arising therein; and to do every Thing which for Us, and by Us, for the good Government of Our said United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of other Our Dominions belonging to Our said United Kingdom, shall be therein to be done; and also if necessary to continue, adjourn, and prorogue Our said Parliament; commanding also by the Tenor of these Presents, with the Consent of Our said Council, as well all and every the Archbishops, Bishops, Earls, Wiscounts, Barons, and Knights, as all others whom it concerns, to meet in Our said Parliament, that to the same Prince of Wales, Duke of Tork, Duke of Clarence, Duke of Kent, Duke of Cumberland, Duke of Sussex, Duke of Cambridge, Duke of Gloucester, Archbishop of Canterbury,

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of Westmorland, Duke of Richmond, Duke of Grafton, Duke of Bedford, Duke of Marlborough, Duke of Athol, Duke of Montrose, Marquis of Buckingham, Marquis of Stafford, Marquis Townshend, Marquis of Salisbury, Marquis of Hertford, Marquis of Bute,

Earl of Aylesford, Earl of Dartmouth, Earl of Drby,

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“An Attack upon the Naval Armaments and Establishments in the Scheldt afforded at once the Prospect of destroying a growing Force, which was daily becoming more formidable to the Security of this Country, and of diverting the Exertions of France from the important Objects of reinforcing her Armies on the Danube, and of controuling the Spirit of Resistance in the North of Germany. These Considerations determined His Majesty to employ His Forces in an Expedition to the Saheldt. “Although the principal Ends of this Expedition have not been attained, His Majesty confidently hopes that Advantages materially affecting the Security of His Majesty's Dominions in the farther Prosecution of the War, will be found to result from the Demolition of the Docks and Arsenals of Flushing. “This important Object His Majesty was enabled to accomplish, in consequence of the Reduction of the Island of Walcheren by the Valour of His Fleets and Armies. “His Majesty has given Directions, that such Documents and Papers should be laid before you as He trusts will afford satisfactory information upon the Subject of this Expedition. “We have it in Command to state to you, that His Majesty had uniformly notified to Sweden His Ma

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Question of Peace or War with France and other Continental Powers, she should be guided by Confiderations resulting from her own Situation and Interests; while His Majesty, therefore, laments that Sweden should have found it necessary to purchase Peace by considerable Sacrifices, His Majesty cannot complain that she has concluded it without His Majesty's Participation. It is His Majesty's earnest Wish, that no Event may occur to occasion the Interruption of those Relations of Amity, which it is the Defire of His Majesty, and the Interest of both Countries, to preserve. * We have it farther in Command to communicate to you, that the Efforts of His Majesty for the Protection of Portugal have been powerfully aided by the Confidence which the Prince Regent has reposed in His Majesty, and by the Co-operation of the Local Government, and of the People of that Country. “The Expulsion of the French from Portugal by His Majesty's Forces under Lieutenant General Lord

Viscount Wellington, and the glorious Victory obtained

by him at Talavera, contributed to check the Progress of the French Arms in the Peninsula during the late Campaign. “His Majesty dire&ts us to state, that the Spanish Government, in the Name and by the Authority of King Ferdinand the Seventh, has determined to assemble the General and Extraordinary Cortes of the Nation. His Majesty trusts that this Measure will give fresh Animation and Vigour to the Councils and the Arms of Spain, and successfully direct the Energies and Spirit of the Spanish People to the Maintenance of their legitimate Monarchy, and to the ultimate Deliverance of their Country. “The most important Confiderations of Policy and of good Faith require, that as long as this great Cause can be maintained with a Prospect of Success, it should be supported, according to the Nature and Circumstances of the Contest, by the strenuous and continued Assistance of the Power and Resources of His Majesty's Dominions; and His Majesty relies on the Aid of His Parliament, in His anxious Endeavours to frustrate the Attempts of France against the Independence of Spain and Portugal, and against the Happiness and Freedom of those loyal and resolute Nations. “His Majesty commands us to acquaint you, that the Intercourse between His Majesty's Minister in America and the Government of the United States has been suddenly and unexpectedly interrupted. His Majesty sincerely regrets this Event. He has, however, received the strongest Assurances from the American

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“ Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

“His Majesty has directed us to inform you, that He has ordered the Estimates for the current Year to be laid before you. His Majesty has direéted them to be formed with all the Attention to Economy which the Support of His Allies and the Security of His Dominions will permit. And His Majesty relies upon your Zeal and Loyalty, to afford him such Supplies as may be necessary for those effential Objećts. “ He commands us to express how deeply He regrets the Pressure upon His Subjećts, which the protracted Continuance of the War renders inevitable.

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“My Lords, and Gentlemen, “We are commanded by His Majesty to express His Hopes that you will resume the Consideration of the State of the inferior Clergy, and adopt such farther Measures upon this interesting Subjećt as may appear to you to be proper. “We have it farther in Command to state to you, that the Accounts which will be laid before you, of the Trade and Revenue of the Country, will be found highly satisfactory. Whatever temporary and partial Inconvenience mav have resulted from the Measures which were direéted by France against those great Sources of our Prosperity and Strength, those Measures have wholly failed of producing any permanent or general Effect. “ The inveterate Hostility of our Enemy continues to be directed against this Country with unabated Animosity and Violence. “To guard the Security of His Majesty's Dominions, and to defeat the Designs which are meditated against Us, and Our Allies, will require the utmost Efforts of Vigilance, Fortitude, and Perseverance. “In every Difficulty and Danger, His Majesty confidently trusts, that He shall derive the most effectual Support, under the continued Blessing of Divine Providence, from the Wisdom of His Parliament, the Valour of His Forces, and the Spirit and Determination of His People.”

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