A Hand-book of Optics

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Blanchard and Lea, 1858 - Optics - 279 pages

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Page 707 - When a ray of light passes from one medium to another, it is refracted so that the ratio of the sine of the angle of incidence to the sine of the angle of refraction is equal to the ratio of the velocities in the two media.
Page 534 - R" c, passing from glass or water into air, are bent in the directions c I, c i', c i" from the perpendicular c o. 98. This result, being too hastily generalised, is sometimes announced as follows : — When a ray of light passes from a rarer into a denser medium, it is bent towards the perpendicular, and from a denser into a rarer from the perpendicular, which is by no means generally true. Such...
Page 10 - ONE HUNDRED PERRIN'S FABLES, accompanied by a Key, containing the text, a literal and free translation, arranged in such a manner as to point out the difference between the French and the English idiom, also a figured pronunciation of the French, according to the best French works extant on the subject; the whole preceded by a short treatise on the sounds of the French language, compared with those of the English.
Page 10 - A COLLECTION OF COLLOQUIAL PHRASES, ON EVERY TOPIC NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN CONVERSATION, Arranged under different heads, with numerous remarks on the peculiar pronunciation and...
Page 10 - Its merits I had not now for the first time to learn. I have used it for two years as a text-book, with the greatest satisfaction. It was a happy conception, admirably executed. It is all that a text-book on such a subject can or need be, comprising n Judicious selection of materials, easily yet effectively wrought.
Page 5 - Museum of Science and Art. THE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE AND ART. Edited by DIONYSIUS LARDNER, DCL, formerly Professor of Natural Philosophy and Astronomy in University College, London. With upwards of 1 200 Engravings on Wood.
Page 743 - A plane mirror, moveable about an axis in its own plane parallel to the axis of the Earth, revolves from east to west with half the Sun's apparent diurnal motion.
Page 8 - Manual of Ancient History, from the Remotest Times to the Overthrow of the Western Empire, AD 476.
Page 617 - ... distance, the image produced by objects at great distances will become indistinct; and that, on the other hand, when the eye so accommodates itself as to render the image produced on the retina by distant objects distinct, the image produced by an object at twelve inches distance will become indistinct.
Page 580 - Rule 2, if the side whose radius is 2 is turned to parallel rays. 5. The lens which has the least spherical aberration is a double convex one, whose radii are as 1 to 6. When the face whose radius is 1 is turned towards parallel rays, the aberration is only...

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