The Life of Adam Martindale: Written by Himself, and Now First Printed from the Original Manuscript in the British Museum, Volume 4

Front Cover
Richard Parkinson
Chetham society, 1845 - Lancashire (England) - 245 pages
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Page 158 - Whitson Ales, and Morris Dances, and the setting up of MAY POLES, and other sports therewith used ; so as the same be had in due and convenient time, without impediment or let of Divine Service. And that women shall have leave to carry rushes to the church for the decorating of it, according to their old
Page 158 - warrant, dated Oct. 18, 1633, it was enacted that, " for his good people's lawfull recreation, after the end of Divine Service, his good people be not disturbed, letted, or discouraged from any lawfull recreation : such as dancing, either men or women ; archery for men, leaping, vaulting, or any other such harmless recreations ; nor from having MayGames,
Page 228 - that page of Johnson ; you cannot alter one conjunction without spoiling the sense. It is a linked strain throughout. In your modern books, for the most part, the sentences in a page have the same connection with each other that marbles have in a bag ; they touch without adhering.
Page 158 - of Divine Service. And that women shall have leave to carry rushes to the church for the decorating of it, according to their old custom. But withal his Majesty doth hereby account still as prohibited, all
Page 158 - games to be used on Sundays only, as bear and bull-baitings, interludes, and at all times in the meaner sort of people by law prohibited, bowling." The [following were the words of the
Page 145 - It is said, that he said he was sure to come shortly at the right hand of Christ, to judge them that now had judged him, and that his wife do expect his coming again.
Page 166 - before the congregation then assembled, declare his unfeigned assent and consent to the use of all things in the said Book contained and prescribed, in these
Page 180 - the Act of Uniformity, with the additional clause that " they would not at any time endeavour any alteration of government, either in Church or State.
Page 158 - generally abused to superstition and wickednesse,) the Lords and Commons do further order and ordain, that all and singular May Poles, that are or shall be erected, shall be taken down and removed by the constables,
Page 166 - appointed to be read by, and according to the said book of Common Prayer, at the times thereby appointed ; and after such reading thereof, shall openly and