Europe,past and Present: A Comprehensive Manual of European Geography and History,[etc.]

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G.P.Putnam, 1852
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Page 300 - In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
Page 29 - The Spaniards long believed that king Roderick was alive, and that, at some future day, he would again lead an army to battle against the Moors. But his war-shout was heard no more, and as the Gothic monarchy was ruined by his fall, he is called Roderick...
Page iv - ... area and population, surface, soil, natural products, manufactures, commerce and trade, public finances, form of government...
Page 99 - ITALY is a strip of land in the south of Europe, extending into the Mediterranean sea. It is fancied to have the shape of a boot, the island of Sicily lying at the toe. It has a beautiful climate, the seasons of spring and summer seeming always to prevail. . 2. If you were to go to this country, you would be charmed with the beauty of the sky, and the balmy softness of the air. You would find grapes so abundant that you could buy a delicious bunch...
Page 227 - Scotland had one king from the accession of King James VI of Scotland to the English throne in 1603; but it was not until the Act of Union in 1707 they had a common parliament.
Page 85 - The riches of the country were in this way much increased ; and there were more silver and gold in Spain than in all the rest of Europe. But it is doubtful whether Spain ever derived any real benefit from her American colonies ; for instead of staying at home to cultivate the soil, the inhabitants crossed the ocean in search of gold and silver. QUESTIONS.— 1.
Page 25 - Western empire, with Rome itself, was entirely subjugated by Odoacer, the leader of another northern tribe, called the Heruli; and it remained under this dominion for many years. 14. In the year 537, these barbarians were driven from Rome. This triumph was effected by Belisarius, an illustrious commander in the service of the emperor of the East. The Eastern and Western empires were then reunited, but only for a short period. Italy, as well as Rome, from this time...
Page 153 - The United States are a federal republic. Each of the states is independent, and has the exclusive control of all concerns merely local ; but the defence of the country, the regulation of commerce, and all the general interests of the confederacy are committed, by the constitution of the United States, to a general government. The legislative power is vested in a Congress, consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives. The Senate is composed of two members from...
Page 614 - That power has since continued to hold them in full military occupation, and spends about 100,000/. a year in fortifications and troops. The natives, however, are allowed a great share in the internal government, and even assemble in a regular parliament [The Lord High Commissioner, who is at the head of the government, is appointed by the king of Great Britain. The legislative assembly consists of 29 elective and 11 integral members, all of the class of...
Page 140 - IV. died in 1825, and was succeeded by his son FRANCIS I., who died in 1830, and was succeeded by his son FHK DINAND V.

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