The babes in the basket; or, Daph and her charge [by C.E. Bowen]. By the author of 'Timid Lucy', etc

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Page 105 - Little Charlie joined his voice with that of his earnest sister ; and poor Daph, amid fast-flowing tears, added her notes of praise to that evening hymn. Joy and peace that evening pervaded those few hearts in that humble room, for it was bright with His presence who has said, " Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Page 15 - Lord, dat missus loves, can take care of us ! " thought the humble negro; " he can give poor Daph sense to mind de babies !" In her ignorance she knew not how to pray, but she leaned in simple faith upon the only Source of strength, and found consolation. In a half-hour after the arrival of Daph on board the Martha Jane, the trim little vessel was. speeding on her homeward course. Captain Jones walked the deck in deep meditation, while from their various positions his crew watched him with curious...
Page 85 - Louise burst into a violent fit of weeping, and clung to the unfortunate negress ; while Charlie, with an uplifted wash-basin, made a sudden attack upon the slender legs of Dr. Bates, which broke up his dignified composure, and made him give a skip that would have done honour to a bear dancing on a hot iron plate. " Now, Mass Charlie, I'se do be shamed," said Daph, subduing the grin that had suddenly overspread her face.
Page 45 - La Tourette felt sure that in her absence Daph would watch over both children and nurse with an eagle-eye. With more of the dove than the eagle in her expression, Daph now sat beside the little ones in their new home, so far from the land of their birth. Not long after her preparations were completed, Daph had the satisfaction of seeing the children awake, refreshed by their long sleep, and full of eager delight at the wonders achieved by their new nurse.
Page 29 - She was, therefore, not a little startled when he addressed to her the blunt question, — " Where are you going, Daph ? " Now, Daph had a most indistinct idea of the world at large; but thus brought suddenly to a decision, she promptly named the only northern city of which she had heard.
Page 21 - Her first glance around showed her that she was not in the Southern kitchen which had so long been her domain, and a merry sound near her reminded her of the new duties she had undertaken. Charlie was sitting up in the berth, his bright black eyes sparkling with delight at the new scene in which he found himself. " Pretty, pretty little bed ! " were the first words that met Daph's ear. The...
Page 71 - Mrs. Ray and the young doctor were sorely puzzled by the strange scenes they had witnessed. They had both seen the rich chains about Daph's neck, which had been disclosed while she was unconscious, and not a little wonder was excited by the sight of that expensive jewellery in such a place. Dr. Bates had not failed to observe the refined appearance of the fair Louise, and the noble bearing...
Page 75 - De great Lord has sent Daph a big trouble, and den gib her right up ; " and the tears again flowed fast. Rose bent over the unhappy negress, and said gently, " The great Lord loves you too well, Daph, to give you up in your trouble. Perhaps he has sent me to comfort you ! " Daph looked up with a gleam of hope in her . eye, and murmured, " No reason why Daph shouldn't jus tell all de truth now. Perhaps, if de sweet young lady knows all, she may comfort Daph up.
Page 105 - A lovely autumn day was drawing to a close. Daph and her little charge had taken their simple evening meal, and for a moment there was silence in the cheerful room. " Daffy," said Louise, " I will read to you now out of the dear book.
Page 78 - ... trials. She had improved the few talents that had been given her, and now came her reward in the fulness of the light of the gospel. Again and again her young teacher explained the way of forgiveness and eternal peace through the blood of Christ. At last the beauty, freedom, and matchless love of the plan of redemption burst upon her ; and there was joy in heaven when the poor negress, in the midst of her tears, welcomed Christ as her Saviour, and knew " the great Lord" as her reconciled Father...

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