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Published by John Bell for La Belle Assemblee 1.200 Fr 1.7828.

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Miss CAMPBELL, whose theatrical || spring; he marked her merit, her rising talents and just discrimination of character talents, and succeeded in giving to their in the line of her profession, entitle her to quick progression that brilliancy they have the highest praise, is a native of Lanca- from time to time evinced. Not only at shire, and was born near Liverpool, at an Liverpool did Miss Campbell receive the elegant and pleasant villa belonging to her most Hattering applause, but also at Ches. father, a gentleman who had served bister, Worcester, and Shrewsbury; Mr. Majesty as an officer, both by sea and land, Chrisp, the manager of those Theatres, and who, some time previous to, and at his shewed her the most unremitting kindness demise, held a most respectable situation and attention, and of which Miss Campbell at the Custom-house in Liverpool; at which ever speaks with the most lively gratitude. town the ancestors and family connections | At each of those respectable and opulent of Miss Campbell rank foremost as having towns the first families seemed to vie with filled, both there and through the county | each other in paying that respect, and afford. of Lancashire, the most high and distin- ing the most friendly notice to the young guished offices.

actress, whose correct and prudent conduct Miss Campbell experienced from berin private life won their esteem and approearliest youth an ardent predilection for the bation. Miss Campbell shortly after made profession in which she is engaged; her her appearance at the Theatres of Dublin feeliogs are absorbed in every part she un- and Belfast, in Ireland, and those of Glasdertakes, so as to preclude all ideas foreign gow and Edinburgh, in Scotland.

The to the character; and her increasing attach- | most unbounded applause attended her exment to a theatrical life promises, with the ertions in the different characters of Juliet, talents she is mistress of, to place her at | Isabella, Belvidera, Lady Macbeth, &c. &c. that situation which she has almost now In Ireland and Scotland she had the satisattained—the very summit of her profes faction of enjoying the notice and friend.

ship of some of the most distiuguished lo the year 1810, at a very early age in families. deed, Miss Campbell made her debut at This present season we were highly graLiverpool, in the character of Indiana, in tified by the appearance of Miss Campbell The Conscious Lovers. Young in years, || at Drury Lane Theatre, where we hope to young in the profession, and new to the see her permanently engaged. We look on stage, the kindness of Mr. Kuight, the || Juliet as her best performance; superior, manager, was that of a tender and anxious we could almost say, to any Juliet we have parent, emulous of the success of his off- || yet seen. For Lady Macbeth she is too


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